Briget Ch. 06

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Brian has told me he doesn’t think he has anything to add, so I am telling this part of the story from my own point of view. It is reconstructed from the recollections of the surviving principals.



It was great to see Barbara, or Bubba-Lou, as Brian called her, looking and feeling so well so soon after her husband’s funeral.

Whenever I had been over there for a meal with Brian in our college roommate phase, I had always had a good time. Barb was witty, lively and dare I say, sometimes quite bawdy. Phil, Brian’s grandpa, was a neat guy, too, and we all missed him.

The thing that made me uncomfortable was the fact that Brian had told me that him and Bubba-Lou had began an incestuous relationship over the last few weeks. Part of me was totally disgusted, but to be honest- part of me was kind of turned on. I had only heard about stuff like this happening in Penthouse letters, never to someone I knew. I myself had never fucked an older woman, though I had fantasized about more than a few teachers in my day. But a grandmother? What was I thinking? There was nothing saying that I’d ever get to do anything like that…

But, in the end, I accepted Brian’s invitation and, following instructions, asked Briget if she’d like to come. She had only met Barb once, and she thought she was a lovely lady. I didn’t tell her anything about Brian and Barb having sex. Briget was the most sexually adventurous person that I had ever met, but I had no idea how she would react to something like that.

Briget presented Barb with a bottle of wine when we entered her huge house. Barb gave her a big hug and a peck on the cheek, and did the same for me. Though, I have to admit, that it seemed like she was pressing her body up against mine a bit more than necessary. I was probably wrong, but…

She looked as good as ever, trim and fit. I dare say she glowed. No wonder.

Barb took us on a tour of the house, and we ooohed and awwed over the beautifully appointed home. We had drinks sitting on the back patio and supper in the dining room. Briget and Barb were getting on like a house on fire. They were laughing and bantering back and forth like they’d known each other for years.

I wasn’t surprised. Briget had a manner about her that allowed her to fit in almost any social situation. It was one of the reasons I loved her. That, and her adventurousness, and willingness to try new things, sexually. And her adamant desire to take me along with her.

Her and Barb were soon talking about sex. I guess it was inevitable. Barb was telling Briget that us ‘young people’ had it so good, what with the freedom of sex and sexual expression that was so in vogue these days, and our ability to enjoy ourselves in that fashion.

Briget agreed, saying we were a lucky bunch. “Although,” she said, “there is a lot to be said for… the art of seduction, I guess. I mean, what’s more provocative? A woman standing there, stark naked? Or a woman, sitting on the edge of a bed, in a filmy negligee. You can’t see everything, just a hint of what’s under it. And she’s looking at you as though she’s totally willing, though she’s not going to be a push-over. It’s the mystery.”

I raised my hand. “Negligee.”

Brian raised his hand, too. “Negligee.”

Barb took a drink of wine and shrugged. “Yes, I guess a woman in a negligee does sound good. As opposed to… just naked. Yes, you’re right… the mystery of the unknown…”

“Thank you,” said Briget, placing a hand on the older woman’s. “That just proves my point! Yes, it’s nice to be able to be somewhat obvious, like we can be today, but it’s also nice to have to… I don’t know, sneak around, enjoy the forbidden fruit under the cover of darkness… the taboo.”

At the mention of the word ‘taboo’, Brian choked on his wine. I reached over and slapped him on the back as he coughed and sputtered. Briget gave me a wry look and started gathering empty plates to take to the kitchen. I told her that I’d help, but she and Barb would have none of it.

“Its woman’s work,” said Briget. I had never heard her say anything so chauvinistic, and I asked her what she had done with my girlfriend. She stuck her tongue out at me and told me to take the invalid Brian to the den. They’d bring in coffee soon.


The den was gorgeous, with a big fireplace, and a view of the back yard. It was almost as big as my whole apartment. Brian and I sat there drinking our Irish coffee. Despite being a bit drunk, it was the most uncomfortable I had ever felt in the whole time I had known him.

Finally he looked at me. “Is there anything you want to ask?”

I pretended that I had no idea what he was talking about.

“Oh come on,” he said, leering. “You’re dying to know what its like. Aren’t you?” I said nothing, though I was bursting with curiosity.

He got up, and turned on the television and turned down the lights. Then he came to sit beside me on the sofa. “Can I show you casino oyna something?” he whispered. I nodded, and deep down, I was hoping that he was talking about his cock.

Instead, he picked up the remote control and turned on the big betamax tape player. There was static for a second, and then, there it was.

It was grainy, like a slightly better than an average home movie. The color was washed out, and the camera jerked all over the place. But I recognized one of the people.

It was Barb, and she was in a big bed with three other people. She was much younger (I guessed it was from the late 50’s or early 60’s), and her hair was different, but it was her. She was naked, and sitting on some man’s cock, bouncing up and down ecstatically. I couldn’t tell who the man was, because another woman, a big-titted blonde, was sitting on his face, humping back and forth over his teasing mouth.

The woman and Barb were kissing, and feeling each other up. Now and then they’d look at the camera, and then turn to the other man on the bed. He was between them, jerking himself off, but one woman and then the other would take turns sucking on his average-sized cock. They sucked it together for a while, then their lips met over the shiny tip.

I turned to look at Brian. He was rubbing the obvious bulge in his pants, staring at the screen. He looked at me and sort of smiled. “Ain’t that something?” he asked. I licked my lips and nodded. His other hand crept up my leg and started rubbing my hard cock through my pants.


The radio played softly as Briget helped Barb with the dishes. The two of them were quiet, like each wanted to say something, but none wanted to be the first. Briget would ask where some plate or something went, and Barb would show her. They were almost done, when Barb asked how long she and Dennis had been going steady.

When Briget said they had met at a party a mere three and a half months ago, Barb was shocked- she said that they looked like a couple that had been together a long time.

Briget laughed and said that it did feel like they had been together a long time, but she meant that in the nicest possible way.

“He must be very special,” said Barb.

“He is. He’s a wonderful person. Caring, gentle… smart… and…”

“And what?” asked Barb.

“And,” continued Briget, “since you seem to be so comfortable talking about sex… and since its just us girls here… Well, he’s really good.”

Barb fiddled with the chain around her neck. “Good?”

“Oh, you know what I mean, Barb…” Briget took a step toward the older lady. Briget’s voice was a husky croak. “He’s a good fuck. He likes eating my pussy… I like sucking his cock. I like it when he cums all over me. All over my tits…”

By this time, Briget’s breasts were almost touching the older woman, whose eyes were closed, whose chest was rising and falling in an erratic rhythm. The younger woman placed her hands on Barb’s shoulders.

Barb’s eye’s flew open and she moaned. She could feel her pussy become moist, and she knew her nipples signaled her arousal to anyone who cared to look. She placed her hands on Briget’s hips and they stood that way for a while.

“You know what else?” Briget whispered. “Since its just us girls here… Well, Brian’s really good, too.” The older woman shuddered and moaned again. “But then… you know that already, Barb. Don’t you?”

“Know what?” Barb’s voice was edgy, uncertain, like she feared she had let things go too far with this beautiful, red-haired, impudent girl…

“You know… that Brian’s a… a good fuck, too.”

Barb let loose of a moan that rose to a wail, but before anyone could become alarmed in the other room, Briget brought the woman to her chest, enfolding her in her tits, and listened to the woman sob. After a few moments, Briget took the woman’s teary face in her hands, and kissed her on the lips. Barb was snuffling and sobbing, but soon the feelings of shame and hurt were replaced by passion and heat. And tongues.

At that, the older woman tried to break away, but Briget held her fast. “Oh, god, I’m so ashamed-”

“Shhh…” whispered Briget. “You have nothing to be ashamed of. Nothing at all… he’s a good looking young man, and you, you’re a beautiful, sensual, older woman…” Under this honest flattery, Briget’s tongue again sought out the older woman’s, and this time when they touched, it was the end of Barb’s tears and the end of any resistance.

She responded, thrusting her tongue, her body, her being, into the sanctuary offered by this beautiful young woman. Now, in the arms of a kindred spirit, she could let go and know that there was no pending judgment. Briget would not think the worse of her because she knew… about her grandson, about… liking girls… about oh god, how much she wanted… oh fuck, she needed the touch of another woman, too.

Barb held the younger woman close, and lifted a tentative hand and cupped a healthy, bountiful breast. canlı casino It was Briget’s turn to moan. Briget knew Barb could feel her hardened nipple, even through the bra and sweater. Barb stepped even closer and started rubbing her pussy on Briget’s thigh. They broke the kiss and looked at each other.

Barb’s face was flushed, but she couldn’t help but smile. “Oh, my,” she said, “You are a forward one… I don’t usually do… anything, like that… on a first date.”

“Then you don’t know what you’re missing,” whispered Briget and kissed her again.

“I can always make an exception,” said the older woman and they kissed again. Barb broke it off, looking deep into Briget’s eyes. “You have to tell me… how did you know… about, you know… Brian?”

Briget smiled. “Your bedroom. There was a man’s housecoat hanging on the back of the door. I thought that it might have been your late husband’s, but I touched it on the way out and it was still damp. And, frankly, Brian’s room didn’t look… lived in, I guess. Plus, there was the way you two look at each other.”

Barb covered her face in her hands. “Oh god, I’m so embarrassed. You must think I’m such a– god, I don’t know what!”

“No! I think it’s sweet! I really do… He’s a sweet guy, he’s obviously devoted to you… he’s handsome, and like I said, he’s great in bed.”

Barb giggled. “He is, isn’t he?”

“No kidding…”

“And what about… you know…”

“This?” They kissed. “That was a pure hunch. I just took a chance, and I’m glad I was right. You are one hot lady.”

“But I’m so old!”

“So? Barb, there are people out there, and people call them ‘old souls’. You, on the other hand, are a young soul.”

“It’s… so nice of you to say so, Briget…” She raised her lips again to kiss, and they stayed like that for a while. Then, the older woman pulled away. A stricken look came over her face, and the glimmer of tears returned. “You dear, dear girl, I have to warn you, that I’ve had… shall I say… a rather wicked past.”

Briget shrugged. “We all have a wicked past to some degree or another. So what? What’s done is done.” She smiled. “The only choice remaining, is whether or not to have a wicked future.” They came together and kissed again. Their hands roamed over each others breasts, and asses, and Briget’s hand stole between Barb’s shaking legs.

“My god,” moaned Barb. “I can’t believe how wet you’re making me…”

“You’re doing the same to me, lady… But don’t you think,” said Briget breathlessly, “that we shouldn’t go and see what the boys are up to?”

Barb smiled and winked. “Well, if I know Brian, I think they’ll be up to no good…”

“Let’s hope so, Barb. Let’s hope so.


Part of me was surprised that I was hard, because, after all, this was my best friend’s grandmother, fucking right there on the TV in front of me. But the other part of me was not surprised at all… and for all the same reasons. It was really hot, watching these people fuck. I turned my gaze back to the TV and the other women had mounted the other man, and they were fucking, side by side, while kissing each other and… well, apparently Barb was bi. Holy shit. Wait ‘til Briget found out.

Brian started working my zipper down… and then my pants were off, and my underwear, too, and he was sucking my cock… I took off my shirt and I was naked, and getting my cock sucked in the den… while my girl and Brian’s grandmother washed dishes a room away… Fuck it, I thought. I pushed him back and I tore off his shirt and worked his pants off. I don’t know what came over me. I hadn’t been with him in a week, and I wanted him, badly. Then there was the film playing on the TV and it was making me really horny, and… Screw it. I just wanted him, that’s all.

I took as much of his cock in my mouth as I could, and sucked deeply. It was a job, because he was a good seven inches and relatively thick. Thicker than me, anyway. I grabbed his ass cheeks and he bucked his hips into me and urged me on with gentle moans and sighs. He brought his hands to my head and wrapped his fingers in my longish hair and pumped his cock into my mouth. I liked to see him cum- that was always what I liked best- but right now, I wanted to taste him more. I could feel his cock swell, and he groaned and started jerking wildly as I sucked the cum he offered.

After swallowing the initial blast, I kept every drop and held it in my mouth. When he was finished, I moved up to kiss him. We had just started doing this recently, so it was still a thrill. I let his cum drip off my tongue as we moaned and traded his cum back and forth in a deep kiss. I rubbed my still hard cock on his softening cock and belly.

He started smiling as we kissed, and tapping me lightly on the shoulder. I looked at him, and he cocked his head over toward the doorway.

Briget was standing behind Barb, holding the older woman’s naked breasts in her hands, tweaking her nipples. Barb’s mouth was open kaçak casino and her eyes were glassy. She had one hand down her pants, and the other down the front of Briget’s wide open slacks, fingering my girl’s pussy to wonderful effect.

“See,” moaned Barb, “I told you they’d be up to no good…”


It was one of the most satisfying foursomes I had ever been involved with. I remember laughing to myself several times that night, thinking that so many people could only dream about getting into one foursome, and in the last four months, I had already been in three, including this night’s. And it was all thanks to the woman who was sucking my best friend’s cock. None of this would have happened had I not met Briget. I was so in love with her it hurt.

Even though I hoped and dreamed something sexual would happen that night, when we saw Briget and Barb standing in the doorway, all I wanted to do was run away. But Brian held on to me, holding me close.

Barb slipped her hand out of Briget’s pants; it was slick with her juices. She brought it to her mouth and licked at it greedily. “Oh, god, you taste so… so good, girl!” Briget took the smaller woman in her arms and kissed her. I looked at Brian and he gave me that silly grin of his. I relaxed and we sat up.

The women broke off their kiss and walked over to us, Barb turning off the TV as she came over. Brian shut off the betamax with the remote control. Barb stood before us and quickly removed her slacks and sopping wet panties, and Briget slowly, seductively started removing all of her clothes. As Barb snuggled down between us, she turned and kissed me and I tentatively touched her breast. She moaned, and so I didn’t stop. I spent some time trading tongues with Barb, and some time watching my sweetheart disrobing.

Briget took off her blouse and tossed it off to the side. “So what happens now, Barb? You want one of these handsome men to fuck you silly? Though I think your grandson will need a few minutes to recover from the treatment my boyfriend gave him.” Off came her bra and her tits hovered into view. She rubbed them soothingly, as she always did when she freed them. “I’d really like to fuck Dennis, but I can do that anytime. And I don’t mean that to be mean,” she added quickly. I nodded that I understood.

“As for you, Barb, I’d really like to spread your sweet thighs and suck your pussy, and make you cum all over my face, but something tells me we have all night.” She slid her pants and panties off in one deft stroke, and she stood naked in front of us, looking at Barb. “So what do you want?”

Barb looked at me and then at Brian. “Well, I had never dreamed that my grandson would like men as well as women, but now I have no doubt, having seen it with my own eyes. But I want to see more.” She looked at Brian. “I saw Dennis give you a world-class blow-job, I think its only right that you return the favor.”

Brian kissed his grandma and knelt in front of me. He took my cock in hand and gave it a long lick from my balls all the way up to the piss-slit. As Briget nestled in beside Barb, taking her lovingly in her arms, Brian opened his mouth and took in all of my average-sized cock in one motion.

It only took a minute. As I watched Briget and Barb kiss and grope each others tits, I came in Brian’s mouth. He swallowed the first shot, and let the rest shoot up onto my belly and cascade over his hand as he jerked me slowly.

Barb broke away from Briget’s embrace with a moan and lowered her face to my chest and belly and started feasting on my semen, licking, nibbling and sucking, even pushing Brian’s hand away to briefly suck my cock. She kissed me when she was done, and stroked my cock, never giving it a chance to get totally soft. Briget got down on her knees beside Brian, and they kissed, too.

Barb sat on the sofa beside me, watching them. Briget gave him a playful push, and Brian sagged off to the side, happily sated, for the moment. Briget smiled and kissed the older lady. “Seems they’re both out for the count. Looks like it’s just me and you.”

Briget leaned Barb back onto the sofa and ran her hands up her thighs, teasing… But teasing can only go on as long as the person doing the teasing can stand it. I’m sure Briget meant to engage in some serious foreplay, but instead, she kissed Barb’s belly once and dove in to lick and suck Barb’s pussy. Barb arched her back and hissed like a cat and wrapped her slender fingers in Briget’s luscious red mane, dragging the girl in as far as possible.

I went from semi-hard to hard in no time. I climbed over Brian, lying at my feet, and got behind Briget. She knew what I was doing at once, and she reached behind her and guided my cock to her wanting cunt. I slid it home in one push and I gently fucked her, careful not to disturb her too much while she feasted on the older woman’s cunt.

I felt a hand on my ass. I looked, and Brian was on his knees beside me, smiling like a demon. His cock was becoming harder too. Barb saw this and beckoned him to get up where she could play with it.

Before he went, Brian gave me a hug and quoted the popular TV show, ‘The A-Team’, saying, “I love it when a plan comes together.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32