Alice’s Marriage in Wonderland

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Cast of Characters:

Major Characters:

Alice: Protagonist.

Amoret: Lesbian queen of Castle Sappho Islands, Wonderland.

Minor Characters:

White rabbit: An anthropomorphic rabbit and Amoret’s servant.

Young women: Lesbians.


“There-you are done now,” Alice spoke merrily to herself when she finished braiding her silky blond hair into a long plait. She stood before the mirror, which was fixed into the ornate oak frame of her polished dressing table. Her lips curved into a smile as she looked at her reflection.

Alice was a 25 years old hottie. She had supple locks, which glowed brilliantly around her oval face. The pink shade had a blushing effect on her cheeks and deep-set blue eyes. Her hourglass figure, clad into a 36F bra and pink microskirt, was a feast to eyes. “What do you think? Am I not…”

Alice paused shortly. She pursed her lips and rested her hands on waist. “NO. If I ask you the way Michelle did last night, it won’t do well,” she said in a mocking tone. “She had no idea how to question a mirror because she never read SNOW WHITE.” She threw her head back and her tinkling laughter echoed through the well-furnished bedroom.

“Will you mind answering me, if I ask you like,

mirror mirror on the wall,

who is fairest of us all?”

Naturally, the mirror was not magical and it did not answer her question.

“Oh baby, you are the fairest,” said Alice. She kissed on the mirror cheerfully and turned around. A copy of Emma Hudson’s Forbidden Desires lay on the side-table of her lush bed. She went over and took it. The book belonged to women, whose letters filled it with lesbian fantasies. Some of them were long and explicit; other were implicit and quizzical. The letter of a pregnant woman, named Michelle, was a four-paragraphed narration of her frustration about actual fucking. Her beauty was fading due to three consecutive conceptions. The climactic failure urged her to conjure up a fantasy when she stood before the mirror. It began with the appearance of five girls around her. She had them between her legs, at her ass, sucking her tits, and in her mouth. She masturbated to a climax within seconds while imagining them.

Alice read the scene, fingering herself; she masturbated to a quick climax too. The girl-cum had a pleasant taste as she licked it off her fingers. The fantasy had some thrill and she dozed off, picturing it mentally.

Her erotic vision reeled itself into a dream of lesbians, who were making out with each other. She stood amongst them, watching their demo. None of the women took care to touch her. Then, someone came to her out of the blue. Her hand was taken and she followed her companion for one night stand.

Alice woke up instantly. She touched herself. It was another climax. The dream seemed a reality to her. However, it was disappointing to wake up alone in the room. She got out of bed, and took a shower to get rid of the sweat and cum.

“What a pity,” said Alice, looking at the book in her hand. “She had to cum her fantasy out. Why on earth she isn’t looking for the real cunts?” She sighed and put it back. On the second thought, she took it again and walked out of her house.

The morning breeze felt pleasant to Alice. She inhaled the fragrance of wild roses, which were planted alongside the lilies at the borders of her lawn. The three wooden benches had been polished last eve; all the plants were trimmed off to beautify the meadow. She walked, swaying her wide hips rhythmically, to the nearest bench and sat down.

Alice looked up. The only thing that drifted in the sky was a shadowy cloud. Suddenly, it occurred to her that the cloud had stopped its movement; it was lingering just above her. She frowned at the idea but a swift current of wind shook it off her mind. She had to look down. The pages of the book were flipping madly.

“Oh my,” said Alice, holding them in place. Then, her eyes fell on the subtitle Beth. The author had dedicated a whole page to her fantasy. She raised the book and began to read it:

Dearest Helen,

I’m still so thrilled by our shared experience that I can’t keep myself from telling you. It was a sweet and wonderful love we had for that brief hour.

You are delicious, my darling, with that satin-soft glowing skin and marvelous figure. I loved smelling and tasting you all over. How your throbbing nipples swelled as I sucked and kissed them. Then, you told me to milk your melons and I held my face between them for you. You murmured for me to slide my fingers down the cleft of your bottom. Darling, your hole there is so soft yet tight, so moist and musky. And it really excited you, didn’t it, when I worked my fingers up inside it?

But, of course, it was your yummy cunt that drove me wild. Oh honey, how its inner flesh opened out as my fingers traced your slit. It quivered and grew very wet. You loved having me caress you like that, didn’t you? I know you did, because you had wriggled and gasped when I touched you there.

Then, canlı bahis my mouth went right down on you; it was all hair and soft flesh. The glorious smell and the exciting taste of your moisture seeped into my mouth. I loved having my nose crushed against your flower. The rich smell of your bottom was intoxicating. I just wanted to eat you up; gulping down the liquid and substance of your body, was my passion. I love you because I crave for you!

It’s perfectly all right that you didn’t do as much for me in return. I realized that you were too excited, and that it was all happening too quickly. Just your hands on me were enough. The touch of your fingers was so soft, warm, and loving. I felt that you were straining. Then, I heard your choked moans. You were hunching in lust and grinding your tart on my mouth. I knew you were climaxing hard. My own cunt stirred up, just in ecstasy. Oh, sweetheart! It was all wonderful. I’ll never forget it.

Helen, my love, let me eat your tasty cunt again, and soon. Will you dear? Please?

“Wow! Helen is so lucky,” said Alice. “Oh how I wish to have a lover like Beth! If I were Helen, she might have no need to implore me like that.”

Alice went on with fingering herself as she read the fantasy again. Her G-string was drenched in a moment. She sighed and reclined against the bench. “I’m cumming so much. The girls really know their stuff. It’s so hot and impressive, even without pictures,” she said.

Alice put down the book, and she closed her eyes. “I’ve dreamed for her,” she spoke. “I really need her now. I wish for her to come here and kneel down before me, and eat my cunt. Will she drive me crazy, like Beth did Helen?” She dropped her soliloquy for a while, and moved a hand up her stomach. “Will she lick and smell me all over? Will she show me her passion?”

Alice paused. She squeezed her bra-clad melons. Their resilience provoked her to resume the soliloquy. “Will she suck and milk my tits to take me…”

Suddenly, she heard a sharp honking voice from nearby. It said, “Oh dear, I’ll be too late!”

Alice’s eyes flew open and she looked in the direction of that voice. The speaker was a large white rabbit who ran past her. He was clad in a red leather jacket. She could get a glimpse of the black gloves that stuck out of his waist-pocket.

Alice was amazed to see a rabbit acting human; he was dressed, running on hind toes, speaking, and taking something from his waist-pocket. It was a pocket-watch. He was too delirious to notice that his gloves had slipped off.

“Oh my, he dropped his gloves,” said Alice and she called out, “Sir! WAIT.”

The white rabbit honked back, “I don’t have time! I’m already LATE. Her Majesty will cut off my balls if I won’t be in TIME.”

“But Sir, your gloves…”

“Another time, another time!”

Alice could do nothing but to run after him. She left the lawn behind, paused shortly to pick up the gloves, and resumed to follow the path taken by the white rabbit. Some way ahead, he took a corner to left and disappeared.

Alice turned around that corner to run through an alley. It finished into a huge baobab tree. She reached there, stopped, and knelt under the trunk to examine an opening.

“Wow! It looks like a big rabbit-hole he must have jumped into,” said Alice. “I’d better follow him.” Therefore, she crept like a quadruped and entered the hole.

The rabbit-hole went straight on like a tunnel for some way, and then it dipped. Alice found herself falling down what seemed to be a well. Either it was very deep or she fell too slowly, for she had plenty of time to look about her. Hence, she tried to make out what she was coming to but it was too dark to see anything.

Down, down, down! It seemed to Alice that the fall would never end; but it was over, at last, when she came upon a heap of sticks and dry leaves.

Alice was not hurt a bit and she got to her feet right away. She looked up. It was all dark overhead. Before her was another long passage and the white rabbit was in sight, hurrying down it. She began running, and came nearer to him when he said, “I’m overdue. I’m really in a stew. I’m late, I’m late, I’m late!” Then, he pushed open a door and slammed it shut behind him.

Alice, panting for that crazy rabbit chase, had to stop herself by the door. She had tucked the gloves into her bra because she wanted to hand them back to him, but he was too distressed to comply with her. “The moron let me chase him like I had nothing else to do,” she said in revulsion. “Oh to hell with him, and his gloves!”

She resolved to throw the gloves away and turn back to her home, but the idea of impossibility to climb up the well changed her mind. Therefore, she turned the golden knob and opened the door.

Alice found herself into a spacious clearing. The crowns of surrounding trees sheltered the place. There were scores of tents. Mattresses and cushions were directly placed on the ground.

Alice looked around, bemused at what she saw. There were young women, all nude and vulnerable. bahis siteleri They were having sex as couples and groups. Mouths were locked in fanatical kiss. Nipples were released and retaken orally. Heads bobbed between thighs and ass-cheeks. Pussies and assholes were ravished by dildoes. The lavishness of their orgy was amplified with sighs, moans, and screams. It was so carnal and lascivious that Alice was aroused to touch herself between thighs. Then suddenly, she heard a woman’s crisp voice behind her back, “Are you enjoying the show, baby?”

Alice gave a start and turned around to see that her addresser was a crowned redhead. She was 32 years old. The thin lips, short jagged hair, sober demeanor, and lofty posture hinted an air of authority about her. She was dressed into medieval male fashion and looked graceful. The close-set green eyes, however, had a peculiar impression on her face. They had a cold lingering stare.

“Er-I…” Alice stammered rather than affirming her question.

“Aren’t you comfy here? Come on then, don’t be shy! Cause, nobody is shy here.”

Alice noticed that the crowned woman was smiling and her triangular face had brightened up, but her cold stare had a disturbing effect on her. Nonetheless, she managed to ask, “Who are you? Where am I?”

“Oh, I’m glad you asked that,” said the redhead. “I’m Amoret, the queen of Castle Sappho Islands, Wonderland.”

“C-Castle Sappho!”

“That’s right,” said the queen. “You have now entered the premises of LESBIANS.”


“Gosh! I never knew you would ask silly questions. Don’t you believe in lesbians, baby? They do live in this world,” said Amoret.

“No. Erm-I mean…”

“You’ve been reading about lesbians. You like them, don’t you?”

Alice was speechless. She stared at Amoret and blurted out, “How do you know that?”

“You left a book on the bench”, answered Amoret. “I took it behind your back. Haven’t you seen the only cloud this morning? I was in there, watching you.”

Alice frowned at her words, and she understood them in a moment. ‘So that is why, the cloud had really stopped and lingered above me,’ she deduced. “You were watching me,” she asked the queen, “but why?”

“Because I wanted to know you better,” Amoret told her. “I’m glad to see that you are the right woman for me.”

“What do you mean?”

“Wonderland is really an awesome place,” replied Amoret. “All that’s impossible is possible here. You won’t be tired of fucking and screwing all day long. Surely, you can do this if there is a right person for you to mate with. Have you wondered, even for a second, why these dolls are nude when I’m the only one clothed here?”

Amoret noticed that Alice was blinking at her in confusion. “Ok. Just look around to see behind you,” she said. Her thin lips curved into a smile.

Alice looked around. There was no sign of the door, but she saw a large stone wall with some words scrawled on it. She was taken aback and turned her head to exclaim, “The door’s gone!”

“EXACTLY,” said Amoret. “Like I said, all that’s impossible is possible here. It’s your destiny to live here as my wife.”

“What! But how is that going to happen?”

“Do you think it’s just a cock and bull story? NO, Not at all! And mind you, Castle Sappho chooses the women who are destined to be married.”


“Women can join one another in marriage, if they are true lesbians,” Amoret cut her off.

“And you think I’m one of them,” said Alice. “Oh I never had a woman to love with!”

“A true lesbian isn’t just a woman of action,” said Amoret. “If you are aroused by the fantasies of two or more women making love, Castle Sappho marks you as one in guarantee.”

Alice reflected on Amoret’s bold proposal and justification. ‘That’s strange, really strange,” she wondered. ‘But why does she want to marry me?’

Amoret asked her, “What are you thinking?”

“Just one thing,” said Alice. “How can you say that I’m the right woman for you?”

“There are three answers to your question,” said Amoret. “First, I want to stay with you forever. Just a sight of you lifts me up. You are incomparable in beauty and captivation, and that’s why I love you. Second, you chased after the white rabbit to return him THESE.” She fished out the black gloves from her purple tunic.

Alice frowned at the gloves. Then, she looked down at her chest and gasped. Amoret grinned at her and said, “You seem to have surprises today, my love.”

“Ye-yes. I had them tucked into my bra and…”

“Oh they are in my possession now! Cause I’m their true owner,” said Amoret. “You had no idea that they were charmed. The white rabbit served my purpose to bring you here. He was nothing but an enchanted minion.”

The queen fell silent and smirked at the perplexed look on Alice’s face. She threw the gloves aside and spoke, “It’s absurd to chase after some silly creature for the trifle, isn’t it? Nonetheless, you ran after him because their spell made you do that. As soon as you reached that door, the spell bahis şirketleri was warded off. Great things do happen if you want them to. You decided to open the door and then, came here.”

“I just thought,” said Alice, “that it’s impossible to climb up the well and go home. I had no alternative.”

“On the contrary, you HAD an alternative.”

“What! But how?”

“If your decision was to stay away from the door, the passage would let you bypass the well and go back unharmed.”

Alice raised her eyebrows. ‘This place is indeed a wonder,’ she thought.

“Last but not least,” Amoret said, “the door to the entrance is gone. The stone wall now declares that I don’t have to wait any longer for the rightful mate.”

Alice turned around and walked over to the wall. She read the words scrawled on it:


‘So she’s the one I’d dreamed of, last night,’ Alice thought with conviction. ‘Now, I know who can take my hands for eternity and whose love can fill me up.’ She looked back at the queen. The perplexity and confusion were shaken off her mind.

“Each chick is married here with one or more partners,” said Amoret, pointing at the nude women around them. “They will keep on screwing each other for infinity.”

“Yes,” said Alice. Her lips curved into a smile.

“If a chick cums thrice for one night stand,” Amoret went on, “she’s married with her mate, and her clothes are taken up by the Castle Sappho.”

“So our clothes will be taken up too,” said Alice.

“Of course baby,” said Amoret merrily. “These chicks won’t see, hear, or feel you until the verification of our marriage.”

“That’s sweet,” Alice said amiably.

Queen Amoret walked closer to Alice and embraced her. “Because it’s love,” she said tenderly, caressing her back. Alice snaked her arms about Amoret’s neck. Their lips met in a soft demanding kiss. It grew more intimate and passionate.

They went on with kissing each other until Amoret whispered to her, “Come with me, baby. We must have some privacy.”

Alice laughed. Amoret led her to the largest of tents.

The interior of the tent looked similar to a copiously decorated bedroom. There were vivid tapestries, a king-size bed with plush spread, a polished dressing table, fancy lamps, and cabinets of various sizes. Wine bottles and goblets seemed to fill a white cabinet at their right.

“Oh how lovely,” Alice exclaimed joyously as she looked around.

Amoret, who had taken her crown off, smiled at the amazed look on Alice’s face and said, “It wasn’t that lovely without you.” She took her waist and pulled her closer for a crushing kiss.

Alice closed her eyes and moaned. Amoret was sucking her lips as she took them vigorously. She refrained from biting them because that might hurt her beloved.

Amoret broke the lip-lock, and proceeded to kiss Alice on the cheeks. She darted her tongue out, licked her neck in preoccupation, and nuzzled down to her right shoulder. She cuddled her, feeling her back and sucking her earlobe.

Alice smiled languidly and let Amoret grope with her bra bands. They were pushed closer and pulled apart. Hence, her bra went off in two shakes.

Amoret ogled at her marvelous tits. They were full and round; pink nipples were set provocatively on her large areolae. “Girl, look at you! They are soo big and beautiful,” she exclaimed.

“They are yours, darling,” said Alice. Her voice was husky.

“Right,” said Amoret. She began touching and squeezing her tits. Alice hissed for an occasional tweak and pull on her nipples.

“You like it, don’t you?”


“May I suck them for you, baby?”

“Do it, please!”

“Here it goes then,” said Amoret. She kissed her tits all over, and pushed them into the deep cleavage. Then, she slipped her tongue out, and licked her there. The seductive pair of mammas wagged when she shook her head between them.

Amoret moved to her nipples with the gradual transition from licks to sucking. She took a mouthful of one nipple and held it in suction. Her hand caressed the other, occasionally pulling it.

Alice’s face flushed as her nipples were released, retaken, and substituted repetitively. ‘She wants them bad and I love to be attended like this,’ she reflected.

Amoret hanged around Alice’s melons. She sucked, kneaded, pulled, and nibbled at the seductive pair. Occasional flicks of her tongue set the darling girl ablaze with pleasure.

Alice got a glimpse of Forbidden Desires when Amoret was nuzzling down her midriff. The book lay on the countertop of a cabinet, which stood nearest to bed. She closed her eyes for a light kiss on her bellybutton.

Amoret, finally knelt, tucked her fingers into the waistband of Alice’s skirt and pulled it down her legs. Her eyes fell on the Tie Side G-string, which was soaked between her mate’s thighs. “So you are ready for me, aren’t you? Oh, I know you are,” she said, eyeing her up. Then, she fondled Alice along the wide curve of her hips and grabbed her ass-cheeks seductively.

Alice bit her lip. Amoret had untied her G-string and denuded her pussy. She heard her say, “Should I eat your cunt, and let our love flourish for this?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32