Army Biker Night

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I’m driving home and as I approach the stop light, I’m behind an army guy on a motorcycle. I can see in his mirrors that he’s kind of cute, but probably straight and married. But hey, a guy can look right?

The light turns green, he kicks off his bike and turns the corner, as do I. I end up following him accidentally for a little while, then he goes straight into this little neighborhood that has a small turn around with a patch of grass in the middle. I turn left to just keep heading home.

The army guy loops around the circle and now he’s behind me, that’s strange, I thought.

I continue in my route home and notice that he’s behind me pretty closely and makes every turn that I do, so instead of going home, I wrap around a few extra blocks, you can never be too safe these days.

I finally turn the opposite way he does so I make it around to my home and park in my driveway. I start scrolling through social media before heading inside, it’s a thing I do.

I suddenly hear the roar of a bike and that sound always catches my ears, and I see the army guy pulling in next to my car.

“Oh shit!” I wonder what he wants.

He leaves his bike running, gets off it, and leans into my car window, “what the fuck were you staring at? Following me around like that? You trying to get yourself killed?”

“Um . . . I wasn’t . . . Um . . . Following you. That’s the route I take home to avoid extra traffic lights. I’m sorry, I was just admiring your bike.”

He looks me up and down in my seat, he opens the car door from the outside, and rolls up the window. I’m terrified and frozen in my seat. He reaches over and pushes the button to turn my car off.

As he’s right in my face, he says, “I’m going to take you for a ride. It’s a sweet one. Let’s go boy.”

I hop out of my car, position my phone, keys, etc in their right places and he hands me a helmet. I slip it on my head, tighten the strap, and he mounts his bike. He turns around and pats the seat behind him, “no where else to ride but behind me. Let’s go!”

I mount his bike and grip the sides of his jacket. He positions his helmet on, and turns the bike around in my driveway and pulls down the road.

I live on the edge of town so a country road doesn’t take long to get to and we’re soon flying down back roads, I’m gripping his jacket and as we slow down and stop at the stop sign, he reaches his hands to mine and pulls them around his waist.

He takes off down the next stretch of road, and I’m lost in his scent, a bit of sweaty musk from working all day, a bit of deodorant to not smell as bad, and the faintest smell of leather and something else I can’t quite put my finger on.

I lean into his back and inhale deeply, which I think he notices as he leans his head slightly down to give me more space on his back. We start to slow down and reach another stop sign.

He reaches for my hands again, and I’m thinking he’s going to throw me off his bike out here in the country and make me walk home, but instead, he slides my left hand down to his groin.

I let him use my hand to massage his ever growing cock that I can feel. Fuck he’s big! I move my hand back up to the other one and he pushes it down.

He turns his head slightly, “keep your fucking hands where I put them, even on my fucking cock.”

I leave my hand where it is and he takes off again, we zip down another street or two and we finally pull off the road down some gravel driveway.

“Oh shit,” I think to myself, “I’m going to get murdered. Damn it, I let the wrong head do the thinking and now this is the end.”

He pulls his bike into the small barn behind the house, and kills the engine. I release my grip, and just wait, unsure what to do. He unbuckles my helmet, takes it off, and almost pulls me off the bike.

“Okay, now that I’ve got you here, what do you say you pay up for that free ride I just gave you? Gas ain’t cheap you know?” He grimaces in my face.

“I’m sorry. Please don’t hurt me. Just let me leave and I’ll walk home, I’m sorry.”

“Jesus, I’m not going to hurt you, at least not like that. What kind of movies you been watching? I just want a little TLC with a warm hole or two. But if you can’t do that, then you might as well fuck off now because it’s getting dark and these roads aren’t kind at night.”

“Oh, I, um, I’m sorry. I just thought that” I stumble through.

“Thought what? That I was gonna drive you out here, slip your hand on my cock and then chop your head off in the woods?”

“Um, something like that.”

“No, that’s not my plan. Come here.”

I walk over to him, he stands a good six inches above me, grabs my nipples through my thin shirt, “if you agree, I’ll treat you right tonight and tomorrow I’ll drive you home a fresh fucked boy. Why do you say?”

I moan at his pull, “yes please.”

“Good, now I need to change, let’s climb up in the loft.”

We climb the ladder, him behind me pushing up on my ass. And we get to the top and there’s a small landing canlı bahis and a door. He pushes the door open and I’m smacked by the instant smell of leather and sex.

He guides me towards a chair in the middle of the room, sits me down, and begins to fasten the restraints around my wrists and legs. I’m fastened to the chair and he stands behind me, still wearing his leather riding gloves, and pulls on my nipples again.

He pulls his hands up my chest, over my face and back down my chest again. He then rips my shirt in two pieces, easily, and pulls them from me. He reaches around and shoves a rubber ring in my mouth, tightening it behind my head so that all I can do is stick my tongue out, barely.

He leaves me there and walks away, behind me, I hear him fumbling around. A short time later, he appears in front of me, but he’s dressed much differently.

His tight chest and abs glisten from the sweat on his body, the leather straps molding around the top of his chest, the band on his arm tightly squeezing his bicep.

He’s also got on the tightest pair of chaps I’ve ever seen, a huge pouch containing his junk, and when he turns around, his perfect ass molded into two perfectly round cheeks.

I start to drool in my gag as my eyes drop down to his black harness boots. He turns back around to me, puts his leather gloved hand against my throat, pushing against it, he leans down to my face, “are you going to be a good obedient boy for me today?”

I nod my head yes, he pushes a little harder on my throat, “I didn’t fucking hear you boy.”

I grunt a yes, and he stands up straight, pulls a crop from his boot and slaps my chest three times on each side.

I grimace, “what was that?” He said.

“Yes… Sir…” I grunt through my gag again. He slaps my chest a few more times.

“That’s better boy, don’t forget it.”

He begins tracing his crop around my now reddened chest, down my stomach, and across my crotch. Luckily these pants are hiding my full erection well in this position.

He manages to find my head though as it’s snaked off to the side, and he smacks it with the crop, twice.

I grunt, groan, and moan, somehow, at the same time.

“These pants just won’t do. I need my boys naked.” He declares.

He reaches down, undoes the ankle restraints, removed my tennis shoes, and unbuttons my pants. I lift my hips off the chair and he slides my pants and underwear off me, throwing them off to the side. He removes my socks and retightens the ankle restraints to the chair.

He grabs the base of my cock, which is now sticking straight out, and pushes forward on it so a drop of precum comes out.

He scoops it up on his finger and shoves it through the ring in my mouth. I taste the saltiness and before I can get my tongue on his finger, he removes it.

He then circles around me, smacking my thighs with his crop in various places, and while pain isn’t on my turn on list, it’s evidently on his and I’m in pure lust mode.

He continues his crop smacking for what feels like hours, hitting different spots, the same spots, varying intensity, but every smack is deliberate and planned.

He finally finishes because he slides his crop back into his boot. He loosens the restraints and removes the gag.

“Let’s go to the main house boy, I’ve got more stuff planned for you.”

I get off the chair, and go to reach for my clothes, when his large hand makes contact with my ass cheeks, “what are you doing?” He says.

“Um, getting my clothes.”

He smacks my ass again, “did I tell you to get your clothes? I do remember saying boys are naked at my house.” He smacks my ass again, “and you forgot something.”

“Ouch, fuck, stop that. That fucking hurts.”

He smacks my ass again, despite my best ninja moves, he is faster than me.

“Boys with manners get smacked much less. Care to try again? Did I tell you to get your clothes?” He says as he grips the back of my neck.

“No… Sir.”

“Good boy. Much better, now, let’s get down that ladder and into the house. I need something to drink.”

He pushes me towards the door, and lets me climb down the ladder. When we hit the bottom, he grabs my wrists and clips the restraints together.

I look at him, he pushes me forward out the barn door and we walk across the dirt and gravel driveway back towards the house. He smacks my ass every few steps just to remind me he’s there.

We reach the house and he opens the back door into the kitchen, following him, he walks through the house and into the bathroom. He pushes me down into the shower and turns on the water. It’s not on enough to reach me.

He positions me so that I’m on my knees, face right against the tile on the floor, knees are up under me and my ass is right in the air.

If I wanted to move, I couldn’t, and I knew that I shouldn’t as my ass was still stinging from the barn. I hear him remove the pouch and suddenly a warm liquid is flowing over my ass, flowing down my legs, bahis siteleri and over my slightly exposed hole.

“Yeah… marking my new fuck boy. A real man marks his territory.” He says as he moans through his piss.

He grabs the shower head, pulls it off the wall and rinses me off a little. He then reaches down, grabs my wrists, and pulls me up to my feet. I get a glimpse of his cock, which is getting hard and it’s not bad.

He pulls me backwards from the shower, and into his bedroom. He sits me on the edge of the bed, “suck boy!”

He shoves his dick into my mouth, and the more I suck on it, the harder it grows. He’s got a respectable 7 inches, circumcised, and leaking.

He’s holding my head, moaning, rocking his hips back and forth. His other hand is resting on his abs and I’m looking up at him and his eyes are closed.

He pulls his cock from my mouth, leans down, holds my chin with his hand, “okay boy. I’m going to fuck you now, and I like to fuck rough. Can you handle it?”

“I think so Sir.”

“Okay boy, sit still.”

He walks to the dresser and back, he places a strip of red tape over my mouth, and then wraps it around my head a few times.

He then pushes me backwards on the bed, lifts my right leg and bends it at the knee, he wraps red rope around my thigh and calf area, he pulls it tightly, then wraps it around the middle. He repeats this with my left leg.

I’m lying on my hands, and he knows this. He climbs up on the bed, rolls me over and releases the restraints. Just as quickly, he grabs each wrist and ties them down to each leg. I’m quickly bound, gagged, and he’s spitting on my hole and rubbing against it.

I can still lock eyes with him, and he does with me as he gently pushes a finger into my hole. I groan as I accept him inside. He starts a slow fingering, then adding two. As I can feel my hole loosen, and he’s pushing further and further into my hole, finding that sweet spot.

My cock is leaking against my stomach, “there’s that boy spot, your pleasure space, your button I’m going to push on for the next couple of hours with my cock. You see, I like a long deep fuck, I like to explore every corner and inch of a boy’s hole and see how deep I can go. This is your last chance to back out, otherwise, I’m going to just ram you. Think you can still take it boy?”

I nod my head yes, begging for more as he continues using his fingers to push on that button, causing more precum to spill out of my cock head.

He pulls his fingers from me and walks back to his dresser, when he returns, he holds up a short piece of string, he ties it tightly around my balls and around the base of my cock. He then slips a tight metal ring over his balls and manages to pull his semi hard cock through it.

“This is how a boy should be, tied up, waiting for a man’s cock to fuck his hole. Good boys like you are just little cock sluts to be used. What do you think boy? You want me to fuck you?”

He grabs my cock and slides his hand up to the head, I shake my head yes.

“You’ve been tested recently boy? Sometime in the last month?”

I shake my head yes as he continues to gently stroke my rock hard 6.5 inches.

“You clean? No STIs or anything?”

I shake my head yes.

“That’s a good boy, I typically don’t fuck bare, but this hungry hole is just begging for some thick cum to be loaded into it.”

He steps forwards, towards me, his cock glistening with lube, shaking with each step. He grabs my legs, picks up my ass, and slides me closer to the edge.

He positions his head at my hole. He rubs the head around it, teasing me, I grunt loudly.

“You want it boy? Man, if you weren’t gagged, I would make you beg for it. Beg me to fuck this slutty hole, beg me to breed you like the little slut you are. After tonight, you’re never gonna want to leave. My cock is all you’re going to be able to think about. You want it, don’t you?”

I nod my head yes, grunting again.

I was not prepared for what happened next. He slammed his cock into my hole and I underestimated how thick he was. The burning pain as my ring was shoved open further than it had earlier.

I grimace, grunt, and he smiles at me.

“You asked for it boy, now you’re gonna get it.”

I push out, trying to get him to pull it out, just give me a minute I’m thinking.

He pulls his cock back, and I’m thinking he can read my mind, but as he reaches the end, he shoves it all the way in, running over that button and pushing deeper into me.

His hands are on my knees, he’s positioned me so that he can basically stand. He pulls back, thrusts deep, and this is when he starts.

My hole hasn’t adjusted yet, but I don’t have much choice, I’m grunting, he’s fucking, and I’m in pleasure and pain.

A tear falls from my eye, he reaches up, wipes it with his hand, “don’t cry boy, it will stop hurting so much.”

He continues pulling all the way back, then ramming all the way forward. The pain does start to ease a bahis şirketleri little, and I’m waiting, waiting for pleasure to take over.

He slides me backwards on the bed, climbing up onto his knees as he positions himself against me. I can see his chest, sweat rolling down over his pecs, covering his nipples, making them glisten.

The look on his face is pure lust, and pleasure. He never breaks eye contact with me, it’s rather intimidating, as he’s now pushing into me further, on top of me.

Using only his hips, he continues pounding, thrusting, back and forth for at least an hour this way. My pleasure center eventually tells the pain center to sit down and shut the hell up.

He reaches down finally, and puts his hand around my neck, squeezing just enough.

“Yeah, that’s right boy, it’s been an hour, and I’m still loving this tight boy hole. It’s wrapped so tightly around my cock. I would have busted my nut if I wasn’t wearing my cock ring. You like this now boy? You want it still?”

I nod yes, the best as I can, his hold on my neck, not squeezing enough to cut off all oxygen, but applying the right amount of pressure.

“That’s right boy, take this fucking cock, fucking slutty bottom, oh fuck, that’s good, yeah, a nice tight hole filled to the brim, as it should be.”

He lets my neck go and grabs both of my nipples, pulling on them, using them as leverage to drive himself deeper into me. I didn’t think I had this much space inside, but he keeps pushing further and further in.

My cock is leaking, his legs are starting to shake. He picks me up, still inside me, and sets me on the edge of the dresser. He pulls back, and continues his thrusts, his onslaught, really, of my hole.

He holds my body on the edge, he holds my hips, pushing his cock in and out of me, he’s found the right position to push that button with every thrust, with every motion, his head slides on over it like a perfect game of whack a mole.

I’m moaning, he’s moaning, and the pressure in my cock is building, he keeps up his pounding and I can feel it. I can feel that sensation people describe, I’m so close, my hips and legs are shaking, I’m almost there, and he suddenly pulls out of me completely.

“Nooooo!” I scream through my gag.

He walks over to me, “thought you were gonna get to explode boy? Well, not yet, I always cum first in my house. I could use a drink, I’ll be right back. I wouldn’t move much if I were you, I’d hate for you to fall off this dresser.”

He walks from the room, but quickly returns with a glass of ice water. He gulps down the water quickly and I would give a whole lot to have some. He grabs one of the ice cubes and slides it over the head of my cock. The freezing cold is causing some type of feeling as my cock doesn’t know what to do.

He slides the cube down the back of my shaft, across my swollen balls, and as the cube is almost melted, he pops the cube in his mouth and crunches on it.

He repeats this with the rest of the ice cubes, rubbing them over my cock, balls, nipples, down my stomach, and as each cube is almost melted, he tosses it in his mouth.

“You ready for me again boy?”

I nod my head yes. He holds my knees once more, and guides the head of his cock in my hole, it slips through the swollen ring, and as he pushes through, he slams it forward again.

He moves his hands to my legs again, holding the part of the rope that binds my legs together. He continues his quick thrusting, fucking me as fast as he can go.

He continues this pace for what feels like hours. I’m moaning and grunting, he’s moaning and grunting. He pulls from my hole, leaving it empty and pulsating. He removes his ring, and tosses it on my chest.

“I’m going to fucking load this hole up with my thick cum. I’ve been saving my load for at least a week, waiting for a slut to come along begging for it.”

He shoves his cock deep inside me, holding in me as far as he can go, short little thrusts, his eyes narrowing on mine, focusing on getting his cock to cooperate.

“Yeah, I’m fucking close boy, yeah, this fucking hole, squeezing my cock, begging for my load, you want it boy? You want my fucking load? Huh? Answer me!”

He slaps my face, I nod my head yes. He reaches down, puts both hands on my throat, squeezing.

“Oh yeah, sluts are nothing more than holes, fucking take it boy, that’s right, fuck! AAARRRGGHHH!!”

I feel his cock unload inside me, his orgasm riveting through my body, with every short thrust, every string of cum shot inside me, I can feel it filling me up.

He finally finishes, and he stumbles over to the bed, falling back on it, breathing heavily. His chest quickly rising and falling as I turn my head to look at him.

He slowly regains his breath, calms down, and comes back to me. He unties my wrists first, and sets them on my chest.

He then releases each leg, carefully setting it down over the edge of the dresser, he massages my thighs, working from my groin all the way down to my ankles, they never went numb, but stretching the joints hurts a little.

He walks to my side, puts his hand under my back, and sits me up, I wobble a little, but he’s right against me so I don’t fall off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32