A Summer in the Lioness’ Den

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I was 20 years old and about to finish my sophomore year of college. As a 20 year old man I was full of sexual energy that begged for frequent release. Yet as I retained my virginity, the release was always self wrought. My virginity was not by choice, per se. I’d just not yet had the opportunity. That changed over the coming summer in a way I had never suspected.

My search for a summer internship was not a long one. My uncle, Scotty, is a director of videos. Music videos, commercials, and he even occasionally works on films. He offered me an internship at his production company. I would further my knowledge in how to run cameras, setup lighting, and edit videos. It was an excellent opportunity and one for which I was grateful. Scotty even offered to let me stay at his house and feed me during the time. I gladly accepted the offer and shortly after school ended I headed out on the 5 hour drive to get to his house.

Scotty’s house is one with which I was intimately familiar. I had grown up spending holidays there. It was a very big and nice house by my standards, as Scotty made good money. Not only did my uncle procure a sizable salary, so too did his wife Jenny. Jenny is a producer for another company that makes videos (again music videos, instructional and training videos, commercials). Jenny is a fair bit younger than my uncle and not the mother of Scotty’s daughter, my cousin Ariel.

Ariel and I have always been friends. She’s two years younger than I, putting her at 18 during that summer, and we always got along as kids. Even then as (mostly) adults we always enjoyed each other’s company. I must admit the prospect of spending the summer with Ariel was a wonderful one. Not only because we’d get to spend time together as friends, but also because she was gorgeous. Not that I gave any serious thought to having a romantic encounter with her (she’s my cousin after all), but I joyed at the thought of getting an opportunity to see her in her underwear or pajamas, or maybe even catch a peek of her getting out of the shower.

Ariel had, and still has, the kind of figure for whom tight black clothing was created. She had a skinny waist and hips but a beautiful round, narrow bottom protruded behind her. She had long legs, arms and neck. And despite her petite frame, her chest was an ample C-cup at least. Perhaps even on the lower end of D’s. Her body was wonderfully proportioned. Her beautiful face was adorned with long, straight, dark hair. Her dark skin, a light olive, matched mine and signified our shared Danish heritage. Though it seemed to skip Scotty, Ariel shared the tallness enjoyed by myself, my father, and his parents.

And then there was also Jenny. Just at 40 years old she was almost 10 years younger than Scotty. Her skin was pale, her hair dark and at the length of her shoulders. She was more rounded than Ariel. Bigger hips, bigger chest. Though a very fit woman indeed. She was also gorgeous and I was sure she would be in my thoughts more than once while alone in the shower over the coming summer. Though Ariel would certainly dominate the eye of my sexual desires.

When I arrived at the house I was greeted by the trio of my relatives. They welcomed me and helped me carry my luggage to the sizeable basement. Everyone else slept on the ground floor leaving the large subterranean level to me. I shared it with guitars, drumsets, keyboards, computers, Christmas decorations, and the odd cat who would come down to pay me a visit.

We ate dinner and chatted. Then, as I was tired from the day and would be starting the internship the very next morning, I headed downstairs to bed. That first night was very normal. But it would come to be the only normal night I ever spent in that house again.

Now it is pertinent to mention that I typically sleep nude. As any 20 year old man is well aware, certain nocturnal circulatory peculiarities render pants an uncomfortable binding. I enjoyed the freedom my nakedness afforded my seemingly constantly engorged cock while I slept. My eyes flitted open that morning to a surprising, but very pleasant sight. Ariel was standing in front of me in a baggy black t-shirt. I’m certain she was wearing panties underneath it, but it hung low canlı bahis enough to act as a short dress.

“Hey, sorry it’s early. Dad needs to talk to you.” she informed me. As she turned to go I saw her catch sight of my very erect penis, tenting the thin sheet which lay on top of me. I hadn’t had a chance to even think about it before I noticed her gaze. I quickly turned my hips and said I’d be up in a few minutes.

She giggled. “Don’t be ashamed, I know what happens to boys at night.” I couldn’t think of anything to reply. Then with a smirk she added “Didn’t look like you had anything to be ashamed of anyway.” I was completely dumbfounded by her shocking words. I’m certain my astonishment coupled with my waking drowsiness made the expression on my face one of complete comical confusion.

As she walked way she stretched her arms over her head as though in a yawn. By doing so she granted me an answer to my earlier silent query. She was wearing panties. A black thong to be precise. My jaw must have hit the floor as her round little ass was revealed to me by the rising of her shirt. It took every ounce of will power within me to get my raging erection down to a manageable half mast, get dressed, and head upstairs. Jenny, Scotty, and Ariel were eating breakfast and a place setting was laid for me.

“Big news!” my uncle said. “I’m off to London. A position for an assistant director on a new British series opened up and I got it! I’m going to spend the next four months on location.” Uncle Scotty apologized that he wouldn’t be around while I was there over the summer but he gave assurance Jenny and Ariel would take care of me.

That day Scotty took me to work and got me set up on the project I’d spend most of my time on. It was a series of commercials for the local state lottery. I didn’t need to be into work until about 1pm every day and would be done around 7-8pm. The day went well and I was excited for the coming months.

That evening Scotty and Jenny went to bed early as Scotty’s plane left in the small hours of the following morning. They bid their goodnights and left Ariel and I watching a movie. Once they were behind a closed bedroom door Ariel turned off the movie and said “Let’s go downstairs.”

I didn’t think much of it so I followed her. She went down and sat on a sofa and motioned for me to sit next to her. “What would you like to drink?” she asked as she almost immediately stood up again and walked over to the downstairs bar. Did I mention my aunt and uncle were wealthy?

Now I’d had some drinks before, but really not much. “I’m not sure.” I answered. “I guess just make me one of whatever you’re going to have.” Then with another thought. “What if we get caught?”

“My parents allow me to drink as long as I’m responsible about it.” she answered. “They wouldn’t mind.”

With that, Ariel handed me a red colored something that tasted rather good and was dangerously absent of strong bite. She plopped down on the sofa close to me and lifted her legs to rest them on my lap. Immediately my penis began to react but I tried to stay calm and control it.

“I want to play a game.” she said cheerily. “Truth or dare.” I looked at her dubiously and she just smiled back at me with her beautiful face accented by gleaming white teeth.

“Ok” I said tentatively, taking another sip of my drink. “You go first though.”

“Truth!” she said with little hesitation.

I tried to think of a fairly innocuous question. “Alright, do your parents have any big secrets?” I asked.

“Definitely” she said. “Are you sure you want to know?” she questioned with a smile.

“Sure, tell me.” I said, smiling back.

“Ok” she began. “My dad is my mom’s sex slave. He has to spend most of his time at home naked and there’s a locked room down here that has all sorts of…toys. He also has to always wear women’s underwear.”

I looked at her flabbergasted, not certain if she was being honest or silly.

“Honest it’s true” she said matter of factly. “Hehe, don’t worry. They wouldn’t have done anything that would make you uncomfortable while you’re here. But dad’s gonna be gone anyway so it doesn’t really matter. Your turn!”

I felt like I wanted bahis siteleri to ask questions, but I decided to just let it go. I honestly didn’t really want to think about the kinky sex life of my father’s brother. “Truth” I answered quickly to push the thoughts from my mind.

Without hesitation she asked her question. “Are you a virgin?”

I blushed I’m sure, and my cock once again began to strain. “Yes.” I said a little sheepishly.

“I thought so” she said. “Don’t be ashamed, there’s nothing wrong with it. Truth.”

I decided to ask her the same thing. “Are you a virgin?”

She smiled a very sexy smile. “No” She paused as I’m almost certain she felt my cock strain against my pants under her legs. “Does that surprise you?”

“A little bit.” I answered honestly. “Who was it with?” I asked.

“Just a few boys from my school. A couple girls too, to be honest.” and she giggled

At this I really was surprised.

“You’re turn again, truth or dare?”

I replied as a shy virgin, of course, would. “Truth.”

“Ok” she said thinking a little longer for a question this time. “How often do you masturbate?”

I’m sure my face turned a rather crimson shade, but I answered honestly. “Like, once a day, sometimes there’s a day in between.”

“Do you ever do it more than once a day?” she asked.

“Sometimes, I guess. Maybe twice a day when I’m really bored or really… horny.” I paused before saying the last word. I felt awkward and embarrassed by it.

“I understand that” she said earnestly. “Sometimes I get off four or five times in a day.” She said it as if it were completely normal but I caught her looking at me deviously. “My turn. Dare!”

There were so many things I wanted to dare her to do. To take all her clothes off. To let me feel and kiss her tits. To take my virginity; but I managed to maintain control of myself. This was my cousin, after all. “I dare you to finish your drink and make another.” I said with a smile.

She did so, and also made another for me. “Truth or dare?” she questioned.

Following her lead I answered “Dare.”

She smiled at me mischievously. “I dare you to let me see this very hard cock I can feel under your pants.”

I about feinted I think. She began to rub her feet over my very rigid dick. I had so wanted to dare her to at least let me see some of her naked but I was afraid of going too far. Now here she was, initiating what may very well end up being quite an enjoyable, albeit very taboo, game of truth or dare.

“C’mon, you have to.” She implored. “It’s the rules. Stand up and do it.”

With that she removed her feet and sat back looking at me expectantly. I wanted to act hesitant at her suggestion. I wanted to pretend like I didn’t want to do this. But her dominating tone, her complete confidence, and my own sexual desires made me very eager to do as she said. I Slowly stood and took a deep breath. I was shaking, literally shaking, with excitement. I could feel my cock in my pants straining so hard against the bonds of its own skin I thought it was going to burst. I undid my pants and slid them down my legs revealing my very rigid penis.

I stood, so excited yet still so very shy. My face was beat red, I’m certain; and my cock was raging hard with angry veins pressed against its thin skin. Ariel just stared at it. Her lips parted and eyes transfixed.

“Wow.” she whispered. “That’s awesome.” she said in the tone of a teenager. “Mmmmmm” she added in a moan as she licked her lips.

“Can I pull my pants back up now?” I asked.

“May I” she said.

“What?” I questioned, not sure what she meant.

“May I pull my pants back up? That’s how you should say it.” she corrected looking up into my eyes with a slight grin. “and yes you may.” she added. “but you certainly don’t have to.” With that her smirk turned into a big grin.

I smiled back but, nonetheless, put my pants back on and sat back onto the sofa. She immediately returned her legs to my lap and began rubbing my penis with her feet and toes. Slowly, and gently. “Truth or dare?” I asked her and I think my voice cracked at least twice.

“Dare.” she answered in a tone that was almost a dare bahis şirketleri to me. She was daring me to make a bold move. “C’mon, dare me to do what you really want to dare me to do.”

Almost without thinking I just blurted out what was really on my mind. “I dare you to take my virginity.” I said. And immediately regretted it. “Wait, I’m sorry. I didn’t really mean that. I’m sorry.” My breathing was heavy. I was so nervous and so embarrassed. But also so aroused, being made more so by her feet rubbing against me.

She looked at me coyly, then she moved her feet back and got on her knees. She reached down and pulled her shirt up over her head and then quickly undid the clasp on her bra. She tossed it aside and I sat staring at the two most perfect tits I could have ever imagined seeing.

She leaned in and kissed me. Her lips were so soft. With one hand she grabbed the back of my head to pull my mouth onto hers as she forced her tongue between my lips. With her other hand she deftly unfastened my pants and reached inside.

As we kissed her fingers wrapped themselves around my swollen member. I gasped almost comically hard. It was the most amazing feeling I’d ever felt. “Oh my god!” I whispered through her kisses.

“I’ll do it” she said in short breaths between kisses. “I’ll take your virginity.” As she said this she began to pump her hand up and down on my cock. It felt so good I could hardly even think to try and kiss her back. “But not tonight.” she added as she continued to both kiss and stroke me. “But I’ll do it sometime before this summer is over.”

With that she pulled back from my lips but kept her hand going on my cock. Her beautiful tits bounced subtly with the movements of her arm.

“I have conditions though.” she said not stopping her pistoning hand. “We’re going to play a lot this summer, you and I. I’ve been looking forward to it ever since you said you were coming to stay. And mom might play too some times. We won’t be hard on you but you have to do whatever we say, ok?” My mind was a blur. Did she just say aunt Jenny was going to play too? Did she mean sexually? My delayed answer frustrated Ariel. She released her grip on my cock and immediately I felt the intense desire to have her hand back on me, continuing its motions. “OK?” she asked, forcefully.

“ok” I answered with a whispered voice. “Ok, ok.” I repeated.

“Awesome.” she said with a smile and grabbed my cock again. “Because if you do…” she started pumping me again and leaned in so her breasts were pressed up against my face. Without thought I wrapped my lips around one of her nipples and started sucking and licking on it. “mmmmm” she moaned. “Because if you do, I’ll take your virginity… and so much more. I’ll fuck you, I’ll let you fuck me. We’ll have all kinds of fun. You sure you’re ok with it cous’?”

“Yea, definitely ok.” I said in panted ragged breaths. “Ariel” I said as I could feel myself approaching that familiar peak of excitement. “Ariel if you don’t stop I’m gonna…” she cut me off.

“I know what’s going to happen.”

With that she pulled her tits away from my face and instead moved in to nibble on my neck. It was at that point I had the best orgasm I’d ever had. Though my cock was still in my pants and underwear I could tell I’d cum a great deal. I writhed in ecstasy as wave after wave of pleasure washed over me. When it finally subsided every muscle in my body relaxed. I fell back into the sofa and just sat, breathing heavily.

Ariel removed her hand from my pants and it was absolutely covered in my cum.

“Messy boys” she said, smiling. She started licking my cum off her hand as though it were sugar. She stood and grabbed her shirt and bra. “Get cleaned up and get some sleep now sexy cousin. I’ll see you tomorrow at breakfast.” She smiled, turned, and walked back up the stairs.

In a daze of disbelief about what had just happened I stumbled into the shower. I couldn’t believe Ariel had done that. I also couldn’t believe how good it had felt. Of course I’d masturbated plenty but I wasn’t ready for just how much better it would be with the slim hand of a beautiful woman doing it. When I went to bed my mind was conflicted. It wanted to stay awake and revel in the ecstasy and absurdity of what had happened, yet after the orgasm it wanted to just sleep as deep a sleep as can be had. The latter quickly won out and I slipped into unconsciousness.

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