An Innocent Ch. 04

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Alec smiled as Lia adjusted herself on top of him. She looked so beautiful. Her tousled hair fell across her shoulders and tickled her chest and her pupils were so big that her eyes looked back. She was restlessly rubbing against him when she spoke, “Alec, please. I need you.” Arousal was evident in her voice.

He closed his eyes partway and tried to look sleepy, “I guess, but you’ll have to do all the work.” His voice was gravelly with lust but in her innocence she would just mistake it for tiredness.

Liana blushed when his words registered. She swallowed nervously and nodded. She felt his arms tighten around her waist as she leaned down to whisper, “You’ll have to tell me what to do.”

That softly spoken sentence nearly had him spilling his seed then and there. He instinctively tightened his arms around Liana. After drawing a shaky breath, he forced the muscles in his arms to relax; there was really no need to let her see what game he was playing before he was ready. The sound of her voice pulled him out his mind and back into the dark of his bedroom.

“What do I do first?” She whispered. Her wide eyes seemed to glow in the darkened room as she casino oyna stared down at his face. Her breath came in short pants, bathing Alec’s face in the intoxicating scent that belonged only to her.

With his desires firmly in check, he answered her, “Sit up…”. Liana slowly complied. She placed her hands on his warm shoulders and pushed herself straight up. Alec pulled his knees up so that she could rest her back on his firm thighs. “You’ll have to arouse me…” at her baffled look he added “touch your breasts.”

Slowly, so very slowly, she raised trembling hands to her own breasts and caressed gently. After a few minutes of watching her stroke her creamy flesh, he was more than ready to flip her over and drive himself into her steamy depths. “You’ll have to ready yourself, also” he growled.

Liana’s eyes, up to this point closed in embarrassment, snapped open and flew to his face. The look she threw his way, an enticing mixture of excitement and alarm, nearly had him swallowing his tongue. When it was apparent that she wasn’t sure what he wanted, Alec firmly grasped her hand and pulled it slowly down her torso to tangle in the soft fleece guarding her sex from canlı casino him. His gaze, still locked with her, broke free to stare at the blatantly sexual position of her fingers. “Rub yourself,” he nearly growled.

Liana could feel her embarrassment turning her face bright red. Her fingers slowly circled. She kept her gaze down, refusing to meet his dark eyes. The tingling was growing greater but she knew from experience- the experience of only a few minutes ago- that this would not give her what she wanted. “Alec,” the whisper was faint even to her own ears, “I don’t think this will work.”

Alec held his grin, he had a feeling that she was on the brink of a sensual confession but there was no point in tipping his hand before he was ready. His hand lifted to Liana’s face, a slight pressure under her chin forced eye contact. “Why not?”

He didn’t think it was possible but her blush darkened and spread. He watched the beautiful flush tint her shoulders and breasts a soft pink. Her fingers stopped in embarrassment, so with his other hand he pressed her fingers into her flesh slowly circling. “Why not, Lia?”

Embarrassment and arousal were both evident in her voice kaçak casino when she responded, “I tried it, it doesn’t work.” The words were spoken so softly that he had to pull himself up to hear.

Visions of Liana pleasuring herself swamped his mind; with a growl his control broke. Grasping her tightly, pulling her chest flush against his he rolled over settling himself heavily between her legs. His hand cradled her face for a moment then brushed down her neck, swirled around her breast, with an extra flourish at her hardened nipple, skimmed across her flat belly and landed between her legs. Another growl escaped as he felt the wetness seeping around his fingers. “I think you’re ready enough.” His mouth claimed hers as his fingers spread her to allow entrance to her sodden passage.

Liana heard a long moan- then realized that that it came from her. The fullness she felt in her body was delicious and mind-numbing. She felt her inhibitions slipping away and almost without thought her arms wound tightly around his necks and her legs crept up around her hips. “Alec” she gasped “more… please.”

Never one to ignore a lady’s wishes in the bedroom, Alec slid a strong hand under her hips for better leverage. One, two and then three deep thrusts before he felt her tightening around him. With a shout he joined her- exploding in what seemed like endless pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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