An Accidental Incident

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Hey, everyone. I’m a long-time reader but first time poster, so I appreciate criticism, but try not to be too harsh! I’ll learn things about what formatting looks good and everything else from this story, so excuse me if the presentation is a little rough around the edges.

Usually when I read stories I find a very fine line between what is contrived enough to be funny, and what’s just too contrived to be any degree of realistic, which I just find annoying. I think this story teeters on the edge of the latter to be honest, but I had fun writing it, and I hope you all have fun reading it too. I wrote this as a standalone, but if anyone is interested in a sequel or anything, let me know, and suggest ideas too, if you want!

Also, sorry about the names! I initially had a second sister who I cut out, but I left her name all over the place, which reading it back I noticed made no sense at all- it was pretty jarring. I guess that’s why you use editors, huh? It should all be fixed now, so sorry if you read the stupid version.


“Dan! Get up!”

“I’m coming, mum” Dan yelled back, dragging himself out of bed and heading downstairs, still groggy and bed-headed from a bad night’s sleep. His watch read 9:02, or as his brain saw it, “far too early to be out of bed.”

Dan walked into the living room to find his mother and sister already dressed, made-up, and clearly more awake than he was. His mother, Carol, was wearing tight white jeans and a light blue tank top. The jeans hugged her wide hips and made her butt look perfect, whereas the tank top allowed more than its fair share of cleavage to peek out of the neckline. His sister, Claire, was dressed more modestly in a white sundress they went down to her ankles. The dark hair she shared with her family was tinted slightly red, and was tied in a ponytail. Her smaller, perkier breasts seemed to defy gravity as they stuck out from her chest, but perhaps that came from being just eighteen, Dan thought.

Dan didn’t exactly make a habit of eyeing up his family, but he considered that they had clearly tried to make themselves look especially good for a reason. If he was judging, he would say they had definitely succeeded.

“Claire and I have some shopping to do in town. We’ll probably get some coffee and lunch while we’re out, so we’ll be a few hours.” His mum said, zipping a coat over her generous chest

“…Ok.” Dan scratched his head, confused. “So why do I need to be up?” He asked, strongly regretting his decision to get out of bed at all.

“My new laptop should be arriving today, but the courier didn’t give a time. I need you to be in the living room while we’re gone so you can hear when the guy knocks at the door” Claire said.

“Fine” Dan sighed. His old PS3 was in the living room anyway, so it wasn’t like he had nothing to do.

“Thanks! Love you!” Claire squealed as she picked up her handbag and left the room. “Come on, casino oyna mum!”

Their mother picked up her own bag and hung in the doorway of the living room before turning around and speaking to Dan.

“I know it isn’t fun, but she’s been super excited about this. For all we know it could arrive in ten minutes and then you can go back to sleep or something” she smiled sincerely, her kind, brown eyes lighting up. She left the room, but with a raised voice asked “Is there anything you want me to pick up while we’re out?”

“No, I’m good thanks!” Dan shouted back. A few seconds later, after the sound of shuffling to put on shoes and fumbling in bags for door keys had faded, he heard the front door open down the hall, followed by it slamming shut a few seconds later. Dan sighed again and collapsed onto the sofa. He ruffled his own dark hair and reached for the TV remote.

Half an hour later there still hadn’t been any sign of a delivery person, and Dan was starting to get bored. He booted up his PS3 and played a game for another hour but still heard nothing. It was only 10:30, and his family wouldn’t be home for hours. By his guess, he probably had at a minimum of another three hours to loiter in the living room until his sister could take over his role.

Dan headed up to the bathroom, assuming for at least a few minutes that that would be ok. He looked at himself in the mirror, and saw the same tall, skinny nineteen year-old he always did, with lank hair hanging slightly over his eyes, and dressed in a black t-shirt and grey sweatpants. He stripped off and took a much quicker shower than he would have liked. He toweled his hair dry as he always did, but was struck by the thought that he would be home alone for at least a few more hours. Enticed by the thought of walking around naked, he stuffed his clothes in the laundry basket and headed back downstairs completely nude. Should he need it, his dressing gown hung on a hook by the front door for when he needed to answer the door.

He sat back on the sofa completely naked with his laptop beside him. Filled with a sudden naughty surge of exhibitionism, he opened one of his favourite porn videos from his bookmarks and started to tease himself into an erection right there on the living room sofa.

Dan dragged out his masturbation for another half an hour, skimming through an impressive variety of porn as he did so. He was unusually proud and confident about the size of his penis, which his research told him was just slightly bigger than average. Dwelling on that for a second, he ran his hand up and down his reasonable length with a burst of renewed vigour and pride. Half an hour of teasing was enough for him to let loose and really enjoy a decently long orgasm. He needed it by this point, as his cock was almost uncomfortably swollen.

Just as he began to stroke himself through the final stretch, he heard a soft, scratching noise. He kept rubbing his canlı casino rod as he came right up to the point of no return. Then, however, he heard a much more distinctive sound. The front door opening, and the sound of his mother laughing as she stepped through it.

“We spent more than we thought we would at the store, so we skipped lunch. Claire is bringing the rest of the bags from the car!” His mother shouted from the front door. Dan bolted upright in a panic. There was no way he could get to the staircase and hide in his bedroom before his mother came out of the cloakroom, and he would have to cross her path to get to the downstairs bathroom. He looked around frantically as he heard footsteps approaching. He grabbed the only thing he could find- a t-shirt from off a radiator, pulled it over his head, and sat at the dining table, pulling his chair forward to hide his lower half.

“Hey, honey.” His mum sounded surprisingly cheery as she waddled into the room, each arm laden with several heavy shopping bags. She dropped them all onto the floor with a sigh of relief.

“H…Hey, mum!” Dan replied, intending to make a break for the stairs the moment she turned her back.

“I’m starving, and I was going to make Claire something too. You want a sandwich?”

“Yeah. Ok. Thanks.” Dan stuttered.

His mom sat down opposite him, placing a bowl of salad on the table in front of her. She leaned forward to place a sandwich on a plate in front of Dan- her cleavage spilling over the front of her top. Dan’s boner received a fresh surge of blood under the table as he was reminded of how uncomfortably close it was to his mother- pointing at her like a missile facing its target.

Carol smiled briefly before starting on her own food. Dan thought that surely he must be visibly sweating. He was sat with his arms crossed on the table in front him, trying to hide any possibility of Carol seeing his naked lower half. He forced a strained smile back at her while trying to push from his mind the fact that he was sporting a raging erection. Despite the risk, Dan gave into the fatal temptation almost against the will of his sane mind, like an instinct, and slipped one hand under the table to give himself a long, slow, stroke. He shuddered and gritted his teeth. Dan found himself in such an aroused state of mind that he thought he might find literally anything sexy. The way his mother slipped a whole cherry tomato into her mouth, and licked the juice from her lips moreso than anything.

“What’s up? Are you ok?” His mom asked, lowering the fork she had been about to place into her mouth and looking at him with concern.

“No, I’m ok. Really” He replied, lifting his sandwich to hide the flushed cheeks he knew he must have.

“Ok.” Carol said, looking into his eyes and poking blindly at her salad bowl with her fork. “If you need anything, you can always…oops!”

Carol had been only half paying attention to kaçak casino her food, causing her fork to slip between her fingers and clatter loudly onto the wooden floor.

Dan looked stunned, but before he could even register what had happened and tell himself to say something, his mother had already pushed back her chair and bowed her head under the table. The panic, embarrassment, and horror Dan felt seemed to drag the next few seconds out for agonising hours, but still his raging erection stood proudly. He stopped his heavy, panicked breathing just enough to listen.

Carol reached under the table, and for a second or two scanned the ground for her dropped fork. Slowly, she raised her eyes, and it took her a second to realise that the angry, bulbous purple thing staring right back at her was the head of the long, engorged penis bursting from between her son’s inexplicably nude legs. Completely stunned, she could offer no more than a high-pitched, soft “Oh!” of pure surprise.

That was it. He heard the gasp from under the table, and it was just too cute and innocent to not finally push him over the edge. He gripped the table and grunted, slamming his eyes shut as his almost painfully swollen penis finally got its release. He couldn’t see, but he felt pulse after violent pulse of thick semen shooting from his member as a huge wave of pleasure and relief washed over him. For a split second at least he pushed from his mind the almost immediate consequences of what had happened and chose to enjoy the moment. The final few half-hearted bursts dripped to the floor as his cock had already begun to soften.

Dan’s mother emerged from under the table, with a look of complete bewilderment on her face. Coating her face were ropes and ropes of Daniel’s sticky white seed, clinging to her pink lips, dripping from stands of hair and the tip of her nose, with perfect lines painted up one of her cheeks. One of her eyes was shut as semen dripped over from a particularly large glob in her eyebrow. She looked like she had been involved in a pretty extensive bukakke, as drops dripped from her face down to her chest. Carol wiped the semen from her eyes with the very tips of her fingers, as if afraid to touch it, still with a slightly mystified expression on her face. She looked across the table for a moment at Dan, who was wearing the most mortified face she had seen in her life. Dan opened his mouth, but could do nothing but stutter sounds as his mother ran from the table to the bathroom.

“Dan, did anything come today…” Claire’s voice came from around a corner, and she momentarily met her mother in the door frame. Four or five times they each tried to wordlessly pass the other by stepping in the same direction, before Carol pushed past her daughter, leaving Claire looking as bewildered as she just had.

“Umm… What the hell just happened, Dan!?” She asked. “Was that what it looked like on her face?”

Dan stood up, silently, and ignored the gasp of surprise from Claire as she clapped her hands over her mouth at the sight of her brother’s semi-hard penis. He walked, dazed, down the hall to the other bathroom to clean himself up…

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