Black Betty

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Black Hair

I’d like to introduce my best friends. There’s Rob, who’s a student and whoever he’s going out with at the time. For a short time, he used sleep with my girlfriend, Carol who loves sex provided that it involves someone’s dick and her cunt and dumped Rob because he insisted on a blow job (she believes that dicks should only be inserted in the orifice they were evolved to fit and had previously divorced her husband because he once came in her mouth. (The first time we spent an evening together, we met up at seven pm and by nine pm, we had visited three pubs and fucked twice before returning to the pub – but that’s another story.)

There’s also Will and Mary who are married and in their mid thirties, Pete and Rita who are newly married and in their very late teens, John and Susie who are in their early twenties. A disparate group but we love each other’s company. We are all very confident in the state of our relationships.

On Weekend evenings the gang meet in one of the local pubs and drink too much together. We then end up at someone’s house, usually either Mary and Will’s or mine where we watch a film and drink cocktails until we fall asleep, leaving for home when we get round to it or using a spare bed if they’re too drunk or tired to walk.

Pete and Rita, being young, got fed up with this and started organising games – ones that could be played in the pub and others when we got to someone’s house. A favourite was the card game Misère that is played like Whist except the intention is to lose as many hands as possible.

The first person lays a card of their choice and each player lays another of the same suit, if possible, and if not plays any card they wish to. The highest card of the original suit wins the hand, except that if one or more trumps is played, the highest trump wins. For the first round, trumps are Spades, then Hearts, Clubs and Diamonds followed by No trumps then back to Spades etc.

The value of the cards in every trick that you win is counted (An ace counts for one, a two scores two etc right up to a ten and every picture card each counting for ten points), a running total is kept and the person who has the least number at the end is the winner.

There’s an extra bonus in that if someone manages to win every trick in a round, then their entire score is reduced to zero. First they have to play as if they have a bad hand and hope that no-one notices because once someone notices, they can be forced to lose a trick by artful play and that will cause them to get a high score instead of zero. It’s this strange idea of someone playing to win when everyone else is playing to lose that makes the game such fun. There’s a lot of skill required so that if you do need to win a trick, it will have the lowest score possible, whereas if someone else is going to win a trick all the highest cards will need unloading onto it.

One Saturday night in summer, Pete suggested that we liven it up a bit, and if everyone agreed we would play for our clothes instead.

The rules would be:

Everyone wears four items of clothing where a pair of anything counts as one item, for instance:

Girls – Dress, Bra, Panties, Shoes.

Men – Trousers, Shirt, Boxers, Shoes

Jewellery, Watches, Belts, Suspender belts and any other accessories don’t count and shouldn’t be worn.

The person with the highest score in each round loses an item, or pair of items, of clothing.

The game continues with each trump until everyone is naked

Anyone removing an item must stand on their chair and face the rest of the gang while they undress.

If you manage to win all tricks in a round, you have a choice of either getting all your discarded clothes back, everyone else losing something or a player of your choice losing everything except for one item.

If you win all the tricks except one, you lose two items as a punishment for not being good enough to win them all (even if you weren’t trying)

The first man and first girl to be naked have to pay a sexual forfeit.

The last man and last girl to lose all their clothes win a sexual treat.

Everyone else has to take a forfeit from the a list (preloaded with forfeits for the second man to lose all his clothes, the third girl and so on)

There will be different forfeits for men and girls.

All treats or forfeits must be Male/Female so no girl on girl or man on man action.

If you’re part of a couple, you will only do forfeits, or accept a treat you both agree to do it.

If any penetrative sex was involved, condoms must be worn.

We would agree what we would and wouldn’t do at next Friday’s pub session ready for a game on the Saturday at my house, a few doors away, after we’d got drunk at the pub.

On the Friday we talked about who would be playing and any reservations they had.

Obviously, couples had been talking about it all week.

Neither Mary nor Will would do anything that took place below the waist unless it was with their spouse.

Rob ankara evi olan escortlar and his new girlfriend Jane where happy to do absolutely anything In fact, Jane proved to be a real tramp. She had screwed both the entire football and rugby teams at Rob’s college in just one week.

Pete and Rita would do anything

John and Susie where happy to do anything.

I would do anything, but Carol refused to give blow jobs.

No boy on boy or girl on girl action.

None of the girls would take anal sex except Jane so it was ruled out as not being an option.

Now we had to agree on the treats and forfeits and if someone wasn’t willing to do something, what they would do instead.

First we decided that if Mary and Will wouldn’t do anything below the waist, there was not much point in them accepting any of the prizes or forfeits, but they would have to passionately kiss all the winners and losers while still naked before the other forfeits or prizes took place (to warm us up).

If Carol needed to give a blowjob, she would offer full sex instead.

The easy ones to agree on were the forfeits for the first and last people naked.

The first naked girl’s forfeit would be to have full sex with the last man naked.

The last naked girl’s prize is for all four men to separately take it in turn to go muff diving on her – in a different room if she preferred.

The first naked man would perform oral sex on all the girls – alone in a different room if he preferred.

The second naked girl should take a shower with the second naked man and whatever occurred would not be any concern of the rest.

The third naked girl and the third naked man should retire to a spare room and enjoy a 69 session.

Come Saturday, we were all dressed for action (Carol was wearing one of my long shirts instead of a dress and never wore a bra so had a vest instead) when we met in the pub at 8.30pm

My house had been tidied and made ready and we all sat down to do some heavy drinking. Pete and Rita apologised that although it had been their idea, they wanted to opt out of some possible activities. They had been talking about it all day and had decided that neither would be happy for the other fuck anyone other than their spouse. They offered the compromise that if Pete had to have sex with anyone, he should go down on her instead and if Rita, who had huge firm boobs, had to have sex with anyone she should give them a blowjob and a titwank instead.

At eleven o’clock the pub closed and we were ready, drunk and horny so staggered down the road to my living room where I had set up a video camera and recorder (from where the following account is taken). Out came the cards and we started the first round.

Mary lost her shoes. In the next round, Jane reached inside her dress and took off her bra in that special hidden way that only some girls know how to do, dropping it onto the floor through her skirt. Soon only Rob had still got his shoes on, by which time Susie was down to her lacy lingerie. Pete, Will and Carol lost their Shirts while Susie and Rita lost their dresses.

Jane lost another round and reached up inside her skirt and took off her panties dropping them to the floor while still wearing only her dress with nothing underneath it. She then sat on her chair with her legs crossed letting those of us sitting opposite get a good view of her glistening minge.

On the next round, Carol tried to win all the tricks but we noticed and she was forced to lose two items. Seeing that she was already down to just her vest and panties it made her the first person naked. “OK boys who’s am I going to be fucking tonight?” she asked with a smirk as she got down from the chair. Susie lost her bra. “Tada!” as, to everyone’s applause, she reached behind, undid the clip and let it fall to the floor revealing a great pair of puppies with pointed pink noses. She had a great body. This surprised me as she had always worn baggy things that didn’t do her body any favours.

Rita’s bra was the next to go and the sight of her huge, firm, young breasts were enjoyed by everyone, especially the men. She was unlucky enough to lose her panties in the next round and as everyone whooped and cheered, she asked me to make sure the shower was nice and warm because she’d soon be showering with the second man to lose everything.

Pete lost his Boxers making him the first man naked when he stood on the chair and revealed his long and somewhat crooked member on his youthful lean body. He waved his arms in the air in celebration of his success as everyone cheered. Rita told him “As your wife, I demanded that I’m the first to receive a tongue lashing from you before it gets tired working on the other three girls. And just you wait ’till I get you home! I’m feeling so horny that I going to give you a real seeing to. Provided, of course, that you don’t let the family name down and that you give my girl friends a really good time.”

Susie lost her panties ankara olgun escortlar showing her lightly haired minge and we applauded when she stood on the chair and removed them while humming ‘The Stripper’.

The next four rounds lost both Will’s and my trousers, Rob finally lost his shoes and Mary her dress. and then Will managed to win all the tricks and elected to make everyone still in the game remove an item.

As a result, Rob and John both lost their trousers, I lost my shirt, Mary her Bra so that her huge tits hung down unsupported, and Jane, who still wore just her dress having taken off her lingerie inside in previous rounds, stood on her chair slipped the straps off her shoulders and dropped it to her ankles, showing us what a great toned body she had with a pair of small perky tits and her light brown écu trimmed into a neat brazillian. A spate of Wolf Whistles started as she stood there, from both sexes. “Except for Mary, that makes me the winning girl, so I’m looking forward to every one of you guys licking my pussy until I cum, chaps. Let’s get on with the game. I’m really impatient now.”

Now there was just Rob, John, Will, Mary and myself. Rob and John had their shirts and everyone still had their underpants. “Carol, Who do you fancy having sex with tonight? Hans, Rob or Me?” John asked.

“Well, as you all know Rob and Hans have both given me a good time in bed in the past, and I’ll probably fuck Hans later anyway. However, judging by the huge tent in John’s pants, I think I fancy him for a change, if Susie doesn’t mind.”

“If you do, I’ll screw Hans until he’s no use to you.” Replied Susie with a smile. I was looking forward to that but I lost my underpants in the next round meaning that I’d be taking a shower with Rita.

She winked at me across the room and I blew her as kiss back as I stood on my chair and stepped out of my briefs. “Hasn’t he got a great bum.” called Jane. It was mutual admiration and I certainly wouldn’t have minded bonking her sometime soon.

Mary soon lost her panties and as she stood on her chair we could see the toll that having two children had taken on her body. “Look, whoever wins, this is what you’ll be missing!” She said as she swing her tits in front of our faces. When the applause had ended and play resumed, John lost his shirt and we could see his slight potbelly. Will lost his final garment. Not a bad body for someone in his mid-thirties.

“Lets get on guys, I’m drunk and falling asleep, and I want my oats before I go home.” called Jane.

Pete suggested “There’s only Rob and John left, so let’s just cut cards – Ace low, King high.”

“Good idea,” answered John “You first…” They both stood on a chair. Rob drew a four, John a seven. Rob’s shirt went to the ground. To find out who was to lose their underpants, they took two more cards. Rob drew a knave while John drew a six.

“We have a winner.” announced Pete as, to cheers John’s boxers went down to his ankles revealing the huge todger that Carol had admired earlier.

Will started singing “Get ’em down you Zulu warriors.” and we all joined in as Rob took off the final garment of the competition and Will and Mary started walking round snogging everyone as they’d promised.

They are both great kissers and they do it with full body contact making an ‘ll’ shape not an ‘A’ as some people do, just joining at the head. They took their time doing it and by the time they had both gone round the circle every one of the men had a decent erection, and every girl’s nipples were hard. “Can we borrow your spare bed, Hans?” asked Mary as she took her husband upstairs to suck one another off while the other girls seated themselves in a circle.

Pete knelt lapped at Rita’s cunt, as her breathing got harder and faster until she stopped breathing and let the orgasm take over. She kissed Pete said “Well done, my lover.” and he moved on to Jane who had already climaxed having had John lapping her pussy. Pete worked his way round the circle of girls managing to make Susie and Carole cum before moving on to Jane.

Myself, Rob, and John lined up to do the same trick with the winning Jane. I don’t know how many succeeded because after my turn, Rita grabbed another bottle of wine dragged me and off to the shower.

Within minutes the shower was running at a little above blood heat that we both agreed was the perfect temperature. We soaped each other all over including the private bits that are usually kept covered using just our hands and fingers. Rita spend in inordinate time with her arms round me washing my bum followed by my dick while I concentrated on her boobs and the tops of her thighs while my prick searched out the entrance of her vagina. “No, Pete wouldn’t like you to do that.” She said as I slipped two fingers into her slit instead. We eventually washed all the soap off. She kissed me and said “I’ve been building myself up all day to maybe giving one of my friends a blow job or a titwank. Looks like it’s your lucky ankara sarışın escortlar day – you’ll get both!”. She turned the shower off, dropped to her knees, took my wet cock in her mouth and licked the underside from base to tip and back. I started increasing in length as she took more and more into her mouth. When her mouth could take no more, she tightened her lips round me and wanked me with her lips while her tongue lapped up and down my prick.

After a while she raised herself up so she could hold my dong between her ample breasts which as I’ve noted before, were HUGE, firm and were now wet and slippery. She slid my dick up and down between her jugs, and whenever my glans showed above her cleavage, she would lean her head forward and take it in her mouth. She had kept this up for a about a hundred strokes when I felt myself coming. I gushed over her tits with some ending under her chin. “Pete loves that too.” she said as I knelt down to return the favour.

My tongue opened both her outer and inner lips through the ample dark curls that covered her pudenda and explored her cunt as my nose massaged her clitoris. Soon she was breathing heavily while I extended first one finger then two into her sopping wet snatch and found her G spot which she acknowledged by taking a sharp intake of breath and shuddering. I continued massaging her G spot while raising my mouth to where her engorged clit had burst free from the covering hood.

Blowing gently on her clit made her breaths deeper and faster and gently licking it with my tongue brought forth gentle moans which increased as I licked faster. When I started nibbling it with my lips her moans became more vocal until she came with a full body shudder. I went back to gentle blowin and licking until she had another couple of climaxes after which she cried “Enough! Enough! No more! I’m fully satisfied. I need to go home and screw my husband before you wear me out.”

I stood up and held her in my arms and said “Let’s wash my spunk off you so you can go back to Pete.” I put the shower on again and she screeched because it had gone cold in the half hour since I’d turned it off. I washed Rita with hot water from the tap and dried us both with fluffy towels.

We crept past my bedroom where Carol was whimpering thanks to Rob’s attentions and went downstairs to collect our clothes. John and Susie had gone back home to go down on one another, having been paired together for their forfeits. Mary and Will had gone home for a proper shag. Rob and Carol were still fucking in my bed, Pete was waiting for his wife to finish with me, proud that he’d managed to give good orgasms to three of the women and whisked Rita off home as soon as she was dressed for her turn, leaving Jane and I to entertain ourselves while we waiting for our partners to finish.

“Did you have a lovely time?” I asked.

“Of course, It’s every woman’s dream to have a queue of men lining up to lick her pussy until she cums, and you were the best.”

“Surely not…”

“It’s the trick you have of licking out my slit while tickling my clit with your nose. Are those two coming down soon or are we going to have to use your spare bed while we wait?”

Well, Rob and Carol didn’t surface until they’d had a repeat performance in the morning, so Jane and I had a great deal of fun fucking in the spare room… of course! The sound of Rob bonking Carol provided us with competition and whenever Carol screamed in pleasure, Jane tried to upstage her. She got out of bed and made me kneel behind her so I could fuck her doggy-fashion and after Carole’s shrieks of pleasure had encouraged her to cum several times taking me with her twice, Jane pushed me back against the bed. While she was standing over me she took hold of my cock and rubbed it against her clit, I thought I would be burned – she had almost reached boiling point.

Sliding my dick into her, I felt the impossible return of my lust. Her body clenched me tight and the intense heat of her soaked into my cock, warming me. Jane bit her lower lip and began to rise up and down. Her knees were locked tight arount my hips, but she stayed erect – not laying down to grind on me, or running her hands over me like Rita had earlier.

As hot as I had grown again, I was starting to feel weak and spent. I tried to push up with my cock, to push against her downward thrusts. My hands inched up under her boobs and she moved them over her nipples which had become quite hard as she continued to ride me to further climaxes. The heat that warmed me seemed to be fading by degrees as if each thrust was drawing it out. Little waves of pleasure were going with it as each time she came was a bit fainter and her cunt became slacker.

Though I was totally spent by now, the feel of her perfect breasts exited me and I pulled my legs up a bit and slid my hands under her arse, grabbing tight. Jane took hold of my wrists but I pushed up with my knob as she came down. Her eyes widened a bit as I pulled her back down, cocking my hips to reach as far into her pussy as I could. Jane tried to stifle a moan as I pushed down with my feet, bucking up again and down again as she continued to have little orgasms. My breath found the slow inhale and exhale I use when running. My arms and legs found a steady rhythm.

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