A Hero in Yellow Ch. 02

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Ok here is part two…Hope you like it!




I must have paced the floor for at least ten minutes before I got up the nerve to call Shawn. It had been almost a week but I had thought about him every minute in between. I had absolutely no idea what I was going to say I just hoped that I didn’t make a total dick out of myself. Taking a deep breath to steady myself I dialed Shawn’s number.

It rang for a while then he answered.

“Hello?” Shawn’s voice sounded half-asleep and very groggy.

“Oh crap. Hey Shawn it’s Anthony…You know the guy you rescued?” I stuttered lamely…”I threw up on you”..Oh Christ! I slapped my forehead in frustration. He’s going to hang up you moron!!

Shawn cleared his throat and I could hear him smiling on the other end. “Oh yeah…hey Anthony…Sorry I am on night’s at the moment so I am not really with it right now.”

I did wake him up! “Oh man sorry Shawn. Hey listen I’ll call you back later on ok?”.

“Well hang on a second…Could we at least make a date before you disappear. I didn’t think you were going to call me you know.” Shawn’s reply was kind of teasing and a little hurt too.

I think realizing that left me in a state of shock..A hot fireman actually sounding bewildered that I had taken so long to call?! One small piece of the wall that guarded my heart so carefully crumbled.

“Um well…It took a while to just recover and then I was a total coward and even though you’ve been in my thoughts I just couldn’t quite get the nerve to call until now”. Stop raving you twit! I mentally berated myself.

So after both agreeing that I was an idiot we made a date for Friday evening. Nothing too fancy so there was no pressure for either of us to impress the other. Just two guys testing the waters. This was going to be a long week!


I hung up from the call with Anthony laughing quietly to myself. What a cutie! He totally disarmed me with his unassuming manner and he seemed to have no qualms about letting me know what he was feeling. This was a new thing for me. I had never just given my number out like that….I have met quite a few crazies so you just learn to be careful. But it just felt right with Anthony. Of course it could have been a disaster and I had read the whole him being gay thing wrong but it hadn’t turned out that way.

There was no way I could get back to sleep so I got up and jumped in the shower. Closing my eyes I let the hot water wash all the tension away.

Anthony’s face kept popping into my head and because I had carried him down the canlı bahis şirketleri stairs that day of the fire I knew under that suit there was definitely a hot body to go with that face. He wasn’t as tall as me but he certainly had the same amount of muscle mass. My hands wandered lazily down my chest, tweaking my already hard nipples on the way down.

My breath sucked in with pleasure as my hand wrapped around my stiffening cock. Stroking it softly my other hand went to my ass and began to play with my puckered hole. I bent my legs slightly so I could gain more access and pushed a finger in.

Because of my job and various other aspects of my life it had been a while since I had been with anyone at all so it wasn’t going to take much to send me over the edge. Timing my stroking with the movements of the three fingers now buried deep in my ass I increased my speed.

My breathing turned to panting as I drew closer to my climax. I pictured Anthony here in the shower with me..Our lips meeting in a hard kiss and his body pressed against mine. Oh God I was going to come hard! I felt his hands on my body and our engorged cocks rubbing together causing a delicious friction. I felt that familiar tightening in my groin and my muscles tensed. I groaned loudly as I came…Thick white ropes of it covered my chest and my knees gave out as I slowly sank to the shower floor.

This was going to be a long week!


Since the building that I had worked at was now out of commission I found myself doing work from home which was a waste of time because all I did was think about Shawn. Never in my life had I allowed myself to let a guy get to me like I had with Shawn. I felt out of control, scared and happy all at once. I didn’t know if I had enough guts to see this thing through where ever it may lead but I was certainly going to enjoy the ride!

Finally after the longest week of my life, the big night rolled around. I tried unsuccessfully not to stress out about my clothes and after about an hour I finally decided on something suitable to wear. We decided to both meet at this café that we both liked and then see where the evening would take us.If it lasted that long of course. After all, I did have this stupid habit of being an idiot!

Trying not to sprint I made myself think casual thoughts as I entered the café. My capacity for rational speech went out the window with one look from Shawn. He could have worn a sack and looked beautiful! The green shirt matched his amazing eyes and his butt in those jeans…Let’s just say it was going to be torture not being canlı kaçak iddaa able to touch him.

Stuffing my trembling hands in my pockets I smiled and made my way to our table. Shawn took a look at my face and laughed. “Anthony relax…I don’t bite”.

His joking calmed me a little and I sat across the table. The waitress came over to take our order, which broke the awkward silence, and we both were amused that we ordered the same thing.

“So…Shawn began…How are you doing after the fire and all? You look like you’ve recovered well”. A faint blush touched his cheeks, which only made me want him more.

Clearing my throat I replied. ” I’m doing good thanks. It’s weird not going in to work every day but they have me doing stuff from home which is a waste of time because all I think about it you”. My mouth dropped open and I prayed the floor would open up and swallow me! Why in the hell did I say that? Why, why, why?!! Groaning softly I let my head fall onto my hands. I sat there for what felt like hours and waited for the shoe to drop.

Then I felt Shawn’s fingers brush my hair gently. “Anthony….Anthony? Would you look at me…Please?”

The pleading tone in his voice made me glance up. He took one of my hands in his almost like he was afraid I would bolt. “Do you have any idea how incredibly attracted I am to you right now? I love it that when you’re around me you forget to be on guard, which leads me to believe that you are starting to feel the same way. We don’t know anything about each other but I would like to change that….So what do you say?”

What could I say? Shawn had put his heart right there on the table and I would have been a total prick not to respond in kind. I moved his hand to my lips and kissed his fingertips gently. “Yes” I managed to croak out. “I think I would really like that too”. The waitress of course chose that moment to bring our orders over and we broke apart laughing at our candor and obvious mutual attraction.

We spent the better part of the evening just talking and I have to say it was one of the nicest dates I’ve ever been on. I didn’t share much about myself. I mean let’s face it there wasn’t much to share. I work and I’m a closed off idiot when it comes to relationships oh yeah and I’m a coward too.

That sounds harsh I guess but I know who I am and I have no problems being honest about that. I guess Shawn noticed my lack of information and he kept asking me questions that required more than a yes or no answer.

Being the artful dancer that I am, I managed to dodge most of them and he sighed in obvious canlı kaçak bahis frustration but eventually gave up. Now it came to “that” time of the evening. I was unsure how to proceed. Do I ask him up for a drink? Do we shake hands and make another date?

That question was answered for me as we made our way outside. Turning me gently, Shawn bent and took my lips with his. Before I could think about a response my body took over and I moaned as we pressed together. Breaking apart we both came up for air and then remembered where we were. Shawn grinned sheepishly at me.

“Sorry. I just couldn’t wait anymore. So now what do we do?”

I gaped at him. “You’re asking me? I know what I would love to do but I don’t know what you’ll think about it”.

Shawn took a step closer, his breath ruffling my hair. “Try me.” He whispered. I swear in that moment I have never been so close to loosing control and I have never been that turned on by someone…ever.

I took his face in my hands. “I want to take you home and cover every inch of you in kisses and just when you think you’re about to loose your mind, I’ll show you heaven.” Ok big words to live up to but making someone feel great in the bedroom has never been an issue for me.

A small shiver passed through Shawn as he nodded his agreement. My place was only ten minutes away so we chose to go there. On the walk home I reached out and took Shawn’s hand in mine. Our fingers twined together and I once again felt that small pang of fear. I knew I was falling for Shawn and as afraid as I was of getting hurt I just couldn’t seem to pull back to a comfortable distance.


I am definitely falling hard for Anthony. I have a feeling that he’s afraid of being hurt because just when I think he’ll let me in, he pulls away again. I want desperately for him to know that I will take care of his heart if he chooses to give it to me but it’s going to take a while to convince him of that. God I feel like a kid again falling in love for the first time!

I grin all the time like an idiot and I can’t compose my thoughts and tonight when he admitted that all he thinks about is me……It was all I could do not to take him right there in the café. I want to take things slow and make sure this is what we both want but I can’t. It’s like I don’t have a will of my own anymore.

I could have danced when he told me that all he wanted to do was make love to me.

On the walk back to his place Anthony did the sweetest thing. He took my hand in his and we walked as a couple. I know that was a big deal for him and it only made me fall harder. I keep catching him looking at me when he thinks I don’t notice and I bring his hand to my lips and kiss it. What a pair!


Yes once again I have to stop there. Don’t worry there will be more!



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