Anna Maria

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As Tony drives towards his home in the hills, he muses not for the first time on his life. Semi retired at 50, consulting in the city two days a week. Nice house in Forest Green, the sleepy countrified little hills area which was so different from where they had lived in the city until last year. Nice car, the black Saab he’d always wanted. He is still in OK shape, still has his hair and all his teeth, can still be called tall dark and handsome! Attractive partner, ostensibly his wife, though they aren’t married, had been together 10 years so might as well have been. Jill is lovely by most accounts, 55 but looks quite young still. Tall, blonde and with that kind of Nordic ice cold beauty that seems almost untouchable. Sure, the sex could have been better, less perfunctory. It used to be when they first met. But it’s not unusual for that to fade is it? He could handle the once fortnightly friendly sex they experienced together. Shouldn’t expect too much.

He turns off the highway, still thinking about how much he has to be grateful for. As he approaches his house, he sees Jill out the front engaged in conversation with a dark haired woman. Jill looks up and waves, and the woman raises her face to him. Tony parks the car and walks up to them.

“Tony this is Anna Maria.She and her husband Brad have taken on the lease on next door’s place.” Jill says, gesturing to the woman.

Anna Maria. She doesn’t smile but simply extends her hand to his. Her arms jangle with many Indian bracelets. He takes her hand. Her skin is warm and slightly moist. She has a tangle of long dark wild hair which falls to her elbows. Her ears are adorned with long earrings, one of which is caught in the curls around her face, which is devoid of makeup, her eyes are black, her skin olive. She’s a good head shorter than Jill and has a generous figure, though she is dressed simply in a pair of baggy shorts and tshirt.

Tony is transfixed by her eyes which stare back at him intently, but manages to say “Hi Anna Maria. I’m Tony.” but he can’t seem to let go of that hand, neither is she letting go.

“Tony.I think Anna Maria has things to do. Settling in you know.Anna Maria maybe you and Brad could come for a drink later?”

At this someone who must be Brad comes up the driveway from their house,approaches the group and introduces himself. He’s tall and has the complexion of someone who indulges in alcohol a little too often, but he’s amiable and smiles unlike Anna Maria, and shakes hands with Tony and Jill.

“We won’t have time later. But thanks for the offer. Maybe tomorrow? By the way just call me Anna,” she says, for the first time she speaks, and Tony detects a trace of some kind of accent. Italian or Spanish perhaps? He knows he’s ogling her and sees Jill roll her eyes at him, knows he is going to cop it later, but he can’t help himself. Anna and Brad walk back into their house as do Tony and Jill. Tony looks back in time to see Brad grab Anna’s arse hard, and to see her hand push his away.

Tony’s evening is the same as usual, drinks, then dinner which at this time of year they eat outside on the deck. Tony’s craning his neck for a glimpse next door but the house is in darkness. He doesn’t even know why he feels some interest in Anna Maria, she isn’t even his type, but he can’t get her eyes out of his head.

He and Jill go to bed later but he can’t sleep, he’s tossing and turning while Jill slumbers on. He gets up for a drink of water. His kitchen window faces Anna’s house. Standing in the darkness at the sink he sees a light go on next door, the bathroom window pushed open.

It’s Anna Maria, fully naked. Just standing at the window and staring out. Her body is paler than he imagined, he can see to just thigh level. Again he is transfixed. He knows he should look away but he can’t. Her breasts are full and somewhat pendulous, her nipples a dark circle against them. Her body is round and devoid of any kind of angles, her hips and belly curvaceous, her pubic hair dark and curling in a small V towards the fullness of her thighs. Holy shit thinks Tony, what the fuck is she doing? She can’t possibly see me, surely, he thinks, but she’s looking right up at him, at his window. What is she doing there?

She reaches one hand down between her legs, rubs herself there, never moving her gaze from where he’s standing. He himself is rooted to the spot and feels his cock stiffen, knowing he could be caught any moment but unable to move. Her body is still but she is moving her hand around her pussy now, leaning back against the sink and rubbing more insistently now, as her other hand caresses her breasts, unable to contain the fullness of them in her hand. She raises the hand that’s been buried in her pussy to her mouth and sucks it,eyes closed at first, then looking..god! She has to be looking…right at him! He sees her body shake as she begins to stroke herself again. She is coming! His cock is so hard and he’s feeling the first drops of precum ooze from the head. He is watching a woman cum, he casino siteleri can’t believe it but he knows she is aware of him. Abruptly she reaches up and shuts the window. Turns out the light.

Tony still can’t move, he can’t believe what he’s just seen. Is he sleepwalking? His cock hasn’t been this hard in years. He hardly ever masturbates anymore but he can’t stop himself, stands in the kitchen in disbelief, cock in hand, still thinking about what he’s just seen, imagining those slick fingers in his mouth and his head at her breasts.

Jill heads off to work the next day, thankfully, because Tony doesn’t know how he would face her after the events of last night. Today it feels like a dream. Was it?

There’s a knock at the door, it’s Brad.

“Mate I wouldn’t normally ask, but I need a hand getting this washing machine down the stairs, could ya?”

“Sure, that’s ok, just give me some time to get dressed and I’ll be over,” says Tony.

“Cool, Anna can make you some breakfast.”

Half an hour and one coffee later Tony is next door with Brad struggling with the washing machine, down the fifteen steps to Brad and Anna Maria’s house. Anna is at the bottom of the steps watching them. It’s hard for Tony to concentrate when he realises she’s there, barefooted and wearing a white kimono type robe and holding a coffee.

Finally they get the machine into the laundry, all the time watched by Anna who has made no movements towards making anything like breakfast but has stood sipping her coffee and watching them. Brad’s struggling with positioning the machine when his mobile rings. He walks out into the entry and Tony follows him.

“Two secs Tony, just gotta take this call, upstairs, there’s no reception down here.” Brad says.

Tony decides to go back into the laundry and over to the machine, crouches down and examines it. Anna follows. He thought was at the doorway, but he becomes aware of her standing right behind him. Turning to see her legs inches away from his face, he looks up into hers, and she’s looking down at him. Not taking her eyes off his she opens her robe, just at the bottom, and reaches down to part the lips of her pussy.

“Anna…” starts Tony, but she takes his head and presses it to her dark curling bush, Tony has no resistance, he reaches up to part her lips and press his mouth to her pussy. Her smell is dark and intoxicating, his nose is buried in her soft hair and his mouth kissing her pussy lips, his tongue finding the opening to her pussy and plunging inside to her salty sweetness. Her hands caress his head as he swirls his tongue over her skin. He hasn’t tasted a pussy for years, Jill’s uptight about him going down on her, and this is so good, he can’t stop himself though he knows Brad could walk in at any moment. Anna isn’t speaking but she’s making small sounds of pleasure as he flicks his tongue over the hard bud of her clit. He’s running a hand up her full thigh to slide two fingers deep inside her. He feels her groan and gasp as he does so, never once moving his tongue from her clit, feeling the aromatic ambrosia of her pussy run down into his mouth. He feels her shudder and cum, she’s grinding his head into her, her hands insistently pushing the back of his head to her sweet lips as she shudders and cums again and again.

Brad calls through the house. “Anna..Tony…?”

“Fuck!” says Tony and begins to get up.

“In the laundry Brad!” says Anna, but as Tony tries to disentangle himself she pulls him to her and kisses him full on the mouth, plunges her tongue into his, takes his hand and shoves it into her pussy again, then grabs it and puts it to his face, licking his fingers and then placing it to his mouth.

“Anna! Fuck! ” he says and manages to extricate himself just as Brad walks in.

“Hey Tony, Anna and I were wondering if you and Jill want to take us to your local tonight? I asked Jill and she agreed. Ok with you?” says Brad.

He looks over to Anna whose face is expressionless, realises he has no way out of it.

“Sure, ok. Eight tonight then? Parkinson’s Tavern. You follow us.” he hears himself saying.

That night Jill tackles him. “What is it about Anna Maria? You couldn’t take your eyes off her yesterday. Jesus Tony you’re 50, she’ll think you’re an old sleaze, she is only 35 you know, and not even slim, I’m in better shape than her. And did you see that hair? Hasn’t seen scissors or a brush for years I would say. And the jewellery! She looks like a Bollywood reject! I don’t know why I agreed to this. And the husband! Typical Ocker, talks like the croc hunter. Oh jesus what am I going to wear? Do these pants make my arse look big?”

Tony is used to this from Jill, you would think at 55 he wouldn’t have to put up with this from her but she’s as insecure as a 25 year old. He sighs, placates her, and they head out.

He’s shocked when he sees Anna. She looks like a different person. Her hair has been blown dry and straightened, her eyes are lined with kohl, her lipstick is slick canlı casino and glossy and her clothes! Well he sees Jill eye her up and down disapprovingly though every male head in the pub is turned towards Anna Maria. She has on a simple black v necked top, which clings to her tightly and accentuates the deep cleft between her breasts. Her skirt is black and ends just above the knees, she’s wearing black stockings. Indian jewellery hangs from her wrists, ears and neck. Jill in contrast looks like a society sophisticate in black pants and cream blouse. Brad is obviously enjoying the attention Anna is getting from the male patrons but she herself seems oblivious as she quietly sips her Coke and looks down. Tony doesn’t know where to look, he’s too afraid to make eye contact, and Jill is watching him the whole time. The night’s not going well, he knows Jill will beg off soon and go home.

“Hey, I see someone I know there. Just going for a drink babe, back in a few.” Brad says, but Anna looks knowingly at him, knows he’s settled in for the night. Tony looks over at Jill, she’s yawning and making motions at the door. Tony starts to rise but Brad slaps him on the back.

“Not going are you mate? I wanted you to meet some people. Come on have a beer with us.” he says.

He has no choice but to stay, says to Jill “Take the Saab, I won’t be long.” and she leaves.

Brad and his mates crowd the table, ogling Anna who just looks at Tony impassively. Anna excuses herself for the bathroom.

“Fuck, guys, will you look at that arse! Made her wear that tonight, got her out of the baggy stuff and into the hot black number for a change.” says Brad, as Anna walks away. “How lucky am I eh? And does she go off? Can’t get enough of me, like a fucking nympho she is. Every fucking night! Can’t keep up half the time! Fucking hot eh Tony?” Brad and his mates laugh.

“Excuse me.” Tony says, disgusted, and heads for the toilets. He finds Anna just coming out, she looks upset and distracted.

“Tony…” she starts.

“Anna. What the fuck are you doing with Brad?! He’s an arsehole. You should hear the things he’s saying about you out there.”

“Tony that’s just him. Don’t pay attention. Being a boy. It’s ok.” but she looks upset still.

“You can’t seriously excuse that. What’s the matter with you?”

“You don’t know Brad.” She trails off, just looks at him. “It’s hard to explain. Drive me home. Please.” she says.

She gets the keys from Brad and they drive back home in silence. Tony half expects her to reach over and touch him, his cock stiffens in anticipation of this but Anna just stays turned to the window and says nothing, even when he tries to talk about their encounter in her house that morning. Arriving at her house now, he turns off the car. He reaches over to kiss her, pushes her hair aside and kisses her neck, sucking it softly and sliding a hand inside her top to find her nipple, which stiffens to his touch. He feels her body responding to him, she slides down the seat slightly and he pushes her top aside to suck her nipple through the sheer lace of her bra, tasting the fabric her perfume and her salty flesh.

Her breasts are so full, he has never felt anything so soft and yielding, he can’t stop running his hands over them and luxuriating in their abundance. He lifts her top fully now and takes them in both hands, still sucking her tight and erect nipples through her bra, as her hands caress his hair and exert pressure for him to stay there. She reaches behind her and unclasps her bra, her breasts spill heavily into his hands, he sighs as he takes in the full beauty of them and buries his face and his mouth and tongue in her flesh.

“Don’t stop Tony, I can cum from this” she says, and he has no intention of stopping, just making love to her nipples, the sensitive bumps around them on her areola, he’s running his tongue over them and feeling them rise with each movement. Her body twists beneath him, her skirt has ridden up and he can see her pussy glistening through her sheer black knickers. The curled hair is damp with her juices, and as he goes to touch her there she pushes his hand away, directing him back to her breasts, which he’s devouring now, alternating his hand and mouth on her fully erect, pink and wet hard nipples, swallowing her soft satiny and juicy flesh. He feels her start to shake and moan, she’s coming. God he has never seen a woman cum from having her nipples stimulated like this! She is pulling him to her as wave after wave of climax hits her, subsides, then hits her again.

He sees his front light come on, so does she.

“Oh god. Anna. I want you so much.” he says, but he knows he has to go.

She stays where she is as he manages to get out of the car, walking slowly to his door, trying to will his throbbing hardon down before Jill sees. Instead decides to put his coat in front of his crotch and beat a hasty retreat to a very cold shower.

Again, later that night, after making love to Jill, missionary style, lights kaçak casino off, Jill sleeps but Tony lies awake. He’s thinking about Anna, of course, as he did the whole time while his cock was inside Jill, imagining her lushness while feeling Jill’s long spare body against him, picturing her wild gypsy hair while trying to block out Jill’s frosted blonde head.

There’s no sleep tonight for him,he pulls on his boxers, this time he decides to go out on the deck and have a beer, doesn’t care that it’s 2am.

He thinks he’s hallucinating at first. Looks out onto the grass and sees a figure sitting in shadow out there. What the fuck? Is it Anna?

He can’t believe his eyes. Is she sleepwalking? He puts down his beer, walks down the steps into the yard. As he gets closer, his eyes aren’t deceiving him. It is Anna. He sees she is wearing a long white nightgown which shimmers in the moonlight, and is now standing just watching him.

“Anna.” again he starts, but she puts a finger to her mouth as if to hush him, and in one movement removes the white garment. She is fully naked underneath. His breath draws in sharply as for the first time he sees her naked beauty up close, her eyes in the moonlight are blazingly black, the curves of her body lush and shining.

He knows Jill could be watching but he doesn’t care. Anna drops to her knees, at the same time hooking her fingers inside his boxers and pulling them down. His cock is already…still…achingly hard. She opens her warm mouth and takes his cock in. His body almost turns liquid with the sensation, something he hasn’t felt for a long time. Her mouth is soft, hot and so wet, she slides it along the length of his cock, teasing the head with the back of her tongue, increasing the pressure, relentlessly massaging his swollen balls while she moves her mouth all around the length of it. He is running his hands through her hair, getting his fingers tangled in the luxuriant softness and wildness of it. He can’t help thrusting his hips towards her, which spurs her on to increase her speed. Now and then she stops to lick his cock from base to tip, now and then taking his aching testicles one by one into her mouth and sucking insistently. She plunges her mouth down hard, he feels her soft tits against his thighs, holding her beautiful head he pushes his cock into her mouth, she doesn’t miss a beat and sucks the head harder. He feels his balls contract as his climax builds, can almost feel the sperm racing up inside his cock until its hot jet explodes into her soft hot mouth, hitting the roof of it while she swallows it all.

“Anna, let me fuck you. Please.I have to feel your pussy tight around my cock…now!”

Anna doesn’t hesitate, she pushes him down on a garden chair, his boxers around his ankles, his cock still hard, he hasn’t been this hard ever, or so many times. He puts his thighs together as she lowers herself onto him. She straddles him, her soft thighs around his harder ones. Her pussy feels amazing, it’s heaven in there, it’s a hot slick grasping tube encasing his hard and veiny cock. Her body is pressed against him, her breasts in his face, he runs his hands down her back and to her round arse, which he squeezes and kneads as she rides him slowly, gripping her pussy tight around him and moving in rhythm with his thrusts.

She leans down to kiss him deeply, her tongue finding his and intertwining, then her mouth on his neck, sucking and biting the soft flesh there, leaving her imprint on him. He in turn sucks and bites her neck gently, then moves his mouth to her nipples, she feeds him her breasts again, he knows how much pleasure this gives her and is longing to see her cum again.

Their movements become faster now as Anna rides him hard, raising her body as his cock almost slips out of her soaking pussy, then plunging down again to envelop and grasp it again. They are grinding into each other, Tony’s mouth still working Anna’s breasts, his finger now sliding in and out of her asshole in time with his frantic thrusts inside her pussy.

He wants to come in time with her, is holding off though he feels the orgasm rising in his balls, he will control it till he feels her about to cum. He knows by now her moans and shudders are an indicator of being unable to hold on. Faster and harder now the slapping of his flesh on hers her face beautiful and ecstatic in the moonlight her breasts bouncing wildly in his face his finger in her asshole his cock pumping madly inside her he feels her shudder and cum, as his own cum shoots through his cock and into her divine delicious pussy, where it belongs. She shrieks as he feels her flesh spasming around him. Her smell, the feel of her,everything surrounds them as they collapse against each other in mutual, amazing ecstacy.

They stay this way for a few moments then she gets up, kisses him. Looks at him intently, then gathers her nightgown and heads back through the gate to her house.

Tony pulls on his boxers and goes back up the stairs inside. It’s much later than he thought, time went by the wayside. He doesn’t wash, wants Anna’s smell on him, doesn’t care what Jill thinks. Doesn’t know what life is going to be like for him in the morning but at this point in time, in his mind is only Anna.

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