Anchoring Out Ch. 04

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Lying under Lorry and Robert as he made love to her, and he was truly making love, not fucking, gave me a chance to not only take a better look at Lorry, not to mention Robert’s penis, but also, to take a look at myself.

As for Lorry, although upon first meeting and talking with her, it was easy to see the engineer that she was (no, I’m not saying that women engineers have a particular body type or personal style) but from where I now ‘stood’ engineer was the last thought that came to my mind.

About 5’6 with graceful legs that just kept going until they made an ass out of themselves; an ass that was not quite bubble but far from flat, does not adequately describes her from the waist down because, clearly , the total was considerably greater than the sum of the parts.

Her waist was far from small but closer to that than to thick and Lorry’s perky A+ breasts that would surely grow to a solid B once she had a child or two would never sag. In that aspect she reminded me of my ex. This was a B&B – brains and bod – that one could check into for a weekend and never leave. Speaking of which, Robert didn’t look as though he had any intentions of checking out of her any time soon. From where I ‘stood’ this fellow acted as though he was in no hurry.

Lorry casino oyna had now leaned over with her hands on either side of my thighs with my still hard penis only inches from her sight– this scene sure beat the hell out of the blue pill. I couldn’t tell if her eyes were focused that way but I knew my ‘eye’ was longing to be staring down her throat. Her husband would push all the way into her, hold himself there and massage her back and sides, eventually sliding his hands under and to her breasts. His hands cuddled them gently but then he pulled Lorry’s nipples with more force than I would have expected. This was something he had surely done before and knew that she like it and her moan and the bucking of her hips as he did this made it clear to me just how much she did.

And then Robert would pull back with his member just at the lips of her womanhood while stroking her thighs and kneading her cheeks. I soon gave in to my oral needs and was again lathering Lorry’s lips with my tongue and nipping at her clitoris. As I believe I before mentioned, I am very oral and I couldn’t help wonder what it would be like to have Robert’s penis in my mouth. I had already stroked it with my tongue as he pushed into her. Now, as he was at her entrance, with his mushroom canlı casino head nearly available to my lips, I reached up with one hand and guided him to me. It was Robert’s turn to moan and, if my mouth had not been so full, I too would have.

Covered with his wife’s savory juices, Robert just left himself available to me, neither pulling back nor pushing forward, and I took advantage of his gentleness to explore his manhood. Although it had been years since he had felt another man’s mouth, Robert knew better than I what to do. At that moment, I wondered if he realized just how inexperienced I was. After what could not have been more than a minute but felt like forever, I felt a tongue flicking at the head of my penis and then a warm wonderful feeling as I was taken into what could only have been Lorry’s mouth. Some strange sounds came from between Lorry’s thighs, caused by air rushing over Robert’s penis as I sucked in a deep, deep breath. It’s a good thing that at 56 I still have a strong heart else they might have been calling in a Mayday at that moment.

To say that things were heating up would be like saying that a hurricane is a big storm. Robert withdrew from my mouth and I helped to guide him back into Lorry. I wondered, for a second, if she kaçak casino was going to take her mouth from me but she did nothing of the kind. In fact, as Robert increased his pace, obviously building to his orgasm, Lorry lavished even more love upon her object at hand. No, I am not confusing unbelievable, over the top sex with love; she was making love to Robert and me, and, I to them. As I grew closer and closer to my orgasm I could feel all three of us building to a climax as one.

I think Lorry let loose first, then Robert and finally me. I know Lorry went first because her motion, both on my face and with her mouth came nearly to halt, then with a slight twitching of her hips and a slow, constant suction of her mouth I could feel her release. Robert’s was one hard lunge into Lorry and then a matching of her hip movement. I, well, I just died. My hands, that had been holding Lorry’s hips just flopped to the deck and I lied there, fully and completely spent, in all ways.

Now what? Although I have had my share of creampies, fresh from the oven, needless to say, they have always been of my making. Lorry solved that possible dilemma by lifting from me and pulling off of Robert. She turned and brought both of us into a kiss with her; a kiss that shared, all the way around, what I had left in her mouth. The kiss lasted only seconds as Lorry put her arms around us and guided Robert and to me to lie beside her, on the deck of LORRY’S OK ; each with a head on a breast.

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