Brotherly Love Ch. 03

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


My brother did not speak to me for a few days after our last encounter. The following day, he had got home from school early due to there was no soccer practice as it had been canceled. I was not aware that he would be getting home early and was downstairs in the den watching some porn, my parents were at work as was my sister and I knew that no one should be home for another two hours.

I had my lubed cock in my fist watching two hot guys fucking on the TV, when I heard someone coming down the basement stairs. Oh crap, I put my greased hard cock back in my gym shorts and went to shut the porn off when my brother entered the room and looked at the TV and saw what I was watching. I was busted!

“You are a horny bastard!” my brother said as he pushed me away from the TV. Leave it on, he said grabbing his crotch. He looked at me with a mischievous grin. Looking back at the porn on the TV, the two guys continued to fuck.

My brother turned to look at me and I noticed he was looking at my hard bulge in gym shorts. He continued to rub his crotch as he walked over to me on the sofa.

“Were you jerking off watching these two guys casino siteleri fuck?” asked my brother. He instructed me to take my cock out and show him how I was stroking myself before he interrupted.

I pulled my lube cock out of my gym shorts and proceeded to stroke it my fist as my brother eyes were glued to me masturbating. I could see he was enjoying the site as the bulge in his pants had increased while he continued to rub himself. My brother leaned over me and kissed me sticking his tongue in my mouth. I gladly sucked on his tongue, moaning.

My brother had pushed my hand away from my cock while tongue kissing me. He grabbed my cock in his fist and slowly started stroking my cock. I loved the feeling of his firm grip on my cock and how it was sliding up and down his in fist.

He asked, “You are enjoying this?”

“Yes” as I moaned.

My brother stopped jerking my cock and backed away from the sofa while unzipping his pants. On the TV the one guy was now feeding his cock to the other guy. My brother pulled off his pants, his hard cock sticking straight up and he proceeded to stroke himself. I was so worked up at watching the porn and now seeing my younger brother stroking his cock.

“Feed canlı casino me that cock!” I said as my brother walked back over to where I was sitting stroking my hard cock.

“Open your mouth, you little cocksucker!” he was so masterful.

I wrapped my lips around his cock and took him in my mouth, he tasted so good. I took his cock out of mouth and proceed to lick his shaft down to his balls taking his balls in my mouth. My brother was moaning.

I looked back at the TV and one of the guys was rimming the other guys hole. I knew my brother was watching the TV as he grabbed my head and pushed me toward his hole.

“Stick that tongue in my ass!” I did as he said and spit on his ass and proceeded to rim his hole getting it good and wet.

My younger brother surprised me by turning around and straddling my legs and sitting on my hard cock. His hole opened up letting my 7.5″ hard cock slide in. His hole felt so good as his lips opened to swallow my cock. He was facing the tv now watching one of the guys taking the others cock. He was moaning as he started to ride my cock.

“Your hole feels so good, ride my cock!” I said as I grabbed my brother’s waist to steady his riding. I was enjoying the view of my cock sliding kaçak casino into my younger brother’s hole. I had reached around to take his cock in my fist and stroke him. We stayed like this for awhile watching the guys on the TV.

I told my brother to get up and lie down on the sofa. I took his legs and spread them over my shoulders and guided my lube cock back in his hole. I loved the look on his face as my cock slid back inside his wet hole. I could tell he was enjoying it. He had such nice nipples, I leaned forward and took one in my mouth circled it with my tongue and then started sucking it, and then proceeded to do the same to the other one.

“Oh yeah, bro. Suck my tits!” he said in ecstasy as I started to nibble his tits.

I could hear the guy pounding the other guys ass on the TV as I worked my cock in my brother ass! I spit in my hand to lube my brother ‘s cock, while I continued to fuck him.

“I want you to cum for me” I said as I worked my brother lubed cock in my fist.

It did not take him long to shoot his load onto his abdomen. I had grab some of his cum up in my hand, pulled out my cock and smeared my cock with his cum and stuck my cum covered cock back in his hole. It was so hot knowing I was fucking my younger brother with his cum that I emptied my load up his hole. I leaned forward and kissed him and told him how much I enjoyed that and loved him. We both got cleaned up before the rest of the family got home.

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