Archer’s Lane Case 01 Ch. 06

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The next day, she found Kathleen on the upper deck, where she was trying to enjoy the last rays of sunshine that shone down on the Atlantic from a cloudless sky. Her boss was wearing a tight bathing suit and a gigantic sun hat, and the bright sun made her pale skin seem even paler. “Ah, there you are,” Kathleen greeted her happily, when she noticed Eliza. “Come, take a deck chair as well!”

Eliza smiled embarrassedly. “I… I don’t even have a bathing suit,” she admitted meekly.

Kathleen shrugged and laughed. “So?” she asked. “We’re among ourselves anyway. Might as well go naked.” And without hesitation she stripped off the black suit and laid, only dressed in a sun hat, back down on the chair. When Eliza still stood around indecisively, the author raised her eyebrows. “What is it?” she asked. “We don’t have anything to hide in front of one another, do we?”

Eliza nodded. She had to agree with her boss in that regard. After all, they’ve already inspected each other’s most intimate body parts and also had… Sex, somehow? The translator wasn’t entirely sure, what it had been, but it felt intimate and mysterious and at the same time somehow naughty, just like sex. Well, just like the little bit of sex she knew about, since she hardly had any experience at it.

When she was still hesitating, Kathleen finally got up and began to work on her blouse. The nimble fingers of the young woman skillfully opened the many buttons and soon exposed Eliza’s large, heavy, saggy breasts. She was a little ashamed, as the breasts of her boss looked so much prettier – small, round and with cute little areolas – while her own were so large and somehow flask shaped, and her areolas were so big they almost covered the entire breast.

As if sensing her insecurities, Kathleen ran her fingers gently across Eliza’s tits and caressed them with her fingertips. “You’re very beautiful,” the author said gently and came closer and closer, until the breasts of the two women began to rub against one another. As the translator shuddered and took in all the impressions, Kathleen’s hands ran down her back and below the skirt band, where she caressed her butt. Almost unnoticeably she pushed the skirt down with that, until it fell to the floor and the young woman was all naked.

Kathleen took a step back and eyed Eliza intensely. Her eyes ran across the thick, burly legs, which matched her wide hips, the chubby belly onto which the two long, thick breasts were hanging down, the soft feminine shoulders, where her elegant neck was curving up to her sweet, round head with the innocent face, the wide full lips and grey, dreamy eyes. Her dark, brown hair got lighter and lighter further down on her body; under her arms it was already a hazel, and got almost sand cloured between her legs.

“Very pretty,” Kathleen acknowledged again and sat back down in her chair.

“Are you really sure nobody can see us here?” Eliza asked cautiously and looked around. She expected seamen or other passengers to come around the corner at any time and catch them on the small, remote deck.

“Don’t worry,” her boss laughed. “We’re travelling in the king’s class, and I’ve made sure not to be disturbed until supper. Now sit down and enjoy your freedom!”

Carefully, the translator took a seat next to her boss. Kathleen watched her and then turned over towards her. “What would you do if you could do anything, and nobody would hold you accountable for it?” she asked curiously.

Eliza canlı bahis şirketleri shook her head confused. “What, here, now?” she asked. “Or…”

“Yes, right now,” the redhead interrupted her impatiently.

“I don’t know,” Eliza answered. “Maybe…” She blushed.

Kathleen grinned and sunk back onto her chair. “That’s what I thought,” she replied and opened her legs unabashedly, to run both of her hands across her crotch. Eliza watched her covertly and felt herself getting antsy already. Why was this woman so intimate with her? And why did it arouse her so much? She put her hands in her lap and acted as if they were just resting there, but off and on she would crook a finger and run it along her slit, while her boss was masturbating blatantly.

“Mmmh,” she moaned. “I wish I could do that everywhere. Just play with my twat when I feel like it. Be all natural and vulgar and nobody would care.” Eliza nodded, but didn’t answer. “Do you know what really gets me going?” Kathleen asked finally.

“N-no,” Eliza answered, while she was going through her boss’ stories in her mind, which she had read so far. Women, she thought. Or all the incredible sexual acts she had read about, but didn’t dare to mention.

“Freedom,” Kathleen said. “Freedom to do what I want, to indulge in who I want, to live out my fantasies the way I want to. Freedom.” Her hand was circling faster and harder between her legs, until she finally bucked and began scrubbing her muff like crazy, then sunk back into her deck chair with a relieved sigh.

Eliza had watched in fascination and already assumed that it was over for now, when she noticed a faint ripple coming from between Kat’s legs. Before she could take a look at what was going on, a strong stream shot from her slit across the deck, when Kathleen Schütz began to pee nonchalantly, just because she was feeling like it.

Shocked, the secretary watched her boss. She had never seen another woman as shameless and naked as this, and caught herself oogling the body of the author out of curiousity and arousal, trying to get a better look between her legs. When Kathleen turned towards her and looked at her knowingly, Eliza blushed embarrassedly and felt even more naked than she already was.

Quietly, Kathleen let her hand run between her legs and then pulled it back, glimmering wet, to lick her fingers with pleasure, her eyes still fixed on Eliza, studying her every mien and motion. “You’ll need to get some sun oil to keep the sun from burning too hot,” she finally said unrelatedly and reached for a small bottle, which stood beside her deck chair.

Eliza was too much taken aback to reply, and so she just let the redhead do her thing, who let a copious gush of oil run on her skin. Slowly, the gentle hands of her boss ran across her chest and rubbed the oil into her pale skin, at first on her neck, shoulders and arms, then across her breasts and belly. Especially the way she touched her breasts gave Eliza strange emotions, and the treatment aroused her profoundly, even if she didn’t want to acknowledge it.

“You’re very beautiful,” Kathleen remarked approvingly, when she twitched Eliza’s large nipples almost by accident. “A beautiful woman.”

Eliza blushed again and suddenly felt very warm, but blamed the sun for it. “Thank you very much,” she replied bashfully. “I… I think you’re much prettier than me. Beside you I feel like a small wall flower.”

Kathleen canlı kaçak iddaa smiled her knowing smile and massaged the oil onto the legs of her translator. “I think we make a pretty good team,” she remarked. “And our bodily assets complete each other just as our spiritual ones do.”

“That’s nice for you to say,” Eliza mumbled and didn’t quite know how to respond to that. “I’m always at your service.”

The author laughed. “Ah, so formal?” she asked. “Even if we’re all naked in front of one another? I’d rather like to see you as a friend than someone who’s in my service.”

The secretary nodded. “I’d gladly be your friend, Frau Schütz,” she answered.

Kathleen stopped and looked deep into her eyes. “My friend, yes,” she whispered. “But are you a GIRL friend?”

Eliza blinked confused. What did she mean by that? Wasn’t that the same thing? Or… was it what she had secretly suspected all along? As if Kathleen had guessed her thoughts, she felt the fingers of the author run slowly into her crotch, where they, oily and slippery, ran through her pubic hair and closed in on her pussy. Without knowing why, the chubby brunette nodded and whispered: “Yes, I want to be a girlfriend for you.”

Kathleen rubbed hard and intensely along her labia and especially spent a lot of attention on her clit, which caused a torrent of emotions for Eliza. She loved the feeling of satisfaction, the arousal, the thrill, but at the same time she was torn. Another woman? Touching her there? There, where nobody had touched her before? Causing these feelings with her? And on top of it all, her boss?

A sudden movement pushed all these thoughts aside and made her open her eyes and mouth wide. “Haaaahh,” she gasped when she felt the fingers of her boss enter her quickly and decidedly. Nobody had done that before, not even herself, and Eliza was quite afraid of what might happen. At the same time, it all felt so good, so very good.

Kathleen must’ve noticed something about her turmoil and soon realized that she ran into resistance. “Oh,” she said surprised. “You’re still a virgin.”

The translator nodded and looked aside. What would her boss think of her now? That she was a young, inexperienced and stupid thing? When she turned her head back, she suddenly faced Kathleen’s bright eyes, which were just inches away from her own face, after the author had bent across her. Instead of an answer, their lips touched, and the two women kissed, long and dear.

“Don’t be afraid,” Kathleen whispered. “I won’t do anything that’s uncomfortable for you. And besides, virgins are a rare species that needs to be protected.”

Eliza nodded and still felt stupid. Moreover, she didn’t quite know how to progress from here. She wanted to feel and experience so much more, and was really aroused just now. “I’ll have to take care of your back as well,” Kathleen remarked whimsically and pulled her friend up, so she could bend over in front of her. Again, her wet, soft hands ran across Eliza’s skin and rubbed in the oil, then went carefully between her buttocks and reached around between her legs, to play with her clit again.

The translator gasped and spread her legs a little bit further involuntarily, to give her lover better access, while steadying herself on the railing. Kathleen’s fingers rubbed hard along her pussy and soon made so wet that faint smacking noises were coming from it. At the same time, a slosh of oil was running canlı kaçak bahis in between her buttocks and across her anus, making her painfully aware of how exposed it was in front of her boss.

To her surprise, Kathleen wasn’t put off by it but rather ran her other hand across her tight, sensitive butthole, until a finger began to drill inside of it, taking Eliza’s breath away. She had expected everything, but not this. The sudden intrusion was unpleasant, but at the same time made her incredibly horny, so that she could barely restrain herself.

Oh, how she enjoyed it, when her boss began to run her finger in and out, getting deeper and deeper into her butt, giving her a taste of how it would be to have real sex. Or… wasn’t this already real sex? Eliza was confused, but found it increasingly harder to form a clear thought, since Kathleen was pushing ever stronger and more demanding inside of her.

Were those two fingers inside her butthole already? Eliza felt, how it stretched wide, which gave her even more intense feelings. Was this sex? Did she just get… fucked in the ass by her boss? “Well, you seem to like this,” Kathleen whispered into her ear, just to clear up any further doubt. “Straight to the ass, without a detour through your twat.”

Eliza nodded and pushed her butt back against her boss’ fingers. “Y-yes,” she whispered almost inaudibly.

Slap! A hard hit made her butt tremble and left a burning impression on Eliza’s buttock. “What was that?” Kathleen asked sharply. “I can’t hear you.”

“Yes,” Eliza croaked and tried to sound as self confident as she could. “Yes, I like it.”

Slap! Another hit, straight on the same spot. The secretary yelped from pain. “Louder,” her boss yelled demandingly. “So everyone can hear you.”

“I… I LIKE IT!” Eliza exclaimed, unable to resist the orders of her boss. She eyed stealthily across the railing and then pulled her head back again when she could see passengers on the deck below.

“You like what?” Kathleen hissed and thrusted her fingers now into Eliza’s ass with all her strength.

“In… in the ass,” Eliza whimpered. “I like it in the ass!”

With these words, Kathleen pulled her fingers out, just to replace them shortly thereafter with the neck of the oil bottle, which drilled hard and thick into her. She cried out, when her boss began to thrust the bottle mercilessly up her asshole. “Oh God, yesssss,” Eliza moaned.

Her wide butt cheeks made slapping noises when the bottle got rammed over and over inside of her, and her saggy utters were swinging heavy back and forth underneath her. Kathleen gasped from the effort, with which she took her girlfriend, and even managed a few times to push the bottle in past the neck all the way up to the thick body. “Louder,” she ordered again, without letting on.

“Yes, fuck my whore ass,” Eliza moaned as it slowly dawned on her what her boss was expecting. “Fuck me senseless! I’m just an ass cunt that needs to be taken rough and hard!”

And with these words, her legs gave in underneath her, her whole body shook and got limp, as if it was made of pudding, and she sunk to the floor while her pussy sputtered so much she thought she was peeing on the deck now herself.

When she regained control over her extremities again, she noticed that Kathleen had pulled the bottle back out again and was nibbling her labia luxuriously, sucking up her twat juice. Finally, the redheaded author took her friend into her arms and kissed her intimately, sharing the taste of the juice with her. A thousand different feelings and thoughts went racing through Eliza’s head, but one of them stood out over and over again.

Yes, she wanted to be a girlfriend.

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