A Crazy Wedding Day

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This is a continuation of “A Crazy….” series. I suggest you read my previous work before this one, to help you out though the story does catch you up. I have many fans of this series, and I would like to ask if you do like this and the other stories it follows, that you please leave me a friendly comment. These comments make writing these stories worth it. Thank you, and enjoy this latest installment.


The sun shined brightly in the morning sky, and I knew it was going to be a perfect day. There were still many hectic hours of last minute preparations to be handled, but I was confident the day would be flawless. It was a day I had been looking forward to for three years, the day that would make things change forever, for I was going to have a new mother. And I couldn’t think of anyone better in the world for the job, than my father’s gorgeous fiancée Renee.

Since my father started dating her we had shared many incredible times together, more so than possibly imaginable to most people. It all started years back on a crazy summer day by the pool when my best-friend Kristen and I decided to get a little wild with my father, whom we had both been dreaming about for some time.

Since that incredible day, we had enjoyed countless experiences together sexually; at home, on a cruise and even on a sailboat in the middle of the ocean. On occasion I would enjoy time alone at home with my father, and when he met Renee I feared it would all end, but it only got better.

When we quickly discovered that Renee was bi-sexual, it didn’t take long before I tried something with her. And when she discovered the relationship between me and my father, her acceptance made her a definite keeper. She was always more like a sister to me, or a lover, but I still looked to her in times of need, and she had motherly qualities about her that my biological mother never did.

With my biological mother finally in another relationship with some resort big-wig in Puerto Rico, I knew she would be out of my life for the most part, and that’s exactly the way I wanted it. She would never approve of our lifestyle, because the fact was most of the world didn’t.

We ran into some trouble on the beach a few summers ago when my father’s students had witnessed us kissing on the beach. I was topless as well, which didn’t make it any better. With rumors flying around my father’s high school, he had put a stop to the sexual encounters between us.

I was devastated for months, until it finally ended on New Year’s Eve later that year. Since then things definitely have improved, but they never fully returned to the way they were during that first year with Renee. And when I finally met someone I had feelings for months after that, my insistence on being with my father regularly stopped.

I met Brad at a college party. Kristen had been going strong with her boyfriend Cory for about five months already when we attended the party together, with me tagging along as the third wheel. Cory didn’t mind, in fact he had constantly hoped for another encounter he was so lucky to have one night when Kristen offered to let her boyfriend have sex with me. The threesome was a lot of fun, but Cory’s behavior afterwards had led to a rift between Kristen and I, and I never allowed it to happen again, despite even Kristen’s requests.

Brad and I hit it off quickly, and unlike the random guys I had slept with for a while just to have a man in my bed, Brad actually gave me pleasure. He was a pretty good conversationalist too, and I quickly became interested in him for more than just sex.

My father and Renee were overjoyed when they heard I had a boyfriend, and despite the feelings they both shared for me, and the fun we had together, they knew this was definitely healthier for me. What made me happy was knowing that even though my sexual encounters with my father and his fiancée were probably stopping, I knew that they would never come to an end entirely. Renee enjoyed being with another woman from time to time, and who better to share her bed with than her fiancé’s daughter?

After the last time when my father tried to put an end to things out of morality issues and fear of losing his job among many other problems, he finally came to realize that the world couldn’t tell him how to love his daughter. We agreed that it was best not to do anything in public ever again, like we did when we made out on the beach that time, and not to be together as often.

So over the past few years as I have been seeing Brad, my mind didn’t worry about my father, nor did I think of him when I was having sex with Brad, for I knew I would always have Daddy if I needed him.

So here I was, in my room, looking out at the beautiful morning just outside my window. It was my father’s wedding day, and Renee was going to officially become my mother. I could hardly contain my excitement.

Everything was ready for the big event; the flowers, the escort, the cake, and the incredible venue my father and Renee agreed on, canlı bahis a private beach off a large and beautiful resort on Key Largo.

In a few hours my father would be standing at the alter with the sun setting on the bay in the background and kissing his new wife, with me at her side as her maid of honor.

Kristen would be over shortly, for she too was in the bridal party and we still had to go to the hair salon as well as get our nails done. As I stood there nude in my room and peering out the window at the palm tree in our front yard, I felt a hint of sadness. I knew my father had promised me what we had would never end, but with his marriage to Renee upon us, would he change his mind?

Now that I thought about it, it had been quite some time since I had been with my father. Having a steady thing with Brad these past few years, I guess I felt awkward fooling around with my father behind his back. I knew I shouldn’t be cheating, as I was sure Brad was faithful, but something told me if it was with my father it wasn’t cheating, because it was more about love. I knew I was probably wrong, but I didn’t care.

I had only been with my father about a dozen times over the past three years though, so I guess I was trying to be a good girlfriend. But as I stood there I realized I hadn’t been with my father in almost a year, and even though I felt confident his marriage to Renee wouldn’t change things, I felt I needed to remind him.

Suddenly I heard the bathroom door open down the hall and I looked out of my doorway to see my father coming out with a towel around his waste. Renee wasn’t home this morning, for the traditional rules of the groom seeing his bride before the altar couldn’t be broken. Renee was superstitious, so she slept at her sister’s house last night.

I stood in the doorway, completely exposed and smiled at my father. “Excited Daddy?”

He was surprised to see me there, and the smile was wide on his face, “More than you can imagine.”

His eyes surveyed my body for the millionth time, and it still sent shivers down my spine as it did the first day I let my father see me naked.

“She’s amazing Daddy, you’re going to be the happiest man in the world.”

“I’m already the happiest man in the world,” he said with a huge grin.

With that I let the smile fade from my face for a moment and I approached him. “Daddy?” I said with a concerned face.

“What’s wrong hunny?”

“I know you said many times that nothing will ever change, but…”

“Don’t worry about that sweetheart,” he jumped in, knowing exactly what I was going to ask before I did. “I promised things wouldn’t, and I never intend on breaking my promise hunny.” As he said this, he wrapped his arms around me, and held me against him in the hallway. My breasts felt wonderful against his bare chest.

I felt relieved, but at the same time I had another thought cross my mind, and I jumped to ask him.

“Daddy, could you make love to me?”

“Hunny, you know I would love to, but I don’t think today…”

“PLEASE Daddy!” I begged him, pushing my body against him further. “I know once you get dressed you’re going to be very busy today, and I know today is your special day, but Daddy, before you marry Renee, could you please, please make love to me one last time?”

I don’t know what it was, but for some reason I wanted my dad’s last time making love as a “bachelor” to be with me, his daughter.

“PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE…” I nagged him, until he smiled.

“Okay love, but as strange as it may sound, don’t tell Renee.”

“Why not?” I asked surprised.

“Oh, only because it’s our wedding day and she might want to know that she has me to herself today.”

“Oh Okay Daddy, I understand,” I said with a smile. I knew it wasn’t common for a man to have sex the morning of his wedding, especially with another woman.

With that said I gave him a flirtatious grin and pulled his towel off. His large cock rose to attention and he smiled and said, “Come here sweetie.”

I squealed in delight as he grabbed my bare ass and lifted me up. Our lips came together and my tongue found his as he carried me into his bedroom. Throwing me onto the bed, I giggled as he climbed on top of me. He wasn’t as slow and romantic as he usually was when we were alone, but this time I didn’t care. Maybe it was the excitement of the day, or the fact that he was getting to fuck his daughter for the first time in almost a year, but suddenly he was a wild boy.

He entered me quickly and his hands found my breasts as he took each one into his mouth and sucked on my nipples. I wrapped my arms around him as he pumped himself hard into me, slamming the bed frame against the headboard.

“OH YESSSSS!” I screamed.


He continued to pound me, mashing his face into my tits before coming up to slip his tongue back into my mouth. The sex with my father that morning was amazing, and even though it didn’t last as long as most bahis siteleri times when we’re together, the memory stuck with me all day.

So there I was, hours later standing by the alter, wearing a stunning merlot red bridesmaid dress, my long blonde hair twisted above my head and pinned to perfection and looking out on the crowd of onlookers; some of our closest family and friends, and all I could think about was that morning, when I had my father, the groom to my left, all to myself.

I hadn’t told a soul about our morning adventure, in fear it would get back to Renee, as my father wished. It killed me not to tell Kristen, who stood beside me looking as beautiful as I’d ever seen her, and it also was difficult to keep it from Brad, who stood on the other side of the aisle, as one of my father’s ushers. His reaction would be much, much different.

Since we had been dating, Brad and my father had become good friends, and my father was very pleased with the choice I had made in a boyfriend. Brad was a man’s man, about six feet tall and rather toned, he looked like my father, just about twenty five years younger.

My father had definite concerns about our relationship once I started getting serious with Brad. As promised, he told me our relationship would not change, but he suggested we cool things off a lot, which we did. Unlike Kristen, I planned on telling Brad about my unique relationship with my father, but I just could never build up the courage, in fear he would not only leave me, but announce it to the world, which is exactly what my father’s biggest fears were.

So as I smiled at my boyfriend who looked really sexy in his tuxedo, oblivious that I had cheated on him that very morning, with my father.

I felt naughty. I felt bad. But at the same time I felt wonderful. This was the relationship I shared with my dad, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. So as I looked on at the crowd, I knew I had a tremendous secret to guard, and I cherished it.

Suddenly the soft music stopped and I heard the familiar tune Here comes the bride; and as everyone rose to their feet, I saw Renee walk down the aisle with her father. She looked utterly amazing in her rather skimpy wedding dress. It was a simple white gown that was held up at the shoulders. The front revealed enough of her amazing cleavage to draw attention and it was completely backless. In fact the back plunged so low it revealed the tattoo that Renee had on the small of her back.

I thought it was amazingly sexy, and I knew, beside her shoes and small white floral pins in her hair, that it was the only piece of clothing she was wearing. Renee like me wasn’t a fan of underwear, so we chose to wear it only when necessary. This wasn’t one of those times. I wondered how hot it would be if you could see the top of her ass crack with that dress. It wasn’t that low however.

As she approached the altar she smiled at my father with beaming eyes, and then looked at me and winked. She was amazingly gorgeous, and I never wanted to fuck her more than that moment. When her father kissed her before heading to his seat , I quickly wondered what kind of relationship she had with him, and if it could possibly ever have been as amazing as the one I had with my father.

She had never admitted having any relations with her father, but I had never asked her. Come to think of it, she had taken to the fact that I was involved with my father rather easily when she first found out, I wondered.

As the ceremony continued my father and Renee recited their vows and kissed in an embrace as they were announced to the crowd. I smiled widely; Renee was now my mother.

The reception started quickly after, and it was the most beautiful wedding I had ever attended. As imagined the sun was setting on the calm waters of the gulf, and the party was going on underneath strings of white lights all over the open grass field adjacent to the beach.

I danced with Brad for a while, before he sat down to chat with Cory. and Kristen and I shared a fast dance. Everyone was having a great time and Kristen and I didn’t hide our emotions as we grinded our bodies together drawing some whistling from the men in the crowd. My mother would have been appalled at my behavior, my biological one anyway. But now I had a new mother, and she was very much in approval, especially because I started grinding with her next.

“Congratulations!!!” I shouted over the music as I danced with Renee, “You look fucking radiant!!!”

“Thanks!” she yelled back smiling widely.

“My dad is a lucky man!!” I replied.

“I know!!” she yelled back. “And I heard he got lucky again this morning!”

Her words shocked me, but based on the smile still on her face I knew things we ok.

Unable to hold in my wide smile, I yelled, “Who told you??”

“Who else knows?” she joked. “Guess he was nervous I’d freak out, wanted to get it off his chest!”

“You’re cool with it??” I yelled back, unable to believe we were actually shouting this bahis şirketleri conversation among our family and friends.

“Of course I’m cool babe, you wanted to be his last, it’s understandable!” she shouted just as her brother, another one of the ushers came to borrow her to dance with.

After a while my feet were hurting me despite losing my shoes a long time ago so I sat down. Brad was deep into conversation about a baseball game and seemed to ignore my requests for him to rub my feet.

Suddenly Kristen came back from dancing with my father and asked me if I wanted to take a walk on the beach with her. I agreed despite the pain, hoping the sand and the cool water would sooth them.

As we walked down the beach, with the music getting lower in the distance behind us, Kristen and I talked about the day, and I told her about my morning sex with my dad.

“Oh my God you lucky bitch!” she screamed as I laughed. “That’s so fucking hot, you got to fuck the groom before the bride!”

“Well no, they weren’t married yet,” I corrected her.

“Big fucking deal, that’s still hot, and she was cool with it too??”

“Yeah, said everything was fine.”

“You have one fucking awesomely cool step-mother sweetie,” she said with a grin.

“Call her my mother, I don’t want to call her my step-mother.”

And with good reason, Kristen understood.

As we walked further we talked about lots of things and then Kristen brought up the time when we were on a beach in the Bahamas, very secluded like this one, and we made love on the sand, before some guys swam in from a sailboat to try and score with us.

“Yeah that was funny,” I laughed.

“Wanna do it again?” she said with that familiar flirtation.

“What? Here?”

“Fuck yeah, who’s gonna know?”

She had a point. I saw some people walking on the beach earlier, but this area seemed quite deserted.

“What about our dresses?” I asked.

“Try not to get them dirty, like this,” and suddenly Kristen pulled her dress over her head revealing that she too, like me and Renee, was wearing absolutely nothing under her dress. Laying the dress softly in the sand, Kristen stood there completely naked, and still within view, though about a good two hundred yards from the reception.

The section of the beach wasn’t lit well, and with the sun down a few hours now, I decided to go for it. In an instant I let my dress fall to my feet and I stepped out of it completely nude.

Together we held hands as we raced into the water and embraced in it, our wet bodies pressed against each other.

As we made out I felt her hands fall on my breasts, and her fingers play with my nipples. As our feet found the soft sand below the calm water, I took her nipples in my mouth one by one, and sucked the droplets of salt water off each one.

“Oh my God fuck me!” she exhaled and she threw me on the sand.

I lain on top of her as our fingers found each others wet and waiting clams, and we fucked by the light of the moon, and the stars beyond.

It was incredibly hot, and when we both reached an amazing climax moments later, I collapsed in her arms and kissed her passionately. Sand was everywhere, even in my mouth, which was annoying, but I didn’t complain.

“You know, I wish there was a way I could make you my sister,” I said.

“I wish so too Melis, cause you have one fucking awesome family!” she laughed.

“Hey, you know what I meant!”

“Yea, I know babe, but consider me your sister.”

“I already do,” I said.

As we made our way back up the beach toward the party, we played a little game seeing who would put on their dress last. I knew it was a daring game, and I didn’t trust Kristen fearing she’d walk back to the dance area fully nude.

My heart raced as we came close enough to make out faces in the crowd when we were still completely naked, holding our dresses in our hands. Finally I gave in and slipped into my dress, with sand still falling out of my little corners.

Kristen laughed and told me I lost, which I was fine with and she put her dress back on too, and I was relieved.

“Where’d you go?” Brad said as I came to the table.

“For a walk, I told you but you didn’t hear me,” I said.

“Why is your hair wet?” he asked.

“Um…because I went for a swim silly,” I said with a smile.

“In what?” he asked before realizing. “You swam naked??”

“What’s the big deal?”

“Someone could have seen!”

“Oh please Brad, we were all the way down the beach,” I said getting annoyed with him.

“Who’s we??”

“Me and Kristen.”

“Are you fucking crazy?” he said looking cross.

“Oh c’mon Brad, it’s not like I was with a guy.”

“This is your father’s wedding,” he said as if to remind me.

“You’re right, I’ll ask him if he wants to come next time,” I joked.

“How much have you had to drink?” he asked.

“Not too much,” which was the truth.

I was kind of shocked Brad was being such an asshole about the whole thing. And when I met Kristen in the bathroom later on, she said Cory was jealous as hell and wished he had come with us.

“Did you tell him we had sex?”

“Yeah!” she laughed.

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