An Incest Birthday Finale Ch. 01

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I’ve decided to split this last chapter down into two sections for two reasons, one, the holiday season is still passing, as I’m on vacation, and I haven’t really touched it since I left off at the half mark, so rather than make you wait another month I’ll put out the half I did finish, and two, it stretches out the story longer. I originally was only gonna make the finale about 40 pages, but I couldn’t send it off like that, so doing it in two halves forces me to do it right, which is what I wanna do, which is why the first half is 32 pages long. With all that being said, I had a great time writing this story and thank you to everyone who enjoyed it over the years, this really is my crowning achievement. And now I’ll shut up and let you read. 🙂


We made it. I couldn’t believe we were actually here. It had been a whole year since the incident that changed our lives forever. It was our birthday and our one year anniversary all rolled into one, and I would make it a day Rita would never forget. I made sure I woke up before she did so I could get an early start on the day. I planned to have a pampering type thing for her throughout the entire day with everyone helping me out, well everyone who knows about us that is, anyone else just thinks it’s another spoiled day or something. I have Chris helping me out on my end staying ahead of everything and I have Ashley on the women’s end making sure she’s beautified and ready to go by the end of the day. Ashley actually volunteered to help, stating that she’d give her the full spoiled girl treatment throughout the day to ensure she was as beautiful as she could be, and all with no charge to me. Taking a couple bullets for her really seems to have its advantages.

I had to wake up and sneak out of the bed at 6:30 just to ensure we didn’t wake up at the same time, and with her being excited the day before about our anniversary coming up I knew she would get us as soon as possible, so I kept her up as long as I could, which turned out to be two in the morning before she made herself go to sleep. I set her alarm on her phone to go off at eight so she would get some amount of sleep and not sleep the day away. I had a few things planned for her and the way things play out with women you’d rather have too much time than not enough time, so I wanted to be safe. I snuck out of the house and went over to Chris’ after leaving a note on our bed for whenever she woke. If my plan worked we wouldn’t see each other until we were to have dinner tonight, and she would be just as anxious to see me as I would be to see her. I had the whole day planned out, it was just a matter of staying ahead of Rita and keeping her interested in everything going on around her, which I thought I pulled off pretty well, but only time would tell just how well.


My alarm on my phone woke me out of my sleep, but I didn’t remember setting an alarm on my phone yesterday, in fact, I’ve never set one on that phone, but then I realized what today was, and I knew Randy set it to make sure we didn’t oversleep for our day. It was exactly one year ago we realized what we really meant to each other, and like him I wanted to enjoy every minute of this day. I shut the alarm off and rolled over all giddy to wake him up only to notice he wasn’t there, just an empty sheet where his body was. Confused, I flipped the sheets back and saw a note folded under it. I perked up when I saw my name written on it with a rose stamped around it. I smiled as I read the card to myself.

“Rita. This night is ours, but the day belongs to you. 9:30, The Breakfast Club, some familiar faces will be waiting for you.”

I smiled and had a mini giggling session in our bed and got up to head to the bathroom. Randy had laid out an outfit for me to wear with a rose across it. I smiled as I picked it up and smelled it, anxious to see what he had planned for me.


“So everything’s set for the day right?” I asked Ashley over the phone.

“Yep. We’re all good to go. Once she meets your mother and aunt at the breakfast place I’ll take it from there. Do you want your mom and aunt to come too?” Ashley asked.

“For the manicure and the massage thing yeah, for everything else no. I don’t want Rita to get distracted by mom and Aunt Lisa trying to eat, especially the shopping part too.”

“Yeah women are already notorious for shopping anyway, but they take it to a whole other level. Becky, dana, and Carina don’t have to go either if you want?”

“No they’re ok, as long as they don’t know what’s going on they’ll think it’s normal.”

“If they suspect anything I’ll just say it’s her birthday and that’ll kill any suspicions.”

“That works too. Thanks again Ashley. I could never pull this off by myself.”

“Don’t even worry about it. very least I could do after all you did for me.”

“Yeah. Well I’m gonna get a little sleep. I had to keep Rita up late so I’d be able to sneak out on her. I knew she’d be wide awake today and I don’t wanna be casino oyna

tired at all today.”

“You should be good until the end of the day. All you have to do is stay away from us, don’t answer your phone if Rita calls, and make sure you’re at the place before us tonight dressed and waiting for us, you got the easy part. All your notes are already in place waiting for her.”

“Perfect. I’ll see you guys tonight then. I’ll call and check on things every once in a while.”

“Yeah yeah, go get some sleep, you got an anniversary to get ready for later.”

“Yeah I do. Thanks again Ash, I’ll see you later.”

“So how’s it looking? Everything going according to the plan?” Chris asked.

“Yep. Ashley took care of everything. As long as I stay ahead of her we’re ok.”

“Can’t mess up there, all you have to do is not be late to the only place you gotta be at.”

“Yeah, but you know how crap always seems to happen in situations like these, so I’ll be there like two hours early, just in case there’s traffic or our car breaks down or aliens decide to land on our planet at that exact moment. I’m not gonna mess this up.”

“We got it man, but for now I’m going back to sleep. We don’t need to get up now so we got a few hours to do nothing, I suggest you get back to sleep too while you can.”

“I am, I already set my alarm to get up at noon. Our day’s not as full as the girls but I still wanna be up and about in case anything happens.”

“That sounds like something to worry about after we get up. Good night man.”

Before I could say anything else he rolled over and went to sleep. I was on my way to do the same thing but I couldn’t help but be excited for the day I knew Rita was about to have. I wished I could be there to watch somehow as everything happened, but I’d have my time with her at the end of the day, and the rest of our lives to come.


I pulled up to The Breakfast Club literally with about half a minute to spare. You’d think with everything done for me but my hair I could be ready in time, but no, story of my life. I parked and went into the restaurant not knowing what I was looking for, but kept my eyes open for anything familiar. I went around to the other side of the restaurant before I saw mom and Aunt Lisa sitting in a booth in the corner waving me over to them.

“What are you guys doing here? I didn’t see your cars parked outside,” I said.

“You weren’t supposed to, we parked across the street to surprise you,” mom said.

“Sneaky. I actually thought I was gonna be meeting Randy here.”

“Oh are we not good enough? Don’t wanna be seen in public with us?” Aunt Lisa joked.

“Haha nope your oldness might rub off on me. Randy left a note saying meet here, I just thought I was meeting him. you guys will fill in nicely though.”

“Nice recovery, and don’t think I didn’t hear you call us old,” mom said.

“Yeah you don’t look a day over 45,” I laughed. “I’ve always wanted to come here. We ride past it all the time but it never crossed my mind to actually come in.”

“That’s because you always stuff your face at home before you come out. It’s pretty good here, we already ordered for you… bacon, eggs, sausage, and waffles with lots of syrup.”

“Oooooooooh my favey! I’m not gonna be able to move the rest of the day!”

“Speaking of the rest of the day, do you know what else Randy has planned for you?”

“Not a clue. I was surprised to find a note in bed instead of him. I don’t know how he snuck off, usually I know when he gets up, maybe I was just tired.”

“Yeah from all that late night sex you were having last night, we heard you,” Aunt Lisa said.

“No we were actually quiet last night. You heard the porn we were watching.”

“What are you looking up new moves to try? Kids these days…”

“I like how no matter what the conversation starts out as it always ends up turning to sex.”

“We’re a table full of nymphos, of course we’re gonna talk about sex all the time!” mom said. “But anyway, have you figured anything out for the move to Seattle?”

“Yeah we pretty much figured out when we wanna go, and the area we wanna stay in, but that’s about it. We don’t know if we should get a house or an apartment, jobs in that area, whether or not we can bring Tibbles with us, there’s still so much to figure out.”

“Well you should definitely get an apartment, unless you’re moving there permanently. If you’re moving to a good area the job thing shouldn’t be a problem in Seattle, and I suggest a place that likes does, Tibbles with his little shedding self is going with you.”

“Don’t be dissing my little Tibbles, he’s so cute! Anyways Mr. Jennings said he’d help us get started out there, and he’s not taking no for an answer.”

“Well if he’s gonna keep offering then you might as well take it, you see what he did with that shopping spree, he had to spend at least $100,000 on all of us that day and he didn’t even blink an eye. It must be nice having that kind of canlı casino money just laying around,” Aunt Lisa said.

Just then the waiter brought us out our food, which looked absolutely delicious. There was an extra jar of syrup that had to be for me, but since Aunt Lisa had a stack of pancakes I decided to share. The waiter left some towels at our table and smiled as he left off.

“He seems nice. Maybe I should flirt with him a little,” Aunt Lisa said.

“Lisa please, that kids not old enough to buy liquor,” mom teased.

“Yeah but I bet he has the stamina to go along with that body. The things I could do…”

“Like serve your time? You better stop messing with that boy before someone sees you.”

“Fine, you killjoy. It’s not like I have a penis to go home to or anything…”

“Oh just eat your pancakes you big crybaby. So Rita, did you have anything planned for Randy?”

“Ummm, kinda,” I said through a mouth of food. “I didn’t know he had anything big planned for me though, what I was gonna do might not be big enough.”

“What were you gonna do?” Aunt Lisa asked.

“Nope, I can’t tell you before he knows, you’ll have to find out after Randy does.”

“What’s the big deal? It’s not like we’re gonna go run off and tell him…”

“Yeah, I guess. Ok. I got him specially engraved dog tags with our faces on them and a message on the back of them. He’s gonna wear one and I’m gonna wear the other one.”

“Dog tags? It is kinda unique, and the engraving scores you some extra points, not bad.”

“Yeah, but she might have a point,” mom said. If Randy went all out and all she has are dog tags for him is he gonna feel underappreciated? Not to say it’s not a nice gift Rita, it really is, but…”

“I know what you mean mom, trust me, if he loves me he’s gonna love my gift. It’s for both of us, we both had a hand in it, and if that’s not enough I know something that is.”

“What? You two did everything sexually possible so you can’t be trying anything new, and that’s a pretty big statement to be saying,” Aunt Lisa said.

“We didn’t do EVERYTHING sexually possible,” I said with a grin as I ate my sausage.

“Look at her, playing with her food. It’s not a real penis honey,” mom laughed.

“Yeah just a little louder mom, I don’t think that table over there heard you.”

“It’s nothing I’m sure they’ve never heard before, plus it’s fun embarrassing you.”

“Yep, and that’s my cue to leave now. Can we get the check please,” I said flagging the waiter.

“We were only gonna mess with you a little bit, come on stay a little longer.”

“Nope, not today. I don’t know what else Randy has planned so I’m not taking any chances at making detours or anything. You can poke fun at me tomorrow, or waaay later tonight.”

“Why waaay later? Something happening we should know about?” Aunt Lisa teased.

“You know what’s happening later, and you can bet they won’t be quiet about it,” mom said.

“That’s for me and Randy to know, and for you to never find out, check please,” I said.

The waiter came over once he saw me with my hand in the air, and Aunt Lisa went right back into her flirtatious ways trying to tease him. “May I get anything else for you?”

“Yes we’re about to leave can we have the check please?” I asked.

“Your breakfast has already been paid for, tip included. I was told when you were on your way out to pass you this note. Have a nice rest of your day ladies.”

He handed me the note and smiled as he took our empty plates and left the table. I opened the note and a little laminated hand and foot stamp fell out of the fold of the paper.

“Don’t even think about paying for a single thing today. Instead, take this stamp and head over to the best nail shop in town for a full manicure and pedicure. The reservation is for 10:30 am so don’t be late. Feel free to take mom and Aunt Lisa with you, or not ; ).”

“Well don’t hold out Rita what does it say?” mom asked.

“All you need to know is we’re going to Botanical Works and we got about twenty minutes to make our reservations so we need to get moving right about now,” I said.

“Botanical Works? He’s really going all out! Well let’s not disappoint him then,” Aunt Lisa said.

We got up from the table, pretty excited to say the least, and headed to our next stop of the day. I was loving that he wanted to pamper me like this, but it also made me want to see him that much more. At least I would be enjoying myself until the time came where he did show up in front of me, so for now it was off to Botanical Gardens until my next surprise came.


I woke up mid nap so I could check on Rita’s progress and make sure she was keeping with the schedule. I looked over at Chris who was still passed out on his bed and grabbed my phone from off the floor beside me and dialed up Ashley for a progress report.

“Hey Randy. She just got to the nail shop, I see her pulling up now,” Ashley said.

“My mother and aunt kaçak casino should be with her, if Rita told them to come I mean,” I said.

“Yeah they’re with her, they came in separate cars. Everyone else is already here.”

“Ok. When she goes shopping it’s just you her and Stephanie. I don’t want mom and Aunt Lisa stealing the spotlight with their excessive shopping or Becky

trying on everything in the store, there’s only so much time in the day and we have to stay on schedule.”

“Yeah yeah I got it I got it. I know exactly where I’ll take her. There’s the strip that has like five dress stores right next to each other so she’s bound to find something she likes within a reasonable amount of time. See? I can be of some help.”

“That works. Make sure she picks out something she’ll look beautiful in.”

“What do you think I’m gonna do? Have her show up looking like Shrek? I got this. You just make sure you look presentable. Speaking of are you still sleeping? You sound rough.”

“Yep. I got about another hour and a half, two hours before I have to get up. Setting all this up really took a lot out of me. I wanna make sure I’m wide awake when I see her tonight.”

“Ok. I’m gonna slip in a trip to the salon. I thought about the whole doing it myself thing but since everything else is being professionally done why not her hair too? I can slip it in after the massage and shave off some time from each thing so we’ll still be on track and her hair won’t get messed up from laying on the massage table.”

“If you can fit it in without messing anything up go ahead. Doesn’t that usually take a long time though? And we didn’t set up an appointment so that’ll take even longer.”

“I can call them now and set it up for later. It’s a hair salon; if you offer them enough money they’ll miss their kids graduation to do your hair.”

“Yeah well I don’t know how that goes but ok. I’m going back to sleep for a couple more hours. I’ll call again when I get up to see how everything’s going.”

“Yes sir!” Ashley teased. “Can I do anything else for you sir!”

“Yeah you can let me hit you in the face with a dodgeball…”

“Yeah I’ll pass on that, but thanks for the offer! Talk to you later.”

She hung up and I put my phone back on the charger and rolled back onto my makeshift bed. I was enjoying the playfulness we were starting to develop, and that she threw in an impromptu hair appointment that she would definitely have to come out of pocket for scored her a few extra points too. Whatever she did with her hair I knew I’d like, as long as it didn’t look anything like Halle Berry in BAPS I was ok. I could think about her hair anytime I wanted to, I rolled over and went back to sleep while I still had a couple hours to do so.


Mom, Aunt Lisa and I walked into the nail shop to see Ashley, Stephanie, Marie, Dana, Becky, and Carina already sitting in six of the chairs. They weren’t being helped yet because they were probably waiting on us but there were no other customers in the shop so my guess was it was rented out for the hour or something.

“Good everybody’s here, now I can finally get my soak on,” Becky said.

“Yeah you’re gonna need all the help you can get to fix those feet,” Carina laughed.

“Don’t be a hater Carina. You’re just mad because your feet are the same size as Shaq’s.”

“Haha yeah your feet are pretty huge Carina,” Dana laughed.

“Not as big as those fake mountains you got bouncing around on your chest.”

“All real baby,” Dana said squeezing her tits. “Don’t be jealous, it’s not a good look for you.”

“So yeah hi everybody,” I interrupted. “I’m sure we all have something that’s busted on us, that’s why we’re all here, well except me, I’m flawless.”

“Yeah flawless except for that pimple popping out on your forehead,” Stephanie teased.

“A PIMPLE? WHAT? WHERE?” I said scrambling for a mirror.”

“Haha I’m just kidding. Had to bring you back down to earth with the rest of us.”

“Stephanie that wasn’t nice,” mom said. “It was funny, but it wasn’t nice.”

“I’ll have to remember that one,” Aunt Lisa said taking off her shoes and sitting in a chair.”

“This is what I’ve been dealing with since I got here,” Marie said slouching in her chair.”

“Just get some headphones and tune them out, that’s what I usually do,” Ashley said.

The workers came into the area and stood next to a chair while the lady in charge I assumed stood in the middle of all of us with her hands overlapping each other on her stomach.

“Good I see everyone’s here. Hi my name is Diana and I’ll be your host for the next hour and a half to two hours. Ms. Jennings has rented out the salon so you won’t be bothered by any other customers, and you’ll each have your own nail technician to consult with. Ms. Jennings has made it where you all are open to any designs, styles, and spa treatments you want for your hands and feet, so don’t be shy to ask for whatever you want. Now that that’s out of the way, I won’t waste any more of your time, if you have any questions our technicians are more than capable of answering them or you can call for me and I’ll be right out, enjoy yourselves ladies!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32