An Edible Journey Ch. 01

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Trina and I have been married for 6 years, but we’ve known each other for 12 years and have been fucking like rabbits for 11 of those years! We lived in different cities for the first few so whenever we did get together we spent most of it in bed. We learned early on that we had similar turn-ons, kinks and desires, but neither of us had shared them with anyone else because they seemed too out there. That sounds really quaint after reading some of the stories posted on Literotica’s site.

The funny thing is at the time we told each other about this particular desire, we had no idea it had such a charming name – the only creampie I’d ever known was the kind you bought from the store – nor did we know that there were so many others out there who loved the same thing.

So there we are in a swank hotel room in D.C. We’ve been fucking and sucking each other for what seemed like hours, I’d just pulled out and shot my load all over Trina’s, at the time, hairy cunt and was gently rubbing the slippery mix of my cum and her juices around her clit trying to get her off one more time. Needless to say, it was a beautiful sight. My cum has always been rather thick and viscous – I can’t shoot any distance when I erupt, but I make up for it in volume and nice thick strands that stay where they land rather than running off like water. So I’m right there with my face inches from her cunt and like I said it was gorgeous – Trina’s pubic hair were matted with strands of the milky mixture, it was coating my fingers, and was swirled around her clit and labia – I couldn’t help myself, I dove right in and started licking and sucking her very wet and sloppy cunt! I wasn’t sure if she would like it, and part of me was afraid she’s think I was some kind of weirdo – eating my own sperm like that, but there was no stopping me. And after maybe a moment of hesitation, Trina started grinding her wide open cunt into my face like there was no tomorrow! She was bucking her hips off the bed with multiple orgasms and I was holding on while sucking on her to get every last drop. It was magnificent!

After we caught our breath I told her I’d always wanted to do that, but for some reason never had. I told her I fantasized about it a lot and thought the sight of creamy cum dripping out of a well fucked cunt was a super turn on for me, but I never actually did it. (Now, I know I’m not the only one who suffers from the dreaded after spurt blues, so thinking about and doing never came together, so to speak.) Then she shocked me.

First she told me that she’d had another boyfriend who liked to taste himself after they fucked and she’d enjoyed it, but thought it was just one of his quirks and nothing more. Then when I asked her if she had any fantasies she hadn’t shared with anyone else, she said she’d always wanted to be fucked really hard, have the guy shoot deep inside her, then stand over him and let it run out and drip all over his face and chest while he lay beneath her! She wanted to see it dripping, she wanted to see it splash on her partner’s face with his mouth wide open, and watch him roll his own cum and hers around on his tongue – in other words she wanted to see it all. Right then I knew I’d found my carnal match, my soul mate!

Over the years of our intimate courtship and marriage we learned almost everything about canlı bahis each other. Why I say “almost everything” will become clear as our story progresses. We shared fantasies and desires and, while they’re not a perfect match, they’re plenty close enough to turn us on like crazy! We also stopped worrying whether our sexual proclivities were weird, or that someone else might think we were perverts or debauched, we knew what we liked and that’s all that mattered. To hell with white bread or vanilla sex!

But a little kink is one thing, how’d it come to pass that my lovely wife, a pillar of suburban living, is underneath it all a ravenous cum-slut, who gets off watching filthy, German porn – with its massive dicks spurting copious amounts of “sperma” all over normal looking women who don’t look like they’re faking enjoyment – who gets turned on by making our own sloppy porn videos and photos, even though she doesn’t care to watch them afterwards (I certainly do!), and who loves nothing better than the feel, taste, and sight of creamy cum sprayed across her face, tits, and snatch! Trina credits me with releasing her inner slut and awakening her to the joys of cum-play, but I know better. Those attributes were always there, she was born with them, they just needed a little nudge to release them.

As I mentioned earlier, Trina and I each had creampie desires, but we were slow in the delivery department. And I’ll confess that most of the problem was with me. I wanted it so badly, I dreamed about it, I’d talk to Trina about it while we were fucking, and then the moment I’d shoot my wad, I’d be hit with that all too familiar feeling – the desire faded and I’d cop out. I’d disappoint Trina, who I’m sure figured I just liked the talk, but not walk the walk, and I’d be disappointed in myself for another missed opportunity.

Finally, I realized I had to fess up about what was going on with me. If I really wanted this, Trina had to know that she was going to have to take charge. First let me explain, even though Trina is no pushover in the real world, in the bedroom she enjoys being submissive – she likes nothing better than to have me slap her ass and tell her to suck my cock. She’s not a total submissive, but it’s something she enjoys more so than being the aggressor. So when I told her she was going to have to take charge and demand a clean-up, she was a bit hesitant. Thank god that hesitancy passed in a flash once she got a taste of it – Trina version 2.0, — creampie dominatrix queen to the rescue!

Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons have always been our time for non-vanilla sex. During the week, when we’ve both worked all day we make love and go to sleep, but Saturday’s and Sunday’s have always been our days to FUCK. Even so, this particular Saturday was special. We’d toyed with each other all week, hinting at the tasty dessert in store for me on Saturday, and this time it was going to be different – she was not going to take no for an answer. The anticipation for both of us was almost cruel – any time I touched her she was dripping wet, and she’d return the favor by giving my crotch a few quick rubs and saying I’d have to wait until the weekend to get relief. (It reminded me of when we lived in different cities and she’d tease me over the phone until I’d end up with a pre-cum wet spot on my bahis siteleri pants!) I couldn’t wait for Saturday night to arrive, I was ready to burst, and given the weeklong bout of teasing I knew I’d have a huge load for her!

Still, we didn’t want to rush things when the special night finally arrived. A nice leisurely dinner, followed by a couple of stiff cocktails, and a healthy dose of additional teasing and we were on our way to the bedroom. I had the camera ready on the nightstand just in case, snapped my leather cock ring on (Trina loves the way it looks), made sure her vibrator was within easy reach, and cued up a favorite, and particularly cumshot-filled, porn DVD into the player. I’ll tell you right now, neither of us likes the dime a dozen creampie porn videos where the silicone-enhanced porn starlet struggles to push out the guy’s load and pretends she’s enjoying it – definitely not our thing.

Whenever we’re in our “hot-sex” mode, like this particular evening, it begins with me kissing her lips and neck and working my way down with a lingering stop at her bite-sized tits. Trina loves having her nipples kissed and gently sucked before she begs me to bite them. Her quick intake of air, followed by a deep moan as I apply just the right amount of pressure with my teeth always gets me going. Turning her on is my greatest turn on! I continue on my journey south, kissing my way to her mound, where I stop to inhale her musky fragrance, slide my fingers into her slippery, inviting cunt, and then position myself so I can lick up her juices with abandon. All the while Trina is moaning in pleasure, and giving me a play by play on what’s going on with the video. She’ll tell me to stop and watch when a particularly large and shapely cock is in action, or a momentous cum-shot is blasting away on screen. She loves it as much as I do and right about then one of us will say how we’d love to be in the middle of the scene playing out in front of us! what it would feel like being in the scene together. I can understand her appreciation of a nice, thick, shapely cock, but it’s the fact that she gets off on seeing it ejaculate all over some woman’s face, tits, or cunt that’s a turn on for me.

These video interruptions serve to get us even hotter than we were, but at the same time they stop us from rushing to the main event. I’ll keep licking and sucking her delicious cunt for awhile, then climb on top of her and we’ll fuck for awhile, and then alternate between fucking and eating her until neither one of us can take it any longer. Ideally, she’ll orgasm a couple of times in the process and by this time she’s literally begging to suck my cock before we fuck some more. I’ve got to be careful with that, Trina is gifted when it comes to oral skills, and I know if I let her she’ll suck me dry even when we’ve been talking about creampies all week! One of us has to have will power, and this time it’s me – she gets a taste (of both of us), but that’s it, only a taste!

Next thing you know I’m on my back, Trina climbs on top of me and slides my hard cock in to the hilt. Trina likes the reverse cowgirl position a lot. She can rub her clit if she feels the urge, watch the action on screen, and most importantly, she knows I’m weak in this position and can’t last long when she starts riding up and down on me. bahis şirketleri The delicious feeling of slamming my cock deep inside her combined with the wet smacking sounds and watching her ass bouncing up and down on me quickly becomes too much. I grab the camera because I know I’m not going to last and I take some photos of her cunt grabbing my cock as she slides up and down. She’ll rise up until just the head is inside her and I’ve got a perfect view of her lips and ass – snap goes the camera – then she drops back and I plunge deep inside her – snap goes the camera as she starts to rise again. Then I hear it – “Don’t think you’re getting off easy this time, mister, I know you’re going to shoot soon, and it’s going to be a big one! When I’m done with you, you’re going to lick me clean, you’re going to suck every last drop out my cunt – I’ve waited all week for this!”

Who could hold back after that? Trina was riding and rocking on top of me like crazy, the camera was forgotten for the moment and all I could do was hold her hips and meet her every thrust just as hard with one of my own. “I can’t take it, I’m gonna cum,” I shouted, followed by a lot of guttural grunts and gasps as I let loose inside her, spasming over and over again, shooting my thick semen deep inside Trina’s cunt as she had her third or fourth orgasm right along with me! I was whooped, totally spent, and yet she kept riding me trying for one more big “O”– the greedy bitch! She got it too!

I was feeling that usual feeling – OK, I’m done and so is she, let’s stop for now, we can always do a creampie some other time… Thank goodness, Trina had a different idea in mind! “Grab the camera and take some pictures, I want to see it,” she commanded. “I want to see what you’re going to eat!” As she said this she rose up and my quickly deflating cock slipped out and plopped against my belly. It was covered in a frothy mixture of Trina’s juices and my semen – so I did as I was told and took pictures. Remember, Trina had been riding me facing my feet, so I had a great view of her now, well-fucked, and cum-covered cunt. She leaned forward and relaxed for a few minutes with her upper body and head resting against my legs – her ass in the air and cunt spread wide open for me to feast my eyes on – and I took some more photos. With each flash Trina would sway her ass back and forth to change the shot. By now a thin, sticky strand of my cum was dangling from her lips, swaying like a pendulum with the rocking of her hips, and I could see more of the slivery mixture in the opening of Trina’s beautiful cunt

I was mesmerized by the sight of it, but I was still hesitant. As much as I knew I wanted to do it, there was that stupid part of me that held back. Fortunately, Trina came through for us. “How does it look,” she asked? “Are you ready? Actually, I don’t care if you are or not, you’re going to eat me now!” And with that she leaned backwards and pushed her sopping wet cunt into my face – so I did as I was told again – I licked her clean and sucked every last drop out of her! All hesitancy was gone and I ate with gusto, enjoying every second of it, loving the taste and feel of our combined juices gushing from deep inside her as she ground her cunt into my face and she climaxed again.

We crossed a threshold with this episode. My initial hesitancy after orgasming will probably always be there, but now we’ve both seen how easy it is to overcome and we’ve both reaped the rewards of what a little assertiveness can deliver. That, and we have other adventures to share.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32