Bi-Curious Newcomers Encouraged Ch. 02

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Author’s note: As indicated by the title, this story contains bisexual encounters between men and men and women and women. The story takes a minute to get going but I hope i made it worth it…

All characters are fictional and over the age of 18.


The week after the short but adventurous frolic with Alice and Tom, I couldn’t get the image of her jiggling voluptuous breasts out of my head or the feeling of his thick cock in my mouth. The feeling of just letting the experience flow in whatever direction our desires took us was something I longed to try again. Next time, I hoped we could even find something new to explore. Alice texted me on Sunday to let me know they were trying to plan something for the next weekend and to get fully screened if I wanted to meet up with more of their friends in the future.

Monday morning, I was still too amped up about my new adventures, so I called into work sick and made an appointment with my doctor for mid-morning. I also scheduled an afternoon waxing at a salon. If I was going to keep these meetups going, I knew I would need to be on top of my game. While I make it a habit to keep my pubes in check since I was in my early twenties, I didn’t want to risk embarrassing myself in front of my new playmates with an errant line of hair across my ass.


“Don’t worry, I’m not into guys,” a tatted-up young woman with a nose ring told me when she greeted me as my technician at the salon.

Tina was her name and she wore a black tank top with a pair of shapely hangers hiding beneath. They fell up against the tank top fabric each time she bent over to pull another strip of warm sticky wax from my skin, leaving a streak of screaming red skin behind. I tried to play it cool but it was like being in a fetish video and my cock engorged at the feeling of her hands brushing up against my balls and rectum over and over.

“Down, killer,” she said and flicked my shaft hard with her bony fingers.


A few days later, the redness and swelling had mostly subsided on my undercarriage. The doctor’s office emailed me a clean bill of health. It was too soon to account for my fuck party with Tom and Alice but at least I started off healthy. THey seemed like they were on the up and up, though. That evening, I got a follow-up text from my new playmates.

“Do you like leggy blondes? Want to come out to play as a 4some Friday night?


The text message contained an attachment labeled “Sandra.jpg”, which I opened so quickly I was afraid I was going to damage the phone’s screen.

“Uh… of course. Just tell me where to meet…” I replied as rapidly as my fingers could move.

As soon as I saw the message was sent, I went back to staring at the photo the couple had sent. Against an ocean backdrop, a woman with lightly tanned skin and shoulder-length dirty blonde hair stood looking away from the camera. A set of high hips sat just above a nicely curved pair of butt cheeks. Her legs formed long stems that reached down toward the wet sand at her feet. Her back was fit without being overly muscular for my tastes and I could see just a hint of her breasts peeking out on either side of her ribs. Her hands were on her thin waist with her fingers turned toward her back so I could see the picture wasn’t just an optical illusion: this woman wasn’t full of curves like Alice but she certainly had the right shapes in all the right places.

Another message came through, interrupting my mental masturbation.

“Meet us here at 10 pm sharp Friday. Dress sharp. And email your STI screening results so the real fun can begin. <3" The final text came with a GPS pin attached. It looked like they were directing me to the back of an old warehouse in Brooklyn. It seemed like a strange location to meet up with a few people who were still strangers to me but I got the impression they meant well. I forwarded my clean bill of health to the couple and tried to settle my nerves. *** Friday night, the Uber driver dropped me off in the warehouse district around nine fifty. I felt heartened by the fact that I spotted a young attractive couple walking in the same direction I was heading. I tried to look like I wasn’t stalking the petite woman in the flapper dress and her African American companion in the dark blue three piece suit and tweed flat cap. Suddenly, I was unsure if my very modern looking dark charcoal grey suit was up to snuff. It always seemed to fit my body like a glove but it looked like this was some sort of theme party I was heading to. When I rounded the well-lit warehouse to the rear loading docks where the GPS pin indicated to meet Alice and Tom, the younger couple had vanished. My first instinct was that they had quickly disappeared into a hidden door for a speakeasy, as it was clear that we were pretty far off the beaten path, but then I started to worry a little about their safety. The lights were on all over the outside of the warehouse but there could still be a creep hiding behind a post or ankara dansöz escortlar a trailer just waiting to mug an unsuspecting couple or worse.

“Just like that. Oh, fuck!”

I heard the couple before I caught up to them. It turns out they weren’t lost or in any danger, they had just taken the opportunity to slip off behind the big tires on one of the trailers that were parked up against the loading docks. I eased around the back of one of the trailers and peeked my head around it.

Several yards away, the petite young woman in the sequence dress was kneeling and going to town on her man’s stiff cock. It was sticking out between the fly of his suit pants. His cock was so large that, when she let it slip from her mouth, it bent downward and bobbed like a fishing pole. His young date seemed to struggle to get the full length back inside her drooling lips. With a gloved hand, she pulled apart the plunging neckline on her dress so her small spherical breasts were free of the fabric. Her dark brown nipples shone in the bright floodlights shining down from the tops of the loading docks. I got hard watching her try to deep throat his cock. She kept gagging herself and pulling long trails of saliva away from his dark uncut head before plunging back in for more.

“Hey cutie!”

Spinning away from the back of the trailer, I threw a finger up to my mouth to shush the catcaller. It turned out it was just Alice but I waved a hand for her small group to remain silent.

“Oh shit,” came a loud whisper from between the trailers. I could hear the sound of someone fumbling with a belt buckle and then the clicking of shoes on the asphalt.

Alice and Tom tried to suppress a laugh as the young couple emerged, now fully covered again, from the aisle between the trailers. The young woman was attempting to discreetly wipe her chin with her gloved hand.

“Where did you all bring me? I mean I just saw a blowjob and I haven’t even been inside yet,” I said in muted tones.

“Just wait, honey,” came Alice’s reply. “Sandra, meet Bobby. He’s the one we can’t stop talking about. Isn’t that right, Tom?” Alice ribbed Tom was an elbow as he shook my hand. We exchanged a smile and a nod like we were just old friends.

Alice looked stunning in a full length black gown with little straps that gave an ample view of her thick round cleavage. The fabric hugged her body all the way through her curvy hips and wide ass. Just behind Alice stood Sandra in a short silver and black 1920’s style dress. It was elegant, with a neckline that ran straight across her upper chest, teasing only the little nubs on the tops of her clavicle. Little black frills extended down from the hem of the dress, leaving her long lean calves exposed. A black flapper headband held back her shoulder-length wavy blonde hair.

Tongue-tied, I struggled to spit out any meaningful words. I stared at her red pouty lips. There was something about her that went beyond her all-grown-up girl next door looks. She was approachably beautiful – welcoming but dangerous at the same time.

“Pleased to meet you, Bobby,” Sandra said after I stared in awkward silence for a moment. She reached forward with a hand covered with a black glove.

“Pleasure is all mine,” I finally responded, looking into her big blue eyes. I reached into my jacket and produced the single rose that was hiding within.

“A gentleman. Don’t find too many of those, anymore, “Sandra responded as she received the rose in one hand and held her other hand to her chest.

Tom extended his elbow to Alice and she slipped her bare arm through. I followed his lead, inviting Sandra to come a little closer as we followed our hosts up a set of stairs to the an unmarked door on the loading dock. After a series of raps from Tom’s knuckles, a small plate slid to the side around eye height. Tom whispered a passphrase and, after a moment, we heard the sound of a few bolts opening. On the other side of the heavy metal door by an oversized beefy gentleman nodded a welcome to Tom and held the door as we slipped past him and down a dim hallway..

We followed Tom and Alice through a few twists between hard industrial walls. Echoing down the hallway, I could hear the sound of a jazz horn wailing. Finally, we arrived a hostess station. A waifish young woman with big brown eyes and dressed like she had stepped out of a 1920’s speakeasy greeted Tom with a happy smile. He pressed a handful of bills into her pale hand and she beckoned for our group to follow.

Through a set of black curtains we went, emerging to find a small theater space with tables surrounding a ballroom dance floor. A few couples slow danced while a graceful young black woman crooned a sultry toon in front of a small bandstand. She wore a top hat and a black tuxedo jacket and pants that featured loud white pinstripes. Under the jacket, she wore only a sheer white bodysuit. I could see every detail of her chocolate colored breasts and dark black nipples as she strutted back and forth behind her microphone.

Applause ankara saatlik veren escortlar went up in the house as the band finished their number. It appeared we were just in time to catch the sultry singer right before her break. She slipped away behind the curtains at the back of the stage while the band provided background music and the hostess helped us find a booth with some privacy toward the back of the house.

“I would ask ‘Where are we?’ are but it looks like the real question is: ‘When are we?” I asked.

Whoever operated this small club went to great lengths to recreate the feel of a 20’s speakeasy club, or at least what I had seen on movies. I half expected Fats Waller to climb onstage and take over behind the piano.

Our group made small talk while we waited on our first round of drinks. As it turned out, Sandra had grown a small fashion blog she started as a college student into a full fledged enterprise with an army of young aspiring fashionistas now working under her tutelage.

“Sandra was married before, too, you know,” Alice chimed in.

“Is that so?” I asked.

“We were young.” Sandra shrugged and poked out those pouty lips as if to show some remorse.

By the time the young jazz singer returned to the stage, we had polished off the first round of cocktails. Feeling a little buzz, I followed my companions out to the dance floor. Tom and Alice took the lead, taking a hold of each other before spontaneously breaking out into a well coordinated swing dance.

“Don’t you just love watching Alice’s ass shimmy?” Sandra whispered seductively in my ear.

I chuckled a bashful laugh and then gave Sandra an “after you motion”, taking hold of her trailing hand and watching her toned legs and ass flex as she stepped up on the dancing surface. Maybe I am not going to win a lead role in a musical anytime soon, but I did manage to pick up a few swing steps in college. I took the lead with Sandra, spinning and turning with her in time to the music.

“This is impressive. And hot!” She told me with an open mouthed smile.

After the song ended, the band switched to a slow foxtrot and Sandra seemed to lose interest.

“Let’s get a drink.”

Taking my hand, again, Sandra led me up the steps to the bar. I ordered an old fashioned while she asked for a gin and tonic.

“Do you take cards?” I asked a handsome bartender with slicked back hair. He gave me a confused look in return.

“Table twenty five,” Sandra cooly explained to him.

“They don’t accept money here, but that was sweet,” Sandra explained leading me between the aisle of booths. “Everything will get charged to Tom and Alice’s account. Don’t worry, they’re loaded and always happy to treat friends.”

With that, we were off again and Sandra led me to a hallway at the back of the room. I watched her devilishly cute butt bounce beneath her skirts and barely noticed the heavy security presence in the hallway.

“Through here my new friend,” Sandra waved me through a beaded curtain.

The beads clacked off each other and brushed against my face as I tried to adjust my eyes to the red hued light in the room. It didn’t take long for me to realize this was a very different level of debauchery than in the main room.

At the opposite end of the small room was a small stage where a young tough looking guy in a mobster suit and fedora sat on a loveseat. He watched a woman with short black hair and a white headband with a feather in it shimmy naked in front him. I quickly realized the young man wasn’t just watching. With one hand, he was stroking the thickest cock I had ever seen. For a moment, I thought it was a prop or a prosthetic used for the crowd’s enjoyment. The pretty black-Irish looking woman smiled back at the man while she teased him with little shakes of her slender ass. She played with the long white beaded necklace that fell between her little mosquito bite breasts while his fist slowly pumped around his shaft. The woman’s scarce costume pieces and long slim frame weren’t the only thing inspired by 1920’s flappers, though. A full black bush radiated from between her thin thighs.

The man on the loveseat licked his lips in a vaudevillian display of attraction toward his costar and reached a hand to her gyrating ass but was met with a slap on the wrist by the feisty flapper. In response, he pulled the waif down over his lap, face first, and pantomimed spanking her ass. After a couple of the fake spankings, the small breasted woman waggled her legs over her butt and began to laugh with approval.

“We can get closer. Nobody will bite,” Sandra reassured me as she pulled me by the arm into a semicircle of seats facing the stage.

The crowd seemed to be enjoying themselves. To my left, a handsome salt-and-pepper haired man was leaning back into his younger companion’s arms. Her hands were wrapped around his waist, with both of her little hands pumping at his hard dick sticking up from his unzipped fly. Two my ankara azeri escortlar right, two other onlookers had pulled their pants to their ankles and were jerking their own towering hard-ons. It really turned me on to watch all these cocks getting hard with anticipation. I hoped the performer would eventually come down here and pleasure every man in the crowd while I got to watch.

On stage, the slender hottie with the necklace dangling between her small tits had overcome her fake prudish reactions and was now kneeling in front of him. He stood and she took each of his plum sized bare balls in her mouth and sucked while he continued to work his penis shaft just over her forehead. She reached her fingers between her slender bent legs and rubbed her hand back and forth.

“You can pull your dick out, if you want. I know I would if I had one,” Sandra whispered in my ear.

I was fighting an incessant erection between my legs but I still wanted to keep my cool. The prize was yet to come, or so I hoped.

“If you just wanted to see my penis, there were easier ways to do it,” I joked back.

We watched the couple on stage stand up. The man stripped off his jacket and dress shirt to reveal a pair of big guns hiding underneath his sleeves. He was definitely a pro, as far as I could tell. When he sat back down, his lady friend joined him. She climbed up so her feet straddled his knees and then lowered her tight furry opening around his bottle shaped cock.

The thin woman’s small breasts bobbed up and down each time she thrust her pelvis back into the muscular man. The gangster looked like he was going to explode right away from the look on his face but, after a few moments, he found his rhythm. Pretty soon, she was just hovering above his waist while he delivered powerful, ass-shaking thrusts into her skinny frame. Then, he used his powerful arms and abs to pull the woman up as he stood and he held her in front of his waist while he impaled her dark bushy slit from behind.

“Is this a bad time to tell you I need to use the ladies’ room?” Sandra whispered, breaking my concentration on the performance. My cock had formed a proper tent in my pants at this point, so I eased up to my feet and tried to play it cool as we headed for the room’s exit.

Just outside the beaded entrance to the live sexshow, Sandra headed into the solo restroom. After waiting for a moment, I noticed a busty young thing with cropped blonde hair carrying a tray of shots toward the beaded curtain behind me. I took two and gave her our table number.

“Whoa…whoa…whoa!” Sandra was calling after the shot girl as she exited the bathroom. “Do one with us? Please?”

The cute blonde nodded and smiled. She took a small vial for herself and we toasted to each other before tipping back our drinks. My throat burned something awful.

“Ugh. I don’t think they served these in the old days!” I grunted. “We’ll take two more though!”

Sandra wrapped her arm around my neck and leaned in, stealing my shot with her mouth before I could get it to my lips. I poured the golden liquid in between her rosy lips and she returned the favor by tipping her shot up over my open mouth.

Before I could get all the fiery liquid clear, Sandra’s lips were pressing into mine and I turned toward her, reaching my arms over her shoulders and pressing my hands into the wall on either side of her pretty little head. She reached a hand inside my jacket and rubbed my pecs.

“I want you,” she whispered in my ear. “It’s not every fuck date who brings me flowers,” she added.

We stumbled through the bathroom door. I locked the door behind me and leaned back against it as Sandra dipped into a crouch. Her fingers danced at my fly and then penetrated my pants and boxers, returning with my engorged snake between them.

“You’re so fucking beautiful, Sandra,” I whispered down to the lovely lady.

She spread her thick pouty lips and then squeezed them together around the head of my cock and gave it a long firm suck. I could feel pre-cum oozing out of my tip and into her warm welcoming mouth. I watched her cheeks puff in and out while her head bobbed up and down on my shaft.

After a couple minutes bobbing on my cock, Sandra pulled it out of her mouth and bounced it against her cheek a few times. I pulled her to her feet and she laid a sloppy open mouthed kiss on my lips. I reached down under her toned thighs and lifted them up over my hips. Spinning, I pressed her back to the door and pulled her frilly skirts upward until her wet pink vulva came into view. Sandra stretched her long legs around my waist and squeezed, pulling my shaft inside her welcoming hole. I pumped and grunted and we banged into the door.

“Oh, fuck, keep me up!” she begged. I was sure anyone outside could hear us fucking but I didn’t care.

My thighs burned after a few minutes of thrusting into her wet folds, so I pulled her legs from their vice grip around my waist and let her feet fall to the bathroom floor. Sliding over to the love seat, I yanked my pants off over my shoes and waved for the leggy blonde to join me. She turned her back to me and pulled her dress up over those soft shapely hips. Taking hold of my rock hard cock in one hand, she used the other to spread her lower curtains open and guided me in.

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