A Pile-up on the Interstate

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Traffic on the interstate was, as usual, heavy and slow. Driving forty miles a day, round trip, was bad enough. Having to drive in this traffic made Jan seriously think about quitting The only part of her job she hated was the drive back and forth.

If only she could quit. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot—that would definitely do it. First, there were the kids to consider. Jennifer was a sophomore at a college, eight hundred miles away. She couldn’t choose a college close by, or at least, in-state. Thank god for scholarships and grants. Mark was in his third year of high school. If he didn’t get his grades up, not only would there not be a scholarship, he probably wouldn’t qualify for anything but the local junior college.

Then there was Frank, her husband. He had a good job and brought home a good paycheck but as far as he was concerned, that ended his responsibilities. Everything else, was up to Jan. His help around the house was minimal. He was only happy when watching sports on television. Football, baseball, basketball or soccer, if it involved two teams and a ball, Frank wanted to watch it.

A landscaping firm took care of the outside of the house. Unless a home repair was quick, easy and uncomplicated, Frank wanted no part of it. The good news was that the electrical and plumbing were always in good repair, and the lawn looked great. The bad news was that it cost money, money and more money.

The house itself was a large, two story, four bedroom, that was more house than they needed, especially with just one kid at home, more house than Jan ever wanted. But Frank always bought the best, even if it stretched the budget to it’s limit. The house was why there was never extra money, why Jan had to work.

Jan’s mood was not being helped by the weather. It was mid July and the heat and humidity was oppressive. It was almost six o’clock and the temperature was still over eighty. A thin layer of perspiration coated Jan’s body, even with the AC on high.

“Oh, shit,” Jan muttered as traffic came to a halt. She could see far ahead but all she saw was stopped cars, stopped just like she was. Glancing out the window to her left, Jan was struck by the appearance of the man in the next car. “Damn,” Jan said quietly to herself, “that’s a good looking guy.”

She couldn’t tell if he was tall or short. He seemed to have a good build. It was his face, the chiseled good looks of an actor or politician, that interested her.

Something moved, deep down inside her, and she felt her nipples harden. Jan turned her face away, feeling almost embarrassed. Her sudden arousal made her wonder how long it had been since she and Frank did more than sleep in their bed. It had been awhile. A month? Maybe more? It used to be, before and just after they illegal bahis got married, neither one of them wanted to go more than twenty four hours without sex. Actually, Frank wanted it but Jan was happy to give it.

Now, after twenty one years of marriage, two kids, and a million gallons of water under the bridge, sex didn’t seem as important as it used to. Somewhere along the line, one of them lost interest and the other shut down.

Frank had gained forty pounds since the wedding but Jan still loved him. She would have willingly given him, or let him take, anything he wanted. What hurt, when she allowed herself to think about it, was that he did not want anything.

Jan was not the model slim beauty she had been at nineteen but she still turned heads. She had short cropped, dark hair, brown eyes and a sensual mouth. Her breasts, always large, were even larger after two children. They were full and heavy but still firm. The pinkish tan aureoles, and the thick nipples they surrounded, still pointed straight out. Her waist was thick, her flared hips wide and her rounded ass firm. Her legs, always her strong point, were heavier, but still perfectly formed.

The traffic had stopped again. Jan figured she had gone less than a mile in the last twenty minutes. If she knew what the hold up was the stop and go might be easier to put up with.

She noticed the handsome man was next to her again. She stole a glance but this time he was staring at her. Their eyes met and the man smiled. Jan smiled back and quickly turned away. There was definitely something going on in her belly and her nipples were tingling. It was something she had not expected but she liked the feeling.

Jan felt a glow of warmth, spreading through her belly and settling between her legs. She wanted to touch herself, to rub her pussy and strengthen the sensation., but she couldn’t. After all, she was sitting in her car, stuck in a traffic jam. She didn’t even touch herself in her own bed. “What the hell is going on with me?” she asked, not really expecting an answer.

She held the steering wheel with her right hand and let her left hand rest in her lap. Without really thinking about it, Jan raised the front of her dress, pulling the hem to the top of her bare legs. The cool air caressed the naked flesh, sending a wiggle of movement up her spine. It felt so good she tucked the material under herself to make sure the full length of her legs remained exposed. She told herself it was to let the cool air reach her thighs but she knew better. Her left hand was still in her lap but now the fingertips traced circles on her smooth flesh.

If she thought about it, she would never find the courage to do what she wanted to so she just didn’t think about. She pushed her left hand between her thighs, illegal bahis siteleri pressing her fingers against the warm nylon that covered her. She gasped at the bolt of pleasure that shot into her pussy, through her belly and up her spine. Her hand pressed harder and the pleasure increased. She rubbed the dampening fabric and the image of Celeste filled her mind.

Celeste was secretary to the boss. She was no more than twenty two, a tall, slender blond with long, straight hair, a beautiful face and a nearly perfect body.

Three months earlier, Jan had stayed late to finish a report. It was almost seven when she clocked out and headed for the exit. As she passed the boss’s office, she heard a muffled groan.

Jan entered the office where Celeste sat and went to the inner office door. Apparently, the occupants of the inner office thought they were alone because the door was half open and the two people were making no attempt to be quiet.

But it was not the boss with Celeste. It was Randy, the sales manager. He sat on the edge of the desk, his back to the door. His suit jacket was tossed on the chair and his pants were around his ankles. Because of the angle Jan was looking from, only Celeste’s head was visible above the desk. But it was obvious what she was doing. Jan could clearly see Randy’s erection, moving in and out of her mouth.

Sitting in traffic, that was the picture that filled Jan’s head. Only Jan wasn’t kneeling in front of Randy. She was sitting on the desk and Celeste was kneeling in front of her.

A horn blasted behind Jan, making her jump. Jan shook her head to clear it and saw traffic had moved up twenty feet. Jan pulled up, stopping with her bumper a foot away from the car in front of her.

The vision of Celeste, kneeling before her, scared Jan. She had never before touched another woman, other than in friendship. She had never even thought about touching another woman. It was too much and Jan had to stop it. She straightened her dress, put both hands on the steering wheel, cleared her throat and stared straight ahead.

Celeste’s hands rested on Jan’s thighs as her tongue pushed in between the thick lips of her sex. “Oooooohhhhh, god!” Jan groaned, her own hand moving under her skirt to cup her hot, wet pussy. She did not mean to, she did not want to, but she couldn’t stop. In her mind, Celeste was eating her pussy and the power of the vision was driving her. She knew she would do it, masturbate on her way home, whether she wanted or not. It had already gone to far.

Traffic came to a standstill. Jan put her car in park and raised her ass of the seat. She worked both hands under her skirt, hooked her thumbs in the elastic waistband, and pushed her panties down off her hips. She slid the nylon underwear over her canlı bahis siteleri knees and down to her ankles. Keeping her head up, she leaned forward and got her feet out of the panties. Jan straightened and stuffed her panties into her purse, jabbing her fingers an the bristles of her hair brush.

Traffic started moving and Jan found herself hoping it would stop again. A quarter mile and Jan got her wish.

Jan put her car in park and separated her legs as far as she could. As she fingered herself, the vision of Celeste, with her head between Jan’s thighs, again flooded Jan’s brain. Though she had no idea where the thought came from, Jan was thoroughly enjoying it. She loved the idea of Celeste licking her pussy and wondered what it would be like to lick Celeste.

The heat that radiated from Jan’s crotch, the wetness that oozed into her slit, surprised, almost shocked her but it was nothing compared to what she felt when she let her finger slip into opening between her legs.

“It feels so good!” Jan groaned, as she pushed her finger into her sex. But she wanted more. Something longer, harder, thicker.

Then she remembered the hairbrush. She opened her purse and extracted the hairbrush.

The horn behind blew again and Jan impatiently pulled up. She wondered if anyone could see what she was doing but she did not really care. She took the hairbrush and holding it by the bristles, inserted the handle into her vagina.

Her skirt was up and her ass was on the edge of the seat. With her eyes closed, she pumped the hairbrush handle in and out, amazed by how good it felt.

The horn again. This time, the jam seemed to be breaking. As Jan drove, she felt the hairbrush bristles sticking her thighs, the handle was still in her channel.

Twenty minutes later, Jan turned off the expressway and pulled into the first parking lot she came to. She drove behind the buildings to be out of view of the street, and pulled her dress up around her hips. She raised her right leg, onto the seat, and with her left hand, she slid the hairbrush handle in and out of her pussy while rubbing her clit the tip of her right hand’s middle finger. It took a long time to orgasm but when she did, it’s intensity, it’s power, almost overwhelmed her. “OOOOOHHHHHHMYFUCKINGGOD!!!”

Jan sat slumped over for several minutes. She could not remember the last time she had an orgasm but she knew she had never had an orgasm like that. Finally, her breathing, her body, returned to normal, and she drove home.

“Bad day?” Frank asked, as they sat across from each other eating supper.

“No, not really,” Jan said. Ever since she got home, Jan was very aware of not wearing panties. She was forty one ad this was the first time she ever not wore panties. She liked the sensation not wearing panties gave her.

“I heard there was a four car pile-up on the interstate,” Frank said, “the drive home must have been rough.”

“It wasn’t bad,” Jan said with a sly smile, “as a matter of fact, I enjoyed it.”

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