Bethel: The Hunger

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Bethel discovers that she likes lesbian sex and gets a girl of her own.

When I left the dorm mother’s office, I knew the disciplinary action against me would be dropped. My credit cards and generous allowance were saved! What I had done with the dorm mom insured this for me. Apparently what I did for her, no other woman had ever done. I gave her the pussy she wanted. She was fascinated as she looked at, touched and tasted it. What really surprised me was that I came so many times. I was only going to let her have a little sucky-poo and be on my way. But she made me feel really, really good down there.

I told my roommate and best friend what I had done. She wasn’t surprised. “The pussy is a powerful thing. A little goes a long ways. Girls do each other all the time, Bethel. Guys, as you well know, aren’t always available,” she said.

“True. Have you done it with a girl, Kate.”

“Naw, Beth. I’m a straight dick gal myself.”

“Me, too–until today. But, Kate, it was fascinating having soft lips in my pussy. Most guys, especially Mason, hate to travel to that territory with their mouths.”

“Sounds like you intend to expand your horizons,” Kate said.

“Maybe, maybe. The thing is I don’t want to have to suck a woman. I simply want one of them to eat my pussy. I don’t plan to help her get her jollies–I’m only interested in mine. But where can I find a girl who’ll accept that. And discretion, Kate, is a very important thing here.”

“I know! Get yourself a scholarship girl. They have no time for social lives because they’re always studying to keep their grades up. What you’ll have to do is befriend one–you know, woo her with concert tickets, movie passes, dinner dates. She’ll be so grateful for the attention and the entertainment, she’ll do anything for you.”

“That’s good thinking, Kate.”

“Listen at this. At the end of the date, you can say something like, ‘Can you do a little something for me. I hate to ask. But could you maybe lick my pussy. Just a little. You’re such a pretty girl and it’s been so long since anyone did this for me,'” Kate acted out.

Mason had been a total asshole lately. All that carousing and drinking with the boys was turning me off. I chose this Saturday night to work at my satisfying my hunger. I went to the library at 7:30 p.m., loaded with books. I scanned the reading room, set my sights on a pretty young girl and maneuvered myself over.

“Hi. Is this seat taken?” I asked cheerily.

“No, please sit,” she said. “Could you watch my things for a moment? I have to make a run,” she said pointing to an exit.

“Sure. No problem.” She was about 5’7″, shapely with long brunette hair, fair skin and the greenest eyes I’d ever seen. She would do just nicely if she met the criteria.

“Thanks,” she said as she sat. “Why would someone who looks like you not be on a date on a Saturday night?”

“Boyfriend problems. Behind in my studies. You name it. I would think guys would be beating down your door,” I said staring at her.

“I’m on scholarship–a social nerd. Can’t you tell by just looking at me? I have to keep up my grades, too. There are no second chances for me,” she mouthed, looking a little embarrassed.

“Well, I can certainly understand that. You must have made excellent güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri grades in high school to get a scholarship,” I said, trying to put her at ease.

She beamed. “I did, in fact. I was awarded a full four year scholarship. I am the first person in my family to go to college. My parents have a small dairy farm in Wisconsin and would never have been able to send me here.”

“Just be very proud of yourself. By the way, my name is Bethel. I’m a senior, liberal arts.”

“Bethel. That’s lovely. I’m Sarah, sophomore, engineering, maybe architecture,” she said extending her hand.

“Nice to meet you, Sarah. Look, when we’re done studying, lets you and I do something tonight. We’ll grab a bite to eat and take in a late movie. My treat. I know I’ve only known you a few minutes, but I like you, Sarah and I’d like us to become friends.

“Ok, Bethel. I could use a friend and it’s been months since I’ve been to the movies.”

“Good. Then it’s a date,” I said, then turned to my books.

I had a nice time with her. I really did like Sarah and was actually attracted to her sexually, but it was too soon to ask her back to my dorm. We had lunch in the cafeteria the next day and went to a carnival over the weekend. We talked on the phone every day.

The next weekend, I called her up to see if she wanted to go to the local art gallery as my guest for a special student showing. We had a couple of glasses of wine at the gallery and Sarah was slightly tipsy. Used to drinking wine, I was merely charged up when I invited her back to the dorm. Kate was spending the weekend with her parents, so I had the room to myself. Sarah was giggling too much and I knew she would not make it back to her room alone.

“Sarah, you may as well spend the night here. I think you had a little too much wine.”

“I think you’re right, but I feel great! I’ll just call my dorm mom and tell her where I am.”

I took off my dress and laid it across the back of my desk chair. Nothing was left except a brief black, silk slip and black pantyhose. I rolled them down and off as Sarah and I chatted.

Then I swung my legs on the bed and scooted toward the headboard. Tonight would definitely be the time to ask her for a little “favor.”

“Sarah, have you ever thought of doing it with a woman? Having sex? Making love?” I questioned pulling on my pearls.

“Yes. I’ve done it a few times.” She giggled.

This could actually be easy. “Tell me about it.”

“Well, a year ago, a neighbor lady lost her husband in a tractor accident three months before. My mama sent me down to her farm to check on her. I found her looking at his picture and crying about how lonely she was. My arms went around her in sympathy and comfort, but she started kissing me. One thing led to another and we were naked on the parlor floor. I never imagined another woman could make me feel that good. I made excuses all summer to get away from our farm to see her. I hid our truck in her barn. We fucked many times that summer before she sold her farm and moved down south.”

“I had a women eat me only once. I needed a favor and she needed the pussy. It worked out to both our advantages.” Well here it goes. “Sarah,” I decided to modify Kate’s words güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri a little. “I have been like major horny all evening. Would you mind, you know, sucking my pussy just a little. I would love to cum in your mouth. I’ve wanted to ask all evening, but I didn’t quite know how.”

“Of course, Bethel. I’d do anything for you. Don’t you know that? You’re my friend and I love pussy,” she said smiling and moving toward me on her knees. She pushed my slip up and spread my legs, looking at my already wet slit. A shiver went through me when her finger made rubbing contact. When she eased a finger into my hole as she watched my reaction, I got even hotter.

Sarah leaned in closer to pull at my lips with her own. I could feel myself about to cum just that quickly. She pulled her finger from me and rubbed my clit very hard with the heel of her hand, bringing me over, catching my scream in her mouth.

Without a word, she stretched out on the bed, her head at my pussy. Still seated but slightly slumped after cumming, I held onto the headboard as Sarah began to lick my pussy. I came as soon as her soft lips touched me. God, Sarah! My hips tried to push up from the bed even though she held them down, tonguing me. As I tried to regain my composure, Sarah attacked my slit with renewed vigor. She slid her marvelous tongue into me circling and licking as far as it could reach. I wanted to thread my fingers through the silky dark hair on the head that held the tongue that was making me cum again. Sarah kept this up for a very long time until I could take no more. I got what I needed.

I was not into eating pussy like her and told her so. But I really liked her and did consent to screwing her. Before she slipped on the gown that I loaned her, I pushed her down on Kate’s bed, got on top of her and screwed her soft, warm pussy to orgasm with my own. This isn’t so bad, I thought, as her large clit poked at me. I moved faster on her. She seemed to be enjoying it. How beautiful she looked as she came under my pussy. I couldn’t help myself as I slipped her my tongue and kissed her repeatedly as I began to fuck her again.

Sarah became part of my immediate circle of friends. She was my girlfriend. We did many things–studying, double dating with Mason and his buddy, exercise classes, lunching, shopping and just hanging out– as well as having fantastic sex. When we started fucking, we couldn’t get enough. Whenever I bought clothes for myself, I bought for Sarah as well. She and I were the same size, so my parents never questioned the excesses. She’d never worn any makeup other than lipstick, so I gave her my expertise on that fine art. I wanted my girl to be beautiful like me.

I invited her to spend the Thanksgiving holidays with me and my family, warning her of the opulence in our life style and to not to be intimidated by it. My family members were all nice people. My brother was especially nice to Sarah and even dated her a couple of times during that week. I don’t know and never asked if she’d had sex with him. My only concern was that she be there in her adjoining bedroom in the wee hours of the morning when I needed to walk in and put my wet pussy in her face. I swore my personal maid to secrecy when she walked into the suite without güvenilir bahis şirketleri knocking. I was just about to climb onto Sarah when the door opened.

Sarah and I were lovers throughout my senior year. She was especially sad in the weeks preceding my graduation knowing that the norm for us was ending. Two years remained until her own graduation. She sneaked into my room late at night and crawled into my bed or was simply there after Mason dropped me off. Kate had grown familiar with our sucking and humping and told me she was never surprised when she saw the covers rising up on my bed.

On her birthday, Kate and I took Sarah out for a fabulous champagne dinner. Sarah was gorgeous wearing the slinky, long, royal green dress we’d seen at the boutique. Her hair was upswept and her makeup flawless. That lovely package would be all mine later. At the table, I presented her with a pair of small diamond stud earrings and Kate gave her a scientific calculator. At the end of our celebration, Kate was picked up by her boyfriend. She would be spending the night at his apartment. Sarah and I went back to my dorm room.

We started kissing as soon as I locked the door. Looking over her shoulder, I noticed the big, brightly wrapped box on the night stand. Both our names were on it. Excitedly, Sarah removed the wrapping and opened the box. I read the card out loud. “I know you lusty women–are about to get it on–Here’s a little something–to play with while I’m gone. Love you both, Kate.” Inside the box was a large can of whipped cream and a dual-headed dick.

I carefully unwrapped Sarah, stealing kisses. I put her in my bed, spread her legs and inserted half of the dick in her. She was going crazy as I looked at her and pumped it in. “Hurry, Bethel. Get undressed and fuck with me,” she pleaded. I prolonged my disrobing for as long as I could, building the sexual tension. I climbed on top of my sweet Sarah, joined myself to her with the dick and screwed her better than I ever had before. The whipped cream was used much, much later.

Before I left the university campus, I went upstairs to the dorm mother’s office to thank her again for helping me with my little problem. She looked at me like she could eat me up. I locked her door and let her do just that, for old time’s sake.

Mason straightened out his act during that year and graduated with me. He presented me with a huge diamond after our graduation party. I know Sarah was in love with me, but there was really nothing that I could do about it. I had commitments to Mason, who loved me, too and to my family traditions. Sarah and I wrote to each other in the beginning, but that soon ended after my marriage.

I ran into Sarah in New York a few years later. We were both window shopping at a small boutique. Over lunch, we caught up on our news. Sarah was an architect here in the city. She was engaged to be married next June to a fellow architect at her firm. I am a Junior Leaguer, wife of Mason Jr. and mother of 3-year old Mason III, living in Connecticut.

By mutual agreement, we arranged to spend a couple of the afternoon hours together. I took a room at the hotel where we lunched and Sarah followed me up a discreet 10 minutes later. We easily fell into our old ways, almost recreating our first time together as Sarah ate me sore and I screwed her senseless. We exchanged e-mail addresses and French-kissed against the door before Sarah left for her office. I lounged about for another thirty minutes thinking of Sarah–still feeling her, still hungry for her! I will certainly not lose touch this time.

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