A Very Shameful Punishment Ch. 21

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This story includes some fairly major disciplining, as well as bodily functions, so if that offends you, please read no further. All characters are over 18.


Eleanor brought her older sister Meredith back to the apartment shared with Sgts. Denise and Linda after the two had visited the ladies’ room at The Lounge where Eleanor spanked and caned her sister. She had previously told her that not only could she stay with Eleanor and have her own room, but that Eleanor would determine a good placement for her once she had her feet on the ground.

“Do I really have to be punished by these two women who live with you?” Meredith dared to ask.

“Today’s discipline at the Lounge was to remind you of your failure to support me when I needed support, back when I was in court,” Eleanor responded quite coolly. “Now we are getting you ready to accept the good position I will set you up to obtain,” she went on. “They will make sure you learn how to act and how to behave both on your job and here,” she assured Meredith.

“I’m not going to mince words with you, sweetie,” Eleanor now lectured her sister. “You have been living in an unacceptable way in terms of how you dress and how you keep yourself, and I want to make sure that your time as a whore is driven right out of you.”

Eleanor had learned from her sister’s confessing that after her divorce, she had been seeing men for pay at appointments arranged by a friend. When reminded of this unsavory part of her life, Meredith cried openly, as she had when being spanked and caned.

Eleanor had taken her on a brief shopping trip to buy some nice new outfits for Meredith and then stopped by the women’s clinic with her after previously arranging on the phone for a quick appointment. She accompanied Meredith into the examining room where Eleanor’s good friend, Dr. Pat, conducted a quick pelvic exam.

Meredith was not very reluctant to mount the table and spread her legs widely, Eleanor observed. She was bushy down there and her pubic hair looked unkempt as did the rest of her. Eleanor also noticed that her sister’s panties were worn and soiled.

Dr. Pat quickly surveyed her outside and insides. She then told both women that Meredith seemed fine, but she would await some test results to confirm her visual inspection. Eleanor had told her about Meredith’s sexual history and Dr. Pat discreetly told Eleanor that she saw some vaginal scarring, probably from a lot of rough sex. She took a pap smear and told Eleanor she would be in touch with her when she had the test results.

Carrying the packages, they returned home. When Denise and Linda arrived, Eleanor introduced them to Meredith and then met with the two sergeants in her bedroom behind a closed door.

“I want one of you to discipline her,” Eleanor informed them. “She needs this to get ready to live a responsible life.” She explained her sister’s background and what Eleanor had already undertaken at the Lounge. “I want her to record every time she uses the toilet in detail, so please make sure you show her how that will be done,” she said. “And you can decide whether she needs to be spanked, caned, or strapped, and with what refinements,” Eleanor added.

Meredith was then invited to visit Denise and Linda in their room. Both still had their uniforms on and looked impressive and ready to discipline. Meredith was a bit shaken by everything that had happened that day. She experienced Eleanor’s punishing her in the ladies’ room at the Lounge and now she was being oriented to a whole new regime.

Denise explained that as correctional officers, they had a good deal of experience in re-educating men as well as women. She told Meredith now to remove her skirt and pull her panties down for inspection. Meredith was getting used to this and had sacrificed a certain amount of pride during her hard times. She pulled her panties down to comply with Denise’s order.

Now Denise peered down to scrutinize Meredith’s panty crotch. She noticed as Eleanor had that her panties were worn and soiled. She saw that Meredith did not wipe well when she used the toilet and that there were old period stains in her panty crotch as well.

“These panties are disgraceful, Meredith,” she stated bluntly as Eleanor’s older sister cringed in shame. “When we find a woman’s panties in this condition,” Sgt. Denise went on, “we proceed to inspect her genitals and anus. She told Meredith to lie on her back on the bed and spread her legs.

By now, Meredith was losing any sense of privacy, which had already been weakened by her prostituting herself. Denise expertly held Meredith’s labia apart and for the second time that day, Meredith’s vulva and vagina were examined. Denise saw nothing untoward but discerned the faint smell of urine that Meredith had obviously not cleaned when she wiped after peeing.

Tapping on her bottom, Denise had her lift her legs, so the sergeant could look into Meredith’s anal area. She put on a plastic glove from her handbag and inserted pendik escort her index finger slowly into Meredith’s anal ring. She felt the tip of a bowel movement when her finger went in as deep as it could reach. When she removed the gloved finger, there was a patina of brownish color on the glove’s finger.

“You need to make a doody, don’t you?” Denise said very matter-of-factly as Meredith finally blushed at this supreme indignity.

“Yes, Ma’am,” Meredith knew enough to answer, “I haven’t gone all day, so I expect that I will need to make a poop soon.”

Denise then looked closely again at her crotch. Then she quietly advised Meredith that her pubic hair needed to be shaved.

“This will help you keep yourself clean there,” she explained.

“But I don’t want to look like a little girl!” Meredith protested.

“Once you show that you can keep yourself clean, you’ll be allowed to have a nice, trimmed bush,” Denise told her. “For now, though, this will have to be shaved.”

Meredith decided it made little sense to argue. They sat on the edge of the tub and Denise took out the shaving bowl and razor, soaped up Meredith’s bush and rinsed. Then she used the scissors to clip the pubic hair and next, applied the razor to the stubble. Now there was quite a contrast between the exposed white skin and the pink labia and vulval flesh.

Denise proceeded to take a clean cloth and put some gentle soap liquid on it and wet it. Then she softly rubbed Meredith’s labia and anus until they were completely clean. She told Meredith to take a clean pair of panties from the clothing Eleanor had purchased for her and to use of the many nightgowns Denise and Linda had in their closet.

“You’ve really earned some punishment, sweetie,” Denise told her, “but you’ve had a rough day already and I want you to start out on the right note here. So, you can go back to your sister’s room and she will decide where to have you sleep tonight.” Then she smiled at Meredith and gave her a kiss on the lips which surprised Meredith who suddenly realized that she’d never really known any lesbians before.

She knocked on Eleanor’s bedroom door and Eleanor welcomed her, told her she was sorry that Denise had likely embarrassed her, but hoped she would appreciate that this was part of Eleanor’s aim in making her employable and able to function on her own.

Meredith told her sister she was truly grateful for what she was doing for her. She said it had been a weird experience for her both at The Lounge and with the doctor, and then to be inspected by Denise.

“I really like her, Eleanor,” she said warmly, “and I feel so stupid when I realize I’ve never really known any lesbians before.”

Then she whispered to her sister that it was really strange to have a bald pussy like a little girl again.

Eleanor told her she was always going to be welcome there and would have her own room but that she would have to keep clean and do what she was told by the sergeants. Then she slipped beneath the covers of her bed and held her arms open for Meredith to join her.

Meredith hesitated a half-second and then smiled very happily at Eleanor’s invitation. She crawled in beside Eleanor and took her in her arms and they hugged as long-separated sisters.

“You’re probably sore down there, aren’t you, Mere?” Eleanor asked her with concern.

“I’m actually ok because I’m so much cleaner now,” Meredith admitted, “but now I’m sort of worried because I should get my period soon and that will be something I will have to be a lot more careful about.”

Eleanor now responded to her sister’s comments about lesbians by telling her about her separation from her husband and that she was definitely bi in her sexuality.

“There’s not going to be any compulsion for you to play with any of us,” she said plainly to Meredith.

“You all have been hard on me but it’s really what I need so I am happy to be here,” Meredith replied.

“Would you like me to make you feel any better now?” Eleanor asked her, and her sister nodded yes.

Eleanor then proceeded to slowly slip Meredith’s nice new undies down and started to softly use her fingers to stimulate Meredith’s labia and probe into her vagina, while teasing her hard little clit.

Meredith was definitely not accustomed to such loving treatment by other women, much less her sister. She felt warm and loved for the first time in quite a long span.

She enjoyed being held by Eleanor and turned to her and hugged her in turn. She reached to feel her sister between the legs and first asked if it was all right to touch her down there.

Eleanor looked surprised and Meredith blushed but said she didn’t want to cause her pain “after what you went through.”

“Oh,” Eleanor answered, “that was a while ago, Mere, and I’ve recovered so I don’t even feel discomfort. Now it’s most psychological so thanks for asking.”

Eleanor now reached for her lube and a rather thick dildo. She applied the lube to Meredith’s bare escort pendik labia and inside and then slowly pushed the dildo into Meredith.

This felt strange to Meredith but soon aroused her as Eleanor moved the massive dildo in and out of Meredith’s pussy. She proceeded to hold Meredith in her arms and they kissed deeply. Eleanor ran her hands up and down her sister’s slight frame and cupped her breasts in her palms.

She delighted in feeling Meredith’s nipples grow firmer and then pointy. Every so often she reached down to propel the dildo in and out of Meredith’s pussy. She could tell that this was definitely turning Meredith on because she could see how wet her sister’s pussy was getting.

Suddenly Meredith sat up straight and reached down to push the dildo out.

“Eleanor,” she said in a little frightened voice, “this has turned me on but now it’s making me need to make a poo…like really soon! Omigod, I forgot that when Denise inspected me, it was so embarrassing because when she put her finger in my heinie, she touched the poo way in there!”

Meredith groaned as she tried to keep her anal sphincter closed. “Oh no, Ellie, it’s coming down!” she said in a desperate voice.

And as Eleanor watched, amazed, and really unable to do anything but grab Meredith’s arm and help her stand up next to the bed, but her sister then quickly squatted, and a long, firm dark brown bowel movement slid out of her cute little anal opening and dropped on the floor next to the bed where she was squatting. Then almost automatically, her urethra opened, and she let out a little puddle of pee.

“Oh, Ellie, I’m so sorry,” Meredith cried. “I’m totally ashamed.”

“I’m sorry, too, Mere,” Eleanor answered, with a tone of firmness on her voice. “I know that what you have experienced today has made you nervous, but you will need to learn control.”

Then she took Meredith out of the bedroom into the master bathroom she had ensuite. She told Meredith to sit on the edge of the tub. Then Eleanor took a soft washcloth and cleaned Meredith’s dirty anal area and used the other end of the cloth to wipe where she had peed.

Eleanor then told Meredith to put her fresh panties back on and to take the cloth and go back into the bedroom to clean up the floor where she had made her mess. Meredith grimaced but did what she was ordered to do and brought the folded cloth back and neatly deposited the bowel movement into the toilet and flushed it away. Then she washed the cloth out in the sink and hung it up to dry.

“I’m sorry, Mere,” Eleanor then declared, “but you will have to be punished for not taking care of your business before we went to bed.” She led her sister into Denise and Linda’s room after knocking on their door.

Both sergeants were in their pajamas and looked up slightly surprised to see both Eleanor and Meredith.

“This naughty girl made a doody on the floor,” Eleanor announced as her sister cringed in shame. “I’m going to leave her here to be disciplined in any way you think appropriate. Then please bring her back to me when you are finished. Thanks, both of you.”

Eleanor smiled at them and walked out of the room. Linda got up and told Meredith to pull down her panties.

Then the dark-haired sergeant sat on the bed and patted her lap for Meredith to lie across it.

Meredith fearfully positioned herself on Linda’s lap and awaited the inevitable spanking. Linda took her time starting to spank. She told Meredith that what she had done was very naughty.

“You shit on the floor like a toddler,” she lectured Meredith. Then she began spanking her and reached down to insert her finger in Meredith’s anus.

“Hmm,” Linda said, “I see that Eleanor has made sure that you have a clean asshole.”

She continued to spank, hitting harder now. After a solid spanking had been given, she told Meredith to lie back on the bed and she returned with a large diaper which she put on after powdering Meredith’s behind and between her legs.

“You are going to be diapered tonight,” Linda informed her, “and this will happen again if you piss or shit where you’re not supposed to. If you need to be changed tonight, you may ask any of us to change you, but you will not do it unless you need to make more doody. Otherwise you will be changed in the morning.”

After the spanking and humiliating diapering, Meredith returned to her sister’s bedroom. Eleanor took her in her arms and held her tight.

“I do love you, Mere,” she said. “I hope you’re still happy that you decided to come to me. I also understand that you probably didn’t realize that when Denise checked your oil—that’s the term they use in corrections for when she put her finger in your rear to check if you needed to do

—it would have the effect of a suppository. I’m sorry that you had to go through that.”

“Thanks, sis,” Meredith replied quietly. “I know I’ve been very naughty and am getting my just deserts now. I can’t believe I’m saying this but this all makes me feel pendik escort bayan like I’m a bad little girl. I do really appreciate what you and Denise and Linda are doing for me. I think when I was sleeping with random men I began to understand how humiliated you were when they sentenced you to that awful punishment.”

“Yes, it was awful, Mere,” Eleanor answered. “But, you can see how I’ve put my life back together. I don’t know how I feel now about men versus women. I tend to find myself falling for both. Right now, I really do feel very warm about Denise and Linda. I’ll have to see how that develops.”

Eleanor invited the diapered Meredith back into her bed, held her tight and caressed her. Soon they both were asleep.

Meredith woke up early and knew that she had wet herself in her diaper. She struggled out of bed, trying not to wake Eleanor, and then realized that her sister had already risen, dressed, and was off to her work. Meredith stood and walked over to knock on the sergeants’ bedroom door.

Linda came over and opened it with a smile.

“Good morning, Miss Meredith,” she said brightly. “You’ve come for a change?”

“I have, yes, Sergeant Linda,” Meredith said.

“Thank you for not bothering us during the night,” Linda said. “Come into the bathroom and I’ll take care of you.”

They walked together into the bathroom and Linda undid the tapes and carefully slipped Meredith’s diaper down and off. She saw that the diaper had a good deal of urine soaked in but not any bm.

“Good girl,” Linda grinned, “No poo. Do you need to go now?”

Meredith was still very embarrassed to be speaking about her bodily functions with anyone, but she managed to tell Linda that she had no need to use the toilet now except to pee. Linda proceeded to have Meredith spread her legs apart, so she could be wiped off with a clean cloth and powdered. Linda handed her a pair of fresh panties from the stock in the bathroom cabinet.

Then Linda told her to remove her nightgown and lie bare on her back in the tub. Then Linda removed her own pajama bottoms and stepped into the tub and squatted over Meredith so that she was positioned right over Meredith’s face.

Without any announcement, she released her pent-up pee right onto Meredith’s face, which was less of a shock for Meredith because she had figured it was coming.

Meredith couldn’t believe that she was now actually asking Sgt. Linda if she was needing to do


“Thank you for asking, dear,” Linda answered, still in a good mood, “but now I don’t need to move my bowels right now. But I’d like you to lean up and lick me clean from my front right through to my rear hole.”

Meredith was already in a trance that had been induced by the amazing vision of staring up at Linda’s hairy crotch and watching her peehole open and spray her face. Now she did what she had been told to do and found the taste of the pee residue on Linda’s pubes and furrow somewhat sour and salty. She pushed her tongue into Linda’s anus and tasted the bitter, musky flavor emanating from that opening.

Linda then stood, stepped out of the tub, and took the shower spray to gently clean Meredith off, telling her to keep her eyes and mouth closed. Meredith actually felt good under the warm spray. Linda told her to pull herself up and then she used a large fluffy towel to dry her.

“I want you to come to the Re-Education Center with me today and watch how we work,” Linda told her as they enjoyed some coffee that Eleanor had made and left for them, as well as some fruit and pastries, all delectable.

Meredith did join Denise and Linda at the Center and observed how they would interview the men who had been sent there and usually proceed to spank or cane them, before making them wear panties and subjecting them to further embarrassment. She was amazed that the men seemed to worship the two attractive sergeants, who of course had no interest in developing any romantic relationships with the men they were re-educating.

The part where the sergeants would orient the men about menstruation seemed amazing to Meredith. She had never given her period a whole lot of thought, but it was almost as if the training and discipline imparted by Sgts. Denise and Linda were designed to make the men abnormally fascinated by a woman’s monthly flow from her vagina. The men went from being horrified even by talk of periods to wanting to be permitted to clean a woman with the tongue during her time of the month.

Finally, the training was finished for the day and they returned to Eleanor’s apartment. Denise, Linda, and Eleanor alternated in preparing dinners. All were quite competent in the kitchen and the two not on duty that night would help the one who was.

Afterward, Eleanor invited Meredith into her bedroom. At first, Meredith was afraid that she was going to be spanked or caned again. But her sister took her in her arms and hugged her and slowly removed Meredith’s now-nice clothes. When she was down to her matching bra and panty set, Eleanor took her own clothes off and unhooked Meredith’s bra. She then caressed her sister’s large breasts and slowly slipped the lacy panties down and off. Her own underclothes followed them.

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