Bambi’s Separate Worlds Ch. 05

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Rachel and I headed back to the room just after three to catch a short nap before getting up to prepare for the evening’s festivities. A light was flashing on the bedside phone, indicating a voice message.

Picking up the phone, I hit our room code and waited for the call to connect. When the message played, I could only smile.

Rachel saw my smile and instantly seemed to know what I was so happy about. “I guess I need to arrange to have dinner with Olivia and Cherry.

“Yeah, but there’s a good chance we may have a virgin submissive to entertain ourselves with tonight and beyond. I’m not sure how long the sorority girls are planning to be here, but we could have another three of four days to play with her before we have to release her back into the big, evil world.”

“Think we can send her back with a new outlook on life?” Rachel asked with a smile.

I couldn’t help but grin as I snuggled into her arms. “That’s the plan Mistress, that’s the plan.”

When we awoke from our nap, it was just before five. I was supposed to meet Courtney at the main bar at seven. Knowing that fact, I joined Rachel in the shower, and immediately went to my knees, burying my tongue between her legs. I wanted to make up for the fact that I would be away from her for a few hours tonight.

“Is my loving little lesbian slut needing a light snack before her date tonight?” Rachel teased me as she leaned her back against the wall and began to run her fingers through my hair.

I drug my tongue up through her cleft, circling her clit before sucking it into my mouth. Releasing it, I looked up at her and said, “Right here on my knees in front of you is where I always want to be. I love seducing women, but it would be more fun if I was doing it with you. This trip was supposed to be about us, and I hate that I’m spending time away from you to chase another woman.”

Rachel pulled me up and kissed me hard. Our tongues danced together, tangling in a mass of flesh as she cupped each of my cheeks.

“I love you, Bambi, and I will miss you tonight. But I get off on knowing that you are out being naughty. You had to endure some of the peak parts of your life without intimate sexual contact. I intend to see that you make up for that. Plus, I expect you to text me at some point to come and join you two,” Rachel instructed me.

“Are you sure? I could still cancel if you’d like me to,” I asked, almost hoping she would say yes while still intrigued by the possibilities of Courtney.

Kissing my lips. This time soft and gentle like, Rachel said, “Go, have fun with her. Open her up to all the new sexual possibilities available to her in life. When you’re ready for me to join you, just text me.” Rachel said with a smile.

Feeling absolved of my guilt, I slowly slid back down Rachel’s body. I took the time to stop and worship both her surgically enhanced breasts. Tickling my tongue over each nipple lightly before using my oral appendage to flick at the end of the barbell piercing through each one. Rachel couldn’t help but moan at the slight torsion of her swollen buds.

“My cunt…Oooh…I need that slut tongue of yours in my cunt, Bambi,” Rachel ordered.

Without hesitation, I dropped to my knees and buried my tongue deep within her slick folds, sucking at the gooey goodness that I found there. Prostrating myself fully, I buried my tongue as far within her honeypot as possible, clamping my lips around her opening. I sucked hungrily at her juices as I dragged the thumb of my right hand up through Rachel’s inundated slit, soaking it in her essence. I began to rub her engorged pearl in circles as I tongue fucked her sweet cunt drawing praise from her soft lips.

“Fuck, yes, Bambi. That’s it, baby…fuck. I’m going to let you taste my girl cum, baby. I’m going to put it all over that slutty little tongue and face of yours. Ooooooh, fuck yes…cumming…cumming…fuck!” Rachel cried out, her fist wrapped in my hair as she ground her pelvis against my face.

I made her come two more times in rapid succession before she became too sensitive to go on. We both ended up having to wash in water that had gone tepid.

As we dressed for the evening, Rachel gave me a few instructions I hadn’t been expecting. They made me feel both excited and scared at the prospect of having to carry them through. Something I knew I would do regardless of how humiliating they might be simply because it would please her.

“The dance floor of the club is decently lit, but the area where the tables and booths are located is much darker. The ones in the back corner are only lit by three small rectangular lights just above the lip of the table. That leaves anything below the table entirely in the dark,” Rachel explained.

Wanting to be sure of what she wanted, I asked, “So, you would prefer if I took a booth in the back canlı bahis corner of the club?”

“Yes,” Rachel confirmed, “if, at all possible, that would be ideal because tonight, while you’re having drinks with Courtney, I expect you to talk her into removing her panties there at the table so you can finger her pussy.”

I’m sure my eyes grew wide at the prospect of performing such a wanton act in a public venue because my heart began to race with anxiety.

“Olivia, Cherry, and I will be there at the club though we won’t sit nearby, you two. We plan to introduce ourselves to Katrina tonight and judge her interest in having some fun with us. Once you have soaked those pretty fingers of yours in Courtney’s little slut hole. I expect you to come to find me so I can suck her juices off of them. I also expect her panties as a gift for allowing you the chance to live this seduction. I want you to tell her what you’re going to do and instruct her not to move until you return. Start bringing out those submissive tendencies within her and establish control by making gentle demands of her. Once she complies, make sure that you praise her and reward her with little soft touches and kisses.”

“Yes, Mistress, ” I said as I began to moisten once again between my thighs.

I was a little nervous when it came time to head down to the bar. I wore a black, sleeveless cocktail dress. The hem of the skirt ended about four inches above my knees. As usual, I wore no bra or panties, but I was wearing a black garter and sheer mocha-colored stockings with a pair of black four-inch heels. The dress was loose enough to allow me the freedom of movement on the dance floor I’d need, yet tight enough to still enhance my slim figure.

As I entered the club, I made my way over to the bar. For reasonably early in the evening, the place already had a decent crowd. I was scanning the room looking for Courtney when I felt a hand on my arm. Turning, I found my voluptuous date looking about as desirable as any woman in the room.

Courtney wore a short a gray, sleeveless knit sweater dress that hugged her shapely hips and nicely accented her ample breasts. I could just make out the outline of her erect nipples through the thin knit material. She had her hair braided, which really opened up her face and neck. Her makeup accented her eyes, making them seem even more beautiful than they had earlier by the pool.

“Hey,” I said, reaching out and taking her hand, “Wow, you look stunningly beautiful, Courtney.”

Flushing, Courtney said, “Thank you. You look really pretty too, Bambi.”

“I was so pleased to get your message. I was really hoping to continue our talk from earlier.”

As I pulled back, I stared into Courtney’s eyes, trying to convey with the look on my face how much I wanted to make her mine. She had a hard time holding my gaze, but I could see hints of arousal in her eyes.

Pulling her along behind me as I looked over my shoulder, I said, “My Mistress reserved us a table in a more secluded spot in the back of the club. She thought you seemed a bit self-conscious about what you were feeling today by the pool and wanted to alleviate some of that for you.”

When we reached the booth, I allowed Courtney to sit first before sliding in next to her. This seemed to catch her by surprise.

“It can get pretty loud in here when it gets busy. This way, we’ll be able to hear each other without yelling across the table.” Then giving her a coy smile, I added, “Besides, I love the idea of being close enough to touch you.”

To illustrate my meaning, I ran a fingernail softly up the length of her arm, raising goosebumps in its wake.

Courtney seemed a bit tongue-tied by my actions. I didn’t want to push too hard and scare her off, so I changed tactics.

“So, tell me all about Courtney. I want to know all about you and what brought you to sitting here at this table with me tonight.”

She was a bit shy at first. But slowly, she began to talk and give up her tale. She was a midwestern girl who had settled in Atlanta after college, working as a compensation and benefits manager at Coca-Cola. She lived just outside the busy nightlife of the northside of the city but said she’d had a hard time making any lasting connections since arriving.

“Ever date a woman?” I asked, drawing an immediate blush from Courtney.”

She shook her head while looking down at the table.

“Then what made you decide to come here tonight?” I asked. I released our handhold and turned towards her putting my left arm across the ridge of the backrest. Courtney had placed both hands on the table, so I reached across with my free hand and laid it on her right forearm.

Before she could answer, our waitress appeared and took our drink orders. When she was gone, I looked back at Courtney and encouragingly said, “You were going to tell me why you decided to meet me for drinks tonight.”

Courtney looked down at where my fingers traced delicate patterns on her right arm. I loved bahis siteleri the way she was so receptive to my touch, gooseflesh covering her limb’s surface.

“I wasn’t going to…but I talked to a friend, and she encouraged me to come. She thought it might be good for me,” Courtney admitted.

“Would that friend have been Katrina?” I asked her, bringing a look of surprise to her face. “You started to mention her today when you asked why I’d focused on you. I thought maybe she had some experience when it came to women.”

After a moment, Courtney nodded her head.

“Katrina was always very confident and open about her sexuality, even in college. She dated some men back then, but these days I think she only dates women.”

I couldn’t help but think how my trio of friends would likely be enjoying themselves as they pleasured the body of the pretty blonde later tonight.

Changing gears and wanting to keep my prey on edge as Rachel had taught me, I said, “Will you be honest with me about something?”

I slid my hand up the length of Courtney’s arm and took her hand in mine. She watched my hand grasp hers and released a sigh, seeming to relax a bit.

Looking up into my eyes, she said, “Sure.”

“When you left me this morning, you went back to your friends and collected your things. Did you go back to your room and masturbate?”

I saw her body stiffen at the question. She started to pull her hand away, but I held firm refusing to let it go.

“Relax, Courtney, I’m not trying to embarrass you. When you walked away from me this morning, I was so wet I was afraid it would show through my suit. You did that to me, and I most definitely needed some relief myself, but Rachel, my Mistress, wouldn’t allow it. She’s an expert on spotting supposedly curious straight ladies who are fighting their interests about women. And Rachel said the curiosity was just radiating off of you. She told me I couldn’t come again unless it was you making me do it.”

I felt her weakly try and pull her hand away again, but again I held firm.

“When we were talking this morning, I could tell you were as excited as I was, but something was holding you back. But I think in the privacy of your own room that something wasn’t there, and when you touched yourself, you thought about me and what I would do to you.”

And then, as if to emphasize my point, I added, “And I think when you came, it was likely the strongest climax you’d had in a long time, maybe ever.”

The waitress returned at that moment with our drinks, for Courtney, a Cosmo and for me, a vodka tonic.

I watched as Courtney took a healthy slug of her drink. Setting it back down, she stared into it and said, “Yes. I was really aroused this morning, and yes, I’ve fantasized about being with a woman before.”

“Good girl,” I said, reinforcing her submissive tendencies. “That wasn’t so hard to admit, was it?”

Courtney flushed and nodded her head. “For me, it was. I’ve always been shy. I was heavy through high school and college. The only reason I got into Chi Omega was the fact my mom and grandmother were prominent members. That and the fact my grades were really excellent, and they thought I might be able to help the sororities overall grade point average.”

I reached up and pulled a sprig of hair away from her face and tucked it behind her ear. Releasing it, I softly dragged my fingers across the smooth skin of her cheek, caressing it lightly.

“I’m sure you had a lot more going for you than just your grades. And I don’t know what you looked like then, but your body is sexy as can be now. You just lack confidence, and I think I can help you with that.”

“How?” Courtney asked.

I released the hand I had been holding and slid it under the table, setting it on her knee.

“By teaching you to submit to your desires. You’re like me. You’re a natural submissive. Don’t make the same mistake I did and wait until you’re forty-eight before you gather the courage to give in. You’ll become bitter at the thought of all the time you wasted once you experience it.”

As I’d talked to her, I had eased close enough that our thighs were touching, and our faces were less than ten inches apart. Courtney licked her lips, and I could detect a slight quiver course through her body. She was ready. I could kiss her right now, and she wouldn’t resist. That wasn’t the goal, though. Rachel wanted no less than Courtney’s complete and total submission.

My hand had wandered to the inside of her thigh and was making little circling motions. Easing my face even closer to her and bringing my lips to her ear, I whispered, “I want you to take your panties off so I can touch you.”

A look of panic appeared on Courtney’s face.

“Here?” she exclaimed as she looked around at the other tables and the dance floor.

“Right here, Courtney. It’s not well lit at all in this corner, and even if it was, I doubt anyone would be looking. They’re all too busy trying to get into each other’s bahis şirketleri pants to worry about what’s happening over here.”

“Can’t we go somewhere else like your room or mine?” Courtney asked with evident apprehension. “Why does it have to be here?”

My hand had reached the top of her inner thigh, but I would go no further until she complied with my request. The way her breath was coming in hitches, I knew it wouldn’t take long.

“It has to be here because I have to know that you’re willing to fully submit. Finally, agreeing to become Rachel’s submissive was a defining point in my life at a time when I desperately needed it. I was scared that night too. But refusing to give in to that fear was one of the best things that ever happened to me, and it can be for you too.”

Leaning in, I kissed Courtney’s lips softly, drawing a whimper from deep inside her. There was no hesitation on her part as she returned my kiss with a passion. Our lips came together and separated repeatedly, and she willingly accepted my tongue into her mouth when I brushed it against her lips. Our tongues clashed against one another as I continued to be a tease by rubbing her inner thigh without touching her needy pussy.

When Courtney began to slightly thrust her hips forward in an attempt to force contact with my hand. I broke our kiss.

“I want to touch you, baby. But you have to follow instructions first. Take off your panties under the table and give them to me. Once you do, I promise to finger your slutty, needy little pussy. Do what I say, and I promise you this night will be the most intense sexual experience of your life.”

Courtney hardly hesitated this time. Her hands slid beneath the table and discreetly hiked her skirt up high enough to grab her panties and lower them down. Once they were free, she gave them to me without reservation. Her saturated undergarments safely ensconced in my left hand, I slid my right between her legs and using two fingers parted the wet lips of her pussy, drawing an intense moan from my voluptuous date. My lips seized hers again, kissing her hard as my two fingers continued to slide through her wet cleft. I began to use my thumb to rub and press against Courtney’s clit, causing her hips to start to gyrate and thrust in time with my digits.

Breaking our kiss, I said, “Tell me what you want, Courtney.”

“I want to cum,” she answered.

“Mistress,” I said, correcting her. “For the rest of the night, whenever you speak to me, you will address me as Mistress. And I want you to be specific. How do you want me to make you come?”

“I want you to fuck me, Ba…Mistress. Please fuck me with your fingers.” Courtney begged.

“Good girl,” I said in praise as I brought my lips to hers a split second before my index and pointer finger sunk into her creamy cunt and curled up in search of that special little bundle of nerves inside her.

“Mphhh…” Courtney moaned into my mouth in joyous response to my fingers, at last, finding her g-spot. I began to pump my digits in and out, allowing them to tap against her special place with each thrust.

Our lips separating; I began to lick my way up her neck, leaving a snails trail of saliva all the way to her ear.

Once there, I said in a low voice, “Don’t you dare come without asking my permission. Do you understand me, slut?”

“Yes… yes, Mistress,” Courtney said, followed by a moan as I sucked her lobe into my mouth before moving back to kissing her neck. I could tell she was getting closer to her first sapphic climax. Courtney’s breathing was coming in hitches and jerks. I bit down right where her neck joined her shoulder hard enough to leave teeth marks, causing the voluptuous beauty to cry out.

The way her body was reacting to the things I was doing to her had my panties soaked. I wanted to get her back to our suite so that I could experience her tongue between my legs. To do that, I knew I had to accomplish the task Rachel had given me.

Wanting to hurry this voluptuous vixen to her climax, I added another finger to her silky folds. Courtney’s pussy was tight, particularly for a woman of her age. It took a minute to get the third finger in without hurting her. But when I had it ensconced inside her, I slowly curled my hand palm up and began to pound my fingers into her while striking her spongy g-spot with each pistoning motion. I couldn’t be sure whether it was the internal stimulation or my palm slapping against her clit. But it became clearly apparent that Courtney was about to cum. I’d just begun to believe that she would do so without permission when she broke our kiss.

“I need to cum, Mistress. Please! Please may I cum?” she begged with glaring need.

“Come for me, pet. Come for your Mistress like a good little lesbian slut.”

Just two or three strokes of my fingers and strikes of my palm later, Courtney came hard. The walls of her cunt clamped down firmly on my digits as convulsions ripped through her center. The only thing muffling her screams as her pussy spasmed around my appendages was our kiss.

When at last, her shaking and convulsions had stopped, I ended our kiss. Looking into her pretty yet lust glazed eyes, I asked, “Did you enjoy that, pet?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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