1973 Was My First Time

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My first time was in mid June of 1973. It was a warm and sunny summer after noon in South Dakota.

I had just turned 18 a few days before .Most of my friends had already gotten laid and had many stories of their conquests.

Yes, I had dated several girls and it wasn’t that I was weird or ugly. I was just not sure of how to get a girl to give it up. Or maybe I was just dating the wrong girls? I had made it to first , second and third base but was still waiting for my first homerun.

I had a wide range of friends and it was not uncommon for me to hang out with some of my older buddies ( from the varsity football team) that had just spent their school year at Northern State College.

For lack of much else to do on a Sunday afternoon in rural South Dakota we headed to the nearest town. We planned to have a few beers and then to cruise around in my Dad’s car to check out the young chicks in their summer attire.

Located right on our way to town was a radio station where one of my high school friends worked as a dj. We stopped and visited with him and watched him spin records and lay out his well know line of gab (BS)on the local airways. He had box after box of the records that they were going to throw out. Copies of popular artists and a lot of them that we had never heard of. He said “Take as many as you want.” So we left with two big cardboard boxes of 45’s.

We went down to our usual watering hole and downed a several pitchers of beer between the three of us. After playing a little foosball . We decide we were bored and started driving around looking at the babes in their shorts and tub tops.

Standing in front of the local teen arcade. (It was the 70’s ,so we just had pin ball machines, foosball and pool tables in our arcades) were two young teenage girls. The one closed to the street was a very pretty brunette in tight jeans and a white blouse. She had a very dark complexion so her nipples could easily be seen through the thin cloth of her blouse. Her ass was a perfect heart shape. She was really put together for a 18 year old girl. The other was a blonde wearing a white t-shirt and loose fitting jeans. Her hair was very long and hung down to her ass cheeks. She was cute, but had a hippy chick look to her. A total contrast to the more preppy looking brunette.

One of my friends knew the blonde so he called out her name and we pulled the car into a parking spot and started talking. She looked into the car and noticed the boxes full of records stacked in the back seat of my Dads 1970 FuryIII.

We canlı bahis talked for a while and all at once she reached in through the window and pull the keys out of the ignition and starting running down the street laughing and shouting back that I couldn’t catch her. She was pretty fast for a girl but in about ½ a block I caught her from behind. I grabbed her around the waist and lifted her off the ground with one arm and with my free hand I was trying to get my keys back out of her tight fist.

She just giggled and shoved the keys into her front pocket. “I would like to see you get them now.” She said in a very sexy voice.

Well I sure as hell wasn’t going to walk 70 miles home(I thought to myself). I pushed my hand right past the lump of keys in her front pocket and I grabbed her by the pussy and lifted her off the ground. She could feel my hard teenage cock pressed against her ass and she let out a light moan as I gripped her pussy with my strong hand.

Just then a load of teenage boys drove by and yelled out at us “Get a fucking room.”

“Oh shit! I go to school with those guys .” she said “We need to go someplace else before we go any further and I really don’t want my Mom to find out that I am with a guy. I am supposed to be grounded.”

She told me that she needed to be home by 5 .But if I would come by her house around 7 (when her Mom would have to leave for work) she would sneak out and we could be alone.

I drove past her house at about 7:15 . She ran out in the street to my car and hopped inside and slide over next to me and kissed me. “Lets go for a drive in the country.” She said with a big smile on her face.

I drove a short distance out sw of town on a seldom traveled gravel road. I pulled off the road into and approach. As soon as I had shut off the car. She started kissing me deeply teasing my tongue with hers. I reached under her shirt to play with her firm teenage tits . They were hard as rocks and she had those long pencil eraser nipples that stood proudly. I moved my hand down on to her thigh .As I moved my way up to her crouch and she parted her legs so I could have access to rub her sopping wet pussy through her jeans. She loved my hand working over her pussy .I could smell the sweet scent of her sex filling the car as I teased her young twat. She was squirming up and down and pressing her cunt up against my hand as if she were trying to force my fingers in her hot hole right through her jeans. She was panting in fast short breaths and had her first cum of the night. Her whole body shook bahis siteleri and her thighs smashed my hand against her twitching pussy .

“Lets get into the back seat.” She said to me

She hopped over the front seat into the back . Before I could crawl over to join her, she was buckass naked.

I sat there in awe for a minute just looking at her beautiful young body. She was the first totally naked girl I had ever seen in person. I had jacked off to plenty of naked women in Playboy. But this was the real live girl and she was ready and willing to fuck.

She broke the silence by saying to me “Aren’t you forgetting something?”

“What?” I asked

“You still have your cloths on.” She said with a laugh

I pulled off my shirt so she could get a view of my a hairy and well muscled chest . Her hands were running over my belly and she reached down and undone my belt and buttons of my jeans.

I pulled my jeans and underwear down making my hard cock popped out. “WOW” she said

She took my cock in her small hand and stroked it firmly . “I need a taste of that wonderful cock.” She said as she leaned down and starting sucking my hard shaft.

She was the first to perform oral sex on me. Who ever taught this young woman had done an excellent job. She made small circles around the tip and she used the entire length of her tongue when she licked the beads of pre-cum from the slit of my rock hard shaft. When she sucked it was neither too hard or too soft. I could tell she loved the taste and the musky smell of my balls. Because after she made her way down to lick and suck on them , she would take in deep breaths and moan.

I am sure if I had not had a few beers that my first cum would have been in that well skilled mouth.

As lay down on the seat sucking me I reached down and explored her naked pussy with my fingers. It must have been shear luck finding her clit and working it like I did. Because I sure didn’t know all the working of a pussy at my young age. But I must have done fine, because she was soon squirming and squealing out from her second hard cum.

“Get on top of me and fuck me with that big cock.” She begged me

She looked so cute and so damn sex laying back with her legs parted waiting for me to mount her and fuck her teenage cunt.

I was not sure of my aim and asked her to put it in for me. I could feel her hand grip my cock and pull me ahead to line it up with her wet fuck hole. As soon as it touch her lips she arched her back up and pushed in the tip. That was all bahis şirketleri the assistance I needed and I slowly worked my thick cock back and forth until I was buried balls deep in her wet furrow. I quickly picked up a rhythm that was making her moan louder . She didn’t just lay there but met me stroke for stroke. She could smell her sex on my hand and could see my fingers were wet. She took them in her mouth one by one and sucked them clean as I pumped my cock into that velvet slit.

She begged” fuck me harder.”

So I took long hard deep strokes pulling out just so the tip made contact with her swollen lips and then all the way in so my balls were slapping tight against her ass. My hands moved down under her ass and held her in a firm grip as I plunged my cock in and out of her red hot channel. I could feel her insides stretch so my cock would fit deeper and deeper in her wet fuck hole.

Damn!!!!!!!!!She felt great wrapped around my teenage cock. “OH fuck .” I thought to my self Her pussy is hot on my hard prick. She was so wet that juice was running down covering the crack of her ass.

“Cum inside me .” she said “I am on the pill.”

So cum I did . My cock pulsed and shot out its stream of my white cum into her waiting pussy. As I slowly pulled out my still hard tool, a string of the mix of my cum and hers dripped down and coated her ass with the white mix. She just laid their breathing hard .Her legs were open wide so I could see her pink little pussy . It was still slightly open from the hard fucking she had just had taken . My white cum had filled and was dripping out of her hole. I will never forget the sight of her bred pink pussy ,full of my white cum.

As we lay and rested she again made her way back down to my cock. It was shinny and wet from her pussy juices and the mix of my white cum. She licked and sucked it clean as if she could not get enough of the taste of my cum.

“I need to get home.” she said. “Mom likes to call from work and make sure I am home and not doing anything naughty.”

Her cleaning had made me hard again and I talked her into a quick one before I took her home.

Her pussy made that squishy sound as I fuck her cum filled hole. I had learned what angle felt good to her and what rhythm and speed to use. She was soon bucking and moan and begging me “Fuck me with that big cock.”

I could feel the second load building up in my balls and I held in as deep as it would go. I could feel her cervix hitting the tip as I put the white seed deep inside her.

She my first oral sex, my first real pussy and she was the first woman that loved to clean up my cock and balls after it had been buried inside of her.

I never seen her again , but I will never forget that first time, it was great.

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