A Japanese Adventure Ch. 10

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Chapter 10: Changchun

The events of the previous evening changed everything. We fell asleep cuddled, naked, and emotionally close. Wen had no reservations with sharing me with her mother. Like she had told Nadia, “I’ll give you some but not all.” As a result, Nadia had dashed whatever insecurities she initially expressed about bearing her body and being sexual with her daughter’s man. Nadia took from me and then enjoyed me taking her. It was a beautiful exchange of our most intimate gifts and Wen enjoying being an observant third-party.

Wen woke first and cuddled tightly against me. While keeping her head tucked against my chest we talked quietly. Somewhile later Nadia stirred and turn toward me.

Wen spoke and I saw Nadia grin. “Yes,” she said in English. “You are one of the best.”

“What?” I asked.

“Wen asked if I agreed that you were that good.”

For the next ten minutes, I lay quietly listening to a conversation I couldn’t understand. I didn’t care. I had the legs of dainty women draped over each of mine. I had hands fondling my erection, caressing my abs and chest and reminding me how comfortable they were to be here. Pressing against both sides of me were firm round orbs. My hands cuddled them both and quietly massaged shapely but tiny muscular buttocks. I held two Chinese-Russian beauties. I could not have been in a better place physically or emotionally.

The ladies pulled me to a sitting position and then yanked me out of bed. I was escorted into the bathroom and then into the shower where the three of us laughed and giggled while cleaning one another. Wen washed me and then her mom. Nadia returned the favor. I was given the honor of cleaning both of their sexy bodies. They were flirtatious, sultry and gorgeous. Wen sported C/D cupped globes with her mom being even more heavily endowed. What made their tits look so delicious was the slenderness of their bodies. Both had alluring pussies with larger than usual inner labia. I loved sucking on both pussies. They tasted great and the girls responded so passionately to my touches.

I soaped my hands and rubbed between their legs. Both girls moaned. Wen pulled my face to hers and pressed her tongue deep into my mouth. While she did, Nadia licked the side of my face. I wanted to kneel and pay homage with my mouth and tongue, but that would have to wait. Wen had other things on her mind. Still, we had a blast and the time spent together further eased whatever reservations Nadia might still harbor.

Later that day, we walked the streets of Changchun, did a little shopping and ate at two more wonderful restaurants. The girls even taught me a few words of Chinese for which I was greatly indebted.

We had just left from eating dinner and were doing more window shopping when Nadia yelled. Wen was doubled over and leaning hard against the concrete wall of the nearby building. Nadia came to her side and spoke to her in earnest. Wen said little.

“What?” I asked when Nadia looked at me. I saw the worried look in her expression.

“Her head. Something about her head.”

“She’s had these pains before. We don’t know what’s causing them.”

“Oh, Chaun. My girl!”

“Ahhhh” Wen yelled.

The pain of this one brought her to tears. She squeezed her head between both hands and cried. Her small bottom sunk to the sidewalk and she cried out again. Nadia crouched and held her while I frantically thought about what to do.

She needed help but I knew nothing of Chinese healthcare or even for that matter where the closest hospital was. There had to be one nearby. I flagged a taxi. Nadia helped Wen into the back seat and told him to take us to the nearest hospital.

Wen was seen first in a triage area and later moved to a room on an upstairs floor. It was pretty apparent when I walked to her room, the standard of care here was far different than what I was used to seeing back home. Rooms were smaller, equipment less prevalent, and the halls were bare. It made me feel like this place hadn’t been updated to the 21st-century standards.

I was so thankful to have Nadia with me. She was the bridge between her daughter and everyone else. Because I couldn’t speak the language, I was of no use. The doctors interacted with her and, after translating into Chinese what little I could offer, the doctor was able to learn her past-history as it pertained to her recurring symptoms. To ease her pain the doctors sedated Wen. After a short visit, we were told to leave.

“Come back tomorrow. We will know more in the morning,” one physician ordered us.

Wen gave us sleepy hugs and told us not to worry. It was a sad moment when we walked out of her room and eventually out of the hospital. We were leaving the person we cherished most.

“How good is Chinese medicine?” I asked once inside the taxi.

“I think it is good,” Nadia claimed. “Why wouldn’t it be?”

“I’m just wondering. No one seems to know what’s wrong with her but these headaches have been going on for several months. I just want the tire escort doctors to get to the bottom of this and fix whatever is causing her such pain.”

During our ride home I told Nadia about Wen’s past episodes and explained how Wen had minimized the importance of her previous head-pains. Her headaches had become progressively more intense, and more frequent, and now affected her to the point where she could no longer hide them from me. I know she wanted to be strong but I was not worried with her showing weakness. In so many ways, she had already shown herself to be my rock. I didn’t need to see her strength. I needed her to get better.

“We must trust the doctors,” Nadia affirmed.

“I know. We have no other choice,” I conceded. “I just hope they know what they’re doing. This isn’t the US,” I said absently.

Nadia took hold of my hand and squeezed it as a show of compassion. “Trust, Chaun. Trust.”

We rode in silence until coming to our hotel. On the elevator, I felt the unspoken tension grow. Here we were, two relative strangers about to enter a room with a single bed. We had already been intimate but only because Wen permitted us. The elevator sped upward. Nadia’s grin grew broader. She hadn’t taken her eyes off me since pushing the button to our floor.

I asked, “What are you thinking?”

“About what Wen said to me before we left.”

“And what was that?”

Nadia smiled more broadly but ignored my question. “Did she tell you anything?”

“That she loved me,” I said softly.

“Nothing more?”

“She said, “Naked like last night, but it didn’t make sense. I’m sure it was the sedative.”

Nadia’s smile widened further. “She knew what she was saying.”

“Why, what did she tell you?”

She told me, “Ride his face again.”

I chuckled. The door opened. The hall on the 19th floor was empty. “Is that so?”

“Yes, Chaun, it is.”

I glimpsed a different aspect of Nadia’s personality. She wasted little time before drawing close and unbuttoning my shirt, loosening my belt, and unsnapping and unzipping my pants. Despite my reservations, my cock thought otherwise. When Nadia grabbed it she moaned and pressed her body against me.

“Join me in the shower,” she said directly and turned away.

I watched her strip out of her dress and toss it at me before walking into the bath area. Her small rounded ass swayed tantalizingly. I had only known her for a couple of days but she had already become proficient at stroking my libido.

I held the dress and pictured her provocative smile in my mind. The woman was beautiful and there was no denying she had intentions. I hung her garment on a hanger and did the same with my clothes after stripping out of them. The sound of water running swelled my arousal.

When I entered the bathroom, Nadia was already standing under the showerhead. Her body shimmered in wetness. She was gorgeous even while facing away. My cock pulsed and stuck out like a corncob from my pelvis. I stood just outside the door gawking at this naked beauty. She was trim and shapely. Built similarly to Wen, her body titillated my more lecherous side. I was in a dangerous place and I knew it. When Nadia bent to wash her legs I gasped. Her pussy sprang into full view. I wanted to run and press my face between her legs and make her cum.

She must have heard me for she turned and smiled. I watched her gaze move from me to my asset.

“I like knowing you feel this way about my body. She pointed to my cock.

I said nothing. I didn’t know what to do.

“Come, Chaun,” she stated and held out the bar of soap. “Bathe me like you did yesterday. You can shave me when you’re through.”

“What’s that for?” I asked looking at the razor in her hand.

Nadia moved her hand to her nest. “I want this to be like Wens.”

I shook my head and walked into the other room. Returning, I stepped into the shower with her and turned the water off. Nadia looked at me curiously.

“Let me rub this on you. Put your razor away.”

I did to her what I had done a hundred times before on myself. Squirting the thick cream into my hand, I rubbed it over her mound and down over her legs. It took but a minute.

“Ten-minutes. Wait for ten minutes.”

“You use that too?” She asked after seeing me rubbing the excess over my balls and pubic region.

I nodded. “About once a month. We were required to do this when we were slaves. Our Mistress required everyone to keep their skin free of hair.”

“I see. So does this make me a slave?” Her eyes sparked.

“No, Nadia. It only makes you smooth,” I said not wanting to make light of my past. “Slavery is a state of mind – even if it has been forced on a person like it was on Wen.”

“But not on you? Wasn’t it forced on you?”

“In some ways, yes. In some ways, no. I found the thought of slavery interesting so I went along with the training. Like Wen, I had no alternative. I couldn’t leave. Even if I did, there was no place escort tire to go. I had nothing. Not even clothes. I became a prisoner of the mistress who owned me.”

My mind momentarily went back to Kyoto but then quickly back to my more pressing thoughts. I looked at Nadia who stood leaning against the tile wall.

“What is going through your mind?” She asked me.

“That you’re beautiful. That I’m not sure about what we are doing. That I’m glad you want to remove your hair. To Wen. I wish she was here. I wish she was better.”

“All good thoughts, Chaun. And thank you for the encouragement to be free of hair.” She paused to digest my words and then added. “Chaun, I have lived a hard life. I have lived a lonely life. I don’t ever do things like this,” she pointed first to me and then to her. “I don’t take showers with men. I have nothing to do with men. Not ever. I work. Every day, I do the same thing. Ever since my husband died, I worked just to eat. After Wen was taken, I worried about her. No one told me who the man was who took her. I didn’t even know if she was still alive. His action hardened me against men. I didn’t trust them. Men only want one thing and I didn’t want to give them that one thing.”

“So why me?”

She grinned. “If you were a Chinese man you would not be standing where you are. I would not be standing here. You would have already attacked me and I would already be on the ground lying under you.”

“That would be wrong,” I added.

“Yes, it would and that is why you are different. I enjoyed you last night and you let me enjoy you. I made you eat me and you were gentle. Tonight I undressed you because I knew you wouldn’t attack me. Because you are different, I am comfortable showering with you. I don’t mind you seeing my body. I trust you won’t take advantage of me.”

“You’re right. I won’t.”

Nadia was silent. She inhaled deeply. Her chest lifted gracefully. Her breasts rose and sank while hardened nipples pointed slightly upward. My eyes fell on them. Droplets of water still clung to her pale skin. Her nipples stood hard in the chill air. She had the same slender curve to her waist that Wen had. She was beautiful – so beautiful.

I looked at the clock just outside the shower. “It’s time to rinse our bodies.”

She stood out of the spray while I adjusted the temperature and then invited her to join me. When she did, the effects of the chemicals became evident. Nadia’s skin transitioned in a matter of seconds. The hair vanished and her skin became silky smooth. The drain filled with dark hair. I saw she was pleased with the outcome. Nadia ran her hands over her mons and down the insides of her thighs.

“No more tickles on your face tonight,” she said giggling.

Ignoring her comment, I lathered the sponge with soap. Nadia lifted her arms and draped them over my shoulders. I cleaned her skin while she grinned and refused to look anywhere but directly into my eyes. She intimidated me but there was no denying her tits looked as sumptuous as ever.

“Use your hands,” she said and tossed the sponge on the tiled floor. “And start over.” She kissed me on the chin.

“Nadia, I don’t know if we should be doing this?”

“Doing what? Taking a shower together?”

I could hear the surprise in her voice. “Yes, I’m engaged to your daughter.”

“And my daughter let me suck your cock and told you to lick my pussy last night. I slept snuggled to your body and together we took turns holding your cock all night long.”

“I know, but Wen isn’t here. I don’t know that she would approve of you doing this.”

“Didn’t you hear me tell you what she said? She told you to get naked and told me to ride you?”

“I know but she didn’t say anything about showering. I want to be sure we don’t abuse her trust.”

“You may not believe me, but neither do I.”

“Then why are you here?”

“Because she gave me permission. At lunch, we talked about tonight. She wanted me to play with you. She told me she liked watching you lick my pussy. She thought it was hot watching me cum on your face.”

“I didn’t hear that.”

Nadia smiled. “Yes, you did,” she said grinning. “You just didn’t understand Chinese. We looked right at you while we discussed you.”

“You didn’t!”

“I know all about the spread-eagle, and the legs-overhead one and the foot-on-the-door while you eat-her positions.”

I blushed while Nadia smiled. They had been talking. They had talked about everything. Nadia pulled my hand to her breast. “Now clean me and then I will clean you. No more being scared. I have never lied to you and will not abuse what you and Wen have.”

“OK,” I said hesitantly. My hand stayed put. I looked into the eyes of this beauty for several seconds and then pulled her tiny body tight against mine. Warm water fell over us. I don’t know why I tightened our embrace but I wanted to feel her smallness pressed against me. Nadia looked up with longing eyes. My cock pulsed against her tummy.

“Clean tire escort bayan me,” she said again.

Some minutes later Nadia lay curled against me in the darkened room. We were clean and smooth and comfortable. Nadia lay with one thigh over my leg.

“You feel good, Chaun.” She ran her soft hand over my chest. “I like being here.”

“Thank you. I like you being here too. I wouldn’t want to sleep alone tonight. I hurt for Wen. She’s in a strange place with strange people.”

“I know how she feels. Being alone has been my life.”

“I know and I am sorry.”

“No, you don’t. I have lived a hard life. Every day I work. If I don’t work, I don’t eat. I lose my home. There is no room for error in my life. There are many who would take my job if I didn’t show up for work.”

I digested her words. How different her life had been from mine. We were nearly the same age. Although I was a few years younger, I had already retired and had more money than I could possibly spend even if I lived to be a hundred. Nadia had no prospect of ever retiring. She would work until drawing her last breath and die a poor woman.

I remembered Wen echoing this same message when thinking if her abduction might make her mom’s life better with her gone. She no longer had to feed two mouths. I was in bed with a peasant – with one of the working class – with one of the proletariat. And yet she was beautiful and intelligent and appealing in so many ways. Aside from where we had been raised, she was no different than me. I, however, had means. Nadia had nothing.

“So what are you saying, Nadia?”

“Nothing really. I know we are different. You are American. I am Chinese. I think you are rich. I am poor. We share Wen. I am happy she is sharing you with me.”

“I feel for you. I really do. I’m sorry your life has been so hard.” I squeezed her body tightly. “All of your hard work has kept you beautiful. You are fit and healthy.”

Her hand went to my cock and rubbed it casually. “Don’t pity me.”

I looked at her just as she looked up at me. Dark and seductive brown eyes stared up into mine. “I don’t pity you,” I said softly. “I hurt for you. I wish you could have lived in comfort.”

“Then let me play. Let me have something I will never have again after I leave. I want to suck your cock.”

“Why? What’s in it for you?”

She giggled. “The taste of your cum. I like it. I like making you cum. I like trying to swallow you. I can’t. You are too big but I like trying.”

“I’m too big for your little mouth.”

“You are just right. Now let me have my fun. I’ll let you have your fun after I am done having mine.”

“OK, go play. I’ll watch the show.” I smiled. Nadia grinned and kissed me on the lips then hurried between my legs. I couldn’t imagine a better place for her to be. I propped a few pillows behind my head to gain a better vantage point and moaned when feeling the warmth of her mouth swallow my head.

“So fat! So hard! Look how big you are.” She pressed my cock against the side of her face. It extended the length of it and looked so cool against her soft features.

Nadia plunged her mouth down over my shaft while looking at me. My heart melted. She felt and looked so incredible. For the next half hour, this mother of my fiance played with and tormented me. Not only did her tongue lather my cock with her saliva but she kept taking one testicle at a time into her mouth and sucking on it. More than once she tried ingesting both but they were just too big.

“I want to taste.”

It wasn’t a question but I could see she wanted an answer. Her hand pumped my rod. I was so close.

“OK,” I said finally.

“I taste. You taste. Just like you and Wen did.”

“Hm-mmm! Ohhhh!” I sighed. She had been working me for so long. I had been closer than close for the past while. For a girl who hadn’t been with a man in years, she was damn good at this!

“Say yes!”

“Ohhh, Nadia… Yes!”

“Much better. Now I suck.”

I watched her sweet lips descend over my shaft. With one hand pumping unrelentingly, I observed her small fingers curl around my thick shaft while jackhammering her mouth in an effort to draw out my seed. The feelings she created were fantastic! I grunted and groaned. Her sucking continued. My groaning grew in volume.

“Cum for me, Chaun. Cum for Nadia.” She spoke and plummeted back on me – ready to receive my gift.

“Ugggghhh!” I exploded.

“Mmmmm!” She echoed.

After emptying my load she came. Hovering over my face she smiled all while keeping her mouth sealed. I grinned. Her breasts hung like two conically shaped beauties. Her flat tummy accentuated her trim and fit body.

Nadia settled on top of me. Her body lay on mine. My hands went to her ass. Our lips met. Her seal broke. Her gift flowed. Nadia moaned. Her embrace around my neck tightened. I squeezed her body tight and together we rolled to one side. We kissed for the longest while. I didn’t want to let go. I needed her right here and she must have felt the same way for our passion continued for some minutes.

After sharing intimately for so long we eventually tired. “Can I just hold you. No more playing.”

“Yes, Chaun. I would like that.”

She kissed me softly. Eventually, we drifted off to sleep.

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