Brown Sugar Lust

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Recently, I met Marcus, through a friend, and he is bi-sexual, and possesses a truly awesome Black Snake, at 12 inches and really thick. It is probably the most that I could possibly handle, but he has been able to get it all into my ass pussy. He is a strong lover that will indulge my feminine side, taking charge but not working the Dom/Sub thing. I like lovemaking, but also find it really hard to turn down his straight on fucking. The man knows how to put the meat to the heat. Reading Black Cock Journey will bring you up to date on our relationship.

It had been a week since Marcus and his friends worked me over, fucking me silly for a day and a half, and had been 5 days since I had last been to bed with Julius, my new lovemaking fuck buddy. I was feeling horny, and really wanted to have Marcus put his cock to me and give me his hard fuck.

I called Marcus to see what he was doing, and he told me that he would be working for another hour. I said: “Marcus baby, I want to see you. Can you come by after work?”

He said: “What do you want to see me about?”

I told him: “Baby, I miss you. I need you.”

Pressing, he asked: “What do you need? Tell me, don’t beat around the bush, bitch. I am busy.”

I pleaded: “Baby, I need you to fuck me. I miss you and your cock. Please, I need you in me, on me. You have what I need.”

He said: “Are you going to be cleaned out if I come by?”

I said, happily: “Yes, baby, I will clean myself out now and be ready for you. Will you come by and fuck me? Please, Marcus?”

He answered: “I will be there around 6 o’clock. Be ready for me, but I can’t stay all night.”

I felt better, and went to the bathroom, to clean myself out. I wanted his cock in me, and knew that it would be tight, and would totally fill my hole, but it was what I needed tonight.

When he got to the house, I was cleaned out, and had a bath towel around my waist, waiting for him. As he came in, we kissed, and I reached for his cock, and asked: “Do you need a shower, baby? I have a clean towel ready for you if you do.”

He said that he wanted one and that I could wait on the bed. I took the towel off, stacked two pillows in the middle of he bed,and laid beside them, and put the lube on the bed, waiting to see what I would be getting from him this evening.

When he came into the bedroom, his cock was soft, and seeing it, I moved to the edge of the bed and took it into my mouth. Knowing what I wanted, Marcus held my head and worked it back and forth, until I could feel it stiffening, getting into my throat. He said: “Just get it hard baby. You know you want it to spit its load in your pussy. You can taste it later. We are gonna fuck like you need it.”

Fully stiff, he pulled back, and I got the lube, and put some on his cock, and wiped it across my ass. As I moved to the pillows, he got between my legs, and pushed into me. Using just two strokes to get deep in me, he looked down, smiled and took my nipples between his thumb and fingers.

He said: “How have you been? Did you miss this, baby? Is this what it takes to make you happy?”

I said: “Marcus, baby, I needed this so much. I want you to take care of me. I am so horny for you. Fuck me baby. Take me where you know I need to be, tonight. I want you.”

He began pushing in and out, getting harder, fucking stronger, going deeper, until I was taking him easy, feeling his cock shape my hole. I pulled my knees to my shoulders and offered my ass to him, and he pinched, and pulled my nipples as he fucked me. I took him well, and moved my ass to get the most from him.

He was making my already sensitive nipples, even more sensitive by irritating them, and then he let go and laid his chest on them as he gave me the cock that I loved. He had his arms outside my legs, holding me in a tight wad, making me nothing more than a pussy within the wad. In this position, he could give me the full length of his cock, and add a hard push at the bottom of each stroke.

I was getting it like I loved it, and wanted him to know. I said: “Baby, you know how to bring it to me. I love it when you work on my pussy. Take it, and use it for your cock. Pound me hard, and get the fucking you need. I’ve wanted you so much all week.”

He said: “You are going to get a good load. I ain’t had no pussy casino siteleri for two days, and I need to blow my nut into you. Take some snake, bitch, and feel my meat.”

He was slamming into me, hitting my nutsack with pelvis, slapping his nuts against my ass cheeks with every stroke. He knew how to fuck, and my pussy loved the beating that he was giving it. I was feeling good and I began to shake, feeling an orgasm that felt like it might make me pass out.

“Oh God, Baby! I am cumming. Fuck me, keep on fucking me. Don’t cum yet, just fuck me. Give me that black cock and use your black ass to push it deep. I love being under you, baby. Fuck me.” I wailed as he pounded me.

I clenched his arms with my hands, nearly digging my fingernails into him, as he brought me to an intense peak. He then pulled further back on a stroke, slammed into me, and stayed deep, saying: “Take it bitch. Take my seed. Take it all up in you.”

As he finished spurting, and his cock stopped pulsing, he released my legs and they fell to the side, nearly useless. He laid his full weight on me, and just rested there.

I said, softly: “I’m your bitch, baby. I love to feel you on me, to feel you cum in me, and to feel your strong body hammering that beautiful cock into me. You have made me yours.”

His cock was still hard, and as he pushed his chest off mine, I could feel it moving inside me. He pushed one of my legs flat, then rolled us over, putting me on top with his cock still buried in me. He then worked my legs up, so that my knees were beside his chest.

I began to stroke on him, raising my pussy up, and then letting it down, feeling his cock as it slid back into me. I swayed my ass from side to side as I stroked, and felt new pleasure, making me want him to pound me more.

I asked “Baby, please, will you put me on my face and take me hard? Please? I want to feel you fuck me like I need it. I want it, baby. Please?”

He said: “Get back on those pillows and put your ass in the air. You learned well last weekend. You need to be my black cock slut, don’t you?

As I moved into position, I replied: “Yes baby, I am your slut. I need you to fuck me hard like only you can do it. Beat my pussy baby. Make it know that it is yours.”

He got on me, went deep and laid his chest on my back. He got my wrists and pushed them to the head of the bed and started fucking me. I was taking him easily, and could feel his cock head when it hit bottom with each stroke. This was the kind of fucking that I had dreamed about for so many years. I was under one hell of a man, who was pounding one hell of a cock deep into my ass pussy.

Having just cum, I knew that I was in for a long ride, and was looking forward to it. He got comfortable on my back and just deep stroked me, keeping my pussy trembling, wanting him to keep on and never stop.

Having Marcus pound himself into me from behind gave me his cock, and let me move my ass to both please him more, and to give me the moves that let me feel this cock the best. As he fucked me, I wondered how any sex loving woman could have this once and not want it forever. I knew that I was sold on black cock. He, more than anyone I have ever been in bed with, gave me the physical sex that I loved.

Marcus and I fucked for quite awhile, and he had me totally open to his cock. The only discomfort was when he hit bottom with his strokes, but even then, he was giving me what I had wanted for so long. I wanted to be filled, and feeling his pelvis crash into mine as his cockhead hit the bottom of my pussy, let me know that I had all the cock I could take, and all the cock that he had to give. He gave it well, and I did my best to take it well.

I had several orgasms as he fucked me and was building to another one, and told him so, moaning: “Baby, you are tearing me up. How many of these do I have to give you tonight? How long can I take this? I am cumming again, baby.”

He began hammering harder, and I knew that he was about to shoot a nut into me. He dropped onto my back, slammed his cock into me and began spurting. I was fucked, totally, sufficiently, and had a pussy full of cum to show for it.

I was sore but I had gotten what I wanted. Marcus rolled off me, and laid on his back beside me. He put a finger in my ass and said: “You got what you needed, canlı casino didn’t you, baby? You know that you need me to fix your hole for you.”

I leaned toward him, and said: “Baby you took care of me. I needed to feel you in me. I wanted you on me. I love being fucked by you. I love feeling you put your seed in me. I love your black cock so much.”

He said: “I talked to Kendrick and he wants to get some more of this white ass pussy of yours too. I will have you come over and spend a night with him and I soon. I like to watch his big cock at work in your pussy. You keep taking care of my friends and I will give you all of this cock that you can take. I never fucked an old white guy before, but you put it down good.”

I said: “Baby, I don’t need those other guys and their cocks. I need you and your cock. If you want me to fuck them, I will do it for you, but It is you that I want to be under.”

Working his finger around in my ass he replied: “You liked having Kendrick in your ass. You got off good when he was breeding your pussy, didn’t you?”

I said: “Yes baby, I did. He gave it to me good, but it is you and yours that does it best. I think of you all the time that you are not with me. You have fixed my ass so that I can feel your cock even when it isn’t in me. But you made me your black cock slut, so I will take care of your friends if you want me to. I will do anything to be able to have you fuck me, Marcus. I am yours.”

He pulled my hand to his cock. I don’t know how he does it, but like the few black men that I have known, he kept it nearly stiff, even after that hard pounding and shooting his nut into me. Every white guy I had known went soft after he had cum. I considered sucking him off, but knew that he would be able to last a long time before cumming. I just jacked it slowly, looking it over, more than I had before, studying it.

I gave in to my wishes and lowered my mouth to it, and took it in my mouth, letting my tongue dance around the head, filling my mouth with it. Having cleaned myself out well, there was no foul taste, no mess, just the smooth, sliding brought by the astrolube that we had used. Pushing him into my throat was easy. I wanted to feel his whole twelve inches inside my mouth and throat, and began working him deeper by stroking up and down on him.

When I first started testing my throat with toys, I would gag with half his length, and much smaller diameter in me. Having learned how to relax, I was now able to actually enjoy having him in my throat, and being able to leave him deep in me for a few seconds. With him lodged in my throat, I could swallow, causing a constriction along my throat that he could feel.

Marcus liked what I was doing and put his hands on my head to stroke himself. He wasn’t making me do it faster, just having me keep him deep in me for a little longer. I knew I was pleasing my man, and wanted him to get the best from me. Feeling his crotch hair on my face was unbelievably erotic. I knew that I could take care of him. As I sucked, I felt for, and found, his nutsack. I began kneading his nuts, feeling their size, and thinking that I wanted to see if he would enjoy having me put them in my mouth.

I was no longer jacking his cock with one hand, but had it laid over his thigh, hugging him to my face as he face fucked me. I slowly pulled him to his side, letting myself fall to my side, and then he got the idea and started fucking into my face. Feeling his cock going into my mouth, deep into my throat with each stroke, let me feel just how strong he really was. I wanted that strength to be pounding into my pussy again.

Pulling my face off his cock, I moaned: “On me, baby. Please get on me and fuck me again. I want to be on my back so I can help, and I want to see your face as you fuck me. Take me, baby. Take me hard, please?”

He got back between my legs, and using the lube that I had in me, pushed in, and slammed his cock to the bottom of my hole. I loved this kind of fucking, and he knew how to give it to me. My legs were spread, my knees were pulled up, and with my ass on the two pillows, he could slam to the bottom. With my feet on the mattress, I could move around, swiveling my ass under him, putting him all over in my pussy.

As Marcus drove his beautiful cock into me, he smiled and asked: “What is it kaçak casino that you like about this cock so much, baby? Why do you want me to be the one fucking you instead of some gay white guy? When did you know that you loved this black snake of mine?”

Taking him deeply, with him pushing hard, I breathed: “I love the way you push your cock into me. I love that it is long and thick. I love that you stay hard after you cum. No white guy could do to me what you do.”

Teasing me he said: “Have you tried one? What if a white guy gave you cock like I am giving you? What if he could slam your ass like this.” As he hit bottom, hard, pushing me deep into the mattress.

I said: “Baby, you know that there ain’t no white man that can put the meat to the heat like you can. Just like no young punk can fuck like you can. And, there damned sure ain’t no white guy that would look as good to me, as a strong black man looks. Call me racist, but if it isn’t black, I don’t want it. If you were through with me, my search would be for a black to replace you. Henri first, now you have convinced me that waiting for black was worth the wait.”

I ground my ass around on his cock harder than ever, and held his arms tight in my hands as he took me on the ride. There was no more pain in my pussy, and I was taking him beautifully, feeling every inch that he was putting to me. His pubic hair was brushing on my nuts with every down stroke, letting me know that I was getting as much of his length as I could take.

He owned me, and I didn’t mind that one bit. I wailed: “Fuck me, baby. You are splitting me open, and my pussy won’t be able to feel a smaller cock, but fuck me. Oh, fuck, this is so good. You have made me into your cock loving slut. Tear my ass up, and get what you need, Marcus. I am loving this.”

He was giving me the longest of his strokes, pulling back so far that several times he came clear out of me. He didn’t need to use his hand to guide his cock to my hole as it seemed to know just where to go. On the down stroke, he would hit bottom, making me thankful that his cock head wasn’t as hard as his shaft.

He said: “You are taking this thing good. You are still tight, but not holding me back. When Kendrick and I fuck you, we will give you so much cock that you can’t walk. We are going to try to keep a hard cock in you for the whole night. When one of us busts our nut, the other will be right inside you. You will love the way we open you up.”

As he talked and fucked me, I was getting close to another orgasm. When it caught me, I wailed: “Gawd, baby, I am cumming. You are taking it again. I am so full of you, baby, please, please, don’t take this away from me. I want to fuck you forever. Nobody can get me like you can. I love feeling you on top of me. I love your body on mine. I am cumming!”

He kept stroking and then stopped, deep inside me and said: “Bitch, you are taking another one out of me. Where do you want it? In your mouth?”

Breathing heavily, I said: “Yes, Marcus. Put it in my mouth, baby. Give me your seed. I want to taste you again.”

He pulled out, and pulled my head up to his cock, and as I put it to my mouth, I jacked him, making him spurt his load into me. Rolling it in my mouth, I could taste it, and could tell that even after cumming before, that he still had a lot of cum. I swallowed his load, and he got off me, letting me get off the pillows and get to my feet. I could feel that I had been well fucked, and knew that I had given my best to my man.

Finished for the night, Marcus dressed and we went into the living room. Sitting in the sofa, he put a hand on my thigh and said: “This weekend I will be having a party at my place, and you will be there. You need to meet a couple more of my friends, and Kendrick will be there too. I will call you and let you know when to show up.”

I asked why he wanted me to be there, saying that he was all that I wanted.

He squeezed my inner thigh hard, and said: “You will be there because my bros want to see the white ass that can take big meat. Have you heard of Mandingo? We are Mandingo, and it is my night to host. We will give you the Mandingo four and four.”

I asked: “What is this Mandingo four and four, baby?”

Laughing, he replied: “Be there and you will learn. You will like it. I have to go now, and thanks for calling me when you need a good fuck. I hope that I satisfied you for now.”

When he left, I got in the shower. I knew what Mandingo was, but I was puzzled by the “Mandingo four and four”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32