A Happy Ending to the Year

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It was a long black dress, clinging and slinky. Backless, with a choker neck and a slash right in the front all the way up to her thighs, stopping just below the crucial spot — when it would have been inappropriate and indecent. The split was necessary; without it she would have been unable to walk, never mind dance. But as she moved around there were glimpses that caught everyone’s attention. When she sat, she was careful to avoid showing her panties but she had a feeling that people could see more than she had intended.

She wasn’t wrong.

The lights were low but the party guests were in high spirits. The music was in the lounge, but the action was in the kitchen as the hostess attended to nibbles and bottles of wine. The male guests seemed fascinated with her, blonde hair piled high and tied severely back from her long neck with a clip. A long thin gold chain dangled from a piercing in the top of her left ear, to brush the skin of her shoulder before rising again to a stud in her lobe. A little bit fetish, hinting at chains and bondage.

In her youth she had been regarded as cute, in college she had never been short of admirers. Now she was approaching what she would have regarded as middle age as a kid and she had developed a mature beauty.

Her husband knew why she was the centre of attention of course, but she was blissfully unaware — others at the gathering were wearing glamorous outfits after all. If she had been told, she would have been embarrassed and would have changed — which would have been obvious and altered the ambience of the party. It wasn’t that the split was too high — although it certainly was. The dress was of thin material and was tight across her chest. Under the low lights her body was clearly visible, generous unfettered breasts contrasted with an almost flat stomach, dark areolae with flat nipples pressing against the translucent fabric.

Julie wasn’t a teenager any longer but her stomach was almost as taut as it used to be, due to regular gym and pool sessions, and her boobs were almost as high. She could still turn heads; no plastic implants or paralysing injections were involved, this was all woman.

Under the dress she wore a high-waisted pair of black thong panties and even these could be clearly distinguished as she walked, the dimple of her jewelled navel sucked in the fine silky weave. Her strong buttocks muscled against the dress, keeping furtive male — and several female – glances constant through the evening.

Julie had consumed a whole bottle of wine and was now feeling unsteady on her high stiletto heels, which had sparkling buckles around slender ankles as she continued sipping from her glass. Another bottle was disappearing fast.

Someone suggested a drinking game and shots were lined up; a selection of whiskies, brandies, rums. Everyone was merry and joined in enthusiastically. Another guest was experimenting with a recipe book of cocktails and kept passing heady concoctions around the room to be judged.

Eventually the critical time approached and they all left the house to the garden. The night was crisp with stars bright and the moon haloed in the frosty air. With a chanted count-down, those present clinked glasses with toasts and joined crossed hands to sing ‘Auld Lang Syne.’

Soon Julie led her guests back to the house. The night air was freezing and she was wearing very little. The chill had affected her sobriety; she felt suddenly dizzy and had to steady herself against a piece of furniture.

Her husband Nick gave her a celebratory kiss and wished her and everyone else a prosperous new year, then she kissed everyone else in turn with a polite hug and a peck on each cheek.

She did not realise but her nipples were now fully erect from the cold night air and protruding against the flimsy cloth. The men seemed to press closer in the embraces, warm against her as they clasped her bare shoulders.

After several more drinks, someone posed what seemed an intelligent question. Could anyone really distinguish between different brands of vodka? There was only one way to find out and several bottles were brought out for a taste test. Then they did a similar test with vermouths. Julie was now struggling with her focus and pronouncing her words.

A couple of hours passed and the merry throng began to take their leave. More hugs, kisses and best wishes for the coming year followed and eventually Julie and Nick were left with just their best friends Deborah and Oliver.

Oliver was a builder by profession and had a physique developed by years of his trade although this was disguised by an urbane presence. At first glance you might think that he was a bank manager until you noticed the breadth of his chest and the size of his biceps. Deborah was slim and pretty; dark curls swept her shoulders and firm petite breasts supported a white strapless cocktail gown.

“We had better go home now as well, let you go to bed.” Oliver stood, placing his glass on a coaster.

Julie güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri stood and suddenly felt even giddier from the alcohol – she had to catch hold of the fireplace to avoid falling to the floor. She carefully stood with her feet and thighs braced well apart, concentrating on keeping the room from spinning around. “I’ll walk you to the end of the street, it’s a fine night. I fancy some fresh air.” The split in her dress opened fully and Oliver had to force his eyes to stay on her face. The glimpse of her camel-toed panties was very distracting.

She opened the front door and stepped outside. “Are you coming?” She turned to her husband.

“No, I’ll stay here.” Nick was a dentist and saw little point in being outside on a cold night without good reason.

“Okay, see you soon, Happy New Year” they chorused and Oliver, Deborah and Julie stepped outside, along the path and through the garden gate to the footpath. There was good street lighting and the area was quiet except for another couple walking home some distance away.

The three strolled in the moonlight along the flag-stoned path at the side of the road. All were inebriated to a degree, Julie more than the others. She breathed the icy air deeply, exhaling pure fumes and feeling goose-flesh on her uncovered shoulders.

The booze kept them all in a warm glow and they admired the bright moon as they walked. Frost was now forming on the parked cars and gave them something else to study and scratch with a fingernail as they passed, which was the reason why none of them noticed the cracked and sunken paving stone at the corner.

Julie stepped into it and fell sideways, twisting her ankle as she tumbled into a hedge.

As she fell, she squealed in fright and Oliver reached out with a strong arm to save her, but he only succeeded in slowing her progress. A bush broke her fall and prevented injury, but as she climbed out of the foliage she felt rather insecure.

Oliver and Deborah stared in drunken bemusement. The neck fastening of her black, clinging, thin dress had ripped clean from the rest of the garment, leaving what appeared to be a dog collar around her neck. Otherwise she was naked from the waist upwards, white breasts with brown nipples swinging free in the moonlight.

Julie felt the night suddenly get even colder, causing her nipples to become erect almost to bursting point. She looked down, to see what was the cause of the draught. The front of the garment was hanging down to the floor ruined, and her breasts had red scratches from the twiggy bush.

Embarrassed in front of her friends, she clasped her arms around her boobs to hide them in the classic pose. But the heel of her shoe had snapped and she staggered sideways heavily, with befuddled reactions. As she stood trying to work out what was happening, she slowly toppled to one side again and this time Deborah reached out to steady her friend. For a moment both propped the other.

As she did so Julie lifted her left foot so that it was the same height as the other, then stumbled forwards. This released the tension on the waist of the dress which slipped slowly, inexorably to the ground.

She was now naked except for her thong panties, her shoes (one of which was broken but fastened uselessly around her ankle) and various items of jewellery. The pendant attached through her navel glittered in the street-lights.

Still off-balance Julie stepped out of the dress as it lay on the floor but Deborah managed to keep hold of her flailing arm. One breast with a dark nipple fell loose from her hold.

Slowly, Julie realised her plight. For some unfathomable reason it was hysterically funny and she began to laugh. The other two joined in and the three stood still, giggling like the drunken idiots that they were.

She bent down to unfasten the broken shoe. The necessitated the use of both hands, so both breasts now hung unrestrained once more for the world to see. She didn’t think about her ass as she bent over, which was now gleaming white framed by the black thong.

Oliver of course was fascinated by this exposure of flesh and with his inhibitions removed by the alcohol felt the need for a witty remark. “That’s a rare sight; two moons.”

Deborah followed his gaze and luckily for him found it as amusing. “I count three moons.” They all raised the volume of their laughter.

Julie tried walking with her single shoe, in a comedy undulation which caused her breasts to bounce up and down. The three were now howling with drunken merriment.

It was impossible to continue like that for long, so she bent down to remove the other shoe. The footpath was freezing cold against her bare feet and she she began to trot, causing her breasts to bounce even more. Deborah and Oliver followed as they turned the corner and followed the main road. Deborah shrieked ‘Streaker!’

There was occasional traffic travelling along this busier highway even at this late hour, mostly güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri taxi cabs carrying other drunken revellers home after their new-year celebrations.

Julie continued for a while, then stopped. She turned to Oliver; in her drunkenness her normal shyness had deserted her. At any other time she would have scuttled back home, hoping that no-one would notice. Heck, at any other time she would not have been in this position at all. However this night she was emboldened beyond reason.

She opened her arms wide to show her luscious chest to her friends, the passing vehicles and the rest of the world — anyone who bothered to look. She skipped around in a circle and then cupped her breasts, feeling their warmth despite the freezing nipples.

Deborah watched, laughing at the antics. Then being drunkenly competitive and feeling the need to join in the fun, she pulled down the top of her strapless dress to reveal her boobs, miniature in comparison to Julie’s but quite highly placed on her ribs. Her nipples were pink but just as erect.

She twirled around, her short white dress flaring out. For a brief moment Oliver and Julie had a view of her long thighs and a pair of white panties, French cut and showing the shape of her butt.

Oliver had to show willing and so unbuttoned his shirt, flexing his builder’s muscles for the ladies.

Julie decided to take the game to another level and hooked her thumbs into her knickers, slowly sliding the scrap of black fabric over her hips and pulling the thong back out of the clench of her ass. Seductively, playfully, she removed the item completely and waved it around her head, naked at the side of the road.

She had shaved her pussy carefully earlier and now she was glad that she had no stray bristles but her uncovered labia felt an unfamiliar breeze. Even through the haze of alcohol it was freezing — actually the sensation was quite erotic.

A car screeched to a halt alongside the group. They heard a horn tooting and people cheering. A passenger leaned out through a window of the car and held up a cell phone to start taking photographs, Julie stopped quickly to conceal herself, one hand in front of her groin the other across her breasts but failing miserably to hide either asset.

Another car stopped and she tried a different tack. She bent over to show the onlookers her bum and slapped it theatrically.

The three then ran giggling back around the street corner, out of sight of the stationary cars and their applauding occupants. Unnoticed, clouds had covered the moon and now crystals of snow swirled in the breeze.

Deborah started to pull her dress back up but it was tight around her back which was damp with perspiration and without assistance she could not raise it. Then she had an idea “Is there a park, or a field here?”

Oliver was confused “What the hell for?”

“I always fancied running across long grass without panties on.”

“Are you serious? Are you pissed?”

She was (to both questions) — and Julie thought it was a brilliant idea. There was a river bank with a footpath nearby, so they went there. Away from the street lighting and in the shadows it was much darker so Deborah took off her panties and hitched up her dress around her waist. She and Julie ran along the path, over some mowed lawn and around some bushes where the weeds and grasses grew taller while Oliver laughed.

They found another patch of suitable long grass nearby but they had to push through a clump of bushes to get there, the leaves and twigs brushed against their pussies — cold enough so make them squeal. They dashed across the grass, cold dampness spraying against their skin.

Deborah still had her heels on which made running difficult but protected her slightly from the freezing ground. Laughing they returned to the road and she put her knickers back on, leaning against a wall for support.

In the fuss Julie found that she had dropped her panties and was now totally defenceless with no way of covering up. She decided that it would be wise not to walk back along the main road any further but return home, collecting the wrecked dress along the way. The other two accompanied her, however when they reached the spot where her shoes lay, the dress was missing. They looked about until Oliver saw it, hanging from a high branch of a tree and fluttering in the wind.

Julie could now feel the cold air blowing around her, even through the alcohol; she was losing her body heat and shivering. Oliver tried to climb the tree as they watched whilst Deborah finally managed to hitch her dress up over her boobs. However once he had clambered onto the lowermost branch the rest of the tree consisted of flimsy twigs and there was no way that he could reach sufficiently high.

Julie was now shaking violently and her teeth were chattering. Oliver came to the obvious conclusion that he couldn’t reach the dress so reluctantly admitted defeat, jumped down and güvenilir bahis şirketleri they continued along the footpath to her home.

When they arrived, the front door was locked, so they knocked. There was no answer.


Deborah started banging crazily on the door and window, but only succeeded in having a neighbour switch on a light, open a window and holler at them to shut up and ask if they were aware of the time — which they were not.

“Mr. Jones” Julie called back, “We’re locked out, can you telephone Nick and wake him up, I think he’s fallen asleep.” Julie had stopped caring about being seen, she was naked and needed warmth quickly. Flakes of snow were settling on her head and shoulders.

When the man saw the lack of attire of his next door neighbour he shut the window and switched off the light.

Oliver was feeling the cold himself. He handed his shirt to Julie but it was thin and afforded little protection against the weather.

They now felt really abandoned. However several minutes later the door of Julie’s house opened and Nick stood, running his fingers through his hair. “What’s happening? I’ve had a call from next door”.

With that, Julie fell past her husband, followed by her friends. She had lost all feeling in her feet and even without the drink would have had difficulty in keeping her balance. Oliver was bare-chested and Deborah was hitching her dress as high as she could over her frozen breasts.

Julie stood with her arms by her sides, lips blue and swaying. Nick caught hold of her and hugged her, feeling the coldness of her body through the thin shirt that she had draped around her shoulders. “What the bloody hell has happened? Where are your clothes?” She made no comment, it was all too difficult and she was starting to feel unconcerned. Hypothermia and its attendant sleep was overcoming her.

With that Oliver stepped in “She lost her dress, she needs warmth quickly. We all do, it’s freezing out there.”

He pressed his body against Julie as well so that she was sandwiched between them. “Put her to bed, give her some body-heat.”

Together they half carried, half dragged the semi-conscious drunken woman upstairs to the bedroom.

Deborah had shut the front door behind them and they stood around the bed shivering, watching Julie. “The best thing is for us to share our heat” she said through her own chattering teeth and climbed in under the duvet alongside her friend. Then she climbed back out and took off her shoes before returning. “Come on, jump in.”

Nick climbed into the bed, fully clothed, but Deborah pointed out the error. “The more body heat the better, you’re the only warm one here, take your clothes off.”

He obeyed and removed his shirt and trousers, keeping his under-shorts on. He lay next to his wife and hugged her closely, with Deborah on the other side. Oliver sat on the side of the bed, but quietly draped the edge of the duvet over his shoulders.

Deborah jumped. “Have you felt Julie’s feet? They’re stone cold.”

Nick reached down, his wife’s feet were indeed as cold as the footpath outside. Deborah seemed to take control “Put them against your body, use your own heat to warm her.”

He obeyed and placed the feet against his stomach, sitting up on the end of the bed. Deborah had another suggestion “What’s your warmest bits? Come on, get a move on – put them between your thighs.”

He didn’t question the order but separated his legs to make room. The coldness of the feet against his sensitive bits made him flinch but Deborah pushed the feet firmly into his groin. Then she stripped off her own white dress, turning her back for modesty as she did so and lay down under the quilt. “Oliver, take off your trousers and get in on the other side, share your warmth as well.”

He complied and the three lay together while Nick tried to warm the feet. The cold against him started to fade so he pulled down the front of his shorts to enable him to hold her directly against his his skin.

The penetrating cold seemed to suck all the heat from him and after some minutes his testicles were feeling just as cold. Or rather, they weren’t feeling anything. He looked down at his wife, being sandwiched by Deborah and Oliver.

The chilling touch had produced an erection and he slowly began to rub the feet against himself. He held the soles directly against his balls and gently moved them around, sliding the toes underneath towards the crack of his ass.

Soon the three in the bed had all fallen asleep. He was the only one awake and his penis was now fully erect. He gripped it with a foot either side to allow him to continue the motion leisurely. He was able to adjust the pressure with his hands, enjoying the sensation of the glacial objects pressing on him.

His scrotum had shrunk and his balls were tight against his body; he touched them with his hand. All the heat had been taken from them; they felt strangely numb. He moved the feet faster, so that they rubbed over his glans.

The movement of the feet had shifted the duvet, now he could see the legs of Oliver and Deborah as they both snuggled against his wife. Oliver still had his black socks and shorts on, Deborah had bare legs as far as her pair of white lacy panties, tight up against her butt.

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