A Woman in Hardware Ch. 11

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Helen and Sue arrived at their hotel around six in the evening. Because there was not much time left in the day, Helen suggested they change into something more comfortable before having a few drinks. Helen reserved adjoining rooms with the double doors allowing access if unlocked. They changed into surprisingly similar attire. Both women hated bras; and so, in thong-style panties they wrapped robes around themselves. Helen used the white hotel robe while Sue donned a shorter robe she brought from home. They soon gathered in Helen’s room.

“Let’s get a pitcher of martinis from room service; and when we’re ready, we’ll order dinner,” said Helen. Sue saw nothing wrong with the idea. Soon, they were each curled in a chair. As the liquor flowed, each became more loquacious. Finally, conversation turned to sex. Helen, allowing the liquor to give her license, asked Sue how she liked making love to her son, Chris. Sue for a moment was tempted to make a quick rejoinder but then on second thought, answered the question honestly.

“Chris is a fine young man. To be honest, I first took him to bed because he had a magnificent body. I enjoyed him immensely, not realizing I played with fire. As I got to know him, I fell in love – unintentionally, but there it was. But, I promise, I have his best interests at heart, because I love him. As time progresses, you’ll see,” replied Sue. “Can I ask you a very personal question?”

Helen laughed and said, “I asked you one; I guess I owe you one.”

Sue looked Helen straight in the eye and said, “I know you caught us making love the night you came home from Boston. I think you masturbated watching us. Why didn’t you say anything?”

“Because, what I saw was my dead husband. He was making love to another woman.” Pausing, Helen continued. “I knew it was Chris and I desperately wanted to make love to him that night. But, I knew it was wrong and resisted; I felt you had far more right to do so. To be honest, since then I’ve had second thoughts many times. On more than one occasion, I wished I’d walked in on you; not to scold, but to make love.”

“To both of us?” Sue asked.

“Yes, to both of you, I guess.” Helen replied.

“Helen, I think we might love each other because we have a common ground. We both love Chris equally and both want what’s best for him.” With her feelings exposed, Sue stood and placed her glass carefully on the table. She walked to Helen and took the glass from her nerveless fingers placing it carefully on the table. Helen watched the scene unfold in slow motion. Sue’s robe gaped revealing her pendulous white breasts with swollen areolas and erect nipples. Helen turned her face to accept Sue’s descending lips. Her mouth opened allowing Sue’s probing tongue. Helen’s breasts responded with aching nipples so erect they were painfully sensitive.

Grasping the lapels of Helen’s robe, Sue pulled her from the chair. With a motion almost violently passionate, Sue tugged apart the lapels apart exposing Helen to her lusting gaze. “Oh, Helen, you’re so beautiful,” Sue thickly sighed, her voice dropping an octave. She pushed the robe over Helen’s shoulders and allowed it to drop to the floor. Helen stood, her pride in her body growing and feeding on the lust in Sue’s eyes. Sue scrutinized Helen’s body. Sue noticed the many stray strands of pussy hair escaping the edges of Helen’s thong, the split of her sex shaping the crotch, and the growing spot of moisture staining the panties. Sue licked her lips as she opened her own robe and mashed her breasts against Helen, forcing nipple against nipple and prodding with her not-so-insignificant stiffened buds. Into Helen’s dry mouth, Sue slid her questing tongue searching for sensual sensation and further inflaming their libidinous bodies. Sue whispered in her ear, “Helen spread your legs a little then bend at the knee.” Sue knelt, instructing Helen to thrust her pussy forward. Helen complied as Sue jerked down her panties. Sue shoved her nose deep into the hairy pussy Helen presented allowing her to inhale deeply and filling her nostrils with the redolence of a fully aroused mature female. Sue gazed at Helen. Smiling, she told Helen how she loved her fresh scent filled with sexual promise. Sue lowered the panties to Helen’s ankles so casino oyna she could step from them. Sue stood, and with a wiggle of her hips, dropped her own panties to the floor. The two women stood admiring each other for a moment before Sue took Helen’s hand and led her to the bed. Their asses undulated towards the bed; each body unconsciously telling the other of its unconstrained eagerness. As they reached the bed, Sue’s hand stole to Helen’s bum stroking it gently. Her knowing hand further aroused an impassioned Helen.

Sue took control and carefully positioned Helen, allowing her to lie beside Helen yet give access to all of Helen’s erogenous zones. She spread her legs wide enough to provide the access she wanted. Sue lay beside Helen and began applying the lessons she had given Chris as how to read an arousing body. Now, a more apt student than teacher, Sue sought the moisture on Helen’s baby-soft inner thighs. She kneaded the shiny wetness first into one thigh then to the other. Occasionally, her finger dipped into the source of the moisture applying more to Helen’s thighs. Sue’s hand stroked in such a manner her upper finger would slid through Helen’s sex without penetrating stimulating the lips of her pussy to further heights of arousal.

Sometimes the finger would dip into the moisture then travel to Helen’s mouth rubbing the sexual goo over the lips before sliding her fingers into Helen’s mouth to allow the taste of her own essence. Sometimes Sue would take the fingers into her own mouth to savor the flavor she loved. But what Helen loved the most was when Sue’s finger delved into her own sex bringing her flavor to Helen’s mouth then sharing it by placing the fingers across her lips and bringing her own lips to the sharing. The women’s faces were but a fingers’ width apart; their tongues sliding together over the fingers gathering together the tasty substance which was liberally coated on them. Then Sue would kiss her lips as they savored Sue’s essence together. Sometimes Helen would with hand attempt to touch or fondle Sue only to have her hands batted away impatiently. Helen tried several times to shove her fingers into Sue’s lubricious sex only to be thwarted by those batting hands and finally Sue’s tongue entered her ear swirling in the canal before she whispered, “tonight your body is mine to touch and feel leave my body alone so I can concentrate, I promise your turn will come.” Again, the tongue swirled in her ear before returning to her lips for a kiss.

Sue’s mouth traveled to her nipple while her fingers between thumb and forefinger grasped another. Helen gasped as the fingers griped and pulled upward shaping her breast into a cone, sending messages of pain, which seemed to travel directly to her genitals. Sue’s mouth gently sucked the other soothing the aching lust, until suddenly fingers and mouth changed roles as teeth bite, not so much as to penetrate or damage, but enough to still the ache in her teats with a flash of fire to her sex. Sue’s hand gently rolled the nipple soothing the pain by reawakening the lust, which returned the ache to her breast. Sue’s tongue traversed her breasts licking flatly the flesh shining the skin with a coat of saliva then with hand rubbing it into her flesh her teats aching even more with this stimulation.

Sue’s mouth moved lower, her tongue delved into her navel testing for sensitivity, not to be disappointed as Helen’s stomach muscles twitched to the invasion. On hands and knees her ass and pussy beautifully displayed had there only been some one to see, Sue’s mouth entered Helen’s pubic forest sucking on hair before ignoring her pussy to lick the thighs which had been so liberally coated with Helen’s own elixir. The mouth licked the tender flesh and Helen’s pussy began to ache for touch, its lips so engorged with blood brought about by the stimulation of Sue’s questing mouth. Sue mouth changed from licking to kisses with such suction Helen thought she was sucking her juices from her very skin. Sue left behind her sucking mouth a trail of small hickeys, which began to encircle Helen’s swollen pussy. The mouth ravishing the tender flesh of her succulent white thighs the hickeys glowing on the soft white quivering skin as Sue’s marauding mouth pillaged her tender flesh. Helen felt a canlı casino series of small spasms traverse her body wanting to thrust upwards but Helen understood this was Sue’s show and she was not to interfere if she could help. Consequently, the hips and ass remained quiescent as the spasms increased for a moment then subsided controlled by the mind that still had some control of the body. Sudden one of Sue’s hands was on her abdomen just above the apex of her sex. The hand pushed down seeking friction then forcefully pulled on her skin almost jerking the hood away from her clit leaving it totally exposed to a finger nail which raked across it bringing soft shooting pain which sent messages to her already engorged and aching nipples. The nipples so long as to regain Sue’s notice their sensuality unmistakable.

Both Sue’s hands went to her breasts as with thumb and forefinger Sue held the nipples and with a masturbatory motion played, elongating them even further as the ache of lust increased. The areolas puffy and tiny bumps almost like pimples formed over their surface a hundred tiny nipples sensitive to the touch of finger and tongue. The spasms retuned to Helen pelvic girdle making her whole body quiver in a multitude of mini thrusts, as her mind still maintained vestiges of control they subsided. Sue took one teat and rolled it between her hands as though she were preparing bread dough. She kneaded and rolled until its’ color began to change taking on a rosy hue as the whole breast began to swell engorged with the stimulation, the nipple fat as well as long. When satisfied with the look, her hands repeated and soon the other breast took on the look with fat elongated nipple. When Helen’s upper chest seemed infused with a red glow her nipples aching Sue gave each fat succulent nipple a pinch, which momentarily changed one pain for another, from a dull ache to a flash of fire, which infused her entire genital region. Helen wanted to rub her teats to bring relief not understanding rubbing would only further inflame them.

As Helen’s hands went to her breasts, Sue changed positions on the bed kneeling between Helen’s legs watching as Helen’s hands maintained the soft red glow and the fat succulent buds. Now Helen’s pussy came under Sue direct attention. Both hands went between Helen’s legs to seek out the inner labia taking each between thumb and forefinger pinching as she pulled them apart stretching them enough to cause light pain but not enough to do damage as she exposed the rosy red interior to her lusting gaze. The entrance to Helen’s sheath exposed her tiny urethra entrance visible. Her hands continued to molest Helen’s labia handling them roughly enough to cause engorgement but insufficiently to do damage. Swollen and colored Sue admired the beauty of Helen’s fully turgid sexual display. Then still on her knees she bent forward bring her mouth directly in contact with Helen’s swollen pussy.

Helen rubbed her teats harder and harder seeking relief from the now constant ache that infused her entire teats caused by the massive engorgement Sue had stimulated. The rubbing simply stimulated them to greater degrees of tumescence compounding the ache. Sue’s tongue flattened against Helen’s sex and dragged upwards sliding over her cavity, her urethra, and her clit. The spastic tremors returned to Helen’s pelvis, her ass shook, her hips shimmied, her pussy pulsated in sympathy to the tremors, but with mind still in control they subsided. But her senses where contracting and as Sue dragged her tongue over her sex all Helen could hear, taste, feel, smell, and see behind her closed eyes were nipples, breasts, and cunt. That was all that was left in her heated erotic existence nipple, breast, and cunt. Only vaguely did she understand her hands were still rubbing and rubbing attempting to soothe a sexually overheated body. Somebody in the distance was mewing and moaning, Helen no longer knew she was the one voicing the noises she heard. Sue’s mouth and tongue were working frantically knowing it would happen soon, sucking Helen’s clit in a fucking motion, one of Sue’s fingers fucking her own hole covered in her own emissions.

The tremors returned to Helen’s pelvic regions her body shivering as the mind left with only nipples, breasts and cunt lost kaçak casino control and the muscles convulsed arching Helen higher and higher. Sue’s mouth rode upwards with the rising body, her finger leaving her own cunt, heavily coated in creamy spend to grease the way, slid deeply into Helen’s ass lifting her to new heights as Helen’s body reached it apex leaving only her feet and the top of her head touching the bed. It was unfortunate no one was there to see the lovely sight of a beautifully arched woman, her pubic hair crowning the apogee of her arch, her hands rubbing her teats, her lover attached like a leech to her clit, straining in orgasm after orgasm, the mewing cries filling the room. The redolence of sex wafted in the air. Then the beautiful moment was over as slowly the arch subsided lowering Helen’s body to the bed, losing Sue’s probing finger in the process, but Sue’s sucking mouth remained attached still eliciting smaller and smaller orgasmic quakes, until finally Helen lay exhausted on the bed. Sue crawled beside her and took her slack body in her arms, lovingly kissed Helen’s face with gentle passionate kisses, awaiting her return to normality. Then she rolled Helen onto her side and spooned with her shoving her breasts hard against Helen’s back while one arm slid under her neck so she could grip both teats as Chris always did with her. Helen noticed the grip the same one Jill had taught her, it was funny how everyone seemed to know the grip but her.

Helen felt she had just been the recipient of the finest loving she had ever enjoyed. She was wrong. Nature in its’ kindness had used the mists of time to erase the memories of passion so intense it would have put to shame Sue’s loving, but Chris Sr. was dead, and to ease the pain of loss such memories must fade. Helen thought she would never reach such heights again. Again, she was wrong.

The following morning with a fresh prospective on life the two women set out to see the home Helen had selected. Helen explained, on the way, how the company had given her an interest free loan to buy a home, which would reflect the position of their president and chief executive officer. The board had reminded her she would be expected to entertain important clients and prospective senior executives. With this in mind Helen had selected an older large brick clad house with a u shaped driveway to the front of the home and an extension which went around back and ended at a wing containing a four car garage. Sue was floored by the opulence of the house as Helen showed her through it advising her funds had been put aside to modernize it. Then Helen took Sue to the wing over the garage to show her the old servants’ quarters, which would no longer be used because Helen didn’t want servants in her home after hours. She expected all servants to leave once the evening meal had been prepared, the one exception being when she entertained then they would be expected to leave when the party was over cleaning the following morning.

“Before we start looking for a home for you I wanted you to see this. Although there are three small suites in here now there is more than eighteen hundred square feet of living space here and funds within the renovating budget to change this into one suite. Because of your close relationship with myself and family, I was hoping you might consider living here. It would be rent free of course further enhancing your income,” Helen told her. Sue thought to herself who cares about income she would be living even closer to her lovers. She asked about what changes would take place and Helen told her anything she wanted as an architect would be placed at her disposal. Sue hugged Helen to her and started to kiss her by way of thank you only to feel her pussy flush as Helen kissed back. Sue reached for a breast only to find Helen stepping back.

“Sue I’d put you on that table right now and eat you but we don’t have time. If we’re not house hunting there’s a flight leaving in an hour and a half for home. Oh the hell with the flight there’s always a later one.” Sue found herself flat on her back on the table her skirt around her waist. Her panties lost on the floor some place as Helen’s talented tongue plundered her pussy seeking the juices they would latter share in a long and passionate kiss. As her moans of pleasure filled the air of what was to become her new home and her scent of arousal permeated the suite, Sue thought to herself these Andersons are always hungry coming to the table to sup.

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