Anne’s Second Gyn Exam

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I made an appointment for my second gyn exam only six months after the first, ostensibly to get birth control pills. But maybe it was because another exam was the sexiest thing I could imagine happening to me since I was still a virgin and was not dating actively. I had thought about my previous exam a great deal, particularly when lying alone in my bed in the sorority: I thought about undressing for Dr. Gregory and I touched myself, struggling to be quiet and hoping that my roommate didn’t know what I was doing. Finally, still with some fear, but much anticipation, I made the appointment.

The day of the appointment I showered and shaved. As I shaved I stared at my feet and blushed. My roommates and I had painted our toenails the other day; mine were bright red. I wondered if the doctor would notice. I got more aroused as I showered, as I knew I would. I teased my vaginal lips open and let the water from the showerhead run against my clit till I started trembling and then relaxed. Do doctors have any devices that tickle the inside of your vagina as much as the stream of water does? I hope so, I love that intensity. Oh, oh, oh. Then l looked down at my thick pubic hair, and felt embarrassed. I had often thought of trimming them a little but I was torn about doing so because admitting to paying so much attention to them struck me as a little perverse. But I wanted to look nice for my doctor down there so I mustered up my courage and I did it. I took my scissors and first just timidly neatened the edges, but then I became more bold and trimmed the length all over till the hairs were short enough so you could see the skin below. I was pleased with my handiwork, my doctor would like what he saw. I went back into the shower and rinsed off the hairs and dried myself. I couldn’t quite believe I had gone through with it.

I dressed in the same school girl outfit, as last time, a skirt, penny loafers and knee-highs. My new underwear was not longer so new but it was crisp and clean and would have to do. I wondered if my panties would collect my scent by the time late in the day when I would to peel them off for my appointment. I resolved not to think about it.

My appointment with Dr. Gregory was at four. The waiting room in student health was largely empty. There was on older attractive woman sitting near me, all dolled up, and swinging her legs. I wondered why she wore pantyhose to a gyn appointment, I almost never wore them, and they still seemed a little too grow-up and sexual for me. I decided she probably worked at the university and wore them to work. But what would it feel like to remove them in the exam room? Would the doctor be there when she peeled them off? Would she put them back on after the exam or stash it in her purse. I was thinking too much about exam again, and feared my panties would get moist.

The receptionist called out my name and I followed her to the exam room, still sneaking peeks at each one as we walked by. Still looking at the stirrups all pointed up waiting to hold some girls bare feet in place. Finally she took me into my exam room, glanced at the chart and then back up at me. You’re here to see Dr. Gregory dear? For a contraceptive exam? Let’s see it’s been over six months since your last pelvic, he is going to want to do a complete exam. Why don’t you undress completely and slip on this gown, the straps tie in front. He’ll be right in. Well I wasn’t going to undress in front of him this time that was a relief though maybe in retrospect, a little disappointment.

I removed my blouse, sniffed my armpits that were a little moist from nervousness as if to be reassured that I still smelled the same, kicked of my shoes and let my skirt slide down my legs and hung it up. I reluctantly opened my canlı bahis bra and removed it, half wanting Dr. Gregory to be watching and then decided mischievously to leave my panties and hose on, let him tell me to take them off. I hopped onto the table and waited for him.

Fortunately, he knocked on the door and entered before I could get very far in my fantasies. He had the same warm smile and I thought he must have remembered me and my earlier embarrassing exam. He walked up to the table and shook hands with me warmly, I didn’t want to let go. I was so happy to see him I could have slipped off my robe right then and there and hugged him naked. But then he made the usual boring clinical talk about contraception that I expected; yes, he thought it was a good idea to prescribe contraception now even though I told him I wasn’t active yet. My mood picked up when he said let’s do a quick exam first and then we can discuss the options. Yes I thought, let’s do the exam. I was briefly shocked as to how my attitude had evolved from the shy little girl, but then I returned there, wondering what it was going to be like to be touched there.

He skipped the preliminaries with the eyes and ears and asked me to undo the ties on the front so he could do the breast exam. Ok I said brightly, letting the robe slip down and expose my breasts to his warm smile. I felt some remorse at undressing so quickly in front of him. It would have been better if he had seen me in my bra first. I decided that breast exams were the most personally intimate part of the medical exam. After all you are almost face to face with the man while he is touching you. Sure, he is penetrating you during the vaginal exam, but you are lying down on the table like a specimen. You can’t even see what he is doing to you.

He looked at my breasts carefully and the old feeling of shame returned, as if it were an old friend, best forgotten. I shuddered. He’s looking at my naked breasts and then he’s going to hold them and touch them with his hands. It will feel warm and my vagina will feel hot. He stepped behind the table. He slid the fingers from one hand under my moist armpit and started probing. I had an odd thought: I wondered if it reminded him of touching a vagina since both were warm and soft. Thinking about it I felt more vulnerable and aroused. I could feel my nipple tightening even though he was no where near there. Then the other armpit. The old feeling of shame and anticipation returned. He was going to touch my nipples soon. My vagina was going to get wet. He would look at it and witness my arousal. Then something completely extraordinary happened.

He stepped out from behind the table and looked at me, at my face not my breasts, he said Anne, “Everything feels fine there.” He hesitated a few seconds and asked me with a tentative voice, “Anne, you know this is a teaching institution, so sometimes I have students assigned to me, would you mind if they participate in your exam? If you prefer not, that’s fine. It’s a man and a woman. It will extend the exam a little while.”

I had fantasized about others watching me being examined before. It was so hot, so embarrassing. What would I say now that I was offered the opportunity to experience it? I shocked myself. I replied quickly, without thinking. I said yes, yes, I would like that very much doctor. Then I blushed deeply. He must have noticed but he said nothing, he just nodded and walked out leaving me alone in the small exam room virtually naked – my breasts sticking out and the gown bunched up around my waist just waiting for company.

He returned after a few minutes, he knocked on the door and again didn’t wait for my reply. He was followed by a good looking but short brown haired man and blond shy bahis siteleri looking pretty woman. Both wore glasses. They were both so young! I immediately felt funny about having people my age touching my breasts. . I looked at them. I wanted to watch their eyes. The man made eye contact and then stared at my breasts for a long time as if disbelieving his good fortune to finally see a girl naked after having spent so many years buried in the study of medical text books. Then he returned to make eye contact, looking as if he owned me. The girl also had glanced down at my breasts before her eyes returned to me but she looked professional. Also she glanced at her colleague and I think she had noticed his smug look. I wanted to think that she was appreciative of my predicament.

Dr. Gregory’s told them here was patient coming for a birth control visit and a complete physical. Her history was normal. His tone had changed, he had become more professorial, more in charge and not at all personal at least to me. They would each have a turn to examine me. Jim, could start with the head and then Laura would repeat that exam. He did all the usual eye, ear, and nose stuff. And yes it did feel strange to have someone my age pushing my head around and me sitting there naked. The one new experience for me was that Dr. Gregory had me drink from a small cup while Jim palpitated my neck while I swallowed I wondered if I would have to do that for the girl too and if so if my bladder would be full when they examined me down there.

She examined my head too. I felt more comfortable with her touch. I wondered if she envied me being the patient, if she wanted to be the half naked girl being touched by two men. She made me drink too, but I didn’t mind. I liked feeling her hands on my neck.

Now they were going to move on to the breast exam. I did some quick math -two breasts, times one sitting up and one lying down exam, times two doctors. That was eight times my breasts were going to be touched and that didn’t count Dr. Gregory. Dr. Gregory positioned Jim behind the table while he stood in front with the girl. Jim’s finger went into my armpit, played there a while. I was nervous at first but let myself drift off into a dream-like state as they took turns. I decided liked the idea of a woman touching me, it was somehow reassuring, she would not take advantage. Then I had to lie down and they repeated the exam. But I was roused from my reverie when Dr. Gregory said something about looking for discharge from the nipple and he pressed his fingers down on one, and then the other. The ticklish feeling was electrifying and stimulating. I didn’t want to think about it, but then he did the other one and invited Jim and Laura to try. I gasped when Jim did the first one and held my breadth for the remaining three touches.

Now Dr. Gregory told me that they were going to complete the balance of the exam and would I be so kind as to remove my hose so they could properly examine my legs and feet. This was it, I remembered my panties were still on too. This was not going to turn our how I planned it. I somehow enjoyed thinking that Dr. Gregory was going to see me remove them, but a whole crowd! I sat up and started to go for the knee-highs and stopped and mumbled something about my underwear still being on. He said they would have to go. “Would I please remove them too.” The three of them were in a small semi-circle in front of me. I attempted to undo the tie in the front of the gown. The knot would not budge. I gestured and then stepped out of the gown pulling it down over my legs and feet and Dr. Gregory took it. I felt my panties were bunched into the right side of my crotch, I put my hand down there to straighten them out and then remembered that there bahis şirketleri were three people staring at my crotch through my panties. I pulled off my panties, straightened them out enough to glance at the material to see if they were visibly wet; they were. I laid them down on the exam table wide open. Now the hose. I know that by pulling my leg up to remove each one I was giving my audience a birds eye view of my vagina, two times. I glanced up to look at them and noticed they were looking down there, maybe just to avoid making eye contact, maybe in anticipation of the show. I decided to avoid their glance and looked at my feet as I removed the knee highs. I had to hang up the clothing I had just deposited on the table. I had to walk through them, now naked to place them on the clothing hook. And then I had to walk back.

Dr. Gregory smiled and ask me to lie back on the table. I hopped up and had an assertive thought. I did not want to lie back completely like a slab on the table staring at the ceiling. I wanted to see what they were doing to my body. I asked if he could angle the head of the table up a bit. Silently he pulled it up a few inches. I lied down and he explained what organs they would be palpitating. I was naked, completely naked. My legs together at least, but there three people poking, and probing, and making there way down to my pubic hair which I could now clearly see thanks to the angle of the table. I enjoyed the pressure on my abdomen. And I enjoyed them tickling my feet or whatever it is they did to test the reflexes there. I watched them lazily; now back in my dream-like state, waiting for the scoot down order.

Then it came. Jim helpfully took a foot in his hands and slowly eased it into the stirrups. It felt like he stroked it and I wondered if he had noticed and liked the red polish on my nails from the earlier part of the exam. No longer were my legs together. They were spread wide open. This was no longer a vagina hiding behind its neatly trimmed pubic hair; my pussy was wide open and on display for whomever wanted to see it. Dr. Gregory told the students to glove up but he himself just went to wash his hands. He was going to examine me bare-handed. Showing off his professorial rank. I shuddered but wondered what his fingers would feel like against me, inside me. I was looking forward to his touch. He pulled my lips open and said something about a visual inspection of the vaginal and peri-anal area. Peri-anal, I shuddered again. He spread the lips wider, touching each side of what was probably my clitoris, pointed, and said something about engorgement not being unusual after being subject to such an exam. I wished I could just have been a slab again. He inserted a finger and showed off my hymen and said they would have to be careful during the vaginal exam, “Don’t want to rip that here.” Now each would insert a finger. I felt this must be what having sex felt like. Then each had a turn with the speculum, that felt funny. Each had a turn. Two insertions.

Then he said they should do the rectal exam. He pulled open the cheeks and I could feel the cold air and then their breadths. He put on a glove finally, lubricated it. Pushed his now greased finger into me. He had not done that during the first exam. Then deeper. So deep. It was more intimate than the vaginal exam. More intimate than what I thought sex must be like. I wondered if I was spoiled for sex, if medical exams were going to be my erotic high point. I felt his finger pushing against my bowels. He pulled it out and even that felt good. He showed the students how to do a smear of the contents of his finger. Then each of them. It was great. It was really great. Then all of a sudden they were done. He handed me a wipe, told me to clean up, get dressed and we would talk afterwards. He spoke to the students while I dressed in front of them. They barely glanced up. But I saw Jim watching as I glanced at the wet crotch of my panties and squeezed my breast into my bra.

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