Caught With a Hard-On

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I’m writing about a recent experience that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about. I’m 18 years old but am very shy and haven’t dated much, although I do like girls. I have two older sisters who are both very sexy and popular.

Just last month, my sister Angela, who is 19, had some friends over for a sleepover. They’re all in college but were friends in high school and still hang out together during long weekends and on breaks. Our parents were on a trip and I was upstairs reading in my room, when I got bored and decided to see what they were doing. As fate would have it, they had just decided to start a game of strip poker, and my sister’s best friend Annie, who had a knockout body and is very outgoing, suggested that I join them.

I was shocked at the idea and also surprised to see that they were drinking wine in the house and stood there not knowing what to say. My sister, whom I was surprised to see was getting very drunk, then spoke up and said that I should go back upstairs and leave them alone, but the other girls teased her and said that it was time for me to learn how to play. I was mortified at the idea and didn’t have any interest in playing, though I did have a crush on Annie and would have loved to see her body. But the girls quickly moved in and encouraged casino oyna me to stay, soon making me feel more comfortable by telling me that we could stop anytime and that since their boyfriends were not there, they needed me to keep them company.

With that encouragement, I agreed to stay. After a couple of hours, we all were down to only our underwear. I had turned beet red from embarrassment, but every time I started to get up to leave, they pulled me down to my chair and made me stay. I turned to look over at my sister, who had taken a break from playing and had sat down on the sofa and was surprised to see that she had passed out. There I was with 4 sexy college-aged girls whom I had known for years with only my underwear on and them in their bras and panties.

Worried about being seen naked, I begged them to let me stop. Annie smiled and said,

“Why don’t we say that the loser of the next hand has to submit and be a slave to the others for one hour.”

Seeing no way out, I reluctantly agreed.

As luck would have it, I quickly lost the next hand. They conferred among themselves and said that I would have to let them tie me up. This terrified me, but faced with the alternative of something worse, I agreed.

When the final knot was tied, Annie and Clarissa canlı casino told me, through their giggles, that they were going to tickle torture me. I strained violently against the ties, but to no avail.

Soon after the tickling started, I felt, to my horror, that I was getting an erection. I had only kissed girls a few times before and had never even gotten to second base, yet here I was with a hard on in front of my sister’s best friends, only in my underwear.

Annie soon noticed my predicament. After checking to be soon that my sister was still passed on, she walked over to the dresser and brought back a pair of scissors and some lotion.

The third girl, Melanie, who was always very quiet and reserved, looked with great wonder and Annie and asked, “What are you doing?”

Annie laughed and said, “It’s time you learn what makes a guy happy, Mel. Watch closely.”

Then Annie quickly cut off my underwear and exposed my throbbing hard on for them all to see. Deeply embarrassed, I remained quiet and subdued, praying that my erection would subside but feeling it somehow become more insistent with each moment as this embarrassing scene playing itself out.

Annie poured some lotion on my cock and started gliding her expert hands up and down. I didn’t know where kaçak casino to look but kept finding my gaze wandering to the luscious tits, barely encased in sexy bras, all around me. Then I noticed Clarissa, who had sat down on the bed beside me and was giggling as she rubbed my chest and put her hands in my hair. I checked out her panties and noticed that a very wet spot was forming in the crotch of her crossed legs. She soon noticed my stare and asked, “Do you see something you like? Would you like to see more?”

Then she stretched her legs out over my body and slowly peeled her soaking panties off. Now naked except for her bra, she sat spread-eagled by my face and pulled her pussy lips apart with her fingers. “How is this, sweetie? Have you ever seen one of these before?”

Staring at her hot, swollen pussy and watching her fingers slide in and out of her crack put me over the edge. I felt my toes curl and my legs began to shake. Melanie watched intently as Annie continued expertly jacking me off and Clarissa exposed herself. Just then I groaned and felt an enormous geyser begin spewing out of my turgid cock. Annie milked me dry as multiple spurts of hot come sprayed over everything.

I felt incredible feeling of release, mixed with great embarrassment. Melanie sensed my feelings and comforted me by getting a warm washcloth and cleaning me up. But when I asked her to untie me, she said, “Not yet. Now it’s mine turn to play with your thing for a while.”

That’s another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32