Chains Pt. 05

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Jacopo leaned against the lamp post and rolled a cigarette as he watched the big ship pull into the harbor. The war was over and the enemy had been defeated. Trade had restarted almost immediately. Everyone wanted a fast recovery, the rich wanted to be richer and the poor just wanted jobs. Jacopo lit his cigarette and tossed the black match away. He took a deep drag of the crackling red tobacco. He savored the taste of the smoke as it crossed over his tongue and blew out his nose.

“How much?” he heard someone behind him ask in a strange accent. He turned around and a young sailor cautiously took a nervous step back.

“What?” Jacopo growled as he gave the sailor a hard stare.

“I, uhm…sorry, I must be having a mistake,” the young sailor stuttered. “I was looking for a man called Jax. He knows my friend Adomo.”

“Yeah. I’m here. Whatcha got, kid?”

The young sailor held out a few foreign coins and a carton of cigarettes. He must be very eager, thought Jacopo.

“Follow me,” ordered Jacopo.

Jacopo flicked his cigarette into a puddle in the road and walked down the cobblestone street about half a block. He ran up a small flight of steps to an old overgrown park area surrounded by the ruins of bombed-out homes. Here walked a few more yards, past more damage and the debris of war. He took a twirl as the young sailor tried to catch up with him. Jacopo remembered how beautiful this area was -full of flowers and fashions. He lowered his head, stuffed his hands in his pockets and frowned.

He led the sailor to a building that was abandoned; a note on the door stating it was scheduled to be demolished to make way for a warehouse. The sailor stopped cold as Jacopo unlatched the door and started to go in.

“If I was going to rob you, I’d have done it way back there. Are you in or out?” Jacopo asked him.

The sailor hesitated. Jacopo yanked at his belt and flicked at the button of his pants. He stared at the young sailor as he slowly pulled down his zipper. He stopped halfway, exposing his hairy crotch and the root of his thick cock. The sailors eyes widened and tip of his tongue appeared between his full red lips. Jacopo walked inside. The sailor looked around and then rushed in after him.

Jacopo leaned against a wall unbuttoning his shirt. It hung open exposing his hairy muscled chest.

“You like?”

The sailor handed him the coins and the cigarettes. Jacopo stuffed them in his deep jacket pockets. The sailor took of his cap and pulled off his uniform top, placing it over a broken chair. He ran his hand over his smooth lean muscled torso as Jacopo let his trousers casino siteleri fall to his knees, exposing his long thick cock.

The sailor walked up to him and ran his hands over Jacopo’s massive hairy chest. He pinched at the big nips. Jacopo ran a big meaty hand over the large tattoo covering one side of the sailor’s chest, running over his shoulder and upper arm.

“I am Berno. Call me the name Berno,” the sailor begged as Jacopo twisted his tatted nip.

“You like my big cock, Berno?” Jacopo asked as the young sailor reached for the big floppy meat.

Berno grunted with satisfaction as his hand caressed up and down the girthy cock. His hand pushed against Jacopo’s chest as he bent down slightly, staring at the big man’s horse-like cock.

“It is bigger than Adomo described it. So big. A stallion’s cock.” Berno hoarsely whispered. He licked his bottom lip and looked up at Jacopo. “Fucking huge. I need this cock.”

“You paid to play with it. Go ahead. Play with it.”

Berno moved down toward the big cock. He groaned when he whiffed the strong muskiness and felt the heat hit his face. He stuck out his tongue and flicked it across the fat salty head. Then he rested his tongue on the bulbous knob, slowly encircling it with his lips.

Jacopo reached for the boy’s round ass, resting his hand on the tight material covering it. He moved a finger along the prominent indentation in the fabric dividing the asscheeks. He pushed at the round ass a bit, causing the boy to sink further onto his cock. The sailor groaned as he slowly let himself swallow Jacopo’s big cock. He sank down the length of it, only stopping when the cockhead snuggly wedged in his throat choking him. He pulled off gagging, only to quickly sink onto it again.

Jacopo tugged at the uniform trousers, releasing the snap that keep them tight on the boy’s hips. He pushed the seat of the pants past the round ass, resting his hand on the warm soft flesh. He rubbed a thick finger into the deep ass cleft until he found the boy’s tight hole. He circled the entrance, tapping and rubbing at it. It responded with tiny convulsions, trying to grasp at his thick teasing digit.

Berno was bobbing up and down Jacopo’s meat, as the big man teased his hole. He was a hungry sailor, just like his buddies who had visited Jacopo before him. It was like he wanted Jacopo’s massive meat in his belly.

“I’m almost ready to feed you some of my man cum, fucker. You want that daddy cum, Berno? You need daddy to fill you up?”

Berno could only grunt as he choked down the big cock. Jacopo pushed his finger against the boy’s canlı casino secret, pushing past the tight elastic ring. The boy groaned, making the vibrations in his throat send Jacopo over the edge. The big man shot volley after volley of cum into the boy’s throat. His hips jerked forward causing the boy to gag causing cum to leak out of the sides of his mouth.

The sailor looked up at Jacopo, his lips shining with cum and spit with eyes full of unshed tears. He had grabbed his own cock and was fisting it for Jacopo.

“Fuck me with your finger, daddy. Fuck Berno. Hold me tight, big daddy.”

Jacopo placed an arm under the bent boy’s naked chest as he finger-fucked him with his other hand. The sailor boy’s hands frantically jerked his cock until he shot a load across Jacopo’s boots, his ass grasping at the meaty finger tightly with every shot. The boy twitched and convulsed in Jacopo’s arms. He made a loud gasp as the last volley settled on the dusty floor. He went limp for a second before stirring.

The sailor stood up straight and pulled a handkerchief from his pocket. He cleaned up and tossed the hankie to Jacopo.

“Keep it,” he told him as he snapped his uniform trousers and grabbed his shirt.

Jacopo looked over the firm lean body admiring it as Berno put his shirt back on. The boy smoothed his hair back and donned his cap.

“Look me up at The Janus Tavern sometime. I’ll get a room and make it very worth your while. I suspect Adomo might want to join in,” Berno said fishing into his pocket and pulling out a large coin. He handed it to Jacopo and left.

It had started to get dark by the time Jacopo cleaned himself up and got back on the street. The sailor had given him enough in that tip that he could get a cheap room for the night, so he decided to try the tavern the boy had mentioned to him. It wasn’t far; it was in the same district, according to the public phone registry.

Bars and taverns had sprung up all over town as sailors, officials, and businessmen flooded in. They catered to every part of society, and met every need and desire. The government saw them as vital sources of commerce and taxes, and they did little to stop or to limit their growth.

The Janus Tavern catered to an alternative crowd, as Jacopo witnessed when he walked through the doors. The interior was dimly lit, but it was still rather colorful. Rainbow-feathered drag queens and bright velveteen-dressed dancing boys filled the bar area; big, dark-clothed henchmen sat in the corners with their bosses who held court around red glass candles. Foreign sailors and animated traders sat at tables kaçak casino covered with their shining empty bottles and glasses.

Jacopo decided to get a drink before anything else. He pulled up to the bar and was greeted by a bartender who had seen better days. The barman had long scraggly hair half-covering a massive scar across his head. A limp arm hung by his side and his mouth looked as if he had had a stroke or had been in some kind of horrific accident.

“Gar! What the fuck are you doing, man? Get back in the store room and get more beer for the bar. You don’t wait on customers, you filthy beast!” shouted a slicked-haired oily man.

“Dav,” the disfigured man muttered softly.

“Just do what you’re told. Why can’t you say anything else, you fucking simpleton? Just go,” ordered the new man.

“Dav,” Gar repeated almost inaudibly as he reached up to his scarred head. “Dav.”

“You are still quite the dumb fuck, Gar. I’ll deal with you fucking later.”

The damaged man grunted and moved away from the bar slowly and the man shooed him away. The new guy was frowning as Gar vanished into the back, and then he turned to face Jacopo with a big toothy smile.

“Hello, stranger! Well, aren’t you a big one! My name is Ovin, the new proprietor here. What can I get for you?”

“A whisky neat. And a room, if you have one,” Jacopo said as he sat the large coin on the top of the bar.

One of the costumed sweet dancing boys slid closer to Jacopo and ran his fingertips across the lapel of Jacopo’s coat. Ovin snapped his fingers and motioned the boy away. He snapped his finger again behind the bar and a tall guy walked up.

“What’s up, boss?” asked the tall man.

“Get this man’s luggage up to room six.”

“I don’t have any bags,” interjected Jacopo.

“Oh, I see. A light traveler. Nevermind, Lem.” The tall man faded back into the shadows.

Ovin poured Jacopo his drink and then disappeared. He returned with change and a key.

“Number Six. Enjoy your stay.”

He motioned to someone in the crowd before moving on to another customer.

“I’m Bennitto.”

Jacopo turned and saw it was the dancing boy from before.

“Hey,” answered Jacopo nonchalantly.

“Ovin said you might need some help drawing a bath…uhm…or you know…something else.” The boy reached for a coin among Jacopo’s change. He gave the man a shy, yet experienced glance.

Jacopo nodded his head, and then downed his drink. He handed Bennitto his key, motioning for the boy to show him the way. He watched as the twinkish boy walked head of him, admiring his soft round bubble butt and youthful lissome body. Jacopo smiled for the first time in a very very long time. He was going to get a nice long hot bath now and then another one after he fucked this sweet dancing boy so satisfyingly hard and pleasingly deep.

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