Black Cuckolding: Haitian Style

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“I want to watch the two of you fuck because man to man action turns me on, there, I frigging said it,” Esther Lubin said aloud as she lay on her king-sized bed, watching the hot action unfolding before her. The slender yet curvy, dark-skinned young Haitian woman fingered her already wet pussy, so turned on was she by what she beheld. The kind of action that once upon a very recent time, Esther the cloistered church gal and campus geek could only dream of.

“Suck that dick, David,” Alexandre Paulin said, grinning as he watched his buddy David Constantin kneel before him. Hesitantly David took Alexandre’s long and thick ebony cock in his hands, stroked it and then gently brought it to his lips. Slowly David began sucking on Alexandre’s dick. Alexandre sighed happily and winked at his girlfriend Esther, thankful beyond belief to have such an open-minded woman to share his life with.

“Damn this is beautiful,” Esther whispered, and she reached for her dildo, which lay nearby on the pillow, and grabbed it. Slowly she pressed it against her vaginal opening, licking her lips, watching as her lover Alexandre got sucked off by one of his best friends. As the two handsome, gorgeously naked Haitian studs started to get their freak on, Esther smiled with satisfaction. Her plan was coming to fruition quite flawlessly.

Esther admired the contrast between the two studs bodies as they did their thing. Alexandre stood six feet two inches tall, broad-shouldered and athletic, with dark brown skin and a smooth shaved head. David was slightly built, only five-foot-eight, but he was lean, muscular and strong, with a thick Afro and a slick goatee. The consummate intellectual with soul, that’s David in a nutshell. His soulful dark eyes were usually hidden by thick reading glasses which he seldom took off. Part of his charm, as far as Esther was concerned.

Esther had known both Alexandre and David for years. The three of them grew up in the same predominantly Haitian church in the north end of metropolitan Montreal, Quebec. After finishing high school, they went to different schools. Alexandre went to the University of Montreal to study Criminal Justice and play varsity soccer. Esther, the smarty pants in the whole bunch, went to study chemical engineering at McGill University while David went to study business management at Concordia University.

The summer after their first year of university, the three lifelong friends reunited. Esther and Alexandre began dating, and David, the perennially single nerd, felt kind of like the third wheel beside his best friend the jock and his beautiful, brainy girlfriend. Well, Esther had a pretty handy remedy for that. When Esther caught her boyfriend Alexandre jerking off while watching a tranny get fucked by a dude, this led the macho Haitian stud to confess to his lady love his secret desires. A revelation which had some profound consequences for their relationship.

“I think it’s totally hot,” Esther said to a stunned Alexandre, and for the rest of the evening, they watched porn together, then made love. Guy fucking tranny. Tranny fucking guy. Tranny fucking a hot guy and a sexy woman at the same time. Alexandre discovered that Esther loved porn as much as he did, if not more. After this night of revelations, Esther and Alexandre grew even closer together. Knowing that her lover was bisexual turned Esther on, and she found some wonderfully kinky things to explore with Alexandre. Things which would have been out of question if he were heterosexual.

The fact that David was gay or at least bisexual was an open secret in the Haitian church. After all, there weren’t many heterosexual young black men directing the youth choir in today’s black churches. David wasn’t effeminate, nor did he have a high-pitched voice like so many stereotypical queer men, but he was always single, had a fondness for art and music, and, well, a lot of people were surprised that he was friends with a macho sports guy like Alexandre.

Esther was the one who approached David canlı bahis şirketleri about the threesome, since she’d pretty much guessed correctly that Alexandre and David were more than friends. Alexandre had his doubts about it. Could he actually go through with this? Sure, he was happy that his lady was cool with his bisexuality, but why take things this far? It took some prodding but eventually, the persistent and beautiful, calculating Esther got what she wanted.

“Love the way you taste, Al,” David paused to say, and he winked at Esther before he resumed sucking on Alexandre’s dick. Esther blew David a kiss, and Alexandre shook his head, pretending to be jealous and doing a good job of it. The burly stud rammed his dick down his buddy’s throat, and David sucked Alexandre’s dick with gusto, loving the way it tasted and felt in his mouth.

“Suck his nuts, David, Al here loves that,” Esther hollered, and she gave Alexandre and David the thumbs up sign with one hand and thrust the dildo into her cunt with the other. Alexandre leaned against the bedroom wall and closed his eyes as David sucked on his nuts, and the burly sportsman groaned in pleasure as he suddenly felt weak in the knees.

“Oh shit, I think I’m going to cum,” Alexandre whispered, and David didn’t let up, he stroked Al’s dick with one hand and massaged his balls with the other. A sharp groan escaped Alexandre’s lips and his knees buckled. David wrapped his lips all the tighter around Alexandre’s dick, sucking on it with all of his might. To help things along, he slid a finger up Alexandre’s ass. That’s when Alexandre screamed like a madman and came, exploding all over David’s face.

“And that’s the money shot,” Esther squealed, thrusting the dildo deep into her cunt as she watched her man Alexandre cum all over David’s face. Alexandre came rather copiously, more than he’d ever cum from fucking Esther, in fact. Smiling, David wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, and then looked at Alexandre, who smiled and sighed happily.

“Al, my brother, I do like the way you smell and taste,” David said, smiling as Alexandre gave him a hand up. The two young Haitian men looked into each other’s eyes, and then, impulsively, they kissed. Esther watched this, a bit surprised by it, and for a brief moment her heart winced, but she put a smile on and got up. Moving in a deliberately provocative way, all swaying hips and sashaying derriere, Esther made her way to the fellas.

“That was fun to watch, fellas,” Esther said, grinning, and she walked up to Alexandre and gave him a kiss on the lips. Alexandre pulled Esther close, kissed her back passionately and gave her big round ass a firm slap. Esther looked at David, who smiled faintly at her. Grinning, Esther gave him a peck on the lips, tasting Alexandre’s cum as she did so.

“Let’s do this,” David said, and, taking Esther’s hand and Alexandre’s, he headed toward the bed, which awaited them. Once there, the fun really began. Alexandre stroked his dick, watching as Esther worked her womanly charms on David. Truth be told, Alexandre was actually surprised to see David responding to a woman sexually. They’d been messing around without anyone knowing for ages, and David had never shown any interest in females, or other guys, for that matter. Watching him bury his face between Esther’s dark brown thighs and eat her pussy, Alexandre realized how wrong he’d been about David.

“Oh yes, David, eat this pussy,” Esther cooed softly, rubbing the back of David’s head as he ate her pussy. Alexandre watched, equally turned on and disturbed by the sight of his woman getting pleasured by another man, even though it was a man whom he himself had fucked many times. Still, Alexandre had to admit that Esther seemed to be enjoying herself. Was it his imagination or did she seem jealous when David kissed him earlier?

“Got room for one more?” Alexandre said, grinning as he stroked his big dark dick, and without waiting for a response from a moaning Esther or a pussy-eating canlı kaçak iddaa David, he joined them on the bed. Alexandre looked at David’s sweet ass as the short dude busied himself going down on Esther, and felt a stir. Alexandre patted David’s bum, and David turned around and shot him a look. Grinning, Alexandre reached for a nearby bottle of lube.

“Bout time,” David said, and he shook his ass ever so slightly, turned around and winked at Alexandre, then focused his attention on Esther’s cunt, which lay open like a flower sensing sunlight. David slit two fingers into Esther’s cunt and teased her clitoris with his tongue, driving the already horny young Haitian woman absolutely nuts.

“I like to take my time,” Alexandre said boldly, and he spread David’s ass cheeks wide open, and began applying some cream on it. After lubricating David’s ass, Alexandre reached for a condom and began putting it on. When he finished, he rubbed his hard dick against David’s puckered asshole and, without another word, pushed himself inside. David groaned as Alexandre began fucking him, and apparently slacked off from eating Esther’s pussy, for the lady protested quite vehemently.

“Hey, David, I know you love dick in your ass but focus on this pussy,” Esther said, in that bossy, it’s-all-about-me tone that Alexandre usually found so sexy. David nodded, and resumed eating Esther’s pussy. Laughing, Alexandre winked at Esther, who gave him the thumbs up sign and she watched excitedly as Alexandre gripped David’s hips and began fucking the shorter man with gusto, burying his dick deep inside his ass.

“Damn it, I’m hard,” David said, moaning passionately as Alexandre’s dick filled his ass. Esther looked at the handsome young Haitian whose face hovered inches from her pussy, and smiled wickedly. Gesturing with her finger, Esther urged David to come closer. Reaching for David’s cock, Esther stroked it until he was hard as a rock, and she smiled at David, and winked at Alexandre.

“David, I want you to fuck me while Alexandre is fucking you,” Esther whispered coyly, and the look of shock on Al’s face was sweet nectar to her. She wrapped her arms around David’s torso and kissed him, then handed him a condom, which he put on. Hesitantly, a smiling David got on top of her. Esther actually pressed David’s dick against her cunt, and the young Haitian hesitated. Was he actually about to fuck his best friend’s girlfriend…while getting fucked in the ass by his best friend? Apparently so. Without further ado, David thrust into Esther, burying himself inside of her.

“Oh yeah,” David said, tumbling toward ecstasy as he began fucking Esther. The warmth and tightness of her cunt around his dick surprised him, but in a good way. At the same time, Alexandre’s dick crammed into the tightest recesses of David’s ass, driving him absolutely nuts in a wonderful way. David briefly turned around, to see Alexandre’s face furrowed in concentration as he banged him. Esther gently stroked David’s face and he refocused his attention on her, gently licking her lips as he fucked her.

Alexandre watched David fuck Esther even as he rammed his dick up David’s ass. Hearing his woman scream from another man’s fucking of her drove Alexandre nuts, but he was also turned on. Oh, and the merciless pressure exercised on his dick by David’s tight ass was absolutely exquisite and Alexandre couldn’t get enough of it. Hot damn, Alexandre knew he was about to cum.

“Give it to me, David,” Esther said breathlessly, grabbing David’s face as he thrust his dick deep into her cunt. Looking over David’s shoulder, Esther looked at Alexandre, and saw lust mixed with envy on his dark, handsome face. Even though she loved Alexandre dearly and had sex with him dozens of times, Esther hadn’t been totally honest with her lover. Indeed, while Alexandre had confessed the secret of his bisexuality to her, Esther hadn’t disclosed one of her most forbidden fantasies to him. The fact that she was almost obsessed with cuckolding. As in she canlı kaçak bahis wanted to fuck another man in front of her man.

“Dammit, your ass is too tight, David, I’m about to cum,” Alexandre said, and he groaned sharply as he came. Moments later, Esther felt David tremble in her arms and the handsome nerd’s face contorted. David screamed passionately as he came, then all but collapsed in Esther’s arms. Alexandre pulled out of David’s ass, took off the condom and rubbed his dick against David’s bum.

“That was fun,” David said, and he turned on his back, and smiled at Esther, who rested her head on his chest. Alexandre stood over them, stroking his big dark dick. The tall and handsome, athletic Haitian brother was still horny as fuck, and as lord of the house, he rightfully demanded satisfaction from his lady…and his man. Looking at David and Esther, Alexandre grinned, and waved his hard dick at them.

“Glad you had fun with each other, now come help a brother with this,” Alexandre said, and David and Esther exchanged a grin, then happily knelt before their favorite stud. Alexandre smiled with utter satisfaction as Esther sucked his balls while David sucked his dick. In no time, they got him even harder. Horny as can be and ready to go on and on like the energizer bunny, a grinning Alexandre was pulled down on the bed by Esther and David, who set upon him at once…ravenous.

“I need you inside of me, and not the usual way,” Esther said, a wicked grin on her lovely face. And just like that, the freaky young Haitian woman got on all fours, and shook her big dark ass from side to side, her every moved followed by David and Alexandre. Grinning, Alexandre got behind Esther and caressed her thick derriere, and a smiling David handed him the bottle of lubricant.

“Here, my friend, fuck her ass like you fucked mine,” David said gleefully, and Alexandre took the lube and made good use of it. David held Esther’s butt cheeks wide open as Alexandre first lubricated his lady’s asshole, then pressed his dick against it. Esther purred like the sex kitten she is as Alexandre eased his dick into her asshole. Even though they’d fucked numerous times, Esther had never let Al into her backdoor. Well, tonight was definitely a night of firsts, and Esther was ready to explore new things.

“Oh fuck, go slow,” Esther said, wincing as Alexandre’s dick popped into her asshole. Alexandre nodded, then gripped Esther’s hips tightly as he slowly but surely worked his thick dick into her backdoor. After some moments of discomfort, Esther relaxed and enjoyed. Meanwhile, David held Esther’s ass open for Alexandre and watched his man fuck his girlfriend, feeling quite turned on by the proceedings.

“Damn, Al, you look so handsome with your dick up Esther’s ass,” David said, grinning, and then he impulsively kissed Alexandre on the lips. After a brief hesitation Alexandre kissed Al back, even as he buried his dick deep inside her butt hole. Fortunately, Esther did not see this. Face down and ass up, her face pressed against the pillow, her mouth slack, Esther was in a world of her own. After being curious about anal sex for ages, she was finally exploring it and it felt oh-so good to have Al’s dick up her bum…

“Tear that ass up, big daddy,” Esther whispered, and Alexandre happily obliged his favorite lady, fucking her ass with gusto. Esther screamed and then, amazingly, her screams and shrieks turned into a shocked, happy little squeal. Moments later she came, violently and loudly, orgasming from anal penetration for the first time in her lifetime. Shortly after, Alexandre pulled out of Esther and gathered the trembling, gasping young woman in his arms.

“Frigging hot, that was, what a night,” Esther said, laughing, her eyes moist, and she kissed Alexandre passionately while David looked on silently. Alexandre kissed Esther back, thankful to his lucky stars to have found such a wonderful, kinky and twisted young woman to share his life. He winked at David, who smiled and said nothing. Without another word, the three friends pulled the bed sheets over their bodies, and went to sleep. So many lines were crossed that night, and they were definitely in new territory. A new and terrifyingly exciting chapter of their lives was just beginning…

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