A Nude Business Circuit

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“Fucking hell, woman,” gasps Catherine Hart, the new attorney of Pussy Power, “where’s your clothes?” She gets up from behind her desk and scrutinizes my naked body. Catherine is a forty-something and very shapely brunette, dressed conservatively in a two-piece business suit. As she walks up to me, I see her gaze moves up and down by body and when it reaches my naked pussy, her eyes suddenly bulge like they want to jump out of their sockets. I smile. I like her reaction. I feel a tingling in my pussy. Victoria was right. This is definitely the best way to market Pussy Power’s products. (See A Nude Business Ethic)

I‘ve I just entered Catherine’s office naked. James picked me up earlier at our offices and brought me here to deliver a briefcase full of contracts and other important documents. On the way to the office, I had James masturbate for me, while I exposed my naked pussy to him. (See A Nude Business Deal) I walked to Catherine’s office dressed only in Pussy Power’s black stockings, high heels and a smile. My long blond hair is tied behind in a long ponytail. James has my step-out jacket draped over his arm to cover his wet crotch.

“I’m Jo-Ann, Pussy Licking (personnel) manager at Pussy Power.” I walk up to Catherine, kiss her on both cheeks and give her a naked hug. “This briefcase is for you.” I handed a dumbfounded Catherine the briefcase. She accepts it in a daze and drops it on her desk. Then she turns her head to the door, still keeping her gaze fixed on my nakedness, and shouts:

“James! Get in here!”

The door bursts open and in flies James, clutching my jacket. “Yes, ma’am.” He closes the door, softly.

“What the fuck is this? Who told you to bring this naked fucking whore to my office?”

“I’m sorry, but…” stammers the poor fool.

“I am not your naked whore, you old bitch.” I don’t like to be insulted. I walk right up to her to push my face and tits against hers.

“Victoria sent me to give you the documents. If you have any savvy underneath this outdated hairstyle and dress, you will treat Pussy Power as an important client.” I am steaming up. “If you don’t like my uniform, tough shit.”

I take her right hand in my left and wipe her fingers through my wet pussy slit. I bring her wet finger to her mouth. She automatically opens it and tastes my pussy juices. Anger is replaced by lust in her eyes. She quickly recovers, steps back and rests her behind on her desk.

“James, I want you to fuck her,” Catherine commands the poor sap. “Lick her pussy.”

James drops to his knees between my spread legs and roughly pushes his inexperienced tongue between my cunt lips. When he inserts a finger in my vagina, to replace his tongue, I have to do something.

“Who trained you? Catherine?” I turn to her and push James away. “Let me demonstrate how to pleasure a woman.”

I push a weakly protesting Catherine flat on the desk, unzip her skirt and pull her pantyhose and panty down in one fluid swoop. I kneel between her spread legs and indicate to James to come closer. An untidy hairy bush covers Catherine’s pussy. I ask James to get a scissors and immediately start to trim her brown bush. As I snip away at the offending hair, I can see moisture seeping through her thick puffy lips. It is such a shame that some of my sisters hide parts of their splendor behind unruly bushes. We should be proud of our slits and flaunt it to the world. Men love to gawk at it and lesbians adore the variety of different pussies. Why should we be ashamed of such exquisiteness?

“James, tonight before you fuck her, you must shave the rest of her pussy hair,” I instruct the trembling man. “This crew cut will have to do for now. You just pay attention.” I spread Catherine’s pussylips open and show him her erect clit, her wet pink pussy valley and her velvet hole.

“Men with big dicks think that pumping their cocks into a woman’s cunt will bring a her to orgasm.” I am beginning to enjoy my role as teacher. I might be able to prepare him for other lucky women. “But they are fools. Our pleasure is in our clits and pussy slits. That is where you must concentrate. Freud had it all wrong about vaginal and clitoral orgasms. Let me show you.”

Flattening my tongue, I lap Catherine’s spread pussy from her hole to her clit a few times. At the top of my tongue swipe, I harden my tongue to add more pressure on her pleasure knob. Shifting my focus just to her clit, I softly bite her love button and twirl my tongue around it. At the same time, I move the knuckle of my index finger up and down her slippery slope. Taking her sensitive knob between my lips, I suck on it while I flick my tongue over the top. I switch my stroking action from my knuckle to the cushions of two fingers running up and down her cunt.

I become aware of her free flowing cunt juices. Part of our individuality as women is the taste of our cunt nectar, each one tastes differently. I’ve already lost count of the number of pussies I sampled today, but each one canlı bahis şirketleri is unique and I will never forget their taste. It is like good wine, and if I go down on Catherine, or Victoria, or Maureen, or Isobel, or Prudence blindfolded I will be able to identify them. Victoria gave my department the correct name – Pussy Licking (personnel) – because I just love to pleasure women with my mouth.

“Women will love you forever if you pleasure her with your mouth instead of trying to do it with your dick,” I inform James as I step away from Catherine’s spread legs to make room for him. I move to Catherine’s head and kiss her on the mouth, sticking my long tongue deep into her. She tastes her own juices on my mouth and heaves her clothed upper body in a sigh of pleasure.

I look at James’ progress and can see that he has learned something. Catherine clutches her legs around his head in a vice like grip, at the same time pressing his head down with her hands. My work is done here. Pussy Power has another satisfied customer. Gathering my discarded jacket and throwing it over my shoulder, I fish out my small purse from the briefcase and march out Catherine’s office into the staring eyes of a gauntlet of lusty men and women.

“They’re going over the papers I brought,” I say to the assembled crowd outside Catherine’s door with a sheepish grin.

Walking up to two admiring women, sitting at a desk, I ask them if they like the stockings. They nod their heads, too stunned to talk. I drop my jacket on the desk, with my purse still clutched in my hand, I change into my marketing role.

“Just feel the smoothness of the material,” I say to the first woman, putting my right leg on the armrest of her chair, forcing my pussy into her private space, right in front of her large eyes. Awkwardly, she slowly put her hand to my stocking covered thigh to touch it. I feel her sweaty, shivering hand resting on my leg. I move slightly forward forcing her hand to slip over my naked thigh to my wet pussy. Before she can remove her hand, I clasp it with my own and force it to cup over my mound. Without any prompting, she inserts a finger between my cuntlips. I look deep into her lust filled eyes and see her frustration boiling deep inside. It has been awhile since this woman had a good fuck.

“Think of all the pleasure you can get from wearing Pussy Power stockings. Believe me when I say that my pussy wasn’t dry for a moment today. Throw away your hose and panties and buy Pussy Power stockings.” I am on a roll here. It is time women get to know the power of their sex and use it for pleasure, not for power games. The woman continues to pleasure me with her finger. I remove her hand from my cunt and lick my own juices from her finger.

Then a man behind me grabs hold of my naked ass. I push off the chair with my right leg to trap his hand between my ass and his groin. I turn around to face him. He slips both hands over my bare ass cheeks and presses me against his crotch. I feel his erection rubbing against my mound. I also realize I must play it safe. I can’t start an orgy in the offices of our attorney.

“Listen, handsome, why don’t you send your wife to our offices for her own Pussy Power stockings. Then you can fuck her at home, instead of fucking me in front of enough witnesses to convict you in divorce court.”

Realizing the truth of my words, he quickly let go of me and apologizes for his actions. Stroking the bulge in his pants, I accept his apology and say:

“No harm done. I am just glad that you like what you see.” I better get out of here and back to the office. My nudity has an effect on all and I might not be able to handle everyone. Holding onto my purse, I make a beeline for the waiting elevator. As the doors close, I wave them goodbye. A minute later, I strut out in the lobby amongst a waiting crowd of elevator travelers. Seeing the stunned expression on their faces, I suddenly realize that I’m still naked. I forgot my jacket in the office and I cannot go back. The crowd has reluctantly boarded the elevator, filling it up to capacity. I am not waiting for another one.

Unclipping my long hair, I divide my hair to let it cascade over me to cover my nudity to my buttocks. It will at least hide my boobs. If I lean forward, the hair might cover my Brazilian waxed pussy. Hopefully, not many people will notice my nudity. Taking a deep breath, I stride out the entrance onto the sidewalk, amidst the lunch hour rush. I quickly fall in step between four people covering all sides. Then the man in front steps into a shop, leaving me vulnerable to oncoming traffic.

Suddenly, a gust of wind blows my hair up. Despite my feeble attempts to keep my hair in place, my office uniform goes public. My large breasts and bare pussy are exposed to the wind and sun, as well as the stares of pedestrians. At least I have my Pussy Power stockings on. Maybe I can be a walking advertisement. I just hope that I can avoid cops.

I’m not going canlı kaçak iddaa to make a fool of myself and try to cover my tits and cunt with my hands. Que sera, sera.

Continuing as if I’m fully clothed, I walk another three blocks. A few men try to strike up conversations or grope my tits and ass, but I ignore their attempts. Then I spot an exclusive lingerie shop and step into it.

“You’re late,” says a sophisticated woman behind the counter. Three other distinguished ladies, trophy wives, sipping tea and eating cucumber sandwiches, are sitting on easy chairs, waiting for something.

“The outfits never arrived,” I retort, thinking on my feet. This is obviously a misunderstanding. They are waiting for a lingerie model when I happen to walk in. Taking matters in my own hands, I point to my state of dress. “Pussy Power was the only company whose products were on time.” I quickly tie my hair behind my head and strut around like a model on a catwalk. Stopping in front of the trophy wives, I bend down to smooth my hands over my stockings, across my pussy and down the other leg. The counter lady behind me has an unobtrusive view of my pussy. I linger bend over awhile longer, touching my foot, then straightening up, I slide my hands over the back of my legs to my ass cheeks. Caressing my sexy and still naked behind, I turn around to face the counter lady. This move gives the other three the same view as I repeat the ritual.

Stealing a glance at them, I can see that they are used to debauchery. They never blinked at my nudity or my wanton display. A soft hand slides over my stockings to my pussy. Then two more hands join the first to touch me all over. One inserts two fingers into my cunt while another rubs my clit. The third hand slides a wet finger into my pucker hole, making me jump a little.

“She’s wet,” says a voice behind me.

“She’s smooth,” says another voice.

“I wonder if she’ll let us fuck her,” says the third voice.

“Ask her.”

I look at Counter Lady. She stares back and shrugs.

“Lock the door,” instructs voice number two Counter Lady.

I turn around to get a closer look at my would-be rapists. They are in a hurry to get naked. Their hubbies must have paid millions to get those bodies in that artificial condition. Then I see the big black strap-on dildo tied around number one’s waist. There is an obsessive lust glaring in her dark eyes.

Oh, fuck. I’m in for a depraved orgy. Just when I thought I was out of the woods, I walk smack into the big bad wolf, in the shape of four horny bitches.

Before number one can use her weapon of massive pleasure on me, I embrace naked number two, kissing her on the mouth, and her neck to suck on her silicone enhanced tits. I lower my kisses to her pierced navel and travel to her trimmed pussy. She is wet as a rainstorm on a Sunday. I position my raised behind in front of number three. She gets the invitation and immediately starts to eat me out.

Then number two’s knees buckle under the onslaught of my tongue and fingers on her pussy. She drops back into her easy chair, giving me better access to her vulva. Her thin and smooth pussylips are beautiful. I wonder if she had reconstructive surgery done on these lips. I don’t care. I suck up her juices and swipe my tongue between said lips. Her small clit hides beneath a hood. I pull back the hood to reveal a small pink nub. Flicking my tongue over and around it, I simultaneously wank her clit as if it is a tiny cock. I sense her legs shaking as her orgasm builds.

I feel number three’s face bump into my shapely ass, forcing me deeper into number two’s twat. Looking back, I see number one fucking number three from behind. Counter Lady is also naked and is sucking on number two’s tits.

This is a surefire daisy chain and by the end of the session, I will have eaten four new pussies to add to my growing list. I’ve never had so many different pussies in a month before, but since slipping on Pussy Power’s stockings this morning, I had one continuous pussy meal.

Weak from sex and lack of a good meal, I loose touch with everything around me. I remember sucking on a black dildo, taking it in my pussy, ass, and later strapping on the dildo myself to fuck all four of the wolverines. I remember eating their pussies and being eaten by them. Two hours later and hungry as a wolf, I stumble out the door. Vaguely, through the confused recesses of my mind, I hail a cab, mumble the address of Pussy Power to the driver and plop on the backseat. I must be an awful sight; a dripping, wet and sore cunt, red tits, smeared makeup and long disheveled hair.

At the office, I thankfully pay the grinning driver, and stumble into the office, looking for Victoria. Safe at last. Prudence is the first to see me. She rushes from behind the counter to catch me as a fall into her naked arms. Then nothing.

The soothing sensation between my legs brings me out my sex-induced fatigue. I am disorientated, wondering where canlı kaçak bahis I am. When I see the beautiful, dark hair and naked Victoria kneeling between my naked legs, applying a smoothing cream to my over-fucked cunt and asshole, I know I’m home. We are alone. When I see her concerned face, concentrating on healing my sore pussy, I know the ordeal was worth it.

“I’m sorry I fainted and disappointed you.”

“Shhh.” The sound from Victoria’s mouth is all the assurance I need. “Are you alright? What can I get you?” Her concern for me is genuine and I love that. I struggle to a sitting position on the couch in her office. My face ends up close to her beautiful face. I feel her hands softly caressing my face. She closes her eyes and leans forwards, touching my open lips with hers. She takes my upper lip between hers and gently sucks on it. I close my mouth over her lips and kiss her with all the love I have. My own hands find their way to her face, then to her neck, to her full breasts. I massage those beautiful orbs and tweak her nipples between my fingers.

The pressure of her mouth on my lips increases, her urging tongue darting into my mouth. Passion enters our loving caress and turns into full-blown lust. Victoria squeezes my breasts in both hands, pinching my sensitive nipples. I feel a twitch inside my pussy. I drop my hand between her legs to her wet sex. For the second time today, I slip my fingers between her slippery pussylips. I tease her clit and pleasure valley with three fingers.

Then she breaks contact. I feel abandoned, hanging onto passion in vain. Before the pain becomes too great, Victoria returns, making me comfortable on the couch. She lies beside me, nibbling on my nipples, planting tender kisses all over my breasts. I feel her hand moving down my torso, over my flat tummy to my Venus mound. She lets her hand rest there. I want her hand to move farther south, to my aching pussy. Using my free hand, I gently push her hand between my legs.

Victoria suddenly turns around to drop her head between my thighs and swing her legs over my head. As she straddles my face, she lowers her pussy to my waiting mouth. I realize that this is my first 69 position of the day. I raise my head to reach her wet pussy and lick her to an orgasm. Her taste is unmistakable sweet and her pussylips puffy from her aroused state. This is a different Victoria from the demanding one this morning. This is her softer side and I like it.

I clasp my hands over her firm buttocks and spread them wide, giving me more room to pleasure the valley between her legs. I even reach her brown button with my tongue. After wetting my index finger, I slowly work it into her bumhole. My tongue returns to her clit and I stick my nose into her pussy, inhaling her sweet scent. As I increase the speed of my finger in her ass and suck harder on her clit, her orgasm shakes her whole body.

I concentrated so hard on giving Victoria pleasure that I don’t know what she did to my pussy. During her Big O, she continues to satisfy me with her hands and mouth. My own orgasm comes as a sudden flood, catching us by surprise. As it moves through my body, I wrap my arms around her waist, squashing my breasts against her tummy and resting my head between her thighs.

We lie like this for a while, spend from our passion. Victoria moves back to her position next to me and kisses me passionately on the mouth. I can taste my own juices on her lips. The day comes full circle.

“You had me worried,” whispers Victoria in my ear. “I made a mistake to let you go dressed like that.”

“No. It was the right thing to do. It was my own fault to get caught up in the trophy wife orgy.” I shift my body to drape my stocking clad leg between hers with my breasts pressing against hers. “You are right to use us as walking marketers of the products. People couldn’t get enough of the sights of Pussy Power.”

Then I realize that my legs are still wrapped in the silky Pussy Power stockings. They are in mint condition. We really have a great product and if I have to go through another fucking day like today to prove it to more customers, then I will.

A knock on the door disturbs our intimate chat. Prudence, Isobel and Maureen come marching in. Like naked toy soldiers, they stand in a line facing us lying on the couch. Their pussies are at our eye level. I can’t take my gaze off their wet crotches. Victoria doesn’t make a move to untangle herself from our naked embrace.

“Hi girls,” Victoria smiles at them, licking my nipple. “What do you want?”

“We want to thank you for giving us this new freedom,” says Maureen, the manager of Pussy Wetting (production). “I never knew being naked with colleagues could be so sexy. I wanted to save myself for marriage, but how can I know who Mr. Right is if I don’t screw around first.”

“Yes, and I thought lesbians are a bunch of motorcycles butches,” quips Prudence, the secretary, running short on brainpower. “But lesbians just love to lick pussy, just like my boyfriend Jack.”

“After I spent time with Ms Anderson this morning, I know we can sell these products to the world,” says Isobel, Pussy Notice (marketing) manager. “This is the best way to use sex to sell products.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32