22nd Century West: Apple and Citrus

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West in the 22nd Century: Apple Juice and Citrus

Scene: Somewhere in America: The West in the 22nd Century

(Part 1)

“Are you coming?”

“Where to?” replied Apple Juice.

“To the beach,” said Citrus.

“I thought I might stay in and do some painting today,” said Apple Juice, a little flustered by her friend’s suggestion. Why did Citrus have to be so active all the time? It was a little irritating. She’d rather know in advance what her friend wanted to do, so they could plan and she would know what was coming up.

The truth was Citrus wasn’t really a keen artist, despite what she might pretend to be when she wanted. Citrus would get to spend time with her on false pretences, like promising to spend a day or an afternoon together, painting or drawing, and it would invariably turn into something else.

The last time Citrus came over, after they had spent a couple of hours working on their art projects, she had suddenly decided she wanted Apple Juice to paint her in the nude. She’d done a rough picture, inspired as she had been by Citrus’ youthful beauty, but had not really finished it off properly. Citrus had started asking her whether she thought she had a nice body and asked her to give her a flesh massage. Citrus had got her to admit that she really dug her curves and that she wouldn’t mind exploring them and sharing a few orgasms with her. So Apple Juice got to explore Citrus’ juicy body all over and then Citrus got to explore Apple Juice’s. They kissed with their mouths and then turned 69 and tongued each other’s pussies. Apple Juice found she was easily turned on by her friend’s fresh shaped body, even though she generally went for men. If another woman was particularly well sculpted she had found in the past, and again the other day, that she could go for women.

If the truth be known Citrus wasn’t really much of an artist. She could do a basic painting or drawing, but there was never much she wanted to say in her pictures. She just copied other people’s basic styles. Apple Juice found that Citrus seemed to try to copy her ideas when she was with her. That was flattering, but it was also irritating. Citrus’ real talents lay in her ability to coax and persuade people to have sex with her. Persuading people to have sex with Citrus wasn’t really difficult though because she was young slim at the waist, lithe and shapely. Her blonde brown locks were long and enticing. Men went for her easily and in a big way. But it became evident the last time Apple Juice saw her that Citrus liked women a lot too. Apple Juice now realized that a lot of Citrus’ ‘friendship’ had been a concerted campaign of persuasion to get close to her sop she could have sex. Apple Juice was quite a popular artist in her area and even beyond, so she did get a lot of unwanted attention from male art groupies, in particular. She had enjoyed some pleasant social and sexual encounters from ‘collectors of art’ and from some of those who sought encounters with ‘names’. But Citrus was perfectly nice to have as a friend. Her cultural attributes might not be so great, but she was into Apple Juice and made her feel important, and on a pedestal, which she liked. She had the ability to persuade Apple Juice to do things which she might not have done otherwise, or when she might not normally have done them. She could be daring and persuasive in a crowd. Hearing that Citrus wanted to go to the beach gave Apple Juice a pretty good idea of what Citrus probably had in mind. But there was no predicting exactly what she had in mind or what would happen next!

“You must come to the beach today Apple Juice. There’s a gathering going on. You do your painting most of the time. An afternoon at the beach would surely do no harm. You can paint later,” said Citrus.

“A gathering?” exclaimed Apple Juice. “I know what that means! You mean a sex party…, with strangers? You could have warned me. I don’t think I am quite up to strangers this afternoon. If you want to persuade me Citrus you would have done better to give me good warning so I can get mentally prepared.”

“Oh you must go! Don’t worry about a thing. It’s just a bit of fun. I didn’t know whether I wanted to go to it until today. I just feel like it this afternoon and I know its taking place, so let’s go.”

“I don’t want to go Citrus. You can’t assume I’m just going to go to something just because you want to go to it.”

“Malcolm and Speedy are going to be there, and some of their crowd,” said Citrus, who knew that Apple liked both of those friends of hers. Both of them were quite handsome young hunks and very arty and civilized with it. She thought she detected more interest in Apple’s blinking of the eyes, and a light flush. “Besides you don’t have to do anything if you don’t want. Why don’t you bring a sketch pad and get some figure ideas.” She knew Apple did like to draw or paint fleshy erotic poses in tasteful representations. Her sexual karataş escort pictures were some of her most beautiful.

Apple thought about it for a minute. She could sit on a dune and observe the partygoers. There would be ideas for drawings, perhaps character sketches or maybe, if it became orgiastic she could do an impressionistic group scene. She didn’t want to be pushed into having sex herself. She wasn’t some young just past puberty or into adulthood playgirl, undergoing the excesses of adult awakening. She was a mature woman, an artist with many interests in life.

“Okay,” said Apple, “I’ll come along. But I don’t want to be trapped into some sexual situation. I am a grown woman and I don’t need sexual adventure for the hell of it. I’ve had plenty of sex in my time, and I like to choose what I do. I shall observe your party and use it for artistic inspiration. I’ll take my drawing materials.”

“Great,” said Citrus, “you can use the party as inspiration and like you said you really don’t have to do anything sexual yourself. Now can we get going?”

“What about lunch?” asked Apple. “What are we going to do about that, and I need some time to get my stuff together.”

“We don’t need lunch,” said Citrus. “We’ve only recently had breakfast, and you can always get a snack near the beach.”

“Can’t we have a drink first at least?” Apple wondered how the younger woman seemed to set the agendas and call all the shots.

“Okay, of course,” said Citrus. “We’ll have some fruit juice. I’ll go get some, while you pick up a few of your art materials.”

It was a great day for the beach. The sun was shining strongly and it was pretty hot. Even the sea breezes were not cooling the beachgoers down at all. So plenty of locals had headed down to the beach and were not slow to strip off. There weren’t many people on the beach who hadn’t stripped off completely by the time they got there. The dunes were pretty private, but behind each one there were friends or couples sunbathing in the nude. On the promenade further along people were more clothed in T shirts and shorts or short skirts, but the beach itself was crowded with nudists.

Citrus took her bikini top off as soon as she got to the promenade. When there were nudists about everywhere she wasn’t going to miss an opportunity to show off her shapely boobs and be a part of the spectacle. Apple Juice was less willing to show herself off. Her greater maturity made it less important to her to flaunt her beauty. Guys on the beach were looking at her anyway. Even the ones that couldn’t take their eyes off Citrus were taking Apple in as well. Apple Juice didn’t need the adulation of strangers. If she wanted it she could get it when she wanted it.

When they got near the dunes Citrus stopped and dropped her panties. Everyone or most here were completely nude and she wanted fresh air around her pussy. Apple Juice almost said something but she decided it would be unfair to criticize her young protégé over something so natural to her.

“Why don’t you take your bikini top off at least now we’re on the beach and next to the dunes,” suggested Citrus in a way the older woman found patronising.

“No, I think I’ll be alright until we get to your party,” said Apple Juice firmly.

“Okay,” Citrus shrugged. “They should be close by now.” Apple could see her friend was looking around expectantly now.

Citrus suddenly locked onto familiar people. Apple glanced as Citrus’ facial expression shifted into a broad smile. Her eager young body shook with glee. How sweet she was, how desirable, thought Apple.

West in the 22nd Century: Apple Juice and Citrus

Scene: Somewhere in America: The West in the 22nd Century

(Part 2)

Citrus had seen her friends Malcolm and Speedy. Apple Juice recognized them immediately, she knew them quite well now, having met them at a few art world and musical occasions. They were in a fairly secluded valley between the dunes, on sunbeds. Another woman, who she did not know, was with them. All were unclothed, soaking up the sun, like most people on the beach. Apple shivered with pleasure at the sight of Malcolm’s impressive torso in particular, and Speedy was also quite nice looking. She was pleased to see this was not a large party; you never could be sure with Citrus.

Citrus went straight over towards her friends and opened her arms for Malcolm. He stood to receive her and opened his arms. Apple gasped inwardly as she saw how close these two friends were. Their nakedness was no bar.

“Good to see you Citrus,” said Malcolm, we were just beginning to wonder where you were, thought we might have to start the party without you.”

“I’m glad you waited, I don’t want to miss it,” said Citrus.

“We couldn’t start without you. You’re centre stage,” said Speedy enthusiastically. Citrus extended her slim arm to his shoulder to say hi.”

“I have brought you a prize,” joked Citrus , gesturing towards Apple Juice. “She doesn’t want to take her costume off just yet. She’s going to draw some pictures or sketches of our party, but doesn’t want to get too involved.”

“That’s a shame,” declared Malcolm, winking at Apple, “but I know the pictures will be great. I am a great fan of yours, he declared, you know that don’t you.”

“Thanks,” blushed Apple, “you said that last time I met you, but thanks for the commendation.”

“Me too,” said Speedy.

“Thanks,” replied Apple.

Citrus still embraced Malcolm, fondling and stroking him in his embrace, and giving him a nice kiss. “Who’s your friend,” she asked, referring to the other young woman who bathed on the other sunbed.

“This is Candy,” introduced Malcolm. “We just met her on the beach. She was on her own so we invited her to our party.” To Candy he said, “Candy, this is my best friend Citrus. She’s the life and soul of any party.”

“Pleased to meet you Citrus,” said Candy. “I’ve heard a lot about you. You’re as beautiful as they told me.”

“It’s good to make your acquaintance. You’re welcome,” said Citrus.

“Candy this is Apple Juice,” said Malcolm. “She’s quite a famous artist around here. She’s going to draw some pictures as Citrus says. Maybe we’ll be able to introduce her properly. That’s up to her.”

“Hi Apple Juice. I am pleased to meet you,” said the stranger Candy. “So you draw pictures? Do you paint also?”

“My drawings are usually a precursor to my paintings. I sketch and draw sometimes when I am out and about. Then I add paint or copy the images in paint when I am back at my home studio.”

“I wish I could paint or draw, but I lack the patience sadly, but I respect your art!” said Candy.

“Not everyone can express themselves in art,” said Apple politely, “but I am glad you appreciate it.”

Citrus and Malcolm were still stood in embrace. Apple noticed they were still into each other, having a long French kiss, while their hands worked over each other. She could see they were intent on making out here and now with their small audience. Neither were clothed in any way and she could see Malcolm’s cock was excited. Citrus loved the thrill of sudden sex in places and company where it was not always usual. The beach was of course a place where many would copulate quite publicly in the warm sun. It was a place where sexual relaxation could be normal in this day and age. Still there was something very challenging about meeting friends and starting to make out in front of your own friends while they were still being introduced to one another. Candy was a stranger even.

Apple felt a little used by Citrus and Malcolm, that they could use her as an audience so casually for their sexual kicks, particularly by Citrus who had brought her here. However she could not deny that it was exciting to see her friend behaving so openly sexual. Their lust and depravity spread to the others she felt. The atmosphere was now sexually charged and she felt sexual even as she kept her own sexuality on a leash.

“What do you paint or draw?” asked Candy simply. Perhaps she had not become completely aware of the kissing couple, or maybe she wished to get to know Apple a bit more before she allowed any more sexual mood to dominate. Apple had gained the initial impression that Candy, being on her own, was up for adventure. Otherwise she would not have got involved with Citrus’ friends, and she probably would not have stripped off all her clothing. But the speed of Citrus and Malcolm’s indulgence might well unnerve the young woman, although she showed no sign of it.

“I paint scenery, faces, people. I paint bodies and shapes, whatever I feel like at the time,” said Apple generally.

“Are you going to draw us?” said Citrus cheekily as she came up for air from Malcolm’s mouth.

“I might,” was all Apple could find to say.

“They make a beautiful couple,” declared Candy, undisturbed by the sexual explorations going on in front of them.

For a moment or two no one had anything to say. Citrus dropped to her knees in front of Malcolm and took his manful member in her mouth with no attempt at hiding what she did. She slurped and licked his stick openly while Malcolm took his pleasure.

“Are you going to draw them?” whispered Speedy to Apple.

“I might as well.” It was indeed a beautiful scene. Any woman would be stirred, she felt by the sight of Malcolm’s fresh manly body, and Citrus was a perfect young beauty to behold. She sat on a sunbed and began to take some paper and pen out for the sketching.

Too late! The lovers changed position as Citrus leaned forward onto Speedy’s sunbed while Malcom stuck his enlarged cock gently into her vagina from behind. It was a beautiful scene and she began swiftly to take an impression of it onto her paper. Candy laid back on her sunbed, watching in appreciation, while Speedy was able to touch Citrus’ hanging breasts. She smiled as Malcolm took her with increasing urgency. No one spoke now. All were involved in their own private thoughts.

West in the 22nd Century: Apple Juice and Citrus

Scene: Somewhere in America: The West in the 22nd Century

(Part 3)

Citrus gobbled sensuously on Speedy’s upright cock, while Candy opened her legs and stroked her own pussy gently, as she watched the horny scene unfolding before her. Citrus lifted her mouth from Speedy’s excited cock to tell Speedy to, “Go fuck the newcomer Candy. She’s ready,” said Citrus.

Citrus was so horny. Apple could not believe just how liberated she was. She sketched Citrus sandwiched between the two men, Speedy’s cock in her mouth, and she sketched Speedy mounting fresh faced Candy, while Citrus sat upon Malcolm, his large cock buried deep within her slim body.

Apple’s hand was shaking while she sketched now, and she was feeling soft and wet between her legs. Citrus directed her to take off her bikini and she did willingly. She had no hang ups now. “Come and massage me!” she exhorted Apple.

Apple moved over behind Citrus and stroked her while she rode Malcolm. She gazed at his smooth muscular flesh as she stroked Citrus’ back and buttocks. She could tell Citrus was getting more aroused, and Citrus confirmed it by asking Malcolm to mount her from above. “Finish me,” she cried, “finish me,” willing to make more noise now her heat was upon her. Apple kissed her and stroked her chest and shoulders while Malcolm invaded her with deep strokes. Apple lost more of her reserve and touched the man she had been craving, Malcolm, feeling his sweaty chest and his wet flanks, unafraid to stroke his buttocks and feel between his legs towards his testicles.

Malcolm’s pace became wilder, while Citrus’ became noisier and more animalistic. She was racing toward a very public orgasm, in a frenzy of sweat and crudeness. Apple noticed they had attracted some attention. Some naked watchers had climbed the dune top and were openly watching, males and females, in open admiration. Apple was part of the performance now, but she ached for a cock to enter her and give her the feelings which were now shuddering through young Citrus. In one last wailing Citrus expounded all her sexual energy in a huge climax. She was an offering of sex to the audience around, lovers and watchers alike. Her spending was enough to take Malcolm over the top too and he ejaculated his load deep into her. He fell still, and briefly Apple wondered how she might acquire the pleasure she needed now.

Speedy called out, after he had been fucking Candy for some time, “Apple Juice, can I have you too?”

Citrus was coming back to the world. She heard Speedy and said to Apple, “Let him fuck you!”

“Okay,” said Apple, weakly, but it was what she wanted. She was glad. She realized Candy had come, but Speedy was ready for his next mount. Obligingly she leaned forward over a sunbed while Speedy fitted himself into her from behind, exploring her body with sensuous hands.

“Come and join us,” Apple heard Citrus saying to the observers on the dune. “I am ready for another man.” Within a couple of minutes she was surrounded by three men and was giving every indication that she wanted them all. A couple of men offered themselves to Candy and she accepted them too. The women they were with seemed to hold back for the moment although they came close to watch, giggling as they watched their friends joining the performance in front of their very eyes.

Before long Speedy’s cock was making Apple feel deliciously excited as he took her from behind. She twisted her head to watch his face as his excitement grew. All too quickly he was exploding inside her before her own pleasure was complete. She felt urgent desire to continue her mounting satisfaction, but Speedy would not be the one to be able to fulfil her.

As if the answer to her prayers three men stood before her. “Which one of us do you want next lady,” said the spokesman. They all looked alright to her , in her excited state. She felt as if any cock could fulfil her now. One was tall and slim, she liked his looks. Another was more strongly built. What she liked the most right now was the sight of his large inflated cock which stood out proudly before her. The other had a lovely face, very handsome.

“Oh,” she mumbled, “I can’t decide. You can all have me if you want me. I will lie on my back.”

She turned onto her back lying on towels on the sand, beckoning the man with the inflated cock to mount her, while she reached for the slim one’s cock and pulled him towards her so she could suck upon it. The other handsome guy came close and touched her breasts up, while waiting his turn. She felt powerful now, and knew she was going to give the performance of her life so far, so erotic did she feel as the crowding males encompassed her. She drew some pleasure too, just as lascivious Citrus must be doing from the thought of these men’s girlfriends watching all of this.

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