A Naughty Wedding to Remember

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Isn’t the political environment toxic these days? In the United States, I mean. The parties hate each other, one calling itself the Resistance while the other arguing amongst itself how to get legislation passed despite infighting and partisanship.

You’d think going to a wedding would provide respite to the crazy nature of politics.

Think again. The politics of family trumps (pun intended) the thought of having a good time. Perfect example was my friend Jillian’s wedding last weekend at a resort along the Jersey shore. It was beautiful, of course, and the food and ambiance was outstanding.

But along the way the family of the bride really didn’t like the family of the groom and the two sides kept to themselves. It was downright embarrassing early on while people were separately mingling while the bridal party was out and about for photos.

Along the way politics entered into conversation, and people were assholes. Oh well.

Upon reflection, I hadn’t set out to be naughty or anything at the wedding. Rather, it was merely a command performance in that I had to be there and wanted to complete that mission quietly and without fanfare. It had been a trying several weeks at work, and the guys in my life were not cooperating with my needs.

Standing at a table, I said hi to a guy who just happened to be there. I didn’t know him, he didn’t know me, and when we realized we were on different sides of the aisle we laughed at how we had bridged the dividing lines. We laughed at the observation as we realized we were people and not total insecure jerks.

Brian was married to a bridesmaid, so he was along while waiting for their return. I was alone, well, because my date decided tickets to an Eagles game was more important than escorting me to the wedding. Brian joked that he hoped the game was good, because the sex wouldn’t be! I laughed, and said it was an astute observation. We toasted to this that and the other things and soon we had a buzz occurring. We were in our own little world.

Along the way I wished that my old boss could have been my escort but he being terminally married put the nix on that possibility. Besides, he was away for the weekend with wifey.

I kidded Brian about weddings getting women hot, and that if he played his cards right that night his wife would most likely be in the mood. Brian replied that since their second child “Linda” was hardly ever in the mood. “It’s pretty much my birthday, our anniversary, and maybe with luck Valentine’s Day,” was his lament. “Not a lot of spark in that department, and basically a few minutes of missionary bliss.”

He went onto say he hadn’t had a blow job in more than four years. It pained him, but he did love his wife and the rest of their relationship was strong. Still it bothered him. He asked me how I could maintain sanity while playing around with a married man.

The conversation and the drinks kept flowing as we were in our own little world. That was broken when word came around that the wedding party would not be back for another 45 minutes.

Brian and I laughed and he said suggestively, “Oh what should we do? Have more drinks? Talk about the weather? Find a closet?”

Looking into his eyes, my response was quick and to the point. “I vote for a closet.”

We looked around, and Brian said he’d be right back. In the time he was gone I scolded myself for coming on to another married man, but by the same token he had come on to me. I mean, I am not totally responsible in the come on department.

About five minutes later he was back, smiling, drink in hand.

“Okay Robin, go upstairs to the second floor. At the end of the hall on the right there’s a door. It’s unlocked. I will leave it open a crack. Meet me there and I have the perfect spot to continue our conversation. It is a place with a lot of privacy.”

He walked away, not waiting for me to agree or disagree. I waited a minute, took a deep breath, then followed.

Upstairs, sure enough, at the end of the hall there was a door partially open. I went inside, closed the door, and walked up a spiral staircase to a tiny crow’s nest room overlooking the back canlı bahis of the house. Brian was standing waiting for me.

“I think we are safe here for a bit. What should we do?”

I had an idea. I think it was the same as his.

“I’m thinking about your wife,” I said, worried look on my face.

“It’s okay. Everything will be fine. Now, what were you thinking?”

We embraced and kissed for a minute before I slithered down to the ground. Carefully maneuvering my dress, I landed on my knees and proceeded to unzip the man’s trousers. Reaching inside, I pulled out a hardening cock. It was beautiful!

Admiring it for a bit, I licked the tip and then down its sides as his dick came to full attention.

“Brian, honey, we don’t have much time, so enjoy yourself!” was my request. With that, I sucked the tip of his cock into my mouth and sucked on his manhood. Brian soon was rocking in and out of my mouth, mentioning sweet nothings as I worshiped his dick.

My eyes were closed and my mouth was handling Brian’s dick, and I could hear the moans and groans from above as he moved faster. Looking up, I saw his head was back, and he was enjoying my ministrations.

I’ve always loved a man’s cock. I don’t have one, but I’ve kissed and sucked on numerous ones over the years. It gives me a sense of power to handle a guy’s penis, listening to his babbling and feeling how he loves being handled so intimately.

Brian was no different, as he was loving every minute of the cock munching. Soon, though, he commented that he couldn’t wait any more, that he was going to cum.

I had no problem with that and merely sucked harder on his dick. While he might have thought cuming in my mouth was off limits – like it was with his wife I found out later – he soon decided if I was sucking he was going to be fully satisfied.

Brian gave a final OMG before letting loose with several spurts of man sauce into my wet and willing mouth. I sucked the man dry, enjoying the power and potion. His dick continued its slow rocking my my mouth as I swallowed all the residue of his overactive dick. It was amazing.

We came down from out high, luxuriating in the activities, before we heard hubbub from below.

“Looks as if they are back,” said Brian, all of a sudden remembering his wife. “I’ve got to go…thank you.”

“No, thank you Brian. This made my day. Get going. Remember, this is our little secret!

Brian scooted downstairs while I dusted off my dress and reapplied lipstick. Hopefully

Brian would remember to clean “down there” before undressing, as there was canary red gloss all over his cock. I noticed him walking along the grounds and embracing a woman who I presumed to be his wife, kissing her before they walked hand in hand toward the hall.

I saw them later seated well across from me, and he gave me a sort of shy, embarrassed wave, but I merely rolled my eyes to remind him it was all our little secret.

Actually, my table mates weren’t all that bad. Good conversation over the next 60 minutes or so as the partly went on. I pinched myself, thinking of what I’d done, and told myself that the Brian/Robin interlude was just crazy! I mean, we didn’t even know each other, and minutes not hours after we’d met I was fellating the man. What a slut!

Sounded like the naughty stories my friend Ginny would tell me when it was late at night and we were talking about sexy things we’d done or wanted to do. Now, well, she’s a certified wanton slut! So her stories were naughty, but I have to say my interludes with K. Linford were at times beyond the pale. I mean, he was married and I blew him all over town and then some over the years. We’d joke about stopping at a safe place to rendezvous, and one of us would remind the other of the “time we’d been there before.”

Back to reality and the now, it was somewhat entertaining talking to the three other couples at the table. Being a single it was a little awkward. I did not have children, didn’t follow football and there was not a lot in common between me and the group. But it wasn’t downright awful.

As the bride and groom did their thing, from garter bahis siteleri flying to cake cutting and dancing, I did my best to have fun. I mean, I had fun earlier, because the taste of Brian was still in my mouth, and whenever I saw him dancing with his wife I smiled to myself. I guess I really am a perve.

Over time at the party I’d danced with several guys, spoken with them and others, and generally had a good time. It was difficult being there without a partner, though, as there were times when you were obviously all alone. On one of those occasions I happened to be standing next to a guy also on his own.

We did the intros, his date missed her plane and had to back out. A banker, he’d been a frat brother of the groom. Tall, in decent shape, he admitted to playing soccer on weekends, pick up ice hockey and working out twice a week. I replied I lifted…drinks…and we laughed.

His name was – can you believe it – Brian. How’s that for irony. A nice looking man, middle aged, with a great sense of humor. I joked about his muscles, kidding if I ever needed a couch lifted he’s be on the list. He joked back that “he charged, but would get me a discount if…”

“If what?” Was my reply to his innuendo.

“Well, women have charms!”

Telling him he was awful, we continued our nowhere going banter, talking about anything and everything. He pointed out several people in the Witness Protection Program, I pointed out “working girls”. We were letting our imagination run while. But it was all in fun.

We danced a few numbers, and during a slow dance I felt something hardening in his pants. Hum!

On our fourth drink a strange look ran over his face.

“What?” I asked. “Do I have something I my teeth?”

Turns out he was thinking about his date, Andrea, and that he wouldn’t be getting laid since she was missing in action. “She gets in the mood when she’s drinking, and the drinks are flowing tonight. I think it would have been fun night.”

Must have been the ozone from the drinks or something, but my tongue wasn’t bit.

“Hum, I have a solution to that,” was my reply, rubbing my hand on his leg.

We were sitting at a table, covered with a tablecloth so there was some privacy, and

Brian slid his hand over and slowly pulled my dress up my legs, baring silky nylons. He then reached under the dress and tip toed his fingers over my stockings and up by legs, stopping only where my stocking tops ended.

“You are wearing stockings, that’s oh so hot,” said the man. “I just love a girl in stockings.”

Looking him closely in the eyes, I replied. “Yes, and if you snap my garter I will kick you somewhere you don’t like!”

He got the idea. And then he got another: “Let’s find someplace private.”

I knew just the place, the crow’s nest from earlier in the day! Why not?

Quick directions were given, and he went out on an advance scouting mission while I was fashionable steps behind. When I arrived at the meeting place I looked around, saw the coast was clear, and slipped into the room and closed the door behind me. Brian was standing there with a broad smile, as if he was withholding an inside joke.

Melting into his arms, the man kissed me with an abrupt passion while slipping his hands down to my ass, holding me closely. We made out as the music drifted upstairs. He kissed so softly, but with passion as his tongue wormed its way in and around my mouth.

All the while he was feeling my ass, sending shivers throughout my body.

I started to pull him toward the staircase but he shook his head. Pushing a little bit on my shoulders, he was insistent that I get down right away. Who was I to argue?

Taking a familiar fall to my haunches, I reached for his zipper and spent a minute unleashing his manhood. All the while he whispered sweet nothings about how good I looked, about how he’d been thinking of this since meeting me earlier in the day.

Quickly, I licked all over that man meat, from top to bottom, licking around his balls, and then back to the top. I worked away at the rod, garnering several grunts and moans of appreciation. Soon I advanced to sucking bahis şirketleri his fully extended cock, slowly as he gently swayed to my head bobbing action. His dick was not the longest by any means, but it was plenty thick, and I had to move slowly to ensure I didn’t tooth nick his penis.

I went at him with abandon, savoring the cock in my mouth. Soon I was holding his thighs in both hands and he was mouth fucking me like my mouth was my snatch. It was so hot!

It was so erotic knowing it was the second cock I’d sucked that night, both guys with the same name and nearly in the same place in the building.

Brian was clearly enjoying the mouth action given his groans and moans, as the no-hands sloppy blow job was clearly accomplishing its goal.

Hearing his moans made me excited but him even moreso, so after only a couple minutes of sucking his dick he lifted me up and spun me around. I reached out and steadied myself by holding my hands on the wall while Brian lifted my dress, slipped my soaking wet black silk panties to the side since the garters were securely guarding them, and slid his cock up and down my wet pussy. His dick felt incredible, sending toe curling sensations throughout my body as I luxuriated in the cock onslaught.

He rocked against me for a bit before slipping that dick deep into my pussy. I could swear I heard a mumble or gasp to the side, and glanced over. There I clearly saw a guy and girl on the stairs watching intently as Brian fucked me.

Trying to look up at him was nearly impossible from the angle, but I did manage to inform him we had company. “It’s okay, they are cool, the guy gave me a thumb up,” grunted

Brian, never missing a beat.

Looking back at the couple voyeuring our rendezvous, I watched as the girl bent her head over to her friend’s cock. Damn, it was so hot getting fucked from behind and all the sensations going with that and adding the fact that I could watch a blow job while the guy enjoyed his friend’s mouth.

Damn, that sent be to my first orgasm, and it was awesome.

I couldn’t believe the debauchery! But I wasn’t stopping anything. I just kept rocking back against Brian as he pummeled my pussy from behind. He was moaning and groaning and soon I could tell he was reaching the point of no return.

Suddenly he pulled back, lifting me a bit and turning me around to face his cock with not a moment to spare, as within a couple seconds he grabbed his dick, stroked it, and sent ropes of sticky man sauce shooting at my face. I took it like a trooper, taking it on my eyelids, a glob in my hair and the last bit on my nose and into open mouth. Swallowing, I licked my lips and told him it tasted great before remembering we had an audience.

I realized I looked the wanton slut. But hey, the girl watching also had sucked dick, and had done more most likely before coming downstairs. Still, it was with embarrassment that I arose, holding Brian close but not too close as not to get his sauce on his suit.

He zipped up and I began scrounging threw my purse for a tissue, when the girl came over and handed me several. “That was so hot,” she said, breaking me out of my worried state. “We couldn’t help ourselves. It was quite a show. I’m Cathy.”

Cathy was nice, helping me clean up and then leading me out of the room and to a bathroom down the ball. We had to wait a few moments before an older lady came out, clearly disapproving of my running mascara and messed up hair. She shook her head and walked quickly away while Cathy and I shared a laugh.

Behind closed doors she admitted that her date convinced her to head into the secluded area where he “left a load in me, and it’s running down my legs.” She cleaned up the cum and washed herself while I reapplied makeup and made myself presentable. We made sure we were both in decent shape before rejoining the guys – who each had mile wide smiles on their faces from their earlier actions.

We all went downstairs and had a drink, danced a few dances, and agreed to meet again down the road. We shared information, and I guess at that point I knew it might not be a one night one-off with Brian, as he asked if he could see me the following weekend.

“What about your girlfriend?”

“She won’t be around,” he said, shyly.

I’m thinking it will have to be a big date to unseat this night as a crazy, erotic evening.

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