Can’t Go Home

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My hands clenched the sheets, as my ass slid back, my head nearly banging the wall, with every thrust that Kurt made into my hole. The feeling of being fucked was unimaginable, and how I could have almost denied myself the experience stuck with me. I could hear my father now, ‘you are a man stop being screwed like a whore, stupid queer’.

Kurt was relentless in the pursuit of me, not that I minded. I was right where I wanted to be, enjoying his cock sliding in and out of my ass, as his powerful muscular body plowed me harder and further, making me his. Sweat dripped from his chin down my chest and on my lips as he leaned in to kiss me. My legs were spread wide for him, up over his shoulders as his penis torpedoed down my chute. My heart was racing and even skipped a couple beats, as I fought to breath, panting in time with his balls slapping against my cheeks. It hurt like hell when he entered me the first time when we were kids, but now it only hurt some when he really rammed me hard, otherwise it was the best feeling experienced.

I tried to stroke my cock, but his stomach was resting on it, his washboard abs rubbing over me. The head of my penis was large, deep red almost purple and I rubbed my thumb over the slit. Pre-cum was flowing, and I took the opportunity to taste it while my ass pounding went on. I could not take it much more as my orgasm built, my balls tightened, my toes curled.

“I’m gonna cum.”

He pulled back just enough to take my cock into his mouth and I shot. He sucked up my seed, and I shot again, my cock throbbing. He kept sucking and it began to hurt it was so tender. I grabbed his shoulders and dug my nails in, just as he slammed his meat hard into my backside. Again he slammed in with all is force. He didn’t have to say anything, because I knew. His body trembled and I could feel his cock twitching inside of me, he had cum and let the full weight of his body fall onto me. I felt his limp dick fall from my cheeks. Kurt rolled off of me and lay by my side, taking my hand in his.

“Fuck Todd. You were amazing.” Out of breath, Kurt leaned in for another passionate on the mouth kiss.

“We have to get dressed. Lizz will be home soon.”

“You had to mention your wife Kurt, at this particular moment.”

“Fuck you. You fucking, know how things stand.”

“Okay, have it your way.” I jumped up and pulled on my sweat pants.

Kurt got up and started to put on his clothes. Damn, even limp he was huge. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him as he pushed his cock to the right of his jean’s leg and zipped them up. Bent over, Kurt pulled on his boots and all I could think of was what it must be like to fuck his ass. He was top, swearing that he would never let a guy do him. He pretty much denied being gay or bi; he was just curious and letting off pent up energy. Although he claimed to be straight and enjoyed screwing me, he also enjoyed a good finger fuck. He had told me of using different things on himself, toys, vegetables, bottles. He seemed to really enjoy my putting in three fingers, if I had only one in, he would ask, how many and then he was never satisfied until I put in at least three.

I left without saying a word, just slipped out the front door. I had been staying with my sister and her roommate for about a week now. It was a vacation of sorts. All I could think of was Kurt and how much I enjoyed seeing him when I was back in my hometown. We had gone through high school together, pretty much being our only sexual partners, then we both decided to try sex with girls. I must admit, he was better at getting the chicks than I was. Not that I am not hot, well, I am much more muscular now, was a bit scrawny back then. He just decided that females were more exciting in bed. I can’t fault him for that, but was really feeling a bit left out and jealous when he got married. I think that was when I realized I had been in love with him.

The thoughts of his body joined to mine were getting to me, making me so horny. I had been sleeping on the couch in my sister’s living room, but had moved to her queen size bed since no one was home. I started to stroke my penis, pulling the foreskin back and forth over the head. I really did masturbate way too much. I needed a boyfriend. I thought I heard a small snicker and looked up, Tessa had opened the door to her room. There I sat, naked, jacking off in my own little fantasy. I stopped jerking myself; she left the room. A small part of myself was not ashamed at all. I put on my clothes casino oyna and went out to the living room.

“Tessa, I’m so sorry.”

“Really Todd, you couldn’t wait until you went home to Cali to do that.”

“I know, I was a total jerk. You forgive me?”

She walked over to me , hugged me. I was trying to calm myself down, but was still erect and wondered if she felt it against her body. My face flushed.

“I think I will go for a walk Tessa. Need anything at the store?”

“No Todd, not that I can think of.”

I couldn’t get out of the apartment fast enough. At least she didn’t suspect about me and Kurt, his having a wife and kids. She may have accepted my liking guys as just experimentation, but she still wished for me to get married to a woman. She also would never accept my being with a married man. She always had a crush on Kurt too, when she was a kid. Kurt and I both knew it and I don’t think he ever took advantage of that fact, but I never asked him either.

I walked into the mini mart looking to buy a drink, when I saw him. I couldn’t believe how hot this guy was, beautiful brown eyes, muscular build. My mouth was hanging open for just a split second, then I grabbed the pop out of the case and headed up front to pay. Putting my hands in my pockets and realized then that I had left in such a rush, that I forgot my wallet.

“Shit. I forgot my money.”

I turned to leave, there he was right behind me. My heart skipped a beat and I lost my breath.

“Here you go.” He took my hand and pressing a bill into my palm. He squeezed my fingers shut and winked at me. Opening my fingers, I saw that he had given me his card as well.

“You gonna buy that soda or what?”

“Um, yeah.” I handed the five to the cashier and turned to give the guy his change, but he was gone. I quickly made my way to the front of the building but couldn’t see the guy anywhere. Charles Anthony Benet, attorney of criminal law the card read, hmm, I wondered if the guy was hitting on me, probably I looked desperate enough that I needed a lawyer.

I swallowed hard and opened the door to Tessa’s flat, still feeling embarrassed about what she had seen. Thankfully she was not home. I dialed the number and it was Charles’ answering service.

“Do you want to leave a message sir?”

I hesitated then, thought what the hell. “Yes. Tell him Todd Clark called, 555-3838. I owe him five dollars.”

Thinking I would never hear from the guy I jumped in the shower. It felt so good to have that warm water run over my body and fought the urge to play with my penis yet again at Tessa’s house. I was a good boy and dried, combed my hair, shaved, put on cologne and then took a quick trot to get my clothes from my suitcase. I walked from the bathroom to hall for my clothes.

“Yay! Todd!”

There I stood, naked, except for the towel around my waist. Joan, Tessa’s roommate and three of her friends stared, and she got out her cell and started snapping photos.

“Come on Joan. You want a good shot don’t you? You should at least give a guy a chance to be ready, lights, camera, action or something.”

“From what Tess tells me you are ready Todd.”

“Oh, shit.” My face instantly red, I turned to head back to the bathroom, when one of the other chicks grabbed my towel. Joan and her friends started laughing and pointing and I knew now why girls did nothing for me. Ok, maybe it was a little flattering, because the minute they started picking on me my cock stood straight up against the trail of brown hair on my stomach.

“What’s wrong? You never saw one so big and beautiful as mine?”

“You wish Todd. Where did I put the magnifying glass?”

“You know you want it Tess.” I ran over to her and threw her over my shoulder, spanking her ass. I pinched a couple others on my way to the kitchen. Sitting Joan down on the table, her arms around my neck, she pulled me in and kissed me, pushing her tongue into my mouth. The phone rang. We just stared at each other, as I took the kitchen towel from the counter and held it in front of my manhood.

“Phone Todd, for you.”

“Take it in Tessa’s room.”

“Um, thanks Joan.” I looked down to the floor and went back through the giggling girls to my sister’s room. Poor Joan, it must have been like kissing a dead fish, I didn’t respond to her in the least, and she was well aware of the fact. Picking up the phone, I held it to my ear with my shoulder as I pulled on my pants.

“Hello. canlı casino Todd?”


“Charles Benet, returning your call.”

“Oh, hey man. Thanks for the loan this afternoon.”

“No need to thank me for that, and no need to repay me either.”

“Oh, just trying to get clients.”


“The card, looking for business.”

“Oh, you need a lawyer?”

“Um, no. I was actually hoping you were hitting on me.”

“I was. What you doing tonight?”

“I don’t have anything planned for tonight.”

“You know the place on fifth over in Perkinsville?”

“The leather bar?”

“Yeah. Problem?”

“No, well, not exactly. Just I have heard of it, never been there. See, This is my hometown, I am visiting and …”

“You’re not out.”

“Yeah. Well, I am sort of. It is complicated. Just don’t want things getting back to my father, he doesn’t approve of things.”

“Well, I could pick you up at the convenience store. Come to my house, I’ll make pasta.”

“I don’t mean to be a pain.”

“No, I understand. So your dad hangs out in leather bars?”

Laughing, “No. Just seems like whenever I am in town, things tend to go wrong.”

“Oh, you will have to tell me about that, at seven?”

“Sure, see you in half an hour.”

A giggle was clearly heard over the line, then a click.


“Oh, sorry, I think someone picked up on the other line, don’t worry about it. Later Charles.”

Ok, it takes a lot to make me angry and one thing that can throw me over the edge is someone listening in on my private conversations.

In just my jeans, I flew into the living room.

“Ok, which one of you was listening in on my call?”

“Todd, what are you talking about?”

“Stop with the fucking shit. I heard. Junior high school ended a long time ago, so grow up.”

“I’m not gonna be judged by a stupid queer.”

“Joan, I may be queer, but I am not stupid.” I grabbed my suitcase and headed for the door.

“Tell Tessa I won’t be back. If I had known what a bitch, you really are Joan, I would have given you the nice hard spanking you deserved. No, wait, you would probably have enjoyed it. And Joan, for your information, you can’t kiss. ” Slamming the door, I left.

I put my bag in my car and drove to the store. I was surprised when Charles pulled up in a Dodge Ram pick up.

“Nice wheels.”

“Yours too. Just what is that?”

“63 Ford Mustang. So, it just needs a little work.”

“You came all the way from California in that?”

“Haha, yeah, I just rebuilt the engine, runs great. I admit, needs a lot of body work, give me time.”

“You restore cars for a living?”

“No, just for fun. I work on them, keep them a while and end up selling. My dad owns the garage down on Franklin. Worked there since I was ten, where I learned about cars.”

“Really. Jake, right? I have my cars taken there. So, how do you make a living?”

“Wait tables, haha. I am a struggling artist.”

“Do you want to come in my truck, or follow in your car?”

“I better follow, probably leave for Cali after our date.”

“I am catching you on the way out of town then?”

“Yeah, you caught me just in time.” I put my hand on his, both of us leaning against his silver dodge. His penis was erect and I let my hand brush over it as I walked past to my car.

His house was not what I expected. It was an old farm house on the edge of town, old Taylor place, couple hundred years. The floor boards creaked as I walked into the kitchen. I loved the smell of an old house, the look of it. He had it in pristine condition, full of antiques from the time period the place was built. The aroma of the pasta filled the air, and I was glad I had the chance meeting with him. He sure could cook, not just in the kitchen. After filling up on the best ziti I had ever had, I was lead to his bedroom. Conversation had already gotten around to ages, siblings, kids, etc. he was divorced about five years, after he came out. He was in his early forties. He didn’t seem to mind that I was only 27. The bed squeaked when I sat on the edge. Charles was carefully placing the antique quilt from the bed over a chair in the corner. My grandmother could have told you all the pieces in the house, I knew they were antiques, but had no clue of value or age. I appreciated them for their artistic qualities, but really had no interest in old things. Even old guys never really caught my eye kaçak casino until now. I would have never thought he was that old, his body in such good shape from farming. . He only worked at the law firm part time, being bored with it. Besides, his ex-wife was his law partner, until she found out about a gay affair, they split the business up, and he put his efforts in Taylor’s farm. Josh Taylor still worked for Charles, slept in a room in the back. I went to school with Josh and suddenly wondered if Charles and Josh were involved. My mind sprang to thoughts of a threesome, and so did my cock. No, Josh was straight, I was sure, but I had to know.

“Charles. You and Josh? You know? Hook up?”

He just laughed and never did answer my question, taking me in his arms pulling me down on the bed. He ran his finger over my eyebrows, then down my check and around my chin, before kissing me deeply. His hands went down the back of my jeans, holding my bare ass. My cock throbbed as his hands squeezed my ass cheeks, forcing the crotch of my pants tightly against my erection. I fumbled with the buttons of his shirt, as I pawed at the curly gray hair on his chest. The hair on his head was thick full and dark, dyed, helping to hide his true age. I rested my head on his chest and my crotch over his, he was close to 6’5″, I was only 5’6″, with boots. We writhed together as I sucked at his nipple, playing with the other in my fingers. I thought of Kurt and how much I wished I was with him. Yet I was glad I was with Charles, once I saw even more of him. He removed his pants, as I pulled my t-shirt off over my head. I thought Kurt was hung, I was wrong. My mouth watered seeing his meat. He could tell what I wanted, and before I could remove my pants, he shoved my head between his legs. I lapped the length of his cock. I figured it was well around ten inches at least. I lapped down the other side, and pulled his balls in my mouth and sucked. He smelled so good, just enough musk to turn me on, not enough to be foul.

Moaning, he threw himself back flat against the bed. I crawled forward and took the head of his cock into my lips, pulsing my tongue into the slit. Pre-cum was already oozing and tasted so good after the meal he had given me. My saliva ran down his cock, as I took him deep into my throat, swallowing. I loved to deep throat a guy, gagged me some, made my throat sore the next day, but loved the feel of it, the challenge of taking in as much cock as possible. Bobbing my head up and down over his cock, cream filling my mouth. I swallowed then nibbled my way up his abs and chest, biting his neck and then resting my lips over his, so he could taste his cum. I was so hard I could hardly stand it.

“Oh fuck that was great. You want to suck me off man?”

“I was hoping you would fuck me.”

“Sure. Lube?”

“Dresser, top drawer.”

Along with the lube, he had several toys. I never had used toys. I guess I never really had a need for them. He had anal beads, dildos, a vibrator, handcuffs, whips. You name it, he probably had it.

“Got leather chaps I bet?”

“Of course” he smiled.

I slathered lube over my penis, pre-cum already seeping from the head. I put a generous gob on his asshole before pushing in on him. He was lying flat on his belly, his ass raised ever so slightly as I let my body fall on his, pushing my cock in until my entire shaft was inside of him. I pulled my hips up and then pushed back in. Damn, it felt so good, warm, slick. I figured Kurt would be way tighter than this old dude, but still imagined it was Kurt I was fucking. With each thought of Kurt I got faster, pumping him for all I was worth. My body was shaking, my heart pounding. My cock was filled with ecstasy, I would slow every time I felt close to coming. I loved the feeling of being so turned on, and liked and wanted to control it. Keep myself hard for as long as possible before I shoot. But I also loved the feeling of orgasm, if only it lasted longer, that feeling like no other on earth. He pushed his hips into my thrusts, my balls smacking against his ass. His ass, Kurt’s ass. I was fucking Kurt like I always dreamed of. With him on my mind, I could not control myself, my body shook as my seed spilled into the lawyer’s ass. I let my body fall on top of his, panting. My hair was wet with sweat, and formed little ringlets around my face seeming even younger. I rolled over off of Charles, and he turned to face me.

“Are you sure you don’t want to stay a while? What does California have to offer?”

“No, I am going back.”

“When will you be around this way again?”

“Not sure I ever will. They say you can never go home again. I think maybe they are right.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32