Amber from Marketing, Social Justice Warrior

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Author’s Note

For all of those who read and enjoyed Free Gravy a.k.a. Amber the bubbly blonde from marketing, here is another short, slice of life sequel with Amber and Dani. In stark contrast to the first tale, this one is pretty much all fucking.


Amber from Marketing, Social Justice Warrior

Six A.M. dammit, but I recognized the ringtone, so I picked up.

“Hi, Daniii.”

“Amber, do you know what time—”

I didn’t get to finish.

“Dani, you’ve got to help me.”

“We’re isolated, hon. Pride Prom’s been canceled. The animal shelter’s off limits. I’m getting my groceries delivered these days. I don’t know—”

“That’s just it Dani. Socio-economic disparity.”

“Socio… Wha—?”

“Why should the part-time workers, the people who deliver your groceries, Dani, why should they be taking all the risks while we sit comfortably in our castles working from home?”

I wouldn’t exactly call my condo a castle. I mean it’s nice and all, but—

“It’s not fair and we need to do something about it.”

I sat up and propped a pillow against my headboard. “Amber honey, I’m a software developer. If these folks need a tweak to their supply chain program because of new tax rates, I’m your gal, but other than that…”



“Help me make some masks, Dani. Give these front-line workers the protection they need in the time of crisis. Don’t make them go out there risking infection for minimum wage.”

Ask not what your grocery delivery driver can do for you, but what you can do for your grocery delivery driver. Amber, you should have gone into politics.

“Amber, honey…”

“Switch over to FaceTime.”


“Just do it.”

I did.

There was Amber’s smiling face. She had her blonde hair pulled up into a cute little pony tail high up on her head that made her look a little like a Muppet. But, one of the adorable girl Muppets. Not that I’m into Muppets.

My Amber Muppet was wearing glasses.

And nothing else.

“Am—” was all I could manage of her name before my jaw fell in my lap.

“Dani, listen to me.” Amber was saying this as she sat there, apparently perched at the breakfast bar where we once shared a delicious dinner of her creation. But, this time she was topless and was actively engaged in caressing her nipples to make them stand at attention.

I propped my cell up on my nightstand, switched to speaker phone and listened the best I could.

“Dani. You have a sewing machine.”

“Umm.” I did. It was my grandmother’s.

“I have yards and yards of fabric that’s been donated. I have elastic. I have patterns that show you exactly how to sew the masks.”


“Dani, do you need some time to take care of your needs?”

That snapped me back to reality. “What?”

“Dani, everybody does it. It’s healthy. If you want to pet your kitty while you ogle my boobies then go ahead.”

Tempting. Kitty does need some love.

“Jesus, Amber.”

“Religion has nothing to do with it, Dani. If you want to finger yourself while I play with my tits, just let me know.”

“It’s six in the morning, Amber.” But I did let my hand gravitate toward the vintage gym shorts I put on before bed last night.

“Morning sex is so good, Dani.”

What happened to my girlfriend during quarantine? Had she been abducted by aliens and transformed into a cybernetic sexbot or something?

“Amber I… Do you always do this when you want something?”

We hadn’t been dating that long, she could… probably did… have a few secrets.

“Dani, listen to me. I know I’ve got great tits. Girls check me out. Boys check me out. Great tits come in very handy in my canlı bahis şirketleri line of work. So I figure why not use what I’ve got?”

I swallowed hard. “Amber, how many people have you uhh…”

“How many people have I shown my boobies to? Not many. There was this boy in high school while I was still in denial about my sexuality. That was, meh. But, then in college—”

“You know what? Forget it. I shouldn’t have asked. Who you undress for is your business.”


“Um, yeah?”

“Are you going to pet the kitty or do you want to know more about how we’re going to be making the masks?”

I pushed my shorts to the side. Didn’t even bother to take them off, just moved the gaping leg opening enough to gain access.



“Would you mind licking your finger so I can imagine my tongue is circling—”

I didn’t even get the words out of my mouth by the time Amber had swallow her right index finger to the second knuckle. She tossed her head back as she slowly pulled it out again. There was a low moaning coming from my phone.

Holy crap, my girlfriend’s a high-priced stripper! She never said how she paid her way through college. Maybe…

Maybe she was, maybe she wasn’t. Maybe I didn’t care. I slid my hand higher up my thigh. Kitty sure didn’t care. She was purring.

Amber was still moaning as she slowly dragged her moistened finger down over her throat and past the notch of her collarbone.

“Daniii.” Her moaning had turned to a single, sultry, drawn out whisper of my name.

I plunged my finger in. Oh, God.

Somehow I managed to get my other hand past the elastic waistband of my shorts with just enough room to give myself some external stimulation.

Amber was busy circling her left nipple. It was hard and crinkled. I could even see it glistening. Thank goodness for this new phone and its hi-res display with more than enough detail to make that out.

That was stupid. Who thinks about the specs of their phone display while their girlfriend is on the other end enjoying herself. Me, I guess.

“Dani?” she whispered again. “Are you wet?”

“Mm-hmm.” And then, from nowhere, I let out a little squeak.

What the hell? I never make noises like that. Not even— Oh, God, Amber. What now?

My girlfriend was clearly tugging at her nipples. Both hands, both tits. Pulling. Twisting?

“Amber?” My shorts were soaked.

“Dani,” she whispered. “Does this get you hot?”

“Umm…” I rubbed a little harder and my eyelids fluttered just a bit. “Be nice to them.”

“I want you to suck on them, Dani. Do you want to?” Amber was hoisting her lovely flesh, attempting to guide it to her mouth. She was well enough endowed that I thought she just might pull it off.

“Oh, fff—” I yanked my shorts down to mid-thigh and scissored my legs like a mad woman trying to coax them off. I got one leg out. Good enough.

I spread my thighs.

“Yes, Amber.”


“Yes. Yes, I want your tits in my mouth. I want to suck them.”

Amber made it up just past her chin. Her tongue closed the distance. In a way it was almost sexier than if she had wrapped her lips around herself. This way I could see what was going on instead of imagining.

On the screen of my phone, Amber’s tongue circled. Between my thighs, I sent my fingers circling in double-time, imagining it as her tongue. With the finger of my other hand I found my favorite slippery bundle of nerve endings.



Oh shit, I just called her baby. I’ve never called her baby before. Have we been dating long enough for me to call her—?

“Dani? How do I taste?”

“Mmm… Ohh… So good, ba— Amber.”

I squeezed down on my finger, increasing canlı kaçak iddaa the friction just a little.



“You can call me baby if you want to. I like it when it’s you saying it.”

Jesus, does she read minds? How in the hell… oh, fuck it.

“Baby,” I said, my eyes barely able to focus on the image of Amber on my phone screen. “Baby, you’re making me hot.”

“Try to hang in there. I want to get my pants off.”

What? Wait, what?

“I’m sure it’s not exactly what you had in mind for our first time.”

I had a clear view of Amber’s bouncy blonde Muppet ponytail for a moment, and then nothing, as she dismounted the breakfast bar stool and bent forward to coax off whatever she was wearing on her bottom half.

She stood up again. “You want to know how I pictured it? I was hoping we could come together. At the same time. Would you like to do that with me?”

Amber only had one hand pawing at her chest now. The other was out of view. I assumed out of view for a good reason. And, as she arched her back and moaned softly, I assumed my guess was correct.

“I’ve got some catching up to do Dani. Can you hold on for me?”

Jesus, my girlfriend is a fuck monster. A cybernetically enhanced alien fuck monster from another galaxy, sent here to destroy me with the agonizing torture of just out of reach orgasms.

“Yeah, baby,” I slurred. This was not going to be easy.

“You can do it.”

Amber sure had a lot more confidence in my abilities than I did. The way my right leg was starting to shake all on its own did not give me much reason to think we’d be crossing the finish line together.

“Amber? Baby?”


“Not too long, okay? I’m really—”

“I know Dani. It feels so good thinking about you inside me. Having your fingers filling me up. And your tongue…” Amber threw her head back and moaned.

“Dani?” Amber’s face was on the screen again. She looked to be in about as bad of shape as me.


“I’m close now.”

“Ungggh. Me t—too.”



“Come with me?”

“Are you—?”

Apparently, that wasn’t so much of a question as a command, because I had a clear view of Amber’s chin as she tossed her head back again and resumed moaning—much louder than before. I decided that was her green light for me to pick up the pace and drive on toward the cliff.

Amber’s phone was shaking, or Amber was shaking, because her image was mostly a blur on my screen. Maybe it was me shaking. It didn’t matter much, because I couldn’t really keep my eyes open as I clenched down.

“Amber? Baby?”


That was it. The signal I had been waiting for. Amber was coming apart. Miles away, through the miracle of modern technology, I was witnessing Amber’s orgasm. It looked like a good one.

I tried to watch her on the screen. Instead, my eyelids fluttered and my eyes refused to focus. I let out a moan instead and kept rubbing.

“Ohh… ohhh… Gawd, baby!”

“Come with me, Dani.”

“Oh, Amber. Baby. Oh… fff— Unghhh.”

I’ve heard that when it’s really good, you see fireworks. I’ve always thought that was a metaphor, or something people made up just to brag. I’d never seen fireworks. Not until now.

My body quivered involuntarily and I blew out a long, shuddering sigh as the pyrotechnics show flashed behind my eyes.


“Mmm. Baby?”

On the other end of the line, I heard Amber snicker. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah.” I opened my eyes. Amber was still topless on the screen of my phone, her chest flushed pink. Her ponytail looked like it had given up on trying to stay straight and Muppet-like. Her eyes were just puffy slits.

She pushed her glasses canlı kaçak bahis back into place.

I imagined how I must look.

“I hope it was alright for our first time together,” she said, almost apologetically.

“Baby,” I said. “It was perfect.”

I watched Amber’s lips spread into a wide smile.

“Good,” she said. “I’m glad.”

For a while, neither one of us felt the need to say anything. Amber moved over to her couch, propping her phone on the coffee table, and we just sort of stared at each other.

“I’m sorry the Pride Prom got canceled,” I said, finally. “I know you were looking forward to it.”

“Guess who still has all the decorations crammed into every corner of her bedroom.”

I grinned. “Maybe it was good that our first time was like this. I’d hate to get tangled up in some crepe paper or something as I was stumbling for the bathroom.”

Amber smiled, but declined to add anything more. I couldn’t think of anything to say either. It didn’t seem like anything needed saying.


“Baby?” I watched Amber for a reaction. She grinned.

“Dani,” she said. “I’m going to miss out on snuggling with you.”

“I know, baby. I’m sorry.”

“Maybe tomorrow?” she said. “Maybe tomorrow when I drop off the fabric. Maybe we can sneak a kiss. Would that be alright?”


“For the masks, Dani. You are going to help me make the masks, aren’t you? Think about your grocery delivery driver, Dani. Put yourself in their shoes for a minute. Risking your health for minimum wage.”



“It’s okay. I’ll help you make the masks.”

“You’re the best, Dani.”

I paused and swallowed. I was about to ask a question that I wasn’t sure I wanted to know the answer to. I should probably just keep my mouth shut in such a situation, but…



“Did you get naked for me just so I would help you with your mask project?”

Amber said nothing for a moment.

“Dani. How do I say this…”

I held my breath.

“I’ve been hoping we would get to this point in our relationship. But with being stuck inside and all… Dani, I was… No, I didn’t do it to get you to help me with my project. I’ve just been going a little stir crazy all by myself. It seemed like a good excuse to… but now… maybe…”

Amber’s voice trailed off.


That got me another smile.

“It was perfect,” I said. “Thank you.” I let out another sigh. “I really wish I could be there to snuggle up to you while I tell you how much I appreciated your efforts. If it were up to me—”

“Oh, gawd, Dani. If it were up to you we might be up to holding hands at the movies by next month. If we were lucky.”

“I’m not that—”

“You are.”

I chuckled. “You’re right.”


“Baby.” Another smile.

“Thanks for helping me with the masks. It really means a lot.”

“Thanks for the motivation.”

I watched Amber pick up her phone and bring it up to plant a super close-up kiss on the camera. I did the same.

“Until next time?” she said.

“Until next time.”

I swallowed hard against the lump in my throat. “Amber. Baby. I think I—”

Too late, she had already disconnected.

I knocked the pillow down from my headboard and clutched it to my chest.


The End



If you liked it, let me know in the comments, particularly if you also read Free Gravy. I’d love to know what you think of this new couple—shy introspective Dani and the very outgoing, but sometimes insecure Amber.

What else can you see them doing? Maybe even suggest a title too, if you’re up for it. Like, ‘Amber from Marketing: Something Something Something’, giving them a chance at another adventure.

I’m not promising I’ll make a series out of these two characters, but they are a lot of fun, and we’re still in isolation mode, so you never know.

Thanks for reading!


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