Boarding School Ch. 04

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Part IV: Birthday After-party

All characters in this series are fictitious, as are the encounters between characters. The boarding school is at the high-school level, and all characters involved in the stories are over the age of 18.

Part IV: Birthday After-party contains twins, deep-throating, and anal sex.


Wednesday and Thursday rushed by — Rob couldn’t focus on anything, he was saving all his concentration for Friday night. The night of the twins’ birthday party. He hadn’t thought of a gift for the two of them yet, well, short of the gift he’d already shared with Evey. But something told him that Anne would like that one as well. Best to just buy a DVD or something, then.

When Rob got back to his room from his shopping trip in town, he decided to properly plan for the party that night. How would he get Anne excited for a more… private party? Evey shouldn’t be a problem, Rob figured. Maybe he should enlist her help in coaxing her twin sister into bed with them? Rob started up his computer and logged on to messenger.

“Evey, I think I need your help with something,” he typed.

“What did U have in mind?” came the response.

“A private party — you, me, and your sister…”

“Good fun. Will talk 2 her.”

“Actually, what if we keep this a surprise? I mean, it should be special, like a surprise birthday present.”

“Good, good — how about U sneak from the party to my room, I’ll bring her there, and we party?”

“Sounds like a plan. Just give me a signal at the party when it’s time.”

“C U tonite, then. XX”


Rob knocked on the door, from behind which there was the faint sound of music and laughter. Must be a good party, he thought. Anne answered the door, in a short denim skirt and green tube top with thin straps criss-crossed at the back — clearly not wearing a bra.

“Oh hey Rob! So glad you came!”

Rob grinned at the little joke in Anne’s words. “Of course, why would I miss it?”

“Come in, come in, there’s soda on the table at the back, and some snacks. Hang on, I’ll be right back, I have to circulate a bit. Hosting a party, sheesh!”

“Don’t worry about it! I’ll do some circulating of my own, right after I grab a Coke.”

Rob watched Anne make her way around the party, her hair bobbing, her 5’2″ body expressing her joy at the party’s success.


Rob made his way to the table at the back, looking around at the rest of the party guests. The usual group of people, of course. Not surprising, considering they were at a boarding school.

After grabbing himself a plastic cup and filling it with soda, Rob turned to see if there were any conversations he could join. There was one to the right, the guys he would usually talk to at morning meeting. He walked toward them, but was stopped short when he bumped into someone and spilled his coke.

“Oh I’m so sorry, Rob! It didn’t spill on you, did it? Here, let me get you a new one. Oh gosh, I’m so clumsy. You must think I’m an idiot. Are you sure you’re alright? I can get you a paper towel or something? Let me get you one, and then I’ll get you a new drink. Gosh, I’m so sorry!”

Rob could hardly get a word in, Amy was so upset. He grabbed her shoulders to slow her down. “It’s okay, Amy. Don’t worry about it. You didn’t spill any on me, and I should be apologizing. Here, let’s both go get some new drinks, because it looks like I made you spill yours too.”

Rob walked Amy over to the drinks table, and thought back to the first time he’d met her. A fragment of the conversation she had been having with the twins entered his mind… two weeks. Rob shrugged it off, gave Amy a smile, tapped his cup against hers, and made his way in the direction of the conversation he’d intended on joining before he bumped into her.


The party was fun, the music was good, and the guys were in another hilarious mood. The conversation turned to the hostesses, sure enough, and the guys were trying to decide which of the twins was ‘the hot one’. Rob thought this debate was kind of silly, but made a mental note to consider it after he gathered more… information about the matter. Rob grinned to himself.

The conversation lulled, and Rob looked around the room, trying to spot Evey and her signal. The party was winding down, and people were starting to leave. There she was, standing by the table, wearing a pink skirt and a white, short-sleeved blouse, pouring herself a drink. Rob kept looking, waiting for her to turn around. When she did, she gave him a wink, and a slight nod toward the door. The signal.


Rob sat down on Evey’s bed, after noticing that she had taken the time to clean up a bit. No more clothes strewn across the floor, and the bed made and smelling fresh. He kicked off his shoes, grabbed a magazine and waited, listening intently for canlı bahis the sound of the door. He didn’t have to wait long.

“… I think so too, yeah. No sense in trying to clean up tonight, we’ll do it tomorrow.” Evey’s voice carried through the opening door. “Now let me see where I put the blow-dryer…”

“Well, I don’t see why it would be in your room, but okay.” Anne’s voice joined her sisters’, and Rob silently put the magazine away and sat up on the edge of the bed.


“Why are you locking the door, Evey?”

“Well, we have a surprise for you, sis.”

“We? Who’s ‘we’?”

Rob took that as his cue, and stood up. He took two steps forward, emerging from behind the wall that hid the bed from view of the door.

“Hi Anne, hi Evey,” Rob said plainly. “Happy birthday, again.”

“Rob… what are you… I mean…” Anne seemed flustered. “Thanks?”

“Rob is here for the… after-party.” Evey said, giving Rob another wink and a smile.

Rob grinned back at her, and then at Anne, who seemed to catch on to what was happening.

“Oh, Rob. That’s very nice of you,” Anne said, stepping toward him with a smile on her face. She wrapped her arms around his neck in embrace, and kissed him on the cheek.

When she went to kiss his other cheek, Rob took her chin between his fingers and guided her mouth to his. He gently kissed her, waiting for her to kiss him back. Anne opened her mouth and slid her tongue into Rob’s mouth, kissing him back passionately.

“You realize our birthday was Monday, right, Rob?” Anne asked sweetly, her lips only an inch away from his. “I saw the DVD box you got us downstairs, but that just isn’t going to cut it.”

“Oh? Well, you know what they say — ‘better late than never’. Doesn’t that count for something?” Rob asked, nudging Anne’s nose with his.

“That depends, doesn’t it?”

“On what?”

“On what you’ll give us now that it’s ‘late’.”

“Well, I have some ideas…” Rob said, unwrapping his left arm from Anne’s waist, and taking Evey by the hand, drawing her closer to them.

Rob kissed Evey passionately, then Anne again, marveling at the fact that such gorgeous twins were here in his company. He ran his right hand through Anne’s brown hair, slightly longer than Evey’s, falling just past her shoulder blades. They really were beautiful.

Anne turned toward Evey, and leaned closer to give her a short and gentle kiss on the lips. “Thank you for my present, sis.”

“I’m glad you like him… I made sure to check if he was… good enough.” Evey said, with a passionate look at Rob. “I hope you don’t mind.”

“Just remember, sharing is caring, sis,” Anne said, and kissed Evey deeply.

Rob ran his left hand through Evey’s shoulder-length hair, and his right trailed from Anne’s hair down to the small of her back. Evey wrapped her arms around her twin sister, and found Rob’s hand with hers. She moved both their hands to Anne’s denim mini-skirt clad ass, and squeezed. Anne moaned lightly into Evey’s mouth, and trailed her own hands to the buttons of Evey’s white, short-sleeved blouse.

Rob took a step backward, and another, and sat down on the edge of the bed to watch Evey and Anne kiss, embrace and undress each other.

Anne unbuttoned the last of Evey’s blouse, and parted it, revealing the pink, strapless bra that Evey was wearing to Rob’s wide eyes. Evey’s hands, firmly grasping Anne’s wonderful ass, stopped their squeezing and trailed upwards to the hem of Anne’s green top. Evey weaved her fingers in between the criss-crossed straps at the back, causing the tube top to slowly bunch up Anne’s back.

Rob took off his shirt, and leaned back, soaking in the beauty of the twins and their slow, passionate undressing.

Evey’s fingers untangled themselves from Anne’s criss-crossed straps, and slid her sisters’ tube top down her body to her waist. Even though Rob had seen Evey’s breasts before, it was still exciting to see Anne’s biggish, puffy nipples, twins or not.

Anne helped Evey remove her blouse, leaning in to kiss her neck, and slowly trailing kisses along her collarbone to her shoulders, back across her chest to her pink, strapless bra. Anne licked and teased her sisters’ left nipple through the fabric, and Rob could see Evey’s nipples getting harder.

Evey moaned. “Mmm take it off me, sis… use your teeth…”

Anne licked and kissed Evey’s breasts through her bra, moving to its top edge. She took this between her teeth, and slowly moved her head down, exposing Evey’s wonderful, firm b-cup breasts and nuzzling her nipples with her nose.

Anne continued her way down her twin sisters’ body, using fingers only to undo the buttons of her skirt. When she’d gotten Evey undressed down to her pink, lacy undies, Anne turned to Rob and smiled.

“Did Evey tell you about our… playing, Rob?”

“Yes, she did.”

“Mmm naughty bahis siteleri girl… we haven’t played since Sunday, but I’m sure I remember how,” she said with a wink. She pulled down Evey’s undies, revealing her pink pussy lips, and a small heart-shaped patch of hair above.

“Oh Evey! You got creative! Now it looks as sweet as it tastes…”

Evey gave Rob a wink. “You could say that…”

Anne licked Evey’s outer lips, and flicked her tongue at Evey’s clit. Evey moaned.

“Come to the bed, Anne, let me lay down… Let Rob see things better…”

“Now she’s being naughty.” Rob said, and Anne grinned.

They took the few steps to the bed hand in hand, and Evey laid down next to Rob, stopping to kiss him passionately. Anne kneeled on the floor, settling her face between Evey’s legs, and stimulating Evey’s clit with her tongue and lips, flicking, licking and sucking.

Evey moaned loudly. “Mmm… oh yeah, Anne, like that, mmm…”

Rob stood up from the bed and kneeled down next to Anne. “Mmm let me taste Evey from your lips, Anne…” She paused in her licking and sucking to turn to Rob and kiss him hard and deep, swirling her tongue and her sisters’ taste in his mouth.

Rob scooted back on the floor, lifting up Anne’s denim skirt, revealing her light-green undies. He slid them down her legs, and laid on his back under her, intent on licking and sucking her clit every bit as well as she was her sisters’. Here Rob saw another difference between the twins: Anne had shaved herself completely, her pink and moist lips clear and visible, seemingly inviting him. He reached up and squeezed Anne’s ass, and brought her pussy closer to his mouth and tongue.

“Oh god, Anne, mmm that’s so good!” Evey said, from the bed. “Let me taste me…”

Rob felt Anne raise herself, and turned his head to see her crawling over the bed toward her sister. The twins kissed deeply, Evey tasting herself from her sister’s lips and tongue.

Rob stood up, and took his pants and boxers off, his rock-hard cock standing at attention. Anne had started sucking on Evey’s nipples, and Evey saw Rob standing with his cock in hand, waiting for some attention of his own.

Evey brought Anne’s face to hers, and turned around on the bed so their heads were nearer the edge of the bed. Anne, laying on top of Evey, had a clear view of Rob’s thick cock, and her eyes opened wide. “Wow,” she said simply.

“Mmm yeah Anne, and it tastes so good… Share with me…”

Rob didn’t have to be asked twice, and stepped forward, placing his cock between the twins’ faces. Anne nervously traced the head with her tongue, and took it in her mouth. Evey, already familiar with Rob’s cock, licked the underside of his shaft, and sucked on his balls. Anne took some of Rob’s cock in her mouth, as far as she could, about halfway down.

“He’s big, isn’t he, sis?”

“Yeah he is, Evey, mmm… So big…”

“How far can you take him, Anne? Try to go deeper…”

“I don’t think so, Evey, he’s too big!”

“That’s what you think,” Evey said, and smiled up at Rob from under his cock, looking up at him. “Let’s show her, Rob…”

“Mmm… yes please…” Rob said, curious how Anne would react to seeing her sister take his cock all the way down from up-close.

Rob put the head of his cock at Evey’s mouth, and started to slide in slowly. Anne’s eyes grew wider as Rob’s cock made its way down her twins’ throat. Rob couldn’t slowly slide in the rest, though, because Evey grabbed his ass and pulled him forward hard. Rob’s cock buried itself in her throat in an instant, and Anne gasped.

“Oh my god! Evey!”

Evey couldn’t respond, and only managed a muffled ‘mmm’.

Anne looked up at Rob. “What were you thinking?!” she said, accusingly.

Rob was about to state his innocence, but he didn’t have to as Evey had taken his cock out of her mouth and answered the question for him.

“Geez, Anne! It’s amazing, seriously, you should try it! And don’t get mad at Rob, he was going too slowly for me. I wanted him all, and quick…”

Anne looked at her sister, and then at Rob, who could only shrug his shoulders. “Evey just knows what she wants, I guess…”

“Yeah, well, I don’t want to try that. At least not now… I don’t think I could take it!”

“You don’t have to, babe.”

“I do know something I do want to do, though,” Anne said, smiling up at Rob again. “I want that big cock in my pussy, and I want it all the way…”

“Turn around on me, then… I want to see this up-close,” Evey said.

Anne turned around, her pussy at her sisters’ mouth, and her mouth at her sisters’ pussy. Rob put his cock at Anne’s pussy, and Evey licked the shaft and her sisters’ pussy, to get them both wet and ready.

Rob slowly inched his way in, Anne moaning louder and louder, until he was all in. He held his cock there for a minute, letting Anne bahis şirketleri catch her breath.

“This looks amazing, Anne! Seriously! Mmm…”

“Oh, it feels amazing, Evey… C’mon Rob, fuck me…”

Rob slowly started pumping his cock in and out of Anne’s wet pussy, Evey licking at his shaft, and then at her twin sisters’ clit. Rob thrust faster and faster. Anne came hard and loud, almost drenching Rob’s cock and Evey’s lips.

“Oh… god… mmm…”

Rob pulled out of Anne’s pussy, and let Evey suck his cock clean.

“I want some cock, Rob…” Evey said

Anne and Evey got up from the bed, and laid Rob down on his back. Anne laid alongside him, kissing him and stroking his chest. Evey threw her leg over his abdomen, straddling him. Rob broke his kiss with Anne to guide his cock to Evey’s pussy.

“No, wait… I want it in my ass, Rob…”

“Eww! Seriously?! That doesn’t sound good at all!” Anne said, making a face.

“Well, that’s where I want it… Please, Rob?” Evey made a pouty face.

“Whatever you want, babe,” Rob said, and lined his cock up under Evey’s ass. He’d done this before, with Amanda and Trisha, and he wasn’t surprised that Evey wanted it, just curious at how she got the idea…

Evey lowered herself onto Rob’s cock, and he felt a familiar tightness. Evey moaned loudly, and Anne’s eyes opened wider and wider.


Evey leaned backwards, and balanced her weight on her feet and hands, and Rob and Anne could see his cock thrusting in and out of Evey’s ass, and her pussy wet with excitement.

Anne got onto her hands and knees and straddled Rob’s face, burying her own in her sisters’ wet pussy. Rob sucked, teased and tongue-fucked Anne’s pussy and clit, all the while thrusting into Evey’s ass. Anne and Rob helped Evey to a thunderous orgasm, and she moaned as she lifted herself off Rob’s cock.

She stood up, and took Anne by the hand. Evey kissed Anne passionately, and slid her forward along Rob’s body until she was straddling his cock. Evey sucked Rob’s cock clean, and grasped it firmly in her hand.

“Do you want this cock, baby? You want it, sis? Tell me you want it…”

“Oh, mmm, yeah I want it, Evey… give it to me…”

“Lean back, Anne, and I’ll give it to you…”

Anne leaned back, with her weight resting on her hands, placed on Rob’s chest. Rob pinched and rolled her nipples between his fingers, causing Anne to moan lightly. Rob felt Evey guiding his cock to Anne’s opening, finding it tighter than before… Wait a minute, Rob thought…

“Okay Rob, fuck her, and don’t stop!” Evey said.

Rob thought he knew what she was up to, and was about to protest, but he felt Anne thrust down onto him.

“Ooooooooh! God, Evey! He’s in my ass! Aaaaaoooooooohhhhh!” Anne yelled.

“And that’s where he’s going to stay for now, sis!” Evey said, laughing. “You need to try this, seriously!”

Rob heard Anne whimper, but her whimper soon became a moan, when Rob rubbed and teased her clit with his fingers, Evey’s tongue doing the same.

“Oh, god, you were right! Mmmmmm… It’s so good!”

Rob continued thrusting and rubbing, feeling his own orgasm swelling inside him. Evey’s hand on his balls also felt his orgasm approaching, and gave him a little squeeze.

“Cum on my face, Rob… Keep fucking Anne… tell me when you’re cumming…”

“Oooh, I can feel him swelling, Evey, mmm…!”

Rob thrust and thrust, until he thought he couldn’t hang on any longer. “I’m gonna cum, Evey, I’m gonna cum!”

Evey pulled Rob’s cock out of her twin sisters’ ass, and aimed at her open mouth, and Rob came in long, hard bursts in her mouth and on her face.

Anne scooted off Rob, and knelt at his side on the bed, Evey joining her on the opposite side of Rob. Anne leaned toward Evey, and the twins opened their mouths, and kissed passionately, sharing Rob’s cum, their belated birthday gift from him.

“Oh… god… mmm…” Rob was left almost speechless.

“Yeah, that was a great after-party,” said Anne. “Thanks, Evey… for caring and sharing…”

“I have a feeling we’ll be sharing more often…”

Rob sure hoped so.


Hello readers!

I’ve been writing these Boarding School stories for a little while now, and I think I have another one left to write. But, there are still stories that need to be told — stories of the twins, Evey and Anne (post-Rob), and the story of how Evey got the idea for anal sex with Rob from Amanda(Wednesday/Thursday before this party-night), not to mention other possible female-female couplings.

I thoroughly enjoy writing these stories, but I don’t think I’m… qualified to write these girl-on-girl adventures. And, so, I’m looking for someone to write these spin-off stories for/with me.

If you’re interested, send me an e-mail through the contact info, and include a possible plotline and/or writing sample so we can see how/if this could work out.

And, of course, feedback is always appreciated, and any serious requests will be considered in my plans.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32