Beth and Robin after the Auction Pt. 02

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First, a little about me. As i write this I am a sixty-three year old, still sexually active, bi, submissive woman. My stories are memories of a kinky life. I am still in the lifestyle. When this adventure started I was a 35 year old straight business consultant living with a loving partner. When 35, I was at about 125 pounds, today 140. I am still 5 foot 7 inches tall. What were 36 Cs are now 38 Ds. I was, I thought, a perfect 36-24-39 now I’m a perfect 38-26-42. I am gifted with green eyes.

This story is a continuation of Beth and Robin after the auction.

Beth was up next. Pamela began: “Number 3 is a 32 year old caucasian. She has as you can see perfect 34C breasts that have never been altered by surgery.” I watched as Beth stood a little straighter and taller to accentuate her tits. She was loving this. Pamela continued: “Beth has had one child but she does not appear to have been physically altered by the experience. As you can see she well suited for and readily accepts anal penetration.” Pamela turned Sara around. I loved the curve of that bubble butt. “Beth is bisexual, exceptionally submissive and equally capable with men or women.”

Beth ‘sold’ to a man in his early forties. He came forward and led her away. I remember thinking, she will be fine. It’s worth noting here that Pamela lied about anal sex. The truth is that although she has a perfect round ass Beth tolerates but does not enjoy anal penetration. I know first hand that she loves to be rimmed and licked. I did not know Beth had a child. I also did not realize the buyer had paid the premium for 72 hours. Three days later when Beth returned to our beach cabin she told me her story. Beth is gone now but I write this as though she were speaking.

This is Beth and this is my story of what happened after I agreed to be ‘sold’ for a weekend.

I was led out of the room by my buyer. We went to the changing room where I was allowed to dress and get my travel bag. He then led me out to his car. In the car I told him my name was Beth and asked him what his name was. He told me he was Robert but I could call him Bob for the next 72 hours.

I said: “72 hours? I thought it was just the weekend, two days.”

He responded: “Take it up with Pamela, I paid the premium, you belong to me and my clients to do with as we please until Monday at midnight. If you are nice, who knows it might be fun.” He laughed.

We drove south on 95 for about half an hour and pulled into an RV storage yard. He parked next to a motor home and said: “Take your bag, get out and follow me.” He opened the door and entered the RV. Standing outside I saw a Police car nearby and thought of running for it. I didn’t, I don’t know why but instead I followed him in.

He closed the door and put his hands on my shoulders and said: “I saw you looking at the police. Don’t even think about it! Pamela gave me what I need to make you do whatever I want, a video of you and her in a very compromising situation, and a video of you and another woman. She also gave me your daughters name and address. When I drop you off on Monday I’ll give you the videos if you are a good girl.” He started to drive.

I sat in the passenger seat stunned. How did they know? I could not let my daughter and her family see me that way. What the hell did I get myself into. I resigned myself to doing whatever he said. I needed time to think.

As we drove I asked him: “What did you mean by ‘your clients’ and can you tell me where we are going?”

Robert told me: “My primary clients are two wealthy people, a woman and a man in North Carolina, the Smokey Mountains. You will spend time with them first. After that, until our time runs out, our clients are who ever I say.”

We drove and because of our late start we eventually stopped for the night at a truck stop rest area. We walked the parking lot to stretch our legs and we got something to eat. When we returned to the camper he put on some music and asked me to strip for him. I hesitated but did as he said and stripped to my bra and panties. He then told me it was his turn to sample what he was selling and pulled me toward him. He reached behind me and unsnapped my bra and roughly kissed and fondled my breasts. Bob put his finger in the front of my panties and pulled me into the bedroom.

He pushed me up onto the bed, climbed up and pulled down my panties. He had his hands behind my knees and pushed my legs up and went down on me. He was not an ‘asking’ kind of lover. He was demanding and rough. He came up from between my thighs with his face wet and kissed me. When I let him but did not respond he said: “I don’t really give a shit what you do or don’t do with my clients but I know how to hurt you so the marks won’t show so you will fucking make love to me like I am the only man on earth or I will hurt you and stop at the nearest post office and mail that video.” I nodded and pleaded: “Please don’t, I will do what you ask.”

Robert was not a good lover. He pushed my head down and made me suck him. There was nothing about him I liked or wanted. He touched güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri and sucked my breasts some more, got on top of me and in three minutes he was done. I remember that at least he used a condom. In the morning we were back on the road.

Our first stop was at a beautiful mountain side home at the start of the Smokey Mountain range. Margaret answered the door, said hello and invited me in. As I turned Robert was leaving. Margaret, Marge, as she asked me to call her, was a slender black woman, about 5’4″ and in her perhaps early 60s. I would soon learn she was 68. She explained that I would be with her for about 24 hours and then Robert would return.

Marge told me that she was just making breakfast and asked me to join her in the kitchen. I followed her through her beautiful home to the kitchen and we cooked together. It was easy and relaxed being with her, she was a very nice person. We made and ate a late breakfast. During that time was when I learned she was 68 and a widow for five years. Her clothing, her home, her conversation, everything about her told me she was a well educated woman of means. After breakfast we walked in her garden and talked about the past and then returned to the house for coffee.

Marge told me that many years ago she fell in love with a woman named Cathy. They were childhood friends and were 19 when they discovered they were more than just friends. She said she always regretted their decision to split. Back then, she said, two women living together would have been hard but Cathy was white and a black woman and white woman living together was impossible.

Marge went on to explain that she had seen photographs of me and I look exactly like Cathy did back then and that is why she contacted Robert to make this time together possible. I asked if she had tried to contact Cathy since her husband died. She told me she did but she passed away long ago.

Marge confessed that she had no expectations for the day we were spending together. She just wanted to look at me and think of Cathy and talk to me about her life, Cathy and what might have been. As she admitted to being lonely since her husband died she asked if I would hold her hand.

I took her soft and warm hand in mine. The contrast between her chocolate brown skin and mine was remarkable. We took our coffee into her den and sat side by side. I had a feeling of wanting to be closer to her and I physically moved closer on the couch. I remember her smell, clean and fresh and not of perfume.

In the course of the morning and early afternoon I felt that I was reading a book as she told me how they met and walked me through to the day they parted. Nothing she said, not a word was about intimacy in any way, not a word, so I asked.

Marge explained that they had kissed and how that first kiss was what lit the fire. She told me that over a few months they touched ‘private places’ and they had held each other naked. They were close to a real physical and emotional relationship and making love but fate intervened. They were discovered together in Cathy’s dads boat house, naked in the shower, and almost before it began, it ended. They tried to sneak away but Cathys parents moved and took her with them. Then over time life got in the way.

I asked Marge if when she arranged to meet me she thought I could complete for her, if only for a moment, what they had started.

Her answer was not an answer but more a plea. She said: “Oh no, I know you don’t love me.” I explained that I sincerely felt that a giving person can make love without being in love.

I had a thought and asked Marge if when they were together she called her Cathy or Catherine? I said: “Were you Marge or Margaret?”

She took both of my hands in hers and asked: “Beth, how did you know that?”

I replied: “Please call me Catherine.”

We were very close on the couch. I put my hands on each side of her face and leaned in while pulling her in. I closed my eyes and we were kissing. It was a very gentle but still intense kiss. When I opened my eyes with my lips still on hers her eyes were open staring looking for Catherine, I think, in my eyes. When she parted her lips I slipped my tongue between them ever so gently. Almost speaking into my mouth she said: “Beth, you don’t have to do this.”

I simply said: “Let me be Catherine for today.”

Our mouths were inches from each other.

For a long moment or two she looked in my eyes and said nothing. I felt the fear in her. Fear it would not be as she had thought over the years.

She took my hands, looked at me and said: “Catherine, we can’t kiss here someone will see us!” “Lets go where we can be alone.” Margaret stood up, took my hand, and led me from the room. When we reached the bedroom she turned and locked the door. She looked at me and said: “I’m sure no one saw us. Quick, into the shower.” Margaret was again replaying a scene she had no doubt relived many times in her mind.

Margaret reached into the walk in shower and turned on the water that güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri flowed from six overhead rainfall shower heads. She stepped toward me pushing me back with her body and lips on mine until I was against the wall. This was not the same kiss as the one in the den. It was filled with passion want and need. It was a kiss that I myself had given to someone only when I wanted my body to melt in theirs. I returned the kiss with equal passion. She was taking my clothes off.

Margaret pulled my top up over my head and stopped to touch my breasts through my bra. In a fever of kissing and touching we were both naked and as I held her I caught our image in a full length mirror.

The beautiful chocolate skin of her thigh against the white of mine was very erotic. I wanted this woman, I wanted her to want me. In the shower we washed each other playing the role of two teens in a boat house but knowing every inch would be tasted later. When I reached to wash between her legs she was smooth and hairless except for a tuft of greying black hair just above her pussy. For some reason she felt the need to explain that she saw my picture naked and wanted to be the same as me.

When my breasts pressed against hers I felt her nipples pressing into me. She had beautiful small and soft but round, not at all sagging, breasts. Her. nipples however were unlike any I had ever seen. They were long, maybe one half inch and very very thick. Almost like my thumb. They were very hard and stiff. when I gently pinched one she moaned.

We washed and dried each other and went into the bedroom. The smell I had noticed earlier, and liked so much was her soap. now we both smelled like that. On the bed kissing I reached between her legs. She was dripping and it was not from the shower. With my fingers probing her opening I used my other hand to push her legs apart. I moved between her legs and lowered my head to kiss her thighs. I used my fingers to spread her very large pussy lips apart and I saw the pink flesh of her inside pussy. Her hands went to the back of my head and pulled me in.

As my tongue entered her I felt her feet against my back. When my tongue touched her bright pink clit I felt her shutter. My hands were on her butt cheeks and I even felt them tighten when she had the first orgasm. She told me later that she had only read about oral sex. She and Catherine has never gotten that far and her husband after one attempt never tried again.

It didn’t take but a moment for her to want to do the same for me. When I looked up I saw the reflection of her ass in a wall mirror and I came. I knew, I guess, that black women had beautiful butts and hers was no exception.

I knew what I wanted and soon had her positioned on top of me with the promise of better access to each other. I wanted to lick her but not only her pussy. I started by licking and kissing her pussy lips. I put my hands on her butt cheeks and spread them apart. She was big enough back there that I had to work to get my face and tongue to her hole but when I made contact she asked me not to stop. Later she copied my action and rimmed my butt hole, something I love.

Margaret was a wonderful lover. Giving and demanding at the same time. Eventually we fell asleep in each others arms.

I awoke to Margaret standing near the bed with coffee. She said: “Good morning Catherine” and smiled down at me. She told me we only had one hour before Robert would return. We showered, dressed and were just finishing a toast breakfast when he arrived. Margaret had given me an envelope she said I should not open until I had returned home. I put it in my travel bag.

The RV was headed up a mountain road about thirty miles from Margarets home. Ahead was what looked like a large aircraft hangar. When Robert stopped the RV near the building a small door opened on the side and a large, think football player, black man came out. He spoke to Robert briefly and Robert introduced me to James.

James extended his hand and said It was a pleasure to meet me. I smiled and didn’t say a word. His hand was huge and had completely enveloped mine. He had on a tee shirt and I just kept staring at his chest and arms. Muscle upon muscle. He said: “Follow me” and we entered the building. What I thought was an aircraft hangar was a beautiful very open home.

James offered me a beer. I took it and welcomed the cold drink.

He asked me why I thought I was there. I smiled and answered: “Honestly, I’m here because I foolishly allowed myself to be sold into a weekend of whatever my buyers want.” He smiled.

James told me that I really did not have to do the things he might suggest. He said that in fact he didn’t want me to do anything I didn’t want to do but we needed to be honest with each other. He then told me this time together was about role play. I would suggest a role for each of them and we would act it out and then he would. Now I smiled.

He looked at me and said: “Ok, you go first.”

Surprisingly I had thought of something the moment I güvenilir bahis şirketleri saw him. I added some color and told him what I had in mind. He now smiled and told me he liked the way I think.

James stood and took his shirt off revealing a weightlifter build, muscle on top of muscle. He motioned for me to stand in front of him. When I did he took my hands and put them on his chest. He leaned in and kissed me, a kiss that made me want more. As he moved his face away he said: “When you are ready, the bedroom is in the loft at the top of the stairs.”

He was smooth, hairless and rock hard. I was thinking about what we were about to do and I couldn’t help myself, I was moving my hands on his chest and big arm muscles.

I walked to the stairs and to the bedroom. When I saw him standing in the doorway the game began and I started to take my clothes off. When I was down to my bra and panties I looked up, pretended to see him for the first time, and said: “How did you get in here? Who are you?” Frank was moving toward me. I then said: “What do you think you are doing? Don’t touch me.” He grabbed my arm. I said, “Please don’t hurt me.”

He said “Take off that bra!” I did nothing. Frank pulled my hand and arm away from my chest and said. “Do it now.” I reached behind myself and unhooked it but held it against my breasts with my hands. He smiled. James reached in grabbed the bra, pulled it away and threw it on the floor. My hands were still covering my breasts. He said: “Do what I say and you won’t get hurt. Put your arms down and show me those tits!” I did what he said and he reached out touched them and gently pinched my nipples.

Doing what he said and roleplaying this way was making me wet.

James then stood right in front of me and told me to kneel and pull his pants off. Playing the role I said: “No, no please don’t make me do that.” He put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down. As I knelt I could see the bulge in his pants. I really wanted to see it. As I lowered his pants I could see that he was only semi hard. It will all was about seven inches, a length I could easily handle, but it was much thicker, very much thicker. He reached down, pulled the foreskin back revealing a big purple head. I looked up at him and said: “Please don’t hurt me. You won’t fit, you’re just too big.” When I said that it was both the role play and reality. I really didn’t think he would fit.

He put his hand behind my head and pulled my face into his cock while saying: “Now, you lick it, you kiss it, you suck it and we’ll see if it fits.” As he pulled my head I resisted by putting my hands on his thighs. Solid muscle tree trunk thighs. I leaned in and kissed his thigh. I moved one hand to his cock and lifted the head to my lips. I was kissing it and flicking the slit with my tongue while my other hand reached under and took his balls. I looked up at him and said: “Please, your balls are too big to suck.” He had not asked but I gave him the idea and he pulled my head in as he lifted his cock and tilted his hips. I was licking his balls and managed to mouth one.

James said: “Good girl, now come with me.” He pulled me up onto the bed, ripped my panties off and laying on his back he lifted me onto his chest. He had physically flipped me around so he could kiss and lick my pussy and he was good, very good. That huge cock, now very erect, was standing straight up in front of me. I reached out and stroked him. When I pulled the foreskin back again I tried to take the head in my mouth and couldn’t. I had never seen a cock that so frightened me and yet turned me on. I guess I had never examined a big cock so closely. It had a thick vein running along it’s length that disappeared under the glands of the head. It was what I had never considered before, magnificent! As he licked me and I mouthed him I had my first orgasm and he knew it because I had clenched my thighs around his head.

He lifted me again and I was laying on top of his body, he was forcing me to kiss him and his cock was laying along side up against my pussy. I was moving against it and I had never been so wet. I shifted position and tried to take it. His cock head was at the entrance to my pussy and I was pushing but it would simply not fit. I pushed hard and still I couldn’t do it. I noticed he was not forcing it. He was being gentle and allowing me to set the pace. I told him: “I need your help, put your hands on my waist and when I tell you to, pull me down.” He just smiled. I squatted over his cock and it was rubbing my clit. I was trying to relax but I was about to cum again.

I looked at him and said: “Now” as I dropped my body onto him. He pulled me down hard and he was in. I was having a huge orgasm as he slipped all the way in. I actually felt him fill me to the end of the space in my pussy.

When I have an orgasm my clit becomes very sensitive and I don’t touch it or allow my partner to touch it for a while but that was not possible now. His cock was so big it was in constant contact with my clit. I had no choice but it wasn’t at all what I thought it would be. Instead of being too sensitive I was having another orgasm a continuous orgasm. He was using his hands and hips to pull and push his cock in and out of me and with every stroke I was experiencing orgasm like pleasure. When he reached up and touched my nipples I thought my breasts would explode.

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