A Head of the Game

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Every woman has a fantasy and being happily married and in my mid-thirties, I felt mine would remain just that. But when it happened, I thought that a select few would enjoy reading about it.

One evening, a group of co-workers and myself went out after work –“just for a few drinks.” I don’t usually drink, especially that early, but since there was no need to rush home, I saw no harm.

We went to a small local bar; put three tables together and the ten of us sat around the table like King Arthur’s knights. It quickly became apparent that I was behind the time. It seems that all the others (being single or divorced) were all out trying to ” make” on someone, both in the group and the others in the bar. The girls were discussing who were “hunks” and “good pieces of meat.” The guys were picking out what “piece of ass” to hit on.

I never thought of myself as “a piece of ass”. Even though I have a large chest, my waist and thighs are showing the middle-age spread, I was learning to accept.

Looking around I didn’t see anyone I was overly excited about. As I listened to their conversation, I realized that their description of hunks and my idea of the hunk I’d like to jump in bed with were two different people.

“Hunks” I explained “are not just the guys with muscular bodies, deep tans, dark hair and baby blue eyes.”

At that point, a good-looking guy walked in and stood at the bar. He was probably in his thirties and was of average build. He had a nice tan that was showed off by the gray muscle shirt he was wearing, which also revealed hair all over his shoulders and back. The cap in his hand usually covered an almost totally baldhead.

“Now, there’s a hunk,” I said.

Everyone turned his or her heads to look and then laughed. I didn’t care though. I sat and stared. Here he was — my fantasy man just walked through the door. I often dreamed of being with this man. I’d dreamed about this hairy “hunk of meat” laying next to me. I could feel his hands roaming all over my body. My cunt tingled. I imagined his fingers, first one, then two; reaching deep inside my pussy. I could feel the pressure of his hands holding my thighs as his stiff cock pressed against my body. I could see myself rubbing all that hair, with lover’s -sweat making our bodies sticky.

I could rub that head. Oh! What a head. I stared at that shinny dome.

Suddenly, my thoughts were interrupted by someone saying to me, “Well, do you want another drink?”

I nodded yes and blinked my eyes several times to bring my train of thought back to the present. I looked at the others and then looked back to check on my ‘hunk’, but he wasn’t there. ‘Oh well’, I thought to myself, ‘all for the better’.

I hadn’t realized I said that out loud until Kathy said to me, “So you think your better than me, let’s go give it a try.”

I had no idea what she was taking istanbul escort about till we got into another room that was filled with video games. “I’ll go first”, she said as she pumped two quarters into “Millipede”. I chuckled to myself.

As she was ringing up point after point I had a chance to survey the room. At a machine by the door was ‘my hunk’. My turn came up and I tried to concentrate on the snakehead but my eyes were fixed on the bald-headed reflection on my screen. I tried to block the fantasy from my brain and play the game but it become more and more difficult. I’m not usually the forward type, but I decided to exert myself. I approached him, took a deep breath and said, “I couldn’t help but notice your…. your…” I couldn’t say hair, I couldn’t say any hair. “…Tan.”

“Thanks, can I buy you a drink? Why don’t we find a table?”

He pointed to a table on the other side of the door. As we sat, we chatted about a variety of topics and I could see that he was feeling uneasy. I kept staring at his head. He’d rub it. I’d stare more. He began looking around and every time he looked back at me, I’d be staring at his head or shoulders.

“I’m sorry. I don’t mean to stare, but I love baldheads. They’re fascinating to me”. I could tell he was puzzled.

“Really! I fantasize about making love to a bald head.”

He sat and starred at me with a blank expression on his face. Suddenly, his eyes lit up.

“Would you like to join me outside for a smoke”?

“Sure, let me get my purse.”

I walked over to my friends, got my purse, threw some money on the table for the drinks and said, “If I don’t see you later, I’ll see you tomorrow!” Everyone looked at me. A few said good-by, the rest seemed to be in a fog.

As we neared his car he said, “My apartment is just a few blocks away if you’d rather go there.”

I knew I was making a big mistake. My heart was racing with excitement when I answered “sure.”

At his apartment, we wasted no time in getting comfortable. We quickly settled down on a small couch, sipping chilled wine.

Suddenly, he was leaning over me, kissing me. My ear, my neck, my cheeks, and then my lips. Our tongues touched and seemed to caress.

He unbuttoned my blouse and rubbed my tits, he squeezed them very hard. The nipples were erect very quickly. I ran my hand down his chest and found his cock. It was already hard, just as I was creaming my panties.

It took no time for me to get his pants unzipped and off and his cock in my mouth. It wasn’t unusually long, no more than most. I love to give head and feel the veins pulse and swell with each lick of my tongue. He rolled his head back and moaned.

He pulled away and helped me get out of my stockings and clothes. He laid me on avcılar escort the end of the couch and then he rubbed my pussy with the flat of his hand. Then he licked it very sloppily with a wide tongue. It was an unusual, sensuous feeling.

He seemed very responsive when I helped him. I held myself very wide open and he stuck his tongue right through the opening. Reaching in as far as he could, his nose seemed to tickle my clit. His tongue was feeling the inside of my pussy walls. I was dripping out all over the place. He was surprised when I came so quickly and it seemed to turn him on more. He flipped me over and rammed his cock doggy-style and each stroke was shooting more and more excitement into the fucking, we both seemed to enjoy.

I came again within minutes after we started fucking. I turned to give him head again. I was taking his prick in further than I’d ever done before. The harder he got, the wider he got. He moaned with pleasure and grabbed my head and held it in one spot. I could see him looking down, so I started to finger myself as he watched. I squeezed his balls to slow him down, but I knew he was very close. I was actually dripping my juices onto his rug.

“That’s a sight to see”, he said, “You really turn me on. I’ve never seen anyone actually do it like this before; its great and. and. I’m going to cum.”

He wanted to pull out, but I held onto his cock tightly. He was about to cum in my mouth. It was warm and sticky and very salty.

He fell to the floor. He leaned against the couch. I sat behind him, my legs on each side. I massaged his shoulders and then kissed his head, over and over, and then began to rub it. I just love the feel of that hard smooth surface.

He could tell I was getting hotter; although he didn’t realize why. I stood up over him and I must have shocked him when I stood up and began to rub my cunt all over his head. I just had to feel that sensation against my most sensitive area. It was great; his head was covered with my cunt juices. I kept rubbing my cunt all over his now slick head. My pussy lips were spread so wide, I knew he had to feel the p ink most lips on the inside.

His prick was getting hard again. In a mirror on the wall, I could see him sitting there. He began to squirm. He started to move his head with me. I wondered if he could see me.

I started to squeeze my tits as I humped his head. He must have seen me, because he started to stroke his cock.

“Yeah, go for it, baby, go for it. You’re so hot and wild. Go for it, you can do it. Let your sweet cum flow”.

I moaned. It felt so good. I knew I was going to cum — right they’re on his head.

“I’m gonna”, I said.

I kept rubbing my tits harder, and harder. I knew this would be one wild ride. I wanted to reach down and hurry it up. It was right there; just waiting. I pulled on şirinevler escort my pussy hair instead. I wanted this to be just right – just like I fantasized it.

“Oh! This is it. I’m cumming .. Now.”

He tried to turn around to eat me out, but I held his head in place and screamed, “No please, don’t move.” He sat back down. And continued stroking his cock.

I screamed with I finally came and knew it was going to be a “big one”. I kept cuming. It just kept running out of me. I had lost all control, at this point. I could feel it on my thighs and running down my legs. It was lying on top of his hairy shoulders.

His head was all wet, as well as the hair around his head. Some cum had run down the front of his face. He reached out with his tongue and tried to lick it. I stood very still for a minute waiting for the after shock to stop.

I sat back on the couch and sighed.

“Anyone as hot as you can handle one more.” He said while he pulled me off the couch onto my knees. He turned me over and pushed my hands and head onto the couch. We were both kneeling. He slowly inched his way into my ass. At first, it hurt. I squirmed. He pulled his cock out and slid it into all the juicy lubricant dripping from my pussy. Then slid it back into my asshole. He repeated this procedure several times before it was all the way in.

He told me how nice it was to have someone so relaxed, so open, so unafraid, so wild and hot. He said he never had anyone like that before. No one who enjoyed it the way I was.

He was rhythmically stroking my ass, squeezing it; making it tighter still. He leaned over and had a hold of my tits. He twisted the nipples very hard; but it still felt very good.

Our arms crossed and he realized I was trying to finger myself.

“My god, haven’t you had enough?” He pushed my hands out of the way. “No you don’t, I’m going to do this one for you myself.”

Without loosing a stroke, he used one hand to pull my pussy open and the other hand had no problem slipping three fingers inside. I could feel his fingers moving in the same rhythm as his prick was in my ass. His prick was moving in so far, I could feel his balls smacking up against me. I reached back to squeeze his balls, but he started to pound me faster and harder. I knew he was close. I squeezed my pussy muscles as tight as I could around his fingers. My face was buried in the couch, from the force of his strokes. I reached back and pushed my ass cheeks together as hard as I could. Ever so lightly he mumbled, “I’m gonna cum.”

I was moving well with him because I knew I was as ready as him.

I could feel a swelling in my ass and then sudden warmth. He kept stroking. I was glad. I was just about to cum all over his hands. I flexed my muscles to get every drop out. He didn’t seem to mind.

We stayed in that position for what seemed like hours. His cock finally just sort of slipped out of me. We sat on the floor. He reached over to the table and got a handful of taffy.

“Here” he said as he handed me a piece of taffy. “It makes up for the quiet. I never know what to say at this point.”

We sat and chewed the taffy and laughed. I’ve never seen him again. It was a dream come true. Something I can only relive by memory.

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