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She sits in the chair.

Across the room his hard naked form stands still, quietly waiting, arms folding neatly behind his back, wrapped in long black silk black scarf, the tails trailing across the crease of his firm ass. Across his eyes the blindfold robs him of valuable sight. His form shivering in his personal darkness, the anticipation nearly palpable. Just waiting.

The red ruby liquid swirls around her glass, a trail shimmering in its wake, her soft pink lips lay gently on the rim of the glass, lifting the it by the small slender stem, the sip of wine crosses her lips, taking a sip and surveying his body. The quiet becomes an unnerving noise in the languid moment. No rush of movement or time. Seconds collecting into minutes as she watched him breathe.

“Such a beautiful cock. I love the fact it stands so firm, begging for my touch, wanting my personal attention,” she purs into the silence. “Just imagine what it would feel like to have my hands wrapped firmly around it, while my tongue flicks over the soft sensitive tip.”

His cock jumps in response to her words, making her smile at his reaction. the rest of his body remained stock still, only the rise and fall of his breath causing the slightest movements

Another sip flows past her soft lips, playing across her tongue. Her eyes closes, savor ing each drop, the light hint of cherry and chocolate melding in a heady taste. Energy dances through the room, each one lost in the thoughts of what could be in the next moment.

In her chair, her own body her responde, the slickness building between her thighs making her restless, as her eyes rake across his body.

“Just think how close I am, my canlı bahis fingers grazing down your chest, pausing to play with those pert, firm nipples. My nails raking against the underside of your balls, continuing up in slow strokes, rubbing across the moisture forming on the tip,” her caressing him in a slow hypnotic pace, marveling She at his discipline while spoke and smiling and at his palpable desire.

Slowly she runs a hand up her leg. “If you could see me right now, you could watch my hand caressing my long legs, running across the firm muscles, playing softly on the place behind my knee before disappearing between my thighs.”

Running a hand up her leg, the movement the same as she describes. Fingers trail along the soft skin on the calf, across the sensitive spot behind her knee and finally floating a light scrape of her nails across her inner thigh. Her hand continues snaking up her own stomach, grazing the tip of herEach word pert nipple, pinching them she gasp, the lets out an audible moan before continuing to tell him of each move, painting a vivid picture for him.

Each touch of her own hand bringing moans and grasps, as her fingertips worked across her body, bring it to the edge frenzy. The feel of her own tongue across her lips explode the image of his lips crashing down on hers, her laboring breath coming making it harder the speak, as her fingers dipped into her own wetness, teasing the sensitive nub.

He could hear her breath labor, the effort in her voice with each passing moment, pushing his own excitement to the brink, the binding darkness teasing and tantalizing his mind, only to have his body strain in response.

The light clink of bahis siteleri the glass scraping across the table shifts his attention, his body on full alert, when her hand suddenly grasps his cock firmly, working it lightly, in long strokes. His breath catches, his entire world focused on the movement of her hand. Softly, her breath runs lightly across his chest, the quick, firm flick of a tongue across the tip of his hardness and quickly disappearing as suddenly as it started. His hips thrust involuntarily toward the place her tongue had appeared seconds before, begging for her attention.

“Stand still,” she warns. “Move, and I stop.”

“Yes Ma’am,” the words force through clenching teeth, his laboring breath echoing in the room.

Her fingers trail down his inner thigh, hands engulfing his length then evaporating into the lightest of touches.

Kisses trail across various parts of his body. Her attention playing across the softness of his balls and the rigidity of his cock. Sometimes quickly, others moments so gently the touch was but a whisper. Each movement undulating between animalistic lust and sensual tenderness, no rhythm or pattern from one to the next.

She could feel her own arousal begin to consume her, faltering her focus and yet she still continues the slow, tortuously pleasurable build between their bodies. His muscles twitch under the strain to stay still, her ministrations becoming almost too much to bear and wonderful he had no desire for them to end.

Each calculated touch takes them both to the edge, without letting either slip into the abyss. Over and over, working them so close, not allowing either one to cross an end to her relentless bahis şirketleri torture. Dipping her fingers into the wetness streaming between her thighs, she pushes them into his open breathless mouth, her other hand stroking him until his quaking body begs, non-verbally, for release.

She takes them both to the point where her hold over her own body became tenuous, the arousal burning brightly through her body, then ceases all movement, stepping away from him, gasping for breath. Sliding into her chair, she watches as he struggles for control over his raging need, her own need throbbing between her legs

Long minutes pass.

Finally she stands, walking over to him on shaky legs and unties his arms, her touch slowly caress his body, working muscles back into movement. Dropping the blindfold softly against his shoulder, she watches his eyes flutter open in the soft ambient light. His control return with considerable effort, barely holding the reigns over his palpable hunger and desire, as his muscles ripple under his golden brown skin.

Breathing deeply, she looks up at him, smiling. “Mmmmm…that was so very nice.”

His hunger eyes rake across her sensuous form, the clothing causing no hindrance in his mind to her nakedness beneath.

“Now get dressed boy. It’s time for dinner. We will continue these games in a bit,” she finally says.

Smiling, she revels in the feel of his eyes devouring every inch of her body as she saunters across the room, bending seductively over the chair and reaching for her glass

Sitting down in her chair, she watches his naked form standing, from across the room. Each movement an attempt to gain control

Swirling the red liquid, taking a small sip, she surveys his hard, firm body. The languid moments waltzing through the room with no rush of movement or time. Each breath and heartbeat hers to enjoy and she smiles. Just waiting.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32