Chris and Brad Ch. 01

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“Oh god yes.” I panted, “oh god.” My usual demure composure had been obliterated, leaving me unable to form coherent thoughts. And why this sudden lack of poise, you may ask? It’s all because of HIM, because of what he’s doing to me. Perhaps I should start from the beginning…

It all started out like any Monday. For the last six months after graduating college, I’ve worked for an advertising agency. The hours are good, the pay is great, but he is what makes is all worthwhile. By “he” I am only referring to Brad Kendall, Sex God of the office, and possibly of the world. He is just the epitome of sex, with his perfect physique, perfect hair, perfect everything. I’ve heard rumors that he is gay, and of course I silently rejoiced, before realizing the irrevocable truth. The man could have anyone he wants, male or female, so why the hell would he choose me? I suppose you could say I have somewhat of a self-esteem issue.

Well, the day passed in its usual monotony. Then, as I was packing up to leave, he approached me.

“Hey,” he leaned against the side of my cubicle. Oh my god oh my god oh my god. He had never so much as looked at me before, much less spoken to me. I think I managed to choke out a similar greeting. He smirked slyly, well aware of his affect on me. “You want to come over?”

Jesus Christ, was Brad Kendall inviting me over? Only in my best erotic dreams did this scenario ever take place.

“Sh-Sure,” I stuttered.

“Good,” he replied. He leaned in intimately, trailing a finger over my chest, causing my hair (among other things) to stand on end. Then he leaned back, surveying the affect his action had had on me. “I’m never wrong,” he muttered, more to himself then to me. “Come on, let’s get the fuck out of here.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Since I generally take the bus, I rode in Brad’s Jeep to his apartment. Almost as if sensing my urgency, he took his time, and even stopped by the store. We made a few words of small talk, and then fell silent. Finally, we arrived at his parking garage. He put his car in park, and then turned to me.

“You know, I’ve had my eye on you for awhile,” he stated bluntly, shocking the hell out of me. Seeing my disbelief, he continued. “You see, I can always casino siteleri tell who wants to fuck me. And you my friend,” he reached a hand across the console, placing it on the crotch of my business suit. My cock began to stir in response. “You might as well have been holding up a sign.” Deftly, he unbuttoned my pants, and before I knew it, his hand was gripping my penis. I moaned in response, causing him to smile slyly. “You really are very sexy, you know,” he said softly as he continued his assault on my stiff cock. Slowly he rubbed the head, and then stopped suddenly. I moaned in protest, unable to form a complete sentence. He leaned over to whisper in my ear, sending a wave of shivers down my spine. “All good things to those who wait.” He gave my dick one final squeeze, and then opened his door. “You might want to button your pants up. Some of my neighbors are, shall we say…conservative.” He laughed cheerfully, and began walking to the elevator. I followed close behind, my engorged cock straining against my pants.

Upon closing his door, he immediately pushed me against the wall, pinning my hands to my sides. He brought his mouth to mine, and I groaned in his mouth as I felt his tongue meet mine. He tore (and I do mean tore…I’ll be needing a new dress shirt after tonight) my shirt off, the buttons giving way under his insistent fingers. He then ran his tongue over my nipples, gently working them with his teeth. Then he stopped again. God, what was he doing to me? Just ten minutes, and already he had reduced me to a quivering bundle of hormones. Not that I’m complaining or anything. I caught my breath as his hands began to work my zipper once more. This time, he pulled them all the way off, along with my shoes and socks. Now I was naked before his inquisitive gaze, while he was still fully clothed. Gripping my hips, he snaked his tongue over the sensitive head of my penis, while one of his hands began to rub the shaft. Then the entire head was in his mouth, as his other hand tugged my balls. Oh god oh god. I felt a finger lightly trace its way over my perineum, and I gasped at the sensation. His sucking became more insistent, and I had to tell him.

“God, Brad…” I moaned once again, as a finger found its way up my asshole. canlı casino “Brad, I’m going to come…”

He said nothing, but turned me around, so that my back was to him. Then his tongue was in my asshole, as he skillfully rimmed me. His other hand gripped my dick once more, and a slight squeeze was all it took to send me into oblivion. “Ughhhh,” I grunted incoherently, as semen shot out all over his wall.

Upon my overwhelming release, I slumped down on the floor, completely drained for the moment. My dick hung limp between my legs, the head wet with cum. As if sensing my need to recuperate, Brad headed off to the bathroom for a few minutes, probably to clean up, I imagined. I heard him reenter the room, and I looked up in astonishment to see him standing there naked.

God, he was gorgeous! He stood there calmly for a moment, studying my response.

“Well, are you going to sit there all night, or are we going to fuck?” he asked bluntly. I shakily got to my feet and followed his Grecian god body to his bedroom. I’m not sure how it was possible, but my dick was already stirring to life once more. The captain was back for another salute.

He lay back on his bed, watching me closely, waiting for me to make the first move. I nervously crouched onto the bed, taking his large member into my hand. I can’t explain why, but I was quite nervous at this point. I mean, it’s not like I’ve never given head before, but it was different with him. After his skillful blowjob, I wasn’t sure how I could possibly measure up (no pun intended). Running my thumb over the head of his cock, I was pleased to see his dick rise. I then ran my hand over the shaft of his penis, as I slowly licked the head. Already, there was pre-cum on the tip, and I could taste its saltiness in my mouth. I lifted my eyes to his face, and was pleased to see his head rolling back with pleasure. Unexpectedly, he placed a hand on my chest, pushing me onto my back.

“Are you a top or a bottom?” he asked me.

I was such a bottom, but I didn’t want to sound like a complete pussy. “Well, I guess I like both…” He smirked sardonically. “A bottom. I should have known.” I saw him reach on his nightstand, his hand now gripping a condom, which he expertly put kaçak casino on his pulsating cock. In his other hand, a bottle of lube, which he smoothly applied to my asshole. I had never done it like this before, laying on my back, and I told him so.

“Don’t worry,” he replied. “You’ll like it, I promise.”

He positioned my legs so that both my feet were on his shoulders. He inserted two fingers into my asshole, making sure I had enough lube. Satisfied, I felt a small stab of pain as his dick first found its way into my asshole. The pain quickly dissipated into pleasure as his penis rammed into my prostate gland. I moaned with bliss as once more I felt myself on the edge of an orgasm. “Oh god yes. Oh god…” I came, my manly fluids shooting all over his chest. This seemed to turn him on even more, and his thrusting became harder, more erratic. I then felt him shudder, and I felt his dick pulsate inside of my ass. Breathing heavily, he pulled himself off of me, and we both fell silent for a second, each of us basking in the afterglow of great sex.

“Hey Brad?” I asked him.


“Do you have a boyfriend?”

“Why do you care?” he asked casually.

“I just noticed a pair of shoes in the living room, and they didn’t look like your size. I was just curious.”

“Yeah, they’re Jack’s.” he paused, then on an afterthought added, “my boyfriend of sorts.”

“Does he know that you have men over here?”

“Of course.”

“And it doesn’t bother him?”

“Let me tell you something, Chris, monogamy isn’t a luxury we queers have. Commitment is for breeders.” He paused, “and lesbians.” He chuckled at his last comment. “It’s a good thing for every fag to remember.”

A few minutes later I remembered the dinner date I had promised my mother to, and I reluctantly prepared to leave.

“I had a great time,” I told him. He walked me to the door, I thought perhaps it was to kiss me goodbye, but I was mistaken.

He leaned close to me, running a hand through my hair. Jesus, he was so sexy that night, I was starting to get hard again.

“You were good,” he said simply. “Very good. You surprised me a little. Maybe we’ll do this again sometime.”

“When?” I asked, maybe a little too desperately.

“I’ll let you know,” he ran a hand fondly over my cock once more, and then he shut the door. I stood there in the hall for a second, attempting to regain my composure, then smiling, walked to the elevator.

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