18th Birthday

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18th birthday to remember

So today is my 18th birthday. I’m crazy exciting to finally be an adult. As I sit up in bed and ponder of what it’s gonna be like being an actual adult, my cell phone rings. “Hey big boy, Happy Birthday. Hope you’re not busy this weekend, because it’s gonna be one your never gonna forget.” The weekends with my aunt are always thrilling, but I wonder what she had planned. A few years ago, she got drunk while I was over and we ended up having sex in her pool.

So I get up, and sit down at my computer, butt naked, and start to stroke my cock to some sexy pictures that my aunt has emailed me. I do this every so often. But this morning has got me so excited to see what she has planned for the weekend. I shoot my load into a towel, clean up, shower and then head to school.

At school my mind can’t get off my aunt. I swear my cock was semi hard all damn day. One classmate even noticed it and decided to text me during class. ‘Happy birthday. I can see ur as excited as me for the day. Weight room during lunch.’ Ashley was pretty cute, with a nice little butt, but god had blessed her with some 32D cup breasts. When lunch came, I walked into the weight room and turn the corner. I see her on the mats, on her knees, blouse unbuttoned, no bra. It was a perfect sight, so I acted like it was nothing and pretended like I was texting someone. But what she didn’t realize is that I was pulling out my camera app to take a picture of her in that pose. She became a little upset until she saw the flash go off on my phone.

She then crawled over to me, pulled out my cock. And with a seductive sound, as my cock was resting on her cheek, she told me happy birthday. She proceeded to suck my cock. Being sloppy with it, attempting to deep throat it. Cradling my balls, massaging em. She does this for about 5-10 minutes. Then release my cock, turns around n lowers her pants to show me her little bubblebutt she has. It’s so round and so smooth that I whip out my phone and take another picture. I get down n rub my cock on the lips of her pussy, she’s soaking wet by this point. I just want to slide on in, but before I lunge forward, I ask her “Are you on birth control? She replies with a yes, and before she has time to finish telling me yes. I push all 10” of my cock into her, awaiting wet as fuck pussy. She almost screams. I have to gag her with my hand till she calms down. “I’ve never been with someone this big, it feels amazing. Don’t ever stop.” She tells me, more like in a moaning sound. As I’m fucking her I remember that Terri loves it when I play with her ass, so I start rubbing Ashley’s cute little butthole. She seems into it so I push my thumb into her ass. She screams in pleasure. I stop and look around to see if anyone heard her. No one did so we’re in the clear.

I lean forward n whisper in her ear, “You mind if I fuck your pretty ass for a bit.” She replies, “Yes, but go slow.” So I pull my cock out, line it up with her cute ass and start pushing forward. I grab her hips as the tip slips in. She reaches back panting to spread her ass as wide gaziantep escort as it’ll go. I burry all 10″ into her ass. You can see her just squeezing her ass cheeks so hard. So I start fucking her ass slow at first. But once I feel her ass get used to it, I pick up the speed and start ramming her ass. She’s in love with it, arching her back, and turning her head around to make out with me.

Just as I’m about to cum, I ask her where she wants it. She says to cum in her ass, nice and deep. So I burry my cock all the way in and unload my entire load into her now destroyed ass. I then get up and walk to the guys locker room to shower. After showering I head into the cafeteria to grab some food, because at this point I’m starving, that fuck session sure did work up an appetite for me.

After school I head out to the parking lot to see Ashley and Jessica standing next to my Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. As I get up to my Jeep, Jess asks me if they can get a ride home. I tell them sure why not.

As we’re out in the rode, Jess wishes me a happy birthday, and asks me how it’s been so far. I tell her, “Not too bad, could always be better though.” She’s then like, “Does this make it any better.” As she unbuttons her top revealing her cute little 30B cup, pierced nipples, tits.

I immediately say, “Fuck yes it does. But I’m currently driving.” She replies with a no problem, and crawls over to me. Pulls my cock out n starts to give me road head. I don’t know where but this girl knows how to suck some cock like a damn pornstar.

We pull up to Ashley’s house as Jess is still sucking my cock. She releases my cock, sits up, buttons up her top. And asks me how that was. I tell her amazing, better than what Ashley gave me earlier. Ashley hits me in the back of the head for that comment. Jess tells me she’s sorry that she could help me finish right now. Told her it was alright. She then asks me what are my plans for the weekend. I told her probably go swimming at my aunts place. Ashley then asks if they can come. I told her I’d have to ask but I wouldn’t mind. She grind and said, “Skinny Dipping.” I just smiled.

They both got out, but not before each of em kissed me goodbye on my lips and my cock. As they went into the house I drove off. Still hard as a rock. I decide to stroke it a bit while I drive.

As I’m driving with my raging hardon, I come up to a sex store. I heard about this sex store, it has a gloryhole in it. So I thought he’ll why not give it a whirl. I park and walk into the store. This cute couple standing at the cash register asks me for I’d. I give it to em, the guy smiles shows his girl, and she wishes me a happy birthday. They ask me how my day has been, I tell em pretty good, had sex at school then got road head before I got here.

I ask them, “So I hear that this place has a gloryhole.” He replies with, “Yes we do, we have 8 single booths and 2 couples booth.” I ask them what a couples booth was. They told me it’s a room where more than one person can go into to play with each other or play with whoever is on the other side escort bayan of the hole. I tell em sweet, that sounds like a lot of fun. “Do you two ever go play in there?” She tells me, “Ohh yes, almost every day. Why do you ask, do you wanna go in there with me birthday boy.” “Sure, why not sweetie.” I reply.

So Jasmine and I head back into the couples booth. As I walk in, I see a couch in the middle of the room, with several holes on the walls. I tell her wow there’s a lot of holes in here. She tells me that yeah there are 4 booths that share the walls to this booth.

She then starts to kiss me, breaks the kiss for a second to ask me what I wanna do. I tell her I just wanna have fun. An average size cock appears through one of the holes. She breaks our kiss to drop down to her knees to start sucking it. She’s really getting into it. She reaches for me n grabs my cock, she pauses for a second. Releases the cock on the wall, turns to me n pulls my pants down. “Ohh My Fucking God! You’re huge.” She says. I just smile n walk closer. She starts stroking the cock on the wall. Then puts mine in her mouth n starts going to town. Then there’s a knock on the wall.

She then releases my cock and goes to the cock on the wall n starts sucking it. Then stops and pauses. She withdraws from the cock as the cock disappears back through the hole. She turns to me and opens her mouth to see it full of that mans cum in her mouth. She then swallows the load in one gulp. Then she stands up, leans forward and kisses me, shoving her tongue into my mouth. She still has cum in her mouth n pushes it into my mouth. I accept it, it doesn’t taste half bad actually. She then steps back, “Ohh you like that cum now do ya.” I tell her it isn’t bad.

Not too later after she cleaned her mouth up another cock appeared through another hole, so she dropped down and starts to suck it. She then stood up and bent over without releasing cock

. She pulled up her skirt, revealing she wasn’t wearing any panties. So I get behind her and sink my cock into her soaking wet pussy. She’s not as tight as Ashley but still amazing though. After fucking her awhile and her cumming, the wall knocks so she pops off my cock, turns around n pops cock

into her pussy. She tell me moaning that mhmm he’s cumming in me n it feels amazing. The guy withdraws his cock from her pussy. After that she walks over n lays back onto the couch. And asks me if I want a taste. So I get down on the floor n dive into her pussy. She tastes amazing. Best pussy I’ve ever tasted before, even better than Terri’s. Then I taste the guys cum, it wasn’t as good as the last guys.

She then looks over and says, “Look at what we have here.” Two big black cocks are sticking through two of the holes on the same wall. She grabs a ruler and measures the first one at 10″, then measures the second one at 12″. She then turns to me and says, ” Care to join me.” Sure why not is my response. So I get down on my knees and lift the semi hard 12″ bbc. I lick the tip of it at first. Then take the head into my mouth and suck on just the head for a little bit. Then I start working more into my mouth. I feel it hit the back of my throat, and wonder if I have a gag reflex and if I’m able to deep throat it. So I start pushing it down my throat and before I know it, jasmine is looking over at me and telling me omg I can’t believe you have that entire thing in your mouth right now. I release it and come up for air. I couldn’t believe it, I just sucked and deep throated my first cock ever.

Thinking to myself, ‘ohh why not, you only live once. So I turn around, pull down my pants. And as I’m backing up to this massive cock that I’m about to put in my ass. Jasmine tells me no not yet, your gonna need lube for something that big. So she opens a compartment in the couch that contains lube and condoms. She takes the lube and lubes up the bbc. She then helps guide it into me. I’ve played with my ass before with fingers, plugs, and dildos before but never an actual cock. I feel the head of his cock pierce my ass, it hurts at first, but then my butt relaxes and I start to push back n slide it all into my ass. It feels amazing stretching my ass. I still can’t believe I have an actual cock in my ass right now. And not just any cock a 12″ big black cock at that. He starts moving back and forth and it feels amazing. Jasmine continues to jack off the other bbc. As she’s doing that she’s sucking my cock n playing with my balls. I’m in mere heaven right now. This feels amazing, but then he knocks on the wall. So I pop off his cock and drop to my knees and start stroking. Jasmine helps me. He then starts cumming and it gets all over my face and in my mouth. He tasted amazing, tasted like pineapple. Mhmm. She then licked what was on my face and fed it to me. It was so hott.

She then told me to sit on the edge of the couch. After doing so she squatted down on my cock, sinking my cock into her ass. After sinking, she leaned over and started to suck the other bbc again. She would bounce up and down on my cock as she sucked the bbc. She then leaned back and hopped up off my cock. Turns her head back towards me and says sorry but I need to be filled up. And pushes a button at the top of the wall. The wall the pops open and the guy with the bbc is standing there. She asks him if he cares to join us so she can get double penetrated. So she then hops back on my cock into her ass. As the guy walks up and sinks his cock into her pussy and starts going to town. I can feel his cock with every thrust. It feels amazing. He then says he’s about to cum. She tells him to cum in her.

He shoots his load into her. The excitement and thrill sent me over the edge and I cum in her ass as well. The dude gets up and walks back into his boot and closes the wall. She would then lift the couch arm and push a blue button. And not 20 seconds later her man came walking in the front door of the booth. Gets down on his knees, pulls my cock from her ass and starts to suck it clean. Once clean he proceeds to suck all the cum out of her ass and pussy.

She then gets up and walks me to the register after getting dressed and asked me if I had fun. I told her yes. She handed me a key card. And said come back whenever u want. And that key card is for our club downtown. Come by this weekend, we’ll treat you right sweetie.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32