A Family Affair Ch. 04

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All right, listen up! I know my brother Richard’s been writing about our family, and he does a pretty good job. For a guy, of course. Let’s face it, guys have a pretty straightforward way of operating – if their cock gets hard, they want to get off. I mean, I don’t blame them – when I get horny, I also want to get off. But there are differences. First off, I have many more erogenous zones than just a dick. In the right hands (and mouths) I’ve come more than once from just having my boobs played with. I also have this marvelous piece of my anatomy called my clit that I make sure my partners know about and care for. I really do have that internal spot commonly called the G-spot. Hell, I’ve come from getting my ass fucked occasionally! And my mom has told me she’s come from having her feet sucked! Weird, I know, but I guess I’ll have to try it.

(Oh, in case you just spaced out when I mention my mom, let’s get one thing straight. Um, no, I guess “right” is a better term. Straight is for losers in our family. In any case, we are the family that plays together. My mom and I share everything, from a love of big, girthy cocks to sucking pussy; we both think that Dad and Richard are two of the hottest guys we know and we make sure they know it! If you read Richard’s stories, you’d already know this! Why do I have to repeat everything?)

By the way, the other erogenous zone that’s really powerful is my mind! I know it’s hard for most guys (and we like that – hard guys) to understand, since they seem to have this wiring from their eyes to their cocks. I remember in school how a bunch of us girls used to play games with them. We’d pick out a target, and one of us would be charged with getting him to pop a boner while the rest of us watched. It was hysterical! My friend Pam was the best at it! First off, she had a huge pair of tits, so the guys always gravitated towards her. Hell, some of us who weren’t as endowed also did, frankly.

Anyway, Pam used to love to be “the one.” She loved the power of it. All she had to do was let the straps from her bra show – like come off her shoulders and down onto her arm – and she managed to arouse any and every guy who could see it. And I know she also enjoyed arousing the men who were teaching. She was practiced at the art of cock teasing and loved it!

I met up with Pam after we’d both graduated from college, and was shocked – she’d gone ahead and gotten her boobs reduced in size. At first I was like “you did what? You had those enormous guy magnets and you cut them down?” And then she proceeded to let me know that their weight was causing spinal problems – and they weren’t anywhere near as sensitive as all of her friends thought. At any rate, once I saw it from her side – and acknowledge how much better she looked, I got over my shock. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing, I suppose.

Me? I’m a comfortable 36D nowadays. Since I’ve been able to keep other weight off and maintain an athletic body, that means they appear bigger by comparison. The girls are nice and firm, and they have these thick nipples that seem to be wired into my libido. Like I said, they are sensitive enough that I’ve orgasmed from just nipple play. Not that I’m restricted to that – but it’s handy when Aunt Flow makes her monthly visit and guys get squeamish.

Back to me and the family. I had some thoughts about things before I left for college. Mom and Dad were always pretty open about nudity at home, and we had some hysterical conversations about sex. I mean, now that I think of it, I wish I had recorded some of them. In the background was what they never told us – they were swingers and had been for at least 10 years! It wasn’t until the summer after graduation that I had a clue. I was supposed to be away at the beach for a long weekend (July 4th, I think) but the weather turned crappy, my girlfriends decided to leave early and so did I.

Imagine my surprise when I arrived home. First off, the house was surrounded by cars. Some of them I recognized as belonging to family members, and others belonged to family friends (including my girl friends’ parents, as it happened). I found a parking place and grabbed my bag. It was when I entered the front door that I had the shock of my life!

First off, everyone was naked. In the middle of the day. In our house! And I mean everyone! Aunts. Uncles. Neighbors. Family friends. I was the only one wearing anything. As I took it in, not only were they all naked, some of them were, um, engaged! I think my jaw hit the carpet when I saw my Aunt Miriam on her knees, sucking on my girlfriend Pam’s father’s dick! Both of them were so into it they didn’t even notice me. Not only that, but Pam’s mother was bent over the couch and she was getting fucked by someone I couldn’t quite see, and was sucking Dad’s cock! She was as well-endowed as her daughter, by the way!

I tried to make my way upstairs to my room quietly. I couldn’t believe this! And the biggest shock of all was yet to come! I passed my parent’s room and saw my Mom on her knees surrounded by five guys with hard dicks. She had her hands on two of them and another canlı bahis in her mouth. Her eyes widened when she saw me, and it looked like she was trying to get away, but that didn’t happen as my uncle – the one with his cock in her mouth – grabbed her head and shoved deep, obviously coming down her throat. She closed her eyes and I quickly made my way to my room. Once I was in, I shut the door and just tried to digest what I had seen. And yes, my pussy was wet – I was extremely turned on by what little I had witnessed.

I was sitting there, just wondering what was going on and at the same time resisting the urge to play with my now soaking private parts. I was reaching into my night stand to pull out my Magic Wand when I heard a knock at the door and my mother asked to come in. “Okay.” I said.

And in walked Mom. She was still naked, and I got a good look at her body. Damn, she was a real hottie! She had full tits and big nipples – I knew where mine came from. Even more interesting, she was completely shaved! Her pussy was smooth – and soaking wet. As a matter of fact, there was come all over her! Of course I knew what it was – I had done some investigation after I turned 18, after all.

“Um, hi, honey. I guess we better talk, right? Before we do, do you have a towel handy? I’m kinda covered with come and I’d rather not get it all over your stuff.”

I reached into my bag and pulled out the beach towel I hadn’t used. As she dried herself off, she looked at me and asked: “So, any questions?”

“Um, how long have you and Daddy been swinging? I presume that’s what I walked in on – a swing party or something like that. Right?”

“Exactly right. Daddy and I started in the life about 10 years ago. We thought we should keep it to ourselves until you both were over 18, so your brother has no idea. I was going to talk to you about it before you left for France. Just not quite like this.”

“Well, at least you were going to tell me. That counts. But why? Don’t you and Daddy love each other?”

“Oh, honey, of course we do! Even more than ever, as a matter of fact. I’m not sure I can explain it all and have it make sense to you. But I am going to try. First, answer one question. Are you still a virgin?”

“Mom! This is about you and Daddy, not about me!” I did my best to look shocked.

“I take it that means no. Who was the lucky guy? And did you enjoy it?” she said, grinning.

“It was Tony G, after the Senior Prom. And what was not to like? Of course I enjoyed it! There wasn’t any “first time” pain – I used a dildo to deal with that hymen thing – and made sure he knew about foreplay. So it was good. Every time we did it.” I think I was blushing at this point.

“That’s wonderful! My first time was way long ago. It wasn’t your father, in case you were curious.”

“MOM! TMI! Too Much Information!” I said, giggling. “But, is it someone I know?”

“No, it was a guy I had dated, and it was just before he shipped out. I wanted to give him a special send off, and there was no better way. I’m glad I did; he was killed within a month of his deployment.” She got a faraway look in her eye for moment. “But anyway, we’re talking about you and sex. And your family and sex.”

“Right. So you were going to explain how this swing thing came about. I’m going to keep an open mind, I promise.” I had my fingers crossed, actually.

“Okay. Well, Daddy and I enjoyed sex. A lot. We had our bedroom soundproofed, by the way, because we occasionally got loud and didn’t want you guys to freak out. Anyway, we engaged in a lot of fantasy role playing. And a lot of talk. Daddy wanted to see me host a gangbang – you know what that is?”

“Mother! Of course I know! I’ve been on the internet for years!”

“Right, I forgot. Anyway, every time he talked about it he would get very hard – and he’s pretty well hung, so it was good for me. And the idea began to tempt me. I’ve always been a horny little rabbit, and eventually I agreed.” She got that faraway look again, and I noticed that her nipples were suddenly erect. Interesting.

“Well, don’t leave me hanging! How was it? Did you like it? Did you get forced to do anything you didn’t like?”

“Honey, I loved it! I was in charge of five cocks and their owners, and I did everything with them I had done with Daddy. Except that I did it with more than one at a time. It was mind-blowing. And so we decided to continue exploring making our fantasies real. And somewhere in there, we discovered that some of our friends were ‘in the life’ as they say. Soon we had joined them, and as it happens, some of your aunts and uncles eventually joined our circle.”

“How was that? Was it weird?”

“Actually, it wasn’t weird at all. They are people we already love, and once we dealt with the taboos about relating to family as sexual beings, it made for some very wonderful experiences. It’s now a very normal thing for your Dad and I. And I’m going to offer it to you as well. If you want. And it’s fine if the answer is no, by the way. There are at least a few other family members who’ve declined the offer over the bahis siteleri years and we still love them like family. We just don’t make love to them. If you catch my drift.”

“I get it, Mom. I don’t think I’m ready to join in with y’all. I mean, so far it’s just been Tony – one guy, about my age. I liked it, and I plan to expand my horizons when I get to France. And I’ll be careful as well. Already planned on that. I’m on the pill AND I plan to insist on condoms so I don’t catch anything. Maybe when I get back, though.”

“All right then, don’t say I didn’t offer! Now, if you don’t mind, I would like to get back to the action. I have this very deep itch that I need scratched, and there are at least a few men out there hung enough to deal with it! I love you, Sarah, and so does your Dad. I hope we haven’t blown up your image of us as loving parents.”

“Well, lets just say you’ve added a new dimension to it. Now go get ’em! Oh, before you go, is it my imagination or is Daddy really hung?”

“Baby girl, he’s got a dream dick – long and fat and hard! I’m pretty sure you’ve made him hard more than once in your life – he’s just so conflicted that it’s funny. On the one hand he wants to fuck you silly, but on the other, well, you’re his little girl and he doesn’t quite see how to make the two meet. But that’s his problem, not yours! Later!”

And with that, Mom tossed the towel in my laundry, gave me a deep kiss that startled me (she used her tongue!) and left to go back to the action, leaving me alone to let it all sink in. And yes, I did get out the Magic Wand and made good use of it that night. And the next day it was as if nothing had happened. Richard was clueless, Mom, Dad and I exchanged some knowing glances, but that was about all.

I was still working out what I needed to bring with me to France, and so I met up with Pam and Hanna at the mall. I joined them at a table at the food court.

“My Mom says she heard you were at their party last night. What did you think of it?” asked Pam. Hannah sat there smirking – she apparently knew all about it as well.

“Um, did you know what they were up to?” I asked.

“Oh hell yes. I found out they were swingers a long time ago – about the time Hannah and I met, as a matter of fact. That was quite a time!”

“What happened?” I asked.

Hannah spoke up. “I found my folks video tapes when they were away for a week. I mean, they sort of had them hidden, but not really. Anyway, I started watching them and discovered a whole lot of folks I thought were respectable were really as sex-crazy as anyone else. My folks, Pam’s folks, your folks, and more. So when Pam stayed over one night, I got out the tapes and we watched. Together.” She blushed.

“Am I right in thinking you did more that watch?” I asked.

“Hell yes!” said Pam. “I mean, after the initial surprise, it was all very arousing. Soon we were both wet you-know-where, and then we were naked. We watched each other masturbate, and then things took off from there.” They looked at each other and giggled.

“Like what?” I asked.

“Does the term muff muncher mean anything to you?” asked Hannah. “We just did things we saw our parents doing when it was just the women and the guys couldn’t get it up. They enjoyed it, so we decided we might as well. And we enjoyed it too!”

“Amazing. And you still like guys, right?” I asked.

“Of course! I much prefer cock over cunt, but it’s like the song says – if you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with!” We broke up laughing. Then we spent the rest of the day shopping.

Before I left for France I got a chance to look at some of the tapes, and I started to see my family members and friend’s folks as sexy. There were at least a few men in my family who seemed to know what they were doing with their cocks, if the women weren’t merely acting. In any case, by the time I left for Paris I had a whole new view of my parents and their friends.

Then I spent the next four years in France. I went from having a classroom vocabulary to having a real, working vocabulary. By the end of my first year, the only English I spoke was on calls home or to American friends. I began thinking in French and discovered why they call it the language of love.

Over the course of the four years, I had my share of “boyfriends.” Some were more than just boys – I guess I was experimenting with older men so I could pretend they were Daddy. And in at least a few cases, along with the man came his wife and we had some threeway affairs. I liked that more and more as time went on. It was as if one of them – usually the wife – was making love to me as her husband was fucking me. Kind of the ying and the yang of it, you could say.

At one point Hannah came to visit me as part of a European vacation. She was now participating along with her parents in the swing group. She told me that Daddy was a really great fuck – and that Mom was no slouch at eating pussy! We spent about a day indulging ourselves in some “skill building” exercises, and I walked bowlegged for a few days afterwards.

It bahis şirketleri seems my friend Hannah had a “thing” for fisting. I learned a long time ago that in addition to stimulating another woman’s clit with my mouth and tongue, adding fingers in her pussy – especially if I found her G-spot – would produce massive orgasms. The mind blowing kind that left women quaking and shaking for minutes. I mean, it wasn’t hard to figure out, and it didn’t really take another woman – I found that using my Magic Wand on my clit with a large, vibrating dildo up inside of me got me off like gangbusters. So it was a no-brainer to apply my well earned knowledge to the fortunate and delicious pussy of my friend Hannah. After, of course, I had spent time sucking on her long, fat nipples and doing other arousing things to her body.

At any rate, I had my mouth fastened on that nubbin of pleasure and my tongue was spelling out the Desiderata on it as I sucked. I could tell she was appreciating it even if she didn’t know what words I was making. Then I began to play with her slippery lips, and slowly worked one finger into her with my palm face up. I was trying to find that spot on the roof of her cunt. Soon I had added a second finger, and then a third.

“Go ahead and put your fist in me, Sarah. It will fit. I love being fisted and eaten. It’s amazing. Do it. Do it!” she moaned. And of course, I obliged. It was the most amazing thing I had ever experience, tucking my thumb into my palm and then working my entire hand into her hot, wet, pulsing pussy. I was careful with my nails (good thing I kept them short) and soon was into her up beyond my wrist. She was moaning and humping my hand and within a minute or two I felt her coming. Her pussy grabbed at my hand and I felt it quiver and vibrate and spasm – it was almost beyond description. I kept my hand there until she calmed down, and then slowly withdrew it.

“When you can talk, I have a few questions, because I’m thinking I want you to do that with me.” I spoke up, and waited patiently for her to recover.

“I think I can talk. Did that make sense?” she asked, grinning. “So go ahead and ask your questions.”

“Does it hurt? That seemed to stretch you and there was some resistance.”

“Ever had a really big dick? We fucking give birth down there – we stretch. It’s one of those exquisite pains that eventually you forget with all the pleasure. What else?”

“That was it. I forgot how good the stretching feels, and how I tend to forget it afterwards. So go ahead, honey and fist fuck me!” With that I lay back and spread my legs wide. My pussy was not just wet – it was soaking wet!

“Close your eyes, and just surrender to the feelings, okay. Let me know if you want me to stop or slow down or anything.” A moment after I closed my eyes I felt her hands gently touching my crotch. She’d cupped the entire mons and was applying pressure to the outer lips, the area above my clit and it was amazing! I could feel every touch and press as if my crotch was suddenly alive. And then I felt one finger separate my lips and begin to play with the inside of them. Soon she was somehow stroking all of me. I don’t know any other way to say it. My outer lips, my inner lips and my hole were all being caressed. And then she added her mouth and soon had my clit in between her lips, flicking it with her tongue. I felt two fingers working up inside of me, then a third was added. It was stretching me but I loved the sensations. I felt myself have a small orgasm as she added her pinky to the invading digits.

She felt it too, and waited for the spasms to stop. “Ready?” she asked.

“Absolutely!” I answered, and felt the pressure of her whole hand forcing itself up into me. She seemed to be stopped at the broad part of her hand for a moment, and then suddenly I had her fist up in my womb! Oh my fucking god! I started coming immediately. Hell, I grabbed her arm and drove it as deep as I could as I jerked and twitched, coming in one long, sustained orgasm that didn’t seem to ever stop. I flopped on the bed like a dying fish. I think I even squirted!

I loved it – both ways. Not all the time. Not as a “let’s just go fist fuck” substitute for good sex with a big cock, but as something that definitely had a place in my life. Hannah and I spent a long day in bed that day.

But I guess I’ve veered away from talking about what seems to drive a lot of you readers crazy – incest. Making it with family. It didn’t start four years after I got to France and was ready to leave, despite that being the first time I got hold of Richard’s big cock. No, it was the summer between my third and fourth year there, when Mom and Dad came over on a European vacation.

Mom and I talked regularly. And frequently the topic du jour was sex. As in, we shared details of our sex lives with one another. She would tell me stories from recent parties they’d been to. She especially loved telling me about Dad’s big cock and how everyone wanted it – including some of the husbands! I mean, I knew Mom was into other women, but I hadn’t considered Dad… I went from shock to arousal in nothing flat as she described how turned on she was watching some of the men do each other that I immediately started playing with myself, and came really quickly. It was obvious, and we both wound up giggling about it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32