Accidents Will Happen

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When the doorbell rang I thought it was Kev back early from work. We’d only just moved on to the Reader Estate and I figured that maybe he’d forgotten his keys.

I was unpacking boxes but I’d dressed up a bit for him. You know, short skirt, tight top, high heels, a bit of lipstick in all the right places – he hadn’t been showing much interest recently.

So I just called out, “Come on in!” Then I bent over a box as provocatively as I could.

Well, you should have seen the colour I went when in walked one of the new neighbours. German she was. Or at least she had some sort of accent. She had a bossy attitude too but she was friendly enough. I think she saw the funny side.

Magda, that’s her name. She soon got me chatting, found out that Kev was a salesman and away a lot; found out that I used to do a bit of waitressing and bar work. That was when she offered me the job.

“We call it the Reader’s Wives Club.” She said. “But it’s only a joke really, because we all, well most of us, live on the Reader Estate and we’re all wives and girlfriends of chaps who are off at work all day. It’s not even a club really, just a few people getting together; people with something in common.”

“Anyway, four of us are meeting for some drinks on Friday afternoon and it would be a treat if you would be our waitress; serve drinks and nibbles, that sort of thing.” She looked me up and down. “I’d supply the outfit and I’d pay cash. So you can buy a few extras for the house. It would give you a chance to meet a few of your other neighbours too.”

Well, I had to say yes really, didn’t I? Besides Magda has a way of not taking no for an answer. I was going to tell Kev all about it but when he got home, late, he was tired, again, and couldn’t take anything in. He didn’t even look at my outfit.


I got to Magda’s early. Well, I wanted to show willing. Her place is much bigger than mine and Kev’s, up the posher end of the estate. Magda was really dressed up. Seamed stockings, a leather skirt cut to mid thigh, and a matching bustier top. Nothing cheap though. It was all designer stuff. She looked good. More like she’d dressed for a lover than for a few drinks with friends.

She showed me where everything was, the drinks and the food. She was very particular about the order in which things were to be served and what they were to be served on. She even told me who was a smoker and gave me a little silver lighter so I could light their cigarettes. She made me practise on her at least twice.

“Smoking is not a good habit to have.” She said, “But if you must smoke then smoke like you are in a movie.” That’s what she did too. She even had a cigarette holder. Very Marlene Dietrich.

While all this was going on she made sure that I got a couple of glasses of Champagne down me. She had some too but she made me drink more. She told me that it might be the only chance I’d get because I’d be tied up, working all afternoon.

She showed me round her house, well most of it, finishing in what Magda referred to as a ‘Guest bedroom’. There was an outfit on the bed and it slowly dawned on me that this was where I was expected to get changed. She left me to it.

Well, I say left me to it, but actually she was in and out, in and out; checking that every thing fitted, that my make-up was OK. Like I say, she’s friendly but firm is Magda. She likes things done her way. She caught me naked twice.

She didn’t seem embarrassed though and I wasn’t going to let her know that I was. I put it down to her being German. I mean they have all those nudist camps and that don’t they?

If I thought her outfit was a bit over the top then mine came as quite a surprise. She’d only gone and got me this sexy maid’s outfit hadn’t she! It had, like, a Chippendale collar – you know, a starched shirt collar with a bow tie round it, but no shirt attached.

The dress was black – a skin tight mini-dress. Except it was more like an extra long boob tube. It fitted like a dream. I checked the label and it was by some French designer, so maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised. It’s a good job I work out otherwise I’d have looked a sight.

As it was I looked great. Even though I’d worn more decent costumes in some of the clubs I’d worked in I had to admit that this made me look sexy. Magda certainly has the eye for what looks good on someone.

There canlı bahis şirketleri was a little apron to go with it which was OK, but the shoes she’d got me were really high. I mean I’ve walked in some heels in my time but these were higher than anything I’d ever worn.

Mind you they did great things for my legs. I figured that it was her party; she was paying, so I’d dress any way she wanted. I did begin to wonder just who it was that was coming for ‘afternoon drinks’.

I didn’t have to wait too long to find out. Soon after I was ready Magda told me to ‘position myself by the front door’. There was a big mirror just behind it and I could see how I looked. The heels made walking quite difficult and when I did my boobs bounced up and down – even though they were pretty firm.

Well, Magda wouldn’t let me wear a bra under a dress like that would she? Said it would spoil the line. I only got to keep my knickers on because they were so high cut and flimsy that they didn’t show through the material. Every now and then I had to pull the top of the dress up so that my boobs didn’t fall out. Though I couldn’t pull it too hard in case I ended up showing everyone my bottom.

I was beginning to feel quite nervous about this. And sexy. Though I didn’t tell Magda about that. I just told her about the nerves. She gave me another glass of bubbly to steady them. I’m pretty sure that my nipples were beginning to give me away though.

Then the guests started to arrive. First was Sonia, a blonde and, although English, clearly cut from the same bossy mould as Magda. She was older but she’d dressed up too, which wasn’t so surprising anymore. Clearly the Reader’s Wives Club liked to strut their stuff.

She let me take her coat and paused to look at me before continuing her conversation with Magda. It wasn’t the sort of look I was used to getting from a Woman. Her eyes were hungry, predatory. I couldn’t put a name to it. She nodded at me, but she didn’t address me directly at all.

The other two arrived together, laughed at their own lateness, and laughed at the other two’s stern faces. They looked like identical twins though I later found out that they weren’t. They had grown up on the Estate, become friends and always did their best to dress identically, even when they were at school. They had married on the same day, at the same service. To cap it all they were both called Helen.

Magda had obviously told them a bit about me. They asked how I was finding the Estate, where exactly my house was, that sort of thing. They said they would show me where the local gym was. They were much more fun than the other two.

They gave me the same sort of look though. That predatory thing that I had seen in Sonia’s eyes flashed across theirs too. I recognised it this time. They looked at me the same way a man does when he’s sizing up a woman. Something tingled down my spine.

I took their coats and looked, embarrassed, at the floor. Magda led them in. Then she turned and looked at me too; but in her eyes I could read nothing. Except that it was time to serve the Champagne.

It didn’t take them long to get going. After a few glasses they were laughing and giggling like a schoolgirl gang. I’d sneaked a couple of swigs myself in the kitchen so we were all pretty well oiled. Magda called for some more and as before I filled four glasses and placed them on the tiny tray that she had given me to carry the drinks.

I don’t know if it was the alcohol or the heels or a tuft in the carpet but just as I tottered over to Sonia to give her a new glass I tripped up and tipped the whole lot onto the floor.

Apart from my shriek there was a sudden silence. Magda leaped up and sort of dragged me into the kitchen and began to scold me in German, hissing under her breath. I didn’t understand much of it but I could tell that she wasn’t happy. After a while she spoke in English.

“Stupid!” She said, with considerable force. “You will get out there and clean up that mess. On your hands and knees. Or I will not pay you!” Before I could reply she had continued. “I told you to carry that tray with two hands! Two! I will make sure you do so in future!”

I was almost frozen I can tell you. Which is why it was so easy for her to grab some sticky tape from nearby and tape my wrists together. Then she put a cloth in my hands and said, “Now go. Go on, canlı kaçak iddaa clean up your mess.”

I was bright red when I walked back out there in those impossible heels. Three sets of eyes turned to watch me. You might wonder why I did as I was told and didn’t just walk home but then that’s the difference between you and me. I felt bad about spilling the drinks. I wanted to make amends. I did want to make some new friends; and I wanted to stay at Magda’s. Her strength was somehow attractive.

I’m not saying it was easy but I just looked at the floor, while they looked at me.

None of them spoke while I mopped the floor with the cloth. I was on my hands and knees as Magda had told me and I could feel her watching from the doorway.

One of the Helen’s said, “She’s got a nice arse. Look how it sways from side to side.” Then she, or someone, trailed their fingers across my curvy buttocks.

Sonia said. “It deserves spanking for what she just did.”

The hand stopped and hovered above my backside. Or at least I thought so from my kneeling position. Having my hands bound was making balancing difficult.

“Go on,” said the other Helen, and laughed. “I dare you.”

The hand cracked down onto one bum cheek and then on to the other. I continued scrubbing and they all laughed. “That’ll teach her.” Said Magda.

Soon after that I finished with the cloth and went to replenish their glasses once more. In the kitchen I felt my bum. It was hot where I had been hit. I rubbed it as best I could but it was difficult with hands that were taped together. I suppose I did deserve it. Still it had come as a bit of a shock. I couldn’t help noticing that rubbing it was feeling quite nice though. Sort of spreading the warmth around.

It was difficult as well to refill the Champagne glasses while I was taped at the wrists; but I had to admit that carrying the tray was easier. Once I had successfully given them more drinks I began to relax again.

I shouldn’t have though. I’d forgotten that the dress kept riding down. With my wrists bound I couldn’t pull it up properly and it was while I was lighting a cigarette for Magda that the inevitable happened.

I was holding out the lighter as Magda had earlier instructed when I felt first one and then the other boob slip out of the top of the dress.

Magda held her cigarette away from the light and smiled at me. “Very pretty.” She said.

“Oh dear, she needs something to hold her dress up” Said one of the Helens.

“Like erect nipples!” Said the other, and they all laughed.

They paused, as if waiting, then Sonia interrupted the silence. “I may have just the thing.”

“You would!” Said both the Helen’s at once.

I had started to move but Magda hissed at me to stay where I was. I wanted to please her, so I did. Sonia moved towards me and mouthed first one and then my other teat, bringing both to hardness.

No-one has ever really described what having your nipples sucked is like for me. It’s about being a mother, being a baby and a million other things but most of all it’s about the magic tingle that goes straight from my tits to my fanny.

I had brought my hands up to push her away but they remained poised above her head torn with a desire to pull her closer.

When both nipples were standing out proud from my chest Sonia quickly fixed a metal clamp onto each one. The pain was sharp, causing me to suck my breath in. They had little weights on and I could feel them bouncing against my naked skin.

Somehow though the pain all got mixed up with the magic tingle and I ended up with a familiar sexual hunger in the pit of my stomach. It was tinged with something darker than usual though. Something more needy.

My lips parted and I breathed again. When I opened my eyes I found Magda staring at me, cigarette holder still in hand. I knew what she wanted and with a supreme effort leant forward and lit her cigarette. The weights dangled and bounced against me, pulling at my nipples, sending a shiver down my spine.

I walked back to the kitchen knowing that their eyes were upon me. I swung my arse just that little bit extra to let them know that I knew. I passed the large mirror on my way and caught a glimpse of myself. I looked good. I felt sexy; I was aroused.

They began to clap as I left their view. Magda called out, “Bring us something canlı kaçak bahis to nibble.”

We all knew that they just wanted me in there. To continue their game. I surprised myself with how much I wanted to be back there as well.

Still, I made them wait a little while; but it wasn’t too long before I was tripping along the return journey, a bowl of nuts held precariously in my hands.

I’d worked out the rules of the game by now and I was ready to play. Just to tease them I placed the nuts perfectly on the side table as instructed. It was when I turned away that I made my mistake by ‘accidentally’ knocking the glass of bubbly that Sonia held in her hand so that it spilt over her tight top and skirt. Some of it actually went down her cleavage making her breasts glisten with moisture.

The twins laughed. Even Magda smiled a little. “You’ll pay for that.” Laughed one Helen.

“I do hope so.” Giggled the other.

It was Magda I had my eyes on though. It was her house, her party. She was the ring leader. She looked at me and nodded. “Spank her, Sonia.” She said.

Sonia needed no encouragement. She quickly made me get down on all fours again. This time I was facing Magda who perched herself, knees together, on the edge of her seat, eager to see how I dealt with this part of my seduction. The other three were all behind me watching Sonia unveil my scantily knickered backside. She pulled up the hem of the dress to my waist until I was to all intents and purposes completely naked. The dress hung around my waist as if it were nothing but a belt and soon my lacy pants, my last protection, were hanging forlornly around my ankles.

The weights on my breasts pulled at my nipples. They began to throb in response. My pussy answered the call as well, lips swelling.

I kept my eyes on Magda though and she kept hers on me. I wanted her to drink in every nuance of my punishment and I wanted to see what effect I was having on her.

Sonia spanked me. Her rhythm was regular and the intensity of each blow increased as she went on. I could feel my bum getting hot and then the heat spreading to my cunt. Every now and then she stopped and gently ran her fingers across my red skin. It made me jump and it turned me on.

They all knew it, especially Magda. I wanted her to.

It was during one of these pauses that I felt the twins kneel on either side of me. Their hands found a hanging weight and they pulled gently, then harder, teasing more sensation from my clamped nipples. I felt them lean across me towards each other and I knew that above my back they were kissing.

For a moment I put my head down and looked back between my parted thighs. I could see Sonia’s patent heels moving slightly away from me and knew that she was about to spank me again.

The first crack of her hand brought my head up sharply and there I found Magda’s eyes on mine once more. Peripherally I became aware that each of the Helens were using their free hand to touch themselves. Then I felt Sonia’s fingers on my pussy lips. I gasped.

Magda just looked at me. She lit her own cigarette and blew smoke into my face.

Sonia teased me, working me from moistness to wetness with one hand, spanking me with the other.

All the time Magda’s eyes were drinking me in. When Sonia’s fingers entered me I called out Magda’s name. When she rubbed at my clitoris I licked my lips. When she spanked me I groaned for more.

Sonia had three fingers inside me, pumping in and out. Her other hand fell regularly on to my aching backside. “Ah!” I said.

One Helen and then the other began to twist my nipples, hard and then harder. “Aaah!” I said.

Sonia stopped slapping my arse-cheeks and started slapping my pussy. “AAH!” I Cried, “AAH!, AAH!”, in time with her rhythm. “OHHHH!”, I sighed, as I backed my fanny onto her cupped palm, “OOOAAH!”, As Magda, in front of me, slowly lifted her skirt and teasingly spread her legs to show me her hairless cunt. “AAAAH YES!”

I yelled as I came more violently than I ever had before.

In the calm after the storm I was dimly aware of the two Helen’s walking off, hand in hand towards another of Magda’s Guest Bedrooms.

After a time Sonia followed them. Perhaps she would join in, perhaps not. I didn’t really care. I looked up. Magda was still seated.

“Come, liebchen.” She said, and I began to crawl towards her. I knew what she wanted, knew that I wanted her to have it. She didn’t have to say anything; but she likes to humiliate me, so she did.

“You have some more cleaning to do.” She said. Then she lifted her skirt once more. “With your tongue.”

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