After Ellie’s end of school party (2)

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Anal Dildo

This is the sequel to ‘Ellie’s end of school party’ and ‘After Ellie’s end of school party (1)’.

As Wendy and I sealed our new relationship with a passionate kiss, I glimpsed something pale moving down the beach. When we broke our kiss I realised that my daughter, Ellie, had left her skirt and top, all that she had been wearing, on the wall beside me and was running naked down the beach toward the surf. Although Ellie had a great all-over tan from studying naked for her final exams, by our pool, she still looked pale in the light of the full moon.

Then I saw Greg, Ellie’s boyfriend, and most frequent lover, throw his jeans on top of Ellie’s clothes and follow her, equally naked toward the surf. Nervously, I checked the surf, and was relieved to see that it was really very flat; swimming alone in the surf at night is very dangerous, but on this occasion I felt that there was little danger because it was so flat.

Wendy wanted another kiss, which I was only too happy to grant her.

Then she asked me, “Do you want a swim too?”

“No. It’s a bit too cold for me at this time of year. But you go if you want to. I’ll mind the clothes.”

You see Wendy, Ellie, and Greg are all 18-year olds, while I am almost 40. I looked around me. There were a few couples around, but all of them seemed too wrapped up in their own sexual exploration to take any notice of a few naked bodies in the moonlight. Wendy took off her clothes and handed them to me. I collected all the clothes and walked down the beach with Wendy to the edge of the water. I dropped all the clothes on the dry sand near the edge of the wet sand and waded a little way into the water as Wendy plunged in and splashed about energetically.

After we had finished at the beach, the kids got dressed with some difficulty because their bodies were still wet and their clothes did not slide easily illegal bahis over their wet bodies. As we started walking, Ellie pushed Wendy and Greg ahead of us, then she wrapped her arm around my waist, pulling us together side by side. I found it natural to put my arm around her waist too.

“Bill! Until now I’ve always called you ‘dad’ but I think that our relationship has changed radically today, and I think that, from now on, I should call you ‘Bill’, like Greg and Wendy do. I hope you like that? I think it indicates that we are now friends first, and father and daughter second. OK?”

“Wow! It’s not every father who can claim to be his teenage daughter’s friend. I love it.”

She stopped walking, turned to face me, and gave me a big sloppy kiss. She even pressed her tongue between my lips. At first I resisted opening my lips to accept her tongue, but somehow her firm insistence won out and I ended up enjoying kissing Ellie as much as I had enjoyed kissing Wendy, minutes ago.

“Wow! What was that about?”

“I was hoping that that would prepare you for what I was going to ask you next.”

“Oh! Oh! What is it?”

“Well! Promise that you wont be angry?”

When I thought back over all the sex that I had had today with Wendy, and all the sex that Wendy and I would be having together over the next year, and I thought about how Ellie had set me up with Wendy I felt that I owed my daughter a lot. Still I was pretty nervous about what she was about to ask me now.

“OK. I promise.”

“I want you to fuck me in my arse, while Greg is fucking me in my pussy.”

“Ellie! I can’t! I’m pleased to be your friend, but I’m still your father, and that would still be incest.”

Ellie just pushed her hand down inside the front of my shorts and grabbed hold of my already very erect cock.

“Just like Pinocchio’s nose, your cock grows longer illegal bahis siteleri whenever you lie. Listen! Incest is a terrible thing when a father forces himself on his 12-year old daughter and makes her pregnant, but this is different. Your not forcing yourself on me, I’m begging you. You can’t make me pregnant by fucking me in the arse, and anyway I’m on the pill, and I’m well over the age of consent. Please, Bill. I really want this and your cock really wants it too. Just remember that we are friends first and father and daughter second.”

Well, of course I wanted to fuck her, as my rock hard erection told her. I just didn’t think that I should.

“Well, of course I want to fuck you. I just don’t think that I should.”

However thanks to her hand squeezing my cock and her other hand around my waist, pulling our bodies together, my resolve vanished.

“I can’t believe I’m going to say this. Yes. OK. I really am going to fuck you.”

Ellie kept my cock in her hand as she led me home. I had to grab hold of my shorts to stop them from being pushed down my legs. As soon as we were inside the house, I let them slip down to my ankles, then stepped out of them. Ellie explained her plan to Greg and Wendy.

“Wow! That’s so hot! I’ve never been doubled teamed. I wish you two would do that to me.” was Wendy’s comment.

“You can be second, whenever they can both get it up again, but I’m going first, because I really want it and also because I want to completely break down Bill’s sexual inhibitions.”

Wendy picked up the tube of lube, that was still lying where Ellie had dropped it earlier, when I fucked Wendy’s arse. She stroked my coke a few times to smear on an ample supply, then, with more lube on her fingers she pushed one finger into Ellie’s arse and moved it in and out, then added a second finger, and finished, with extra lube, pushing canlı bahis siteleri three fingers in.

Ellie had Greg lie on his back on the floor, then climbed on top of him, face down, with his cock inside her cunt. Wendy then pulled me forward, leading me by my slippery cock, lined me up with Ellie’s arsehole, and pushed my bum forward. I slipped in surprisingly easily and slid slowly in until my balls were banging against Greg’s balls. Ellie groaned.

“I feel so full with both of you in me.”

“Wow, Bill! I can feel you slide in and out. This is so weird.”

Then I started pumping in and out of my own daughter’s arse, while Greg could only lift his hips to press further into Ellie’s cunt each time that I pulled half-way out.

By now I was no longer aware that I was fucking my daughter. All I knew was that I was fucking a woman in her arse while there was another cock fucking in and out of her cunt. I felt great in her tight anal cavity and, through the thin membrane separating us, I could feel the other cock moving back and forth. I heard someone moaning and someone else groaning, then I dumped my load into her.

“Wow, you guys looked great!” Wendy was saying as I came back into the real world.

“That was the greatest fuck that I’ve ever had.” was Ellie’s answer.

I should have felt guilty about fucking my daughter, but instead I just felt smug. I was happy about it, Ellie was delighted, her boyfriend Greg and my new lover, Wendy, both thought that it was wonderful, so what was there to feel guilty about?

Sometime later that evening Greg and I double fucked Wendy too, with lube applied to my cock and Wendy’s arsehole by Ellie. I realised then that from now on I would be happy to fuck Wendy or Ellie any time that either of them wanted it, in any way that they wanted it.

“Ellie! You’ve turned me into someone that I don’t recognise.”

“I don’t think that I was solely responsible for the change, but I like the new Bill very much, and I look forward to being fucked by you often.”

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