A Neighbourly Tale

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Pete looked across the street at his neighbour shovelling the snow from her drive. His imagination was going into overdrive as she bent down and exerted more pressure on the shovel to move the hard compacted snow. Her tight, jean clad bum looked, as always fantastic. Especially to an acknowledged “bum man” like Pete.

Sherin was a few years younger than Pete. Short thin and petite. She had shoulder length dark blond hair, small, but what seemed nicely shaped boobs, and a bum to die for!

Pete and his partner had lived opposite Sherin for a couple of years. They got on well with her and her boyfriend, Hugh, who stayed overnight about five nights out of seven. The couples had got together a few times for drinks and dinner, shared conversations when they met, but were not bosom buddies.

Pete was imagining what Sherin would look like in bed, naked, pleading with him to make love to her. She was complaining that Hugh was no longer interested in her. Pete saw himself removing his clothes and telling Sherin to turn over onto her stomach. He was transfixed by her bum.

Damn! His day dream was interrupted by Sherrin waving at him. Oh God, he had been caught staring at her. She was, however, smiling at him and waving at him. He waved back at her, trying not to look too guilty. She waved back and then gestured for him to come over to her.

Pete got up and put his coat and boots on. Opening the front door the blast of Siberian cold air hit him. “Fancy a coffee?” Sherin shouted.

“Great, yes please,” he replied carefully walking through the snow and across the road to her, now standing at the end of her cleared drive.

“You’re being very energetic,” Pete said smiling at Sherin.

She smiled back, “had to be done, and feel better for it. I’m sick and tired of this stuff and had to get out of the house for a few minutes. I feel I’ve got cabin fever. Come on, let’s go in and have a coffee now, I’m freezing.”

They walked into her warm and tidy little house, removing their boots in the door way and hanging their coats up.

“How is Hugh?” asked Pete.

“Fine, stuck at work and can’t get here because of the snow. Louise OK?”

“Yes, she’s fine. She got to work today so I’m home alone for a few hours,” Pete replied.

“Good, then you can keep me company.” Sherin said smiling as she turned to put the coffee machine on and Pete tried desperately to keep his eyes off her bum.

The coffee was soon made and poured. “Come on into the lounge, make yourself comfortable,” Sherin said as she led the way.

She sat opposite him. “I’m getting all tingly as the heat is getting to me,” she said.

Pete could see the rosy glow in her cheeks. “I wondered what you were going to say then about getting tingly,” he teased.

“Pete!” she cried in mock indignation. “Whatever next, do behave!”

He laughed and sipped his coffee.

“So what were your plans for today,” Sherin said breaking the silence.

“Oh, I don’t know, catch up on some paper work, nothing much going on at work, I did a conference call earlier, canlı bahis what about you now you have finished clearing the drive?”

“Same really, nothing much. You looked miles away when I saw you looking out of the window, where were you Pete, anywhere interesting?”

Pete smiled thinking: If only she knew! “No not really, day dreaming I think.”

“Naughty thoughts?”

“What on earth made you ask that?” Pete said in amazement.

Sherin looked a bit embarrassed. “Oh it’s just that I sometimes daydream and, well, you know, fantasies and things like that fill my mind.”

“Oh do tell,” said Pete leaning forward.

“No, I couldn’t!” Sherin smiled, looking really embarrassed.

“Oh yes you could. I’m the one that reads Cosmo,” Pete laughed reminding her of a conversation they had at a BBQ the previous summer.

“Well you will get more from Cosmo. The stories there are much better than my fantasies,” she laughed.

“I bet that’s not true,” Pete said, desperately hoping his growing erection was not showing as he changed his seating position.

“It is. Tell you what, you tell me one of your fantasies and I may tell you one of mine.”

“Ok, one of mine is,” he paused and thought carefully, looking at Sherin who was hanging on his every word, “is seeing a woman playing with herself.”

She did not look shocked. “Oh, any woman in particular?”

Pete shook his head. “Go on, your turn,” he said.

She looked at Pete. “One of mine is similar actually, but seeing a man play with himself and cumming over me.”

“Oh,” was all he could say.

“Go, on, tell me another one.” Sherin said.

He coughed, unsure of how far to go. Taking a deep breath he continued. “It’s about you.”


He nodded.

“Go, on.”

“Yes, you have a bad back and you ask me to massage your back and one thing leads to another and you end up naked and, well you know..”

“No, I don’t. What?”

“Well you ask me to pleasure you. We don’t make love but I use my fingers and enjoy fingering you while lusting over you bum.”

“Oh,” she said. “Interesing. And what would Louise say?”

Pete laughed. “It’s a fantasy Sherin! I shouldn’t have said anything, but you do look so good in those jeans!”

“Sounds nice one though,” she said looking at him sheepishly. She stood up and turned around showing him her bum. “Like this do you?” she said as she stroked it.


She stepped towards him.

“Stroke it Pete.”

He remained seated but raised his hands and gently grasped her bum cheeks and started stroking them as she stood looking at him. Her legs were slightly apart and he noticed her breathing getting heavier.

“It’s nice,” she said quietly.

“Yes, but I should stop.”


Well I can think of two reasons,” he said as he continued stroking her jean clad rear. “Louise and Hugh.”

“But they are not here.”

“I know, but that doesn’t make it right,”

“No, but it’s still nice. Do you think if I were to lie on the bed and found some bahis siteleri baby oil it would make it better?”

“Sherin, you are a bad woman!” Pete smiled as he continued massaging her bum.

She moved and walked towards the bedroom. “Come on, Pete.”

He followed her.

She stood in front of the bed and looked at him suggestively.

“Watch while I take off my jeans.”

He sat down on a nearby chair as she removed her top, showing a lacy bra covering her small tits. This was soon undone and thrown on the floor, allowing him to see her breasts, with no sag and topped off by hard deep red nipples.

Her hands moved down to her waist and she slowly undid the belt and buttons on her jeans, before slowly and suggestively wriggling out of them, turning around to show her bum as they slid down.

She stood in front of him, wearing a tiny pair of white lace knickers. She then put her thumbs in the waist band, lowered them and stepped out of them.

Standing still his eyes took in her nakedness, her small tits and hard nipples, flat stomach and full bush, exactly the same colour as her hair; she turned around so her could see her bum. It was as perfect as he had imagined. She stood with her back to him but turned to look at him over her shoulder. “Like?”

He nodded, unable to speak as she stepped forward and lay on the bed, on her stomach with her legs slightly apart, giving him a glimpse of her pussy. “There is some oil in the top drawer,” she said quietly.

Without hesitating any further he opened the draw to see a bottle of baby oil, a sex toy, some KY and some condoms. Clearly the “sex drawer.”

Taking the oil he put a large amount in his hand and moved over to Sherin on the bed who had her eyes closed and head resting on a pillow.

He started rubbing the oil into her shoulders, as she moaned appreciatively.

Getting some more oil, he moved down to her lower back, before going lower still and rubbing it into the glorious cheeks of her bum.

“That’s so good,” she said as he alternated between gentle and hard strokes across her bum.

She opened her legs inviting him to further his stroking.

He let his fingers glance down between her legs, feeling the heat and moisture as he closed in on her pussy.

She then raised her bum and silently implored him to enter her with his finger. Needing nothing further to guide him, Pete did so and was amazed at how wet and turned on she was.

“Oh God yes!” she said as he entered her.

He continued fingering her with one hand as he stroked her bum with the other. He could see her anus pulsating as he serviced her body, but was unsure of if he should touch it. Maybe a step too far?

She raised her bum higher, and then moved so her hands were underneath her.

“Do you want me to play with myself?”

“Yes,” he said huskily.

“Stroke my bum, spread my cheeks, explore me then,” she said as she started fingering herself and stroking her clit that had come out to play.

Pete did as she asked and stroked and spread her cheeks. bahis şirketleri He got some more oil and dribbled it down her crack, watching as it tricked down over her rear entrance.

As if reading his mind, she said; “there is some KY in the drawer if you want.”

He sat amazed at what was happening as he watched her finger herself. The room was filling with the sound of her enjoyment as he opened the drawer again and removed the KY. He put a generous squirt on his finger before putting another on her opening rear. He replaced the KY before rubbing the thick jel around and then in her rear. She pushed herself against him as he entered her. “Yes, put it in,” she murmured as her hands were moving harder and faster on her clit and in her pussy.

“Oh god yes!” Sherin cried as his finger thrust in and out of her welcoming rear. “I’m cumming!”

Pete was silent, concentrating on his fingers, her masturbating herself and the glorious view of her bum.

Sherin rocked against him as her orgasm approached and then consumed every nerve ending as she cried out. “Yessssssssssssss!” she shouted before collapsing on the bed, one finger deep inside her pussy as Pete slowly removed his from her rear entrance.

The only sounds were now the quiet ticking of the clock and Sherin’s heavy breathing, which eventually returned to normal.

“You’re a naughty boy!” she mocked as she turned on her side to look at him. “Now I want to see you do it to yourself.”

He hesitated, before nodding and started to remove his clothes.

“Lie down,” she said as she admired his throbbing manhood.

He did as she asked and she moved before sitting at the end of the bed near his feet.

His hands were still slick with a combination of baby oil and KY so the sensation as he started to stroke himself was fantastic. He pulled his foreskin backwards and forwards over the head of his rock hard prick. She was watching his hands as he watched her watching him.

“That looks so nice,” she said as she started stroking his leg, moving up so she was near his thigh.

He was unable to answer, he knew he was close. He was very turned on and his breathing was getting heavy,

“Where do you want to cum?” she asked.

He slowed down and shut his eyes.

“On my tits? On my bum?”

“Your tits!” he answered through gritted teeth.

She moved so her tits were virtually brushing the end of his prick.

“Stop a minute,” she said as she moved again and let her nipples touch the end of his wet hard prick.

It was too much, he was so close, he had to finish and grasped his prick and after just a couple of strokes, cried out as he covered her tits with his hot wet cum.

As the last spurt covered her, she sat back and looked at her tits, covered in his cum.

“You needed that didn’t you?” she said as she then stood up and reached for a tissue box and cleaned herself up.

He nodded and smiled. “You bet!”

“So that was turning fantasy into reality, and nobody got or will get hurt,” Sherin said, looking at him as he lay on her bed. He in turn was unable to take his eyes off her.

“It certainly was,” he sighed, “and you owe me another fantasy. I told you two you only told me one,” he laughed.

“That’s for another day,” she laughed.

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