A Little Bit Cuntry

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3 years ago, when I was 56, I was posted to a job in the NSW country town of Dubbo, for 3 months. I enjoy my country postings. I receive a generous allowance that pays for accommodation and meals and if I get to keep what’s left over.

I was also looking forward to this posting because it gave me a chance to catch up with a friend from my teens and twenties, Gina, who I found through a reunion type internet site.

She moved to Dubbo after falling in love with Tim, a sheep farmer. It was a second marriage for both of them. Gina was 55 then and Tim 10 years younger and both empty nesters.

I arrived on a Saturday morning and they arranged for one of their farm hands, Gavin, to pick me up from my hotel to take me to their sprawling homestead fir dinner.

It was a lovely dinner, lamb of course, with plenty of good wine and conversation. I liked Tim, he was an easy going guy and obviously adored Gina.

Gina is about 5’5″, 5 inches shorter than me, with a petite frame, small perky tits and a very pinchable arse. She’s an attractive brunette, without being beautiful.

Tim is about 6′, sandy curly hair and starting to get a little bit of the middle age spread, no doubt helped by Gina’s gourmet cooking. He has rugged good looks, without being ‘handsome’.

After dessert, over a glass of brandy, Gina said, “Sean, you shouldn’t stay at a hotel while you’re working in Dubbo. We’ve got plenty of room. You can stay here.” Tim nodded in agreement.

I replied, “Thanks guys. That’s very generous of you, but I do value my privacy and freedom too much.”

“Like to have a few lady friends over, eh?” was followed quickly by, “Or is it porn surfing and wanking?”

We all laughed loud. Had the first comment bern by Gina and the second by Tim, I wouldn’t have been surprised, but it was the other way around.

Having had plenty of social lubrication, I didn’t hesitate in answering honestly. I said, “Not very much of the first and plenty of the second.” Again, lots of laughter all round.

Gina got up and started clearing the table and said, “I think that’s enough to drink for you two, you’re getting too naughty. Tim, can you ask Gavin to drive Sean back to his hotel, so he can have his privacy?”

The naughty observation was a bit rich, coming from the person who made the naughty comment.

I was soon back to the privacy of my hotel room and quickly stripped and lay on my bed. I searched for some new porn on my phone, not wanting to wait for my notepad to fire up and was soon stroking my cock.

My normal preference in porn is homemade amateur, I’d rather see what the other normal folk are up to, but I came across a male, female, transexual threesome that looked quite appealing.

About 5 minutes into the video, I received a text. I saw it was from Gina, so paused the video to respond. The following is the series of texts and doesn’t say who said what because it’s obvious:

‘Hi Sean. Thank you for cumming to dinner. You were wonderful company and Tim says he really likes you. He feels relaxed around you and thinks you have a great sense of humour.’

‘Hi Gina. No, thanks to you and Tim, you were wonderful hosts. I felt like I’d known Tim for years.’

I couldn’t help wondering if she spelt cumming that way on purpose. I was about to get back to my video when Gina texted back

‘Are you naked’


‘Are you wanking?’

‘I was before you texted’

‘Why stop? I’m naked and pinching my nipples.’

The next thing that came through was a short video of a pair of perky tits being fondled by their owner and the the very stiff nipples being pinched. My hand went went straight back to my cock as I watched it again.

‘Are you still there Sean?’

‘Yes, my texting hand was busy. Is that video really you?’

‘Wanking while looking at my titties, Sean? that makes my pussy wet. Yes it’s me. Show me what you’re doing.’

I took a 20 second close up video of my hand stroking my cock on SLO-MO, to make it last longer and squeezed my cock head at the end, causing a big drop of precum to run down it. Nice touch, I thought to myself.

I waited a few minutes for a reply, intermittently stroking my cock. This was turning me on like I couldn’t believe and I was close to cumming, so I was now effectively edging. Ding, Gina’s response came.

‘That is so fucking hot Sean. You’ve got a nice cock. I love how red your helmet is and that precum is so sexy. What were you watching before we started texting? Send me the link.’

I was embarrassed to let her know what I’d been watching, but I was so turned on I sent it anyway, with:

‘I’m not necessarily into doing this, but watching it turns me on’

Almost as soon as I sent the text her next one arrived, with a video attachment.

‘You watch this, while I have a look at what turns you on :-).’

I studied the still frame well before pressing play. My cock twitched. It was a vision of beauty. Gina must have put her phone on the bed or floor and got on all fours over the top canlı bahis of it in the right position, because I was looking up at her juicy shaved pussy, framed by her upper thighs and a little bit of arse cheeks. Even with the damned white ‘play’ arrow smack bang in the middle, I could see her blood engorged pussy lips and the redness of excitement around them and the hood hiding her clit.

I set my phone on a pillow, so I could stroke my cock with my right hand and hit play with my left. When I hit play Gina’s hand came into view and the video went to SLO-MO, for which I was glad. It allowed me take in much more than I could have normally.

Using her index and middle fingers, Gina pulled her pussy lips apart, showing me the pinkness of the entrance to her pussy. I could also clearly see her wetness. She didn’t muck around and drove those two fingers deep inside her and started fucking herself with them. As they slowly emerged they were gleaming, covered in her juices. I had to stop stroking my cock for fear of cumming.

After a few dips inside, Gina pulled her fingers out and pushed her flaps apart and up, exposing her clit which stood out proud and stiff like a little erect penis. Then the video stopped. I desperately wanted to see her slide those lubricated fingertips over that clit!

I looked down at my cock, also standing hard and proud and wet with precum, as another little stream of it escaped. I grabbed my phone and took a photo of its current state and waited a minute for my cock to calm a little. I then set the video to SLO-MO, got a slightly wider view than the last video and hit record.

My cock played ball, so to speak. It twitched and expelled another little rivulet of precum. Using the tip of my index finger, I spread the precum around my helmet like lube, making it shine in the light. I closed my palm around it and spread the ‘love’ up and down and it did act like lube for long enough to finish the vid.

I wondered what my next move would be. I knew the transexual vid would still be going. Was Gina still watching it or had she just turned off in disgust?

I thought on it for a minute or two and thought I’d prompt her and see if she replied. I attached the photo I’d taken and sent it without a comment. Gina responded, ‘Sweet, brb after the cumshots’.

A few minutes later … ding!

‘You naughty kinky boy! I love watching a man suck another man’s cock, even if he does have tits. Nice photo btw’

‘What a beautiful cunt you have Gina. This was the result.’ I attached the vid and hit send.

‘Why, thank you sir :-). I’m a little disappointed I didn’t get to see you cum tho’

‘I didn’t cum. I wad just using my precum as lube.’

‘I just had a little orgasm reading that. Seriously? That was all precum?’

I took a photo of my still hard cock. ‘At my age darling, if I’d cum my cock wouldn’t still look like this.’

‘How, why?’

‘I like to edge, taking myself to the brink of cumming and stopping. Eventually I start leaking precum and …’

‘Tim just stopped snoring in the lounge room. Gotta go’ And that was the end of that, for that night anyway.

I had a relaxing Sunday, checking out the town. I didn’t contact Gina. I didn’t want to be the desperate, harassing bloke wanting more. I decided to wait for her to contact me. That happened in the middle of the day on Monday when I was at work. She texted, saying I mentioned I’d be working a half day on Tuesday and asked if I wanted to come over for lunch. I just replied, ‘Yeah, why not?’, trying to sound cool.

On Tuesday, I went to my hotel, showered and freshened up and Gavin, the farm hand pocked me up at 1.30pm. I entered the house and saw some food on the table and Tim sitting there, not Gina.

“G’day mate,” Tim said, standing and greeting me with a handshake, “it’s great to see you again. Gina is just out doing some shopping. Would you like a beer?” and without waiting for an answer, grabbed me one.

We ate the delicious sandwiches and had a few more beers, chatting about work and the farm. Tim suggested we go to the lounge room and be more comfortable. The lounge room as more like a home cinema. We sat at each end of the 3 and a half seater lounge, both wearing shorts and t/shirts, one knee resting on the cushion, one elbow in the back of the the lounge, half turned toward each other and sipping our beers in the air conditioned room.

“Mate, it was so refreshing the other night to hear you admit that you like watching porn and jacking off,” he laughed, “So many people obviously do it, but won’t admit it or talk openly about it. I love talking about porn and finding out what other people like.”

Normally, I’d be in the first category, but I felt at ease with Tim, his tacit confession that he to loved to masturbate while watching porn and a few beers under my belt now put me in the second. I smiled in agreement.

Tim continued, “So what type of stuff turns you on, Sean?”

“A wide variety really,” I responded, “I see a lot of people with favourites on lots of sites, bahis siteleri who seem who concentrate on one flavour, but I like lots of different things.”

“Yeah , I know what you mean, me and Gina like a lot of variety too. It would get boring otherwise.”

I tried to sound surprised, “Oh, so Gina is into porn too? You’re a lucky man to have a wife who shares that interest.”

“She might be into it even more than me. That vid you sent her the other night turned her on no end. Pretty kinky stuff, mate. I loved it to.” I must have looked shocked because he assured me, “She told me all about it. It’s all good, I’m fine with it. She only plays around solo very rarely and only with people she knows she can trust and I’m OK with it, I trust her judgement. As long as she tells me, it really turns me on to hear what she’s done, if I’m honest about it.”

Tim continued like an excited schoolboy, “I tell you what, I’ll bring up our favourites on one of our porn site accounts, on the big screen and you can have a browse through it while I grab some more beers.”

While he was getting to the favourites I noticed there were 36 videos in the uploaded section. I wondered if they were their videos they’d uploaded or videos from other sites. I couldn’t help notice the tent in his shorts when he got up.

I looked through their favourites, which were set out in categories. The categories were surprisingly similar to mine, Mature, Swingers, Dogging, Beach Sex, Bukkake, Cumshots, Exhibitionist, Voyeur. Then it got a little more interesting, but still similar to mine. Kinky, Bizarre, Panties, Pissing. Mmm, I thought, Panties or Pissing? Something made go back to Exhibitionist. I think it was my curiosity to discover which of Gina and Tim was the exhibitionist and which was the voyeur.

Tim came back with a bucket of beers in ice. He handed me one and went back to his seat. I did notice his tent had subsided. I think all the talking he’d done earlier, especially about Gina must have made him aroused.

“Aah, one of my favourite subjects,” he said as I scrolled through the selections.

I just asked him straight out, “Which one of you is the exhibitionist and which one is the voyeur?”

Tim didn’t answer. Gina, leaning in the doorway did. “We’re both both. I didn’t realise you had to be one or the other,” she said laughing and looking up at the screen. “I was going to ask what you boys are up to, but I can see what. Have I missed anything?”

I responded before Tim, “Not really, we were just exploring what our tastes in porn are. It looks like they are fairly similar and I agree, I’d probably say I’m part voyeur, part exhibitionist.”

“Do you mind if I join in?” Gina asked and sat down in a single lounge chair, just to Tim’s left. “Don’t forget, the proper definition of a voyeur is someone who likes to watch, not necessarily someone who lurks outside bedroom windows or installs hidden cameras. Personally, if I’m exhibiting myself, I want watch your reactions, especially your cock’s reactions. Throw me the remote control.”

Gina scrolled through and found a vid she was looking for. It was a woman lying on a towel, spreading her legs wide and playing with her pussy. There were three men about 20 metres away, playing with their cocks. She beckoned them to come closer and they came and knelt around her. As she rubbed her pussy faster and started finger fucking herself, she looked from one cock to another and then the other. It was clear she was getting off on watching them masturbate as much they were on watching her. As each man came closer to her when they were ready to cum, she would lean towards that one to get a better look. She appeared to orgasm on each cumshot.

Gina said, “Now that’s what I’m talking about. If we’re going to sit here watching and discussing porn, why would we frustrate ourselves by sitting here with our clothes on? Get ’em off boys.”

I finished my beer and stood at the same time as Tim. There was no hesitation, what with the alcohol and sexually charged atmosphere, we whipped off our shirts and shorts and stood there stark naked in front of the clothed Gina, who clapped with delight. I noted my cock was semi erect, but Tim’s was a raging, impressive 7″ hard on.

“Woohoo two naked men with shaved cocks and balls. I’m a lucky girl!”

Then it hit me. I didn’t want to spoil the moment, but said, “Oops, I’ve gotta piss. I’ll just be a minute.”

Gina asked, “Can I hold it for you?”

Tim said, “Can I watch?”

I headed off to the bathroom and was about to close the door when I realised they’d followed me. They were serious. I stood in front of the toilet bowl and Gina wrapped one hand around my cock and pointed it and her other hand grabbed my arse cheek and kneaded it.

If I wasn’t busting to go, I probably would have suffered from ‘stage fright’. Gina’s head was facing down, obviously intently voyeuring. To my surprise so was Tim, when the dam burst and a steady stream of light golden piss escaped the eye of my cock. I watched as well as the stream seemed bahis şirketleri to keep going on and on. It eventually slowed to a dribble, when I realised Gina had gotten to her knees and was taking the head of my cock and the last dribbles of my piss into her mouth. She moaned as she flicked her tongue around my helmet and then pushed her lips all the way down, engulfing my entire cock. She bobbed her head up and down a few times and when she released me, my erection was full and throbbing.

In a moment of hilarity, we all uttered the same 4 words at once, “Fuck, that was great.”

Then Gina added, “My turn”, it took her two seconds to strip from her only piece of clothing, her dress, but instead of approaching the toilet she hopped in the bath and straddled and squatted over the bath tap. Then Tim got in and lay in the bath, his erection pointing to the ceiling and he started stroking it. Gina opened her pussy lips, like she did on video for me, a few nights ago.

Her golden stream started a little slowly, but then gushed, spraying piss all over Tim’s cock ad he kept stroking it. I was jealous. I would have loved to have been in that position I realised then that I’d absentmindedly started masturbating myself. Tim’s eyes were glazed and we both stopped stroking our cocks at the same time, obviously not wanting to cum yet.

Gina’s flow subsided and she hopped out of the bath and again knelt before me, taking the shaft of my cock in her hand. “Look Tim. I told you he leaks shitloads of precum.”

I looked down and indeed, for every throb of my cock, another drip of precum slipped out, leaving a trail that extended halfway to the floor. Gina bent further, putting her mouth under the ‘snot’ string and the lifted herself, taking it all into her mouth, before again wrapping her lips around my helmet, sucking any more liquid silver, tonguing my cock slit and then sliding her lips off.

“Yumm Sean. your precum is so sweet!” What a lovely compliment, I though. She continued, “You guys clean yourselves up and make yourselves comfortable in the lounge room, while I get some wine and a couple of my closest friends.”

The last bit intrigued me as I watched Gina leave the bathroom, admiring the wobble of her lovely round arse. It occurred to me that she’d been naked in the bathroom, but I was so engrossed in what was happening I hadn’t taken any notice!

I turned to Tim and said, “I already got cleaned up mate. I’ll meet you out there.”

I returned to the lounge, grabbed the remote and scrolled to the Panty section of Gina and Tim’s favourites and started looking through. Tim returned to his seat and thus time I handed him a beer.

He thanked me and said “I’m busting to pee too, but I can’t with this stiffy!” We laughed and clinked bottles. He then grabbed his phone and out of the corner I saw him send a text.

“Another of my favoured sections, Sean. We’ve got more in common than I imagined.”

I started asking him what his interest in panties was, when Gina walked in, a bottle of wine (half full) and an empty glass in one hand and her ‘friends’ in the other. Her friends were a rabbit vibrator and an anal bead wand. My cock twitched into action again. She wasn’t naked though, she was wearing a pair of scanty pink satin panties. It wasn’t too hard to work out who Tim had texted. She moved her seat to be facing Tim and I and equidistant, with a round coffee table between us. She put her ‘friends’ on the table and poured herself another glass of wine.

She sat back her legs spread enough for us to have a good view of her satin covered crotch. She took a long swig of wine and asked, “So Sean, what is your interest in panties? Do you like to wear them?”

I chuckled inside at that, considering what I had just been about to ask Tim. I threw the voyeur thing back at her. “Like voyeurs, there are many types of panty fanciers and I am but a few,” I smiled, “I like to see sexy panties being worn by a woman with a sex attitude, I like to smell the scent of a woman on panties, but only those given willingly …”

Gina interrupted, “What do you mean by that Sean?”

I replied, “Like the voyeur who lurks or installs secret cameras, some panty fanciers love the thrill of stealing worn panties. Not me, I only get off when the woman has given me her worn panties, because she gets off on knowing I’m going to get off while I’m smelling her sex. Have I had an opportunistic wank with worn panties? Yes. But there’s a bigger thrill knowing she is complicit.”

“Go on,” she urged, an edge of excitement in her voice. Sensing that edge, my eyes went from her eyes to her crotch as I continued.

“I love the feel and texture of various types of panties …”

Gina interrupted again, “Do you mean the feel when you’re wearing them, Sean?”

I felt like I was being tested. “Yes, I do … “

“So you’re a sissy boy who likes to dress up like a…”

This time I interrupted. “No, I don’t like to dress up as a girl, I like the feel of wearing women’s panties. If they’ve been worn by a women all the better, if they have remnants of pussy juice, all the better. If they are still wet with pussy juice … amazing! I also love the feel of panties while they are being worn by a woman, the feel of them against their cunt…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32