And One More, Makes Three Pt. 04 – Ending

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When Ryan set her down, Brittney felt like she was drunk. It had been years since she had been with a man. All of her lovers for the past 4 had been girls. Not that she was complaining (per se), but even Justin (the last guy she had sex with) never made her feel like this. Ryan had ignited something in her soul that she thought had been extinguished when Kara had been the first girl she was with. The room spun on her for a half a second. Thaelor came behind her cousin, the touch of her skin making Brittney jump.

“Oh no…Thaelor. I have your perfect punishment in mind.”


Brittney didn’t answer. Instead she took Ryan by the hand and led him to the master bedroom, Thaelor hot on their heels. Pushing her cousin onto the bed, Brittney pushed his robe open to reveal his engorged cock. Good Lord, it was gorgeous. When Thaelor tried to enter the bed with them, Brittney stopped her with a hand to the middle of her chest.

“This is your punishment. Since you didn’t trust me to know your little secret and since I was supposed to be the main course of this little get together, I’m going to have Ryan sex me like he does you. Only AFTER I’m satisfied, I MIGHT let you join.” Pointing to the upholstered chair in the corner, she added, “You can watch us from over there. But you better not touch me OR him! You better not make a fuss or complain one syllable, OR I WALK on BOTH OF YOU!!”

Thaelor looked at the love of her life. Their eyes met in space, a tangible pang of longing and pain between them. But the die had been cast. Either they play the game out to its entirety, or everything they revealed tonight, would have all been for naught. Ryan slowly nodded his head, it was understood that this changed nothing between them This had been the end result Thaelor wanted all along, if only slightly modified. Creeping backward, Thaelor sat in the chair, preparing herself to watch the show.

Brittney gripped Ryan in her tiny hand. His girth was so big, her hand almost wasn’t enough to cover the circumference. Slowly she began licking the shaft, placing kisses all around his head. Ryan sucked his lungs full of air, the sensation was marvelous. But Brittney never let her eyes stray from her other cousin. The one she felt betrayed her. Swirling her tongue all around the tip, she meticulously took his head into her mouth. Ryan gasped. Inch by girthy, fat inch, she took his shaft deeper. It wasn’t long before even his slightly longer cock touched the back of her throat. A quick brush with her gag reflex, and Brittney sucked all of him down past her throat. Coming up for air, she left his cock soaked with her saliva.

“Bet you didn’t see that coming, did you Thaelor?” she mused as her hand pumped up and down his shaft.

Thaelor’s face contorted. Yeah thought Brittney, it’s getting to her.

Squirming in her chair momentarily, the pain of watching her lover receive pleasure from someone else tugged at her heart strings. But then she remembered that she wanted this. It wasn’t so bad, and…Ryan was enjoying the hell out of it. With his head thrown back, arms outstretched, he was in ecstasy.

Brittney began her attack on Ryan’s throbbing cock again. Sliding the large dick in and out of her mouth. Yet this time when she looked at her cousin, there were no pangs of defeat, no image of her suffering the humiliation of seeing her out perform her at satisfying the member. No, Thaelor sat in the chair, her robe open, the string forgotten to the sides as her hands were busy pleasuring herself. She was being given a show that had run through her head a 1,000 times since they met. Thaelor had her legs spread wide open, her right hand working feverishly on her clit. The contrast of her latte colored skin and the wet, pink insides of her sex; a sight to behold. Since that day in the bathroom , Brittney had dreamt endlessly of what her cousin looked like. Now, in this room, she had a front row seat. Thaelor’s beige breasts, topped with the most delicious looking nipples. The way they her B cup tits, stood pert and at attention, the nipples engorged and begging to be sucked. The way her hand played with her pussy like a skilled musician, her clit being the strings of life. Her mouth filling with oohs and ahs, as her fingers dipped into her wet slit over and over again. Building to a “Hallelujah” chorus for the ages.

Brittney stopped. Releasing Ryan’s swollen member, she stood up, stripping out of her clothes as if at an Olympic time trial. Her massive C cup breasts were free of their entrapment. Her pussy, slick with wet anticipation. Even though she had taken her medicine, it still released a slight amount of cum to lubricate her center. Finally, naked, she slunk back onto the bed. Nipples erect and her oven already on maximum broil. No need to preheat, it was all too ready to cook up a night of ecstasy. Deftly, she swallowed Ryan’s cock whole into her waiting mouth. Her fingers ramming into her wet pussy. The invasion caused a moan to lodge deep casino oyna in the back of her throat. The humming sound make Ryan’s cock jump. The vibrations zinging through his body. Brittney’s hands beat out a slow, sensual rhythm on her over heated sex. Dancing in and out of her hole, her sex juices soaking the occupying digits on their way to the bed. She locked eyes with Thaelor, her cousin matching her speed, banging out another marvelous performance on her own sex. Brittney came ever closer to losing her fight with her orgasm as she watched Thaelor massage her pussy, pulling on her erect nipples again and again. Brittney couldn’t take it. She craved more.

Letting Ryan slip from her mouth, she straddled his massive cock. Preparing to allow him the pleasure of being the first bit of male flesh to enter her center being in 4 years. But she needed more. She needed to punish Thaelor. Turning her ass to Ryan, Brittney took the reverse cow girl position. As she locked eyes with her cousin, she slowly guided Ryan into her sopping wet center. She wasn’t ready. Ryan’s massive, thick, cock met resistance. No amount of female attention could set up her pussy to accept so much girth in one turn. She had to reposition several times, soaking his dick with her juices before her pussy could accommodate him. He finally broke past of her entrance, her long unused walls suffocating his cock in liquid warmth.

“Oh shit!!” Brittney cried. His cock filling her up inch by glorious inch. “This shit is too big!!”

Thaelor smiled. The mighty midget had bit off more than she could chew. She had felt the same way the night Ryan entered her. Her mind briefly remembering the euphoria she felt as he took up space in her walls. The memory caused a spasm to flow through her body. Spreading her legs over the arms of the chair, she gave her cousin a better view (and herself more access) to finger her pussy to orgasm.

Brittney was in heaven. Her cunt was filled with more cock than she had ever experienced in her life. While she had the most perfect show in front of her. She must gain control, she must make herself the center again. She must…cum. Grabbing Ryan’s hands, she led him to grab her breasts. Rolling his fingers over her sensitive nipples. Tingles flowing to her pussy. Slowly, she began to roll her hips. Controlling how much cock she let in. Paying attention to the tip of his cock as it moved back and forth in her walls. Using her muscles to squeeze and release the tip. Her head flew back. The sensation was awe inspiring. Further and further, deeper and deeper, her wet pussy swallowed Ryan’s meat.

“God Damn Brittney! You feel tight as fuck!”

Brittney was spurred on by the praise. She looked again at her cousin. She was busy watching them, picking up the pace on her clit. Her eyes, no more than slits as her orgasm built. Then it hit…Brittney was having massive bodily overload. Her stomach began to shudder and quake as her first mini orgasm crashed over her. She could do nothing more than bend over at the waist to mute the effects. But she hadn’t taken Ryan into account. He gripped her hips, stuffing more of himself into her tiny hole.


He hit her. Swift, sharp slaps to her ass cheeks to spur her on. The slaps caught her guard. The feeling moving her ever closer to a more massive orgasm. She had forgotten how much a man’s touch felt so much different than a woman’s. More urgent, stiffer, animalistic…more…primal. As she bent over, Ryan took control. Gone was the time of soft, sensuous play. His grip tightened, lifting her tiny waist higher, giving him room to slam deep into her body.

“Unh!!” Her grunted with the first plunge into her small pussy. The hole stretching more and giving way to the new assault.


Ryan paid her no attention. He wanted to fuck his little cousin’s pussy into submission. Again, and again, he plowed upward. The power in his thrusts lifting Brittney’s hips into the air. Momentarily suspended for a fraction of a second, before crashing down hard on his pelvis. His arms working to bring her down with more force. But this was a fool’s errand on his part. The excitement and heat of the moment overwhelmed his senses. Brittney could feel his stomach lurch as his orgasm became too much for him to withstand. Throwing her to the side, Ryan’s orgasm exploded. His cock shooting load after load of cum not the air. Thaelor shot from her seat, lapping up the ejaculate like a thirsty woman who had crossed a desert. Taking his still quaking cock into her mouth. Tasting the delicious mixture of her brother and cousin’s sex juices.

Brittney felt slighted. She was right on the cusp of having a full-blown orgasm. She wanted more. She was too far gone. She didn’t care the ramifications or what relation it came from. She wanted, no…NEEDED more!

“No.” she said breathlessly. “It can’t end like that. My God Ryan, you have to do that again. You canlı casino have to give me mine! That was too good to stop now! You have to…”

The demand was lost as Thaelor had moved around to Brittney’s side of the bed. Silencing her ant by covering her mouth with the sweetest of kisses. Her tongue darting in and out of her mouth. Quashing any further protest. Thaelor had much more experience with Ryan’s libido. He had just gotten the first nut out of the way. Given a few minutes, he would be ready for round two. Then whoever got his attention would be in SERIOUS trouble. His second cock was ALWAYS harder and stronger than his first.

Breaking the kiss, Thaelor said, “Relax Ryan…I this.” Ryan smiled at his sister. He knew what she was up to. He had seen that mischievous glint in her eye before. Thaelor moved into the bed, oozing sexuality. Her tongue and mouth exploring every open inch of Brittney’s body. Brittney latched onto Thaelor’s exposed nipple. Sucking and flicking it with her tongue, bringing a sharp moan from Thaelor’s throat.

“Ohhhh…that’s what you’ve been wanting isn’t it? You’ve wanted me haven’t you? You’ve been aching to sex me haven’t you? Tell me…”

“Yes,” Brittney said breathlessly. “I’ve wanted you since the bathroom. I can’t get you out of my mind. I want to make you cum.”

“Then do it Brittney. Make your cousin cum.”

Thaelor sat up against the headboard, spreading her legs to allow Brittney unfettered access to her sex. Brittney kissed the insides of Thaelor’s thighs, inching closer and closer to her sensitive clit. When she flicked her tongue over her clit for the first time, Thaelor bucked. A spasm of pleasure shot through her core as she caught sight of her brother. Ryan had taken her seat in the chair watching two of the finest women he had ever known plunge head first into a sapphic escapade. Though his dick was half flaccid, he could the blood return with a vengeance. His sister, kneading and working her tits as Brittney serviced her pussy.

“Is this…what you’ve been wanting? Is this what you’ve been dying to do to me? Why don’t you show us what you were doing when we talked…on the phone? Let my brother see you…play with yourself.”

“OK…is that what you wanna see Ryan?” she asked between licks.

“Oh yeah.”

Brittney lifted her hips and let her hand slide between her legs. She spread eagle on her stomach, so Ryan could see her play. Rubbing her clit, she moaned as she wrapped her mouth around Thaelor’s clit. For the second time that night, Brittney’s vibrations almost brought a Morrison to instant orgasm.

“OH GOD!! SHIT!! Yeah…please keep doing that!!”

Ryan only kept his seat in the chair for a quick moment. Dick in hand, he took a position beside Brittney’s prone body. His other hand became busy rubbing and massaging Brittney’s bountiful, ample ass cheeks. One after another he would land quick slaps to the fleshy ass meat, watching as waves rippled through the flesh. Each shockwave causing Brittney to squeal like a little girl, her pussy dripping onto her fingers.

“Please…stop. You-you-you’re going to…ma-ma-make me cum to quick.”

“Oh no brother…please let me do that. I’ve wanted to do this for so long. Just sit there. Please…there’s something I want to try.”

Thaelor stopped Brittney in mid lick. Rolling her onto her back, Thaelor mounted her cousin’s tiny body. Pinning her back to the bed under her weight. Thaelor spread her legs, straddling her cousin’s face as best she could. She had never eaten another woman before in her life. It was a proposition that before tonight was not only alien, but NOT on her list of things to do. But Ryan had changed all that. His pleasure becoming the center of her universe. Her reason for being. Her justification to release all the inhibitions she ever had about sex. Brittney had been the perfect shove to send her over the cliff. Remembering every lesbian scene, she had ever looked at, she lowered her head and had her first real taste of another woman. The taste was sweet, with a slightly tart finish.

“OH SHIT!!” Brittney shook.

Thaelor now understood what her brother experienced. Why he was always loved to eat her out. The awesome power she felt every time her tongue flicked over her cousin’s pussy, her body responded. Sucking her clit into her mouth, Brittney almost lost it. Thaelor was met with a much stronger, much more pungent taste on her lips. Leaning back, her eyes beheld Brittney’s pussy oozing a small stream of cum. Thaelor was empowered. Reaching over, she took Ryan’s fat cock in her hand, rubbing it up and down as she assaulted Brittney’s pussy. Her tiny cousin didn’t want to lose this opportunity. She returned the favor by burying her face between Thaelor’s thighs. Hungrily lapping at her pussy and clit with practiced abandon. The women were lost in a perfect enactment of the classic “69.” Giving and receiving oral pleasure in a fevered dance. Bodies shivering, trembling, moaning and humming kaçak casino in total unison. Thaelor’s mini orgasm escaped. An almost violent shiver rushing over her. She was ready. It was now or never. Ryan’s true birthday surprise. Stopping, she looked up from Brittney’s wet snatch. Her mouth glazed over with her cousin’s juices.

“Kiss me.” Ryan moved swiftly, covering her mouth with his. Brittney never stopped her attack on her clit. Another small wave of pleasure making its way through her body.

“Ryan…ooooh…look in my…oh shit…black luggage in the c-c-c-c-corner. Give me…oh fuck that’s nice…the bla-a-a-ack bag in there…FUCK…hurry.”

Ryan did as he was bid. In the side pocket, a nondescript black plastic bag was housed by itself. Unrolling it, he opened it to reveal a brand-new bottle of “FUTURA-SLIDE.” Ryan had seen the new product advertised all over the place. The story being that it was developed by two former scientists at NASA, that had their invention turned away because they had no current use for the product. Not to be deterred, the duo patented the item and sold it as a sexual lubricant. Quickly it became the best-selling lubricant in the adult industry. Being by no less than 6 of the current top 10 adult movie stars. Handing the bottle to his sister, she popped the top, applied a small glob of the goo into the palm of her hand and went back to massaging his prick. The goo instantly became slick. Several times Thaelor’s hand sliding past the head of his cock. When he was nice and lubed, she surprised him by rubbing them remainder in her ass. First she inserted one finger, then slowly two.

“Thaelor…what are you about to do?” Brittney asked as a small droplet hit her forehead.

Thaelor ignored Brittney’s query.

“Ryan…I’m ready. I want you to do it. Stick it in me as far as you can. I can’t wait any longer.”

“Your wish is my command.” Ryan whispered. Kissing his sister on the forehead, he took a commanding position behind his sister’s ass. This had been a subject they had discussed ad nauseum. Though they had been sexually intimate on several occasions, Thaelor had always balked at the thought of having him invade her anus. She wanted to…but her fear was always greater.

Ryan placed his throbbing cock at Thaelor’s asshole. Slowly he began to push into the tiny hole his sister’s fingers had made.

Brittney was mesmerized. Totally pinned under her cousin’s body weight, she couldn’t move from watching Ryan’s fat cock enter the tiniest asshole she had ever seen.

“Thaelor…no way. Are you serious?!”

“I’ve…oooooh…shit…never, oh my GOD RYAN…been more…aaaahhh…serious about anything…in my life.”

Thaelor slowly began to rock back and forth. Each time a tiny bit more of Ryan filled her ass. The initial pain made her stop. The all too familiar fear gripping her insides. But she had come too far.

“Are you ok sis? I can stop..”

“No…I won’t stop tonight till I feel of you inside me. I love you Ryan”

“I love you too.”

Brittney could’ve cried. She had never known any female to go so far in so short a time. Their conversations had covered many grounds. She had even asked Brittney if she had ever done anal, and while she had been successful on accident, (and Lord knew how painful an accident that was), here was her beloved cousin going all in, in one night. As Ryan’s girth spread her cousin’s asshole more and more…it made her that much hornier. Her milk toast cousin was coming out tonight as a full-fledged “freak.” She just couldn’t stop watching it.

“Ahhhhh…wait. Wait…that’s it. Right there.” Thaelor breathed.

Ryan’s cock had finally come to rest inside her ass. The sensation was different. Filling, and not all together bad. In fact, as he was still and motionless, it began to fell…great. Ryan began to move in and out. Thaelor’s asshole accommodating his cock much better than she ever thought it would. The slow, easy pace of his strokes resetting her orgasm. And it was delicious.

“God Ryan! That’s a lot of dick in my ass…but please…do-do-do-don’t stop. Oh FUCK!! I never…oooohhhhh…shit! Knew that…oh my God…could feel…so good.”

“Do you like that baby? Ryan asked as he pushed ahead again.


Brittney was feeling left out again. Being in the perfect position, she decided to act. Leaning forward, Brittney sucked Thaelor’s clit deep into her mouth. Getting a closer, more intimate look at the primal action of Ryan ‘s thrusts.


Brittney needed release. With Thaelor busy being satisfied, her pussy was being neglected. Inserting two fingers inside her sopping wet pussy, she matched Ryan’s every thrust. Her body remembering the wonderful way he felt inside her.

Feeling no further resistance, Ryan picked up the pace. Slamming his dick deeper and deeper into Thaelor’s waiting ass. Brittney switched to rubbing her clit, frantically trying to reach euphoria as Thaelor and Ryan reached theirs.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32