2 Mistresses: Pet Training Day 02

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Summary: Submissives are taught to say thank you with their tongues.

Note 1: Thanks to hfernandez1983 for the original idea for what turned out to be a very lengthy, complex story in the vein, I hope, of my ‘Catching Mommy’ series except without the incest (mostly).

Note 2: Thanks to H.S., Robert, Sophia, Text Beethoven, and Wayne for editing.

This is the fourth part of a series. Here is a very brief summary so far:

Two Mistresses Part One: A Study in Seduction

2 Mistresses: A Study in Seduction 1

Mistress 1: Carolyn Adams is a successful, fabulously wealthy businesswoman in her forties with years of experience seducing young straight women. At a high-end bar, she meets and seduces a sweet, beautiful actress and turns her into her submissive pet by using Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

Carolyn believes in sweet seductions and uses the allure of lingerie, especially stockings, to enhance her exotic appeal.

Mistress 2: Samantha Summers is a spoiled, rich heiress in her twenties who enjoys seducing older, straight women. While Carolyn is tender and thoughtful in her seductions, Samantha is aggressive and threatening in hers. On a flight, she dommes the first-class flight attendant by using her bitchy persona and beauty to get what she wants.

Samantha believes in domination and control and uses threats and her fragrant red bush to draw women in. Conversely to Carolyn, she hates stockings and almost never wears them.

PART 2: 2 Mistresses: Creating Submissives

Mistress 1: Carolyn Adams brings her newest pet home to live with her and to learn the rules of true submissiveness.

Mistress 2: Samantha Summers seduces a famous celebrity and brings her home to turn the innocent woman into a complete lesbian cum slut.

PART 3: 2 Mistresses: Day 1 of Pet Training

Mistress 1: Carolyn Adams leaves her pet for a business trip. The pet Mindy begins 7 days of training at the hands of one of Carolyn’s most loyal employees. Day 1: every pussy has its own unique flavour.

Mistress 2: Samantha Summers anally trains her celebrity slut.

The Main Cast So Far (although there are many small characters who will come and go throughout the series):


Carolyn Adams: Seductive mid-forties Mistress, entrepreneur of a ‘for women’ website and CEO of the fast growing ‘Elegance Stockings’ brand.

Mindy: Sweet Texan girl who moved to Los Angeles to become an actress and ends up being seduced by Carolyn and finding her true calling as a submissive.

Carmen: A beautiful Latina who was once Samantha’s pet but has since become Carolyn’s live-in pet and the one responsible for Mindy’s training.

Pam Thomas: The current ‘it’ girl in Hollywood, a submissive to Carolyn and the spokesperson and model for Carolyn’s ‘Elegance Stockings’ line.


Samantha Summers: Dominant mid-twenties Mistress, rich socialite, who wants revenge on Carolyn.

Chloe: A former no-nonsense police officer, who after being dommed by Samantha, quits her job and becomes her personal sex-slave and assistant.

Laura Madison: Twenty-one years old, 36C breasts, is an ex-Disney television star and current movie star who kept her moral code until being seduced and turned by Samantha.

Carolyn Adams (Although she is away at the moment and her second in command, Carmen, is in charge)

Day 2 of Mindy’s Pet Training: Creating Pet Perfection

Mindy was woken up by Daisy who whispered, “You are to go wake up Carmen.”

Mindy nodded, recalling that last night she had learned of a new duty: during her week-long training she was to wake up Carmen every morning by licking her pussy.

She crawled out of bed, walked down the long hallway to Carmen’s room and crawled under the sheets and began licking Carmen’s pussy with very happy results for them both, although of course Mindy wasn’t allowed an orgasm.

Later that day, Mindy was given a red dress, ankle length but slit on the right side up to her waist, a plunging neckline, also to her waist. The inside third of each of her breasts was on constant display and in a slight breeze probably more than that. She also wore black stockings, five inch red high heels, and no underwear. Carmen wore an identical outfit except in black. Suitably adorned, they headed out for the day.

And just like yesterday, today Mindy ate a lot of pussy.

The first stop was at an exclusive spa. Carmen walked in and hugged a tall Swedish woman. “Gretchen, it’s been too long.”

“Indeed canlı bahis it has,” Gretchen agreed. “And this must be Carolyn’s new project?”

Mindy winced at the word ‘project’ but remained silent.

“She is, and you have your work cut out for you,” Carmen said, looking at Mindy.

“Are you here for a treatment, too?” Gretchen asked.

“Might as well,” Carmen nodded. “It will take a while to get rid of that forest of hers.”

Mindy blushed, hating being criticized.

“Go into room seven Carmen, I’ll work on you myself,” Gretchen said, before calling out, “Brea, please take Carolyn’s pet and,” after a dramatic pause, she added, “we are doing everything.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Brea, a very attractive Philippine woman in her forties, nodded. She said courteously, “Please follow me.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Mindy nodded, acting as subservient to the Philippine woman as the Philippine woman had to Gretchen. Brea stopped, turned, and took Mindy’s left hand gently in her right. You needn’t call me Mistress, ma’am. I have been Mistress Gretchen’s pet for several years now, but you are not my pet. You are my client, and perhaps soon you will be my friend.”

Mindy detected a kindred spirit here, but still felt the need to observe certain formalities. “I will be very happy to be your friend, ma’am, and I thank you.”

Mindy’s entire world now seemed to be infested with hierarchies, with her at the bottom. But she wasn’t unhappy, this was what she had literally signed up for in an actual contract, and she was content as the reality of her deep down submissive nature continually unfolded. But nothing was ever totally cut and dried, and here was a new wrinkle: a friend, and fellow submissive herself since she was someone’s pet.

Brea responded with a wink, “No need for ma’am either, friend Mindy. Please follow me.” She turned and walked away, Mindy following.

Once in a room, Brea said kindly, “Please get completely naked, Mindy, and lie on your back.

“Yes, Brea,” Mindy obeyed, her thoughts drifting back to something Gretchen had said. She wondered what that word ‘everything’ was going to mean.

The next hour and a half was a mixture of pain and relaxation. The pain came first for Mindy when her legs were waxed. That was excruciating, but it was nothing compared to what happened next.

Brea used scissors to trim Mindy’s bush before she warned, acting as a professional rather than a friend at this moment, “This is going to be uncomfortable. We do Brazilians a bit differently here.”

And God was that an understatement!

The pain was excruciating and the young submissive thought it would never end as strip after strip of her pubic hair was methodically and literally ripped away. Brea would press a length of some kind of adhesive tape into portions of Mindy’s most intimate flesh. That was fine. But then Brea would snatch it away, almost violently. Mindy howled in agony, flailing around uncontrolledly. Brea knew she would be doing her new friend no favours if she took her time, so as soon as Mindy was able to still her movements, Brea immediately applied the tape to a new area and snatched again. Very soon Mindy even dreaded the painless applications of tape because she knew what to expect mere instants later. She wished that Brea would have strapped her to the table; she was thrashing around so violently that she was in danger of injuring herself.

When it finally, mercifully ended, Mindy was amazed when suddenly and without warning, the pretty brown-skinned woman buried her face in her pussy. And while the outer area of her intimate parts was still burning, Mindy’s inner area was suddenly burning too… with enormous pleasure.

As Brea licked, Mindy was distracted from the pain still lingering from her full Brazilian. The Philippine woman’s tongue was magical.

Brea had been doing this special treatment for Carolyn’s pets, her friends and other high paying clients for more than ten years. She was an expert at relieving the pain that unavoidably came with Gretchen’s modified Brazilians. She took her time as she licked so gently, focusing on providing pleasure rather than delivering an orgasm, at least for now, slowly teasing the client’s nerve endings into a transcendent bliss that would completely dissipate the pain she herself had so recently inflicted.

Mindy moaned, “Don’t stop!” The tongue on her pussy felt so good… a wonderful distraction from the pain that had seemed to be filling her universe for an eternity. She had writhed in the flames of hell, but now the overwhelming, soothing balm of heaven was taking their place, provoking some writhing of a very different kind.

Brea had pleasured hundreds of pussies in her life. In high school she had discovered her submissiveness and her eagerness to please women, and she’d never looked back. Before she graduated she had subjected her will submissively to cheerleaders, teachers, community mothers and many others. Tragically that had bahis siteleri all changed. Soon after her graduation her family had moved to New York and Brea had gone with them to a place where she knew nobody at all.

For several years she was miserably adrift, working menial jobs and keeping very much to herself. But then one incredible evening she had been drawn into a high end night club, following an instinct that she couldn’t explain, and her life was transformed forever.

Brea had met and been seduced by Mistress Gretchen. As the statuesque and very blonde Mistress Gretchen wove her web and Brea realized where the evening was going she offered not even token resistance. She was thrilled as her new Mistress led her into depths of submissiveness and even humiliation she had never dreamed of. Mistress Gretchen had offered her the status of pet, she leapt desperately at the opportunity and had never regretted it.

Since then she had been working at this exclusive spa, a little over ten years now, and life was very good. In addition to the heavenly evenings she still shared with Mistress Gretchen from time to time, she found herself presented with an endless buffet of pussies, and every single one was special. Long ago she had discovered that although pussy may be just pussy in theory, in practice each one was slightly different in shape, taste and scent. She found every pussy to be a new adventure. Also, women orgasm in many different ways. Some are moaners, some are screamers; some like their clits pleasured, others like to be fingered, others prefer lengthy licking, and some love a quick finger up their ass; in orgasms some pussy cum leaks slowly out of a pussy, some comes in one quick flood, and a few women squirt all over the place. Brea could tell Mindy was a moaner, but what got her off and how she came were still unsolved mysteries. Brea solved those mysteries with sensitivity and great accuracy.

Mindy could feel her orgasm beginning to rise and recalled she needed permission to come. She moaned, “Brea, this feels so good, but it’s maddening: I can’t come without permission.”

Brea smiled at the utter obedience of this new submissive. Most new subs didn’t recall in the heat of the moment that they needed permission. Brea’s expressive face beamed with great pleasure as she was able to speak the miraculous words, “I spoke with Mistress Carolyn, my dear. You have her full permission.”

“Thank God,” Mindy cried, as she closed her eyes and allowed herself to stop fighting the pleasure and let it take control of her body.

“No, thank Mistress Carolyn,” Brea corrected, having submitted to Carolyn early and often in her years at the spa. Her generous Mistress Gretchen had no hesitation about sharing her pets with select clients, and Brea couldn’t be happier.

“Trust me, I will thank her very thoroughly,” Mindy moaned, as the woman’s experienced tongue resumed pleasuring her.

Brea continued the slowly building pussy pleasing, enjoying this fresh ripe pussy.

Mindy just laid back and enjoyed the pussy pleasing, relaxing fully for the first time since she had arrived in New York.

A few minutes later, Brea knew the young woman was close and went for the orgasmic kill. She went to the clit and used the flat of a fingernail to put extreme pressure on it.

That was all it took to start Mindy screaming in rapture. “Yessssss!”

Brea lapped up the girl’s sweet cum, always enjoying a pussy in full flood.

Once the girl’s orgasm was over. Brea stood up and ordered, “Don’t move.”

Mindy laughed weakly, “I don’t think I can.”

Brea went and got the special cream that would make the red area around the young girl’s pussy heal quickly. She said, “Lather your entire vaginal region every few hours with this for the next three days.”

“Okay,” Mindy nodded, taking the bottle. Then she asked very earnestly, feeling the need to return the favour, feeling very drawn to her new friend, “I know I’m not your pet, but for a moment I want to pretend. Mistress Brea, may I please have the extreme honour of eating your cunt?”

“Oh, I’d love that,” the surprised Brea replied, thinking that Mistress Carolyn had really found a keeper this time, but added, “but unfortunately, it’s time for your manicure and pedicure.”

“Oh,” Mindy sighed, oddly disappointed.

“Please don’t worry my dear, I’ll be delighted to take a rain check,” Brea smiled, knowing she was indeed going to savour this sweet young pet’s tongue.

For the next hour and a half Mindy, still naked, received a full manicure and pedicure, but this particular treatment was rather unorthodox. An older woman, likely in her early fifties, spent almost the entire half hour of her manicure nursing on her nipples… switching breasts every few minutes.

The next hour was devoted to Mindy’s feet. More or less.

Carmen walked in the door and announced, “Anyone who wants their pussy licked, please use my new pet over there. Just bahis şirketleri stand over her and offer her your pussy. No charge.”

Not even thirty seconds later, one of the girls who had done her fingernails, walked over to Mindy, straddled her face, and ordered, “Get licking.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Mindy nodded, even though the girl was definitely younger than she was. She watched as the girl lowered her pussy onto her face. No worries. Mindy did what she loved to do… she ate pussy… seven in the next hour… all while her feet were soaked in water, then being massaged, and then her toenails painted red.

1. The first girl had a sweet pussy that was already wet when she began licking. She was also quite talkative:

“That’s it, lick my pussy.”

“Oh yes, get your tongue in my hole.”

“Suck on my clit, slut!”

When the girl was close, she pulled Mindy’s face roughly into her pussy and came seconds later.

2. The second girl was Brea.

Brea smiled, “It stopped raining, my dear friend. I told you I’d be back.”

“Yes, you did and I’m glad,” Mindy smiled, as she leaned in and slowly licked and explored the woman’s completely shaved and very tasty pussy.

“Oh, Mistress Carolyn’s found a real keeper,” Brea moaned, as her orgasm grew slowly on the eager pet’s tongue.

Eventually, after a good fifteen or twenty minutes of concentrated teasing and exploring, Brea came all over Mindy’s eager lips and Mindy searched out and swallowed every drop.

“Thank you, Mindy.” Brea smiled down at her and licked some of her juices off of Mindy’s beautiful face.

Mindy replied, “No, thank you. I think I’m in love; I’ll do you anytime you want.”

3. The third was the older woman who had sucked her nipples earlier. Her pussy was almost as hairy as Mindy’s had been earlier today and had a strong, slightly pungent, scent. Unlike Brea’s that she had lingered over (under, actually) and savoured, for this one she focused on speed. And luckily in only three or four minutes she got the older woman off.

4. The fourth was Gretchen, the tall Swedish woman she first met. A Domme, but not actually a member of the hierarchy that Mindy belonged to. She had to lean up to reach the tall blonde’s trimmed pussy, where she learned the Domme was indeed a natural blonde. Her scent was strong though… although not disgusting, but rather like perfume… as if she had sprayed excessive perfume down there.

“Use your fingers in me too,” Gretchen ordered, after a couple of minutes of licking.

Mindy obeyed, sliding a finger inside the wet pussy.

“I said fingers,” Gretchen corrected, sounding annoyed.

“Sorry, ma’am,” Mindy apologized.

Carmen added, “She isn’t a great listener yet.”

Gretchen explained, as Mindy slid two fingers inside the blonde, while moving her lips to the swollen clit, “It’s all about the details, my pet. It’s the details that make the difference between a good pet and a great pet.”

“Thank you ma’am, I’ll remember that,” Mindy replied, as she multi-tasked, licking and fingering the beautiful blonde.

After a couple minutes, Gretchen was close and ordered, “Pull your fingers out.”

Mindy did.

“Watch me cum,” Gretchen ordered, as she frantically rubbed herself.

Mindy had no choice, since the pussy was just inches from her face. She watched as the woman’s breathing increased rapidly.

Carmen warned, “Gretchen is a squirter.”

And seconds later, Mindy understood the full scale of what squirting could be as Gretchen came… her pussy juice, like water, spraying everywhere. All over Mindy’s face, hair, chest and even her legs.

Gretchen then grabbed Mindy’s head and shoved it into her still trembling pussy, muscling Mindy’s head up and down.

Mindy lapped as best she could, her face literally soaking wet and dripping.

Gretchen finished and smiled, admiring her handiwork, ummm… pussiwork, and joked, “I think we will have to do your make-up later.”

Carmen laughed, “I like her slut look.”

Mindy wondered what she looked like, her face feeling beyond wet, but had little time to ponder as one pussy was replaced by another.

5. Mindy didn’t recognize the fifth woman; she had a completely shaved pussy, but a tattoo above it that was a heart with a tongue coming out of it. A modified Rolling Stones logo symbolising she was a fan? A symbol meaning ‘I love to lick pussy’?

Mindy licked the woman’s pussy but her neck began to get sore. Thankfully the woman didn’t take long to come.

Mindy felt her feet pulled out of the water.

“What colour do you want for your nails?” the young girl asked.

Carmen answered, “Red like her fingernails.”

“Of course, ma’am,” the young girl nodded.

Mindy got a couple minutes reprieve from pussy licking and used the time to slowly flex her neck back and forth.

Carmen asked, “Sore neck?”

“Well, I’ll make sure to make it easy on our newest cunt licker,” a chubby woman who had earlier also helped with her fingernails said.

6. Mindy watched the chubby woman straddle her backwards and then order, “Eat my asshole.”

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