A Best Friend’s Duty Pt. 01

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“So, the sex isn’t as good anymore or?” I stared up at Sam, her long blonde hair pulled back into a sleek ponytail. We had gone to the pool hall with our boyfriends tonight, a few drinks later and we had officially broken the drunk-pee seal. Now, we were hiding in the ladies room, fixing our makeup and talking about girl stuff.

“It’s not that the sex isn’t good,” I reapplied my false lashes and sighed, “it’s always been sex… it’s good and like for every 5 orgasms he gets I get one.”

Sam clicked her tongue, “so, that’s what’s eating you. You’re horny!” She teased, leaning against the counter as she dabbed some powder over her face.

“I just need to cum.” I groaned, “it’s been over a week.” I sighed, hoping that I would miraculously orgasm in my black lace panties…

“I hear ya… it’s been a week or so for me too. I hate that Ian is working the night shift now. We never have time to fuck, at least properly.” She tightened the ponytail and stared at her reflection… a drunken deep thought.

Her quick spin to me startled me as I realized I was gawking at her.

“What do you say we help each other out?” She slurred and leaned towards me, “just this once… nobody is going to get hurt!”

Before I fully realized what was happening, I had my lips against hers… feeling her tongue lick at my lips as I sucked güvenilir bahis her plump soft bottom lip into my mouth.

Sam pushed me into the sinks, spun me so I was staring at my reflection in the mirror, pulled my hair and pushed up my tight mini dress and began to rub my ass as she leaned in and whispered in my ear, “are you going to be a good little whore and let me fuck you?” Her voice was hot on my neck, her fingers began to stroke the wet patch on my panties…

“Do you want me to make you cum, do you want me to make you cum like the little bitch you are?” I had never heard Sam speak like this… She was my best friend and all I could think about was her fingers rubbing my clit as her thumb rubbed little circles around my hole, not dipping her thumb in but still circling and making my pussy drool slightly.

“Yes, Sam!” I breathed out as she sucked on my shoulder, “oh fuuuuuccckkkk.” I hissed as she dropped to her knees and pulled my panties down in one swift motion, “then jump up onto that sink and spread your legs you filthy slut.”

I smiled down at her and followed instructions, spreading my pussy wide for Sam but also anyone who decided they needed the ladies room.

Sam’s tongue licked flat up and down my pussy, slurping in my juices and then going to town on my clit. She sucked it hard, as she sucked it she türkçe bahis wiggled her tongue over my clit, sending me into a mini trembling orgasm that made Sam smiled to herself.

“You taste sooo good…” Sam kissed my pussy and used two fingers to scoop some juices out of my leaking pussy and sucking all of it into her mouth, holding eye contact with me the entire time. “Are you ready to cum for me?” She whispered just loudly enough that I would hear her over the music blasting from the pool hall.

“Y-yes…” I managed to stammer out, oh god it all felt so good, Sam finger fucking me with two then three fingers and licking my pussy like a champ… Her other hand reached up and pulled my pierced nipple in a way that hurt but felt so good at the same time.

“Ooooooh fuck!” I cried to her, feeling my pooling pussy juices drip into the blonde girl’s mouth. Sam licked my puffy pussy lips and the dipped her tongue inside me, she pulled her face back a little bit and I could see my wetness coating her lips, and shit was it a hot sight to see.

“You’re such a good fucking whore!” Sam slapped my pussy, sending a trembling shock through my entire body. “I want to taste your cum so badly, Kloe!” She pushed her face back between my legs and licked expertly at my pussy again.

I tapped her head, “I’m a squirter!” I breathed as a familiar güvenilir bahis siteleri sensation built within my stomach, Sam didn’t slow, instead she continued to lick and finger me faster, my orgasm quickly building until it overcame me.

“I’m cumming!” I spoke in passion as Sam clamped her mouth on tight and I felt my pussy gush and my legs tremble, I closed my legs tightly and held her head tightly against me.

I shook more, her tongue gently lapping at the droplets of my cum that escaped her mouth, the extra suction that came from her swallowing only made my pussy throb more.

“Holy fuck!” I whispered as Sam sucked her fingers clean and pulled my panties off and put them in her purse, she leaned over and kissed me, fondling my breasts while she did.

“Let’s go back to my place!” She whispered and sucked my neck, “the boys won’t want to leave yet so we’ll be alone for awhile.” I nodded and pulled her small breast out of the top and suckled on her nipple, my hand slipping down her body and pushing into her pants, her panties were completely soaked!

Twenty minutes later and we were in the back of an Uber, I was behind him but he had one of those black dividers there so he couldn’t see what was happening in the back seat.

Sam had her fingers plunged into my pussy, and I was biting my lip to keep from moaning. She had her head in perfect position to suck on my nipple, and occasionally lean down and suck on my pussy juices.

“I can’t wait to see your pretty little face buried in my pussy!” She whispered to me…


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32