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Hello followers! it has been few weeks since my last post, when I told you about virgin-twink-Thomas and our oral sex session and how motivated I was to pursue being the first man inside his ass. I also told you about my friend Tina and how drunk sex after Saint Patrick turned us to regular lovers.

And this is what my last 3 weeks have been: sex with Tina at least once a week and helping Thomas get off when he is stressed with school, still no ass he “saves it for someone special”.

And special is the opposite to how I feel: I am everyone’s toy to pass the time. Tina likes me as a friend, but she has not considered for a moment dating me. Instead she started to see this guy, they met at work I think. She did not tell me, her sister (by best friend did). It seems they have been going for coffee and movies, and Sarah says her sister Tina likes him a lot and that he is a nice guy. Tina does not know I know she is seeing someone, and Sarah does not know I am fucking her sister while she is dating someone. So I am Tina’s fuck-toy while things get serious with her Prince Charming.

And Thomas… he keeps his virgin ass for someone special, so I only get to suck his cock kiss his lips and I let him play with my 18 cm when he is stressed in school. I am 30 and the boy is not 20 yet, so I guess any day I will find out he is dating some teen who will, of course, get to fuck his young hole for the first time.

I feel like everyone’s object… And chaturbate is not helping, I was online few days ago, and instead of long shows where I get intimate with the viewer, I only got few tokens for flashing my cock. Something like “ok, now that I saw your cock, goodbye”.

For how long will I have to be everyone’s toy?


I had an exhausting session at casino siteleri the gym this morning: back and biceps, followed by hard abs workout and preceded by 30 mins on the bicycle. After that, i deserved a nice sauna session and a shower.

I was in the shower feeling relaxed from the sauna and feeling my muscles tired and tensed when I noticed these three guys coming to shower too. They were 3 guys i saw at the gym: all around their 25-30, one of them black, another dark haired, maybe Brazilian as he was wearing a Brazil t-shirt and another looking Latino. All muscular. We have one of those open showers, so as i turn back discreetly i take a peek and see the 3 guys totally naked, with their 3 wonderful dicks all soft and wet. The Latino was totally shaved, Brazilian was huge with some dark hair and the black guy was supermuscular and with a thick cock. I looked as much as i could until i noticed the Brazilian noticed it. So i turned back, put on the cold water to avoid an erection (and i could notice my cock was starting to get hard). I finished and came home super-horny. So i did something i rarely do: an open show at chaturbate. Got naked, open my legs and showed my cock to my audience: no tokens required, until i cummed all over my chest. Unfortunately the show only lasted for around 15 minutes, and got only 11 viewers. Were you one of them?


Happy pride weekend everyone, my dear 69studyhard-ers! Its all about colors, rainbows, parties and parades here in Brussels. The city boils with visitors and LGTB community all over. My grindr is exploding with messages, new profiles. We, the locals, try to accomodate all those visitors and offer them our assess and cocks for some good touristic experience. I did that with few tourists already: my ass has hosted a German, French canlı casino and a Venezuelan. My cock has been embassador for China and Italy.

But I am not going to spend time on talking about my fast-food services for the tourist but about a teenage drama I have been accidently involved in.

Remember Thomas, the virgin twink I have been talking to you about in previous posts? Well, he is having exams and he is very stressed, so I am at his dorm every other day satisfying his sexual needs. He is still not giving me ass, he keeps his virginity for “someone special”. I have tried to quit sex with him, but the boy has the hottest body you can think of, and i really enjoy doing just oral with him. I saw him last time a week ago (as i said, i have been busy with the Pride tourism). I could smell he is seeing someone or at least he likes someone.

So yesterday i went to the Pride parade with Sarah and few other friends. We were marching and partying. My friend Javier was there, he is a 40 year old super-funny guy from Seville. He is ugly as fuck but one of the greatest friends i have here. Javier and me were talking Spanish and we noticed a very young boy staring at us, looking latino: brown skin, black hair, cute. I said “feliz Pride” (happy Pride) to him and he responds “gracias ” (thank you). So i started talking to him. He is from Peru, 18 years old, first year student at the University, same school as Thomas. His name is Diego, he told me he moved from Peru few months ago and he is not out for his family. I cracked some jokes with him, he looked very shy when talking to me, but also warm and loveable. I found him really cute from the start but, he looked so innocent and shy and scared that i could not see him as a sexual partner. Being a very nice person i offered him my number so i could help him (seriously, i was not chasing his kaçak casino ass, i really wanted to help him get around in the new country).

I continued partying with my friends and lose Diego. We went to the Pride Village, where there was a huge electronic party and, of course, Javier and me being so drunk we start going around checking the guys and looking for some afterparty, if you know what i mean. Then i suddenly spot Thomas in the crowd. Javier knows all the story about the virgin-forever boy, but he had never met him. Being as drunk as we were, i decide it is a good idea these two meet, so i approach Thomas, who is pretending he doenst see me, and i introduce him to Javier. Thomas looks uncomfortable talking to me among his friends, and Javier and me are drunk. Javier is making lots of badly translated Spanish jokes to him and his friends and I an introducing myself to everyone when i notice Diego is there with them. I see him and i get so happy “oh Diego, you are here! so you know my friend Thomas, small world, isnt it?” We start chatting loud with Javier and Diego in Spanish and then i can notice the furious looks on Thomas face staring at us.”El castanito se te ha enfadado” (the brunnette looks mad) says Javier in Spanish and Diego laughs. He confesses Thomas seems to want something with him and Javier and me look at each other with a weird face that Diego notices. We make up an excuse to go back to our friends. Thomas looks serious and uncomfortable but Diego has his perpetual beautiful smile in his face and he hugs us as we leave.

Party continues and, not surprisingly, i get several drunk messages from Thomas asking how i know Diego and if i have done anything with him. I ignore them and continue the party….

Shirtless boys, house music, drinks, friends, laughs, french kissess to strangers and some souvenir i bring home: a 35 year old from France. And this is a story that i will write about because it was also fun and hot… ANd pride goes on.

My entire Sex Diaries.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32