Conversations in the Night

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Somewhere in Upstate New York, in the fall of 1978.


Chapter One: Mom’s boyfriend.

As was my custom each Saturday night, I made my way down the hallway toward my mother’s bedroom after her light went out. Being quiet on my feet certainly helped in this situation, and as I stood on the other side of the door, I leaned against the wood while waiting for the sounds that were certain to follow.

Mom was on the other side of the door, of course, as she had been all of the 18 years of my life. The man who was with her was not my father, as my parents had gotten divorced about four years ago. For the last year or so, the man who had been seeing my mother regularly was Leo Pierce, and in recent months it had been the custom for him to stay overnight each Saturday.

My mother seemed to think that this would upset me for some reason, and the way she approached me about Mr. Pierce spending the night was comical, almost as if she was asking my permission. I didn’t care; quite the opposite. I loved my mother, and wanted her to be happy, of course.

I also liked Leo Pierce. I liked him a lot, and it was for that reason that I found myself out in the hall every Saturday night, waiting for the sounds that would soon follow.

Tonight would be the more subdued version, because they knew I was home. The noises they would make, especially my mother’s whimpering and moaning, would be muffled, almost like she was gagged or something like that. The bed would start creaking, and then Leo’s grunting would begin. This would go on for quite a while, until he would groan, after which the room would get quiet.

I would hightail it back to my room at that point, at which my mother would come out of the room and go to the bathroom. By then I was back in bed, cleaning myself up while preparing to spend the night dreaming a sweet dream.

The best night was a couple of weeks ago, when I had told Mom that I would be spending the night at my friend Doc’s. When I snuck back into the house after most of the lights had gone out, I was treated to the most incredible audio display that I could have imagined.

There was no stifling of emotions that night. My mother was loud and raunchy, saying the most nasty stuff imaginable, and screaming like a banshee when she came over and over again while getting pounded into the mattress from the sounds of it. I didn’t have to go to the door that night – couldn’t have – because they had left the door open and had the room dimly lit.

Instead, I stood at the top of the stairs, soaking it all in while wishing there was some way I could watch what was going on. They went at it for a long time that night, and I was drained in every way by the time I snuck back out of the house and went back to Doc’s place for the rest of the night.

Tonight was quieter, but still quite satisfying for me, and just before my mother had her muffled orgasm, I was coming myself. Leaning on the door-jam with a sock slipped over my dick, I was popping a load while listening to the bed creaking and fantasizing.

Lest you think that I had some sort of sexual desires toward my mother, rest assured that was not the case. I love Mom, but I wasn’t standing there stroking myself off while thinking of her. Instead, I was envious of her, because more than anything else in the world, I wanted to be the one in there with Leo Pierce.


Chapter Two: Leo.

It would be safe to say that I was very attracted to Leo Pierce from the start, and I could understand why he was able to sweep my mother off her feet. He was a ruggedly handsome man who owned his own construction company, and was clearly not shy about working, given his muscular physique.

About 6 foot tall and probably close to 200 pounds, he was broad in the shoulders and chest, and while he might be carrying a couple of extra pounds, he was still in great shape for a guy in his late forties.

Leo Pierce was so different from my father, that it must have been a conscious effort on my Mom’s part to find somebody who wouldn’t remind her of Dad. Leo’s skin was was much darker than my father’s, probably from a combination of his ethnicity and from being out in the sun all the time

He probably outweighed my Dad by 75 pounds and was a half foot taller, with arms like Popeye. Leo was a hairy guy, at least in all of the parts of him that I had seen. His arms and chest were covered with a pelt of thick, black hair, which mostly covered the faint reminders of a couple of old tattoos.

All in all, Leo Pierce was certainly as manly as you could get, and while that’s not to say that my Dad wasn’t a man, it’s safe to say that he was more the bookworm type. Short, thin and nerdy looking. That happened to be an apt description of me as well.

At 5’9″ and about 120 pounds, I was only slightly taller than my father, and possessed many of his features. I had run cross-country during high school, so that made me a tad more athletic than Dad, but other than that, I was certainly my father’s son.

So casino oyna that night, my fantasies revolved around Leo Pierce, but on this occasion, my dream was interrupted just when I was getting to the good part, and that was where my imagination ended and this story begins.


Chapter Three: A Rude awakening.

In my dream, I recall that Leo Pierce was in front of me, and I had knelt down before him. I had unbuckled his thick leather belt, and had coaxed his worn jeans down his legs. Now I was getting ready to take down his boxer shorts, and I was going to invent what might be found hidden in there.

Since I had no idea of what his cock really looked like, I made him different every time depending on my mood, and this fantasy was so vivid that I thought I could smell his manly, musky odor in my dream.

It was at that point when I opened my eyes, and with a start I realized that I was not alone. Sitting on the edge of the bed next to me was Leo Pierce. The light was on but at the dimmest setting, and after my initial fright I tried to figure out what was happening.

“What… what’s wrong?” I stammered while getting up on one elbow and squinting at Leo while fumbling for my glasses.

“Nothing, Gary,” Leo said. “Didn’t mean to scare you.”

Leo was sitting on the sheets, which had been around my knees, and I was embarrassed to be half-naked, with only my pajama bottoms on. It could have been worse, I thought to myself. I could have been naked.

I felt naked, and being so close to Leo like this was certainly having an effect on me. He was wearing only boxer shorts and a tank top, and he was so close that I could feel the heat radiating off that furry body.

“Thought we might have a talk,” Gary said.

“Mom? Is she…”

“Sound asleep, through the magic of Lunesta,” Leo informed me, which meant that Mom had taken a sleeping pill and would be out until dawn.

I understood that part, but the part that confused me was why Leo was in my room. He sensed my confusion, and with a gentle yet firm hand, he eased me back down onto the bed.

I wanted to pull the sheet up, because I could feel my dick getting hard just from looking at Leo. Those arms – his biceps were almost as big as my thighs. The hair on those massive arms was so thick, and I remembered how wiry it had felt when I would “accidentally” make contact with him. What would it be like to have those arms around me?

Stop thinking like that, I told myself. If he ever found how I was gay, it might ruin everything for me as well as my mother, so I tried to keep my erection from being noticeable as I waited for Leo to say what he was going to say.

“I don’t mind it,” Leo said, looking at me with those steely eyes of his. “What you do, I mean.”


“The bit about you eavesdropping outside the bedroom door when I stay over,” he said calmly.

I snorted, trying to think about denying it, and then stopped before I made a bigger fool of myself.

“Do you just listen, or can you see as well?” he asked, his hand resting on the bed right next to my hip, and I was momentarily hypnotized my the muscles rippling in his arm until I snapped out of it.

“Just listen,” I said meekly. “Sorry.”

“Like I said, no problem,” Leo said. “The light from behind you allowed me to see the shadow of your feet at the bottom of the door.”

“Does Mom know?’ I asked in shame, and Leo shook his head.

“No, which is why I’m telling you this. She’s very shy in the sack, if you know what I mean. I have a hunch she’s not used to much going on in there, and while I’m gradually getting her to relax, if she thought you were out there listening, she might freak out.”

“I won’t do it any more,” I said earnestly.

“Like I said,” Leo continued. “I don’t mind. Just make sure the light is out down the hall.”

“Huh?” I asked, and I thought I must be still groggy or something, because it was sounding like he wanted me to be out in the hall listening.”

“You heard me. Matter-of-fact, if you can figure out a way to see inside too, that’s fine with me. The thought of you watching kinda turns me on. I wasn’t sure why you were doing it in the beginning, and thought you might be really kinky. You know? Having a thing for your mother or something, but now that I figured it out it’s okay.”

“And she doesn’t know the other thing, in case you’re wondering,” Leo added.

“What other thing?” I asked.

“She doesn’t know you’re gay.”


Chapter Four: No secrets.

Leo looked at me with those eyes that seemed to look right through me as I struggled to find words to deny what he could see so obviously. Tried and failed, and so I just mumbled a response.

“How… how did you know?”

“Pretty easy to tell, at least for me. Your friend there, Doc? I figured you and him had something going on together. You two been lovers for a long time?”

“Not really lovers,” I explained. “We like each other, but more as friends. canlı casino We just do stuff together a lot. He’s a couple years older than me.”

“Really?” Leo said in surprise. “I figured he was younger than you.”

Doc did have a young looking face, but was actually almost 21 and was much more experienced sexually. I shook my head and let Leo continue.

“When he stayed over here last month, I got up in the middle of the night to take a leak and heard a little noise coming from down in the family room. Took a peek down there and saw you humping him. You were nailing that chubby ass of his really good. So I guess we have something in common.”

I guess the shocked feeling I had was revealed by my face, because Leo smiled when he finished telling me. I was shocked, but the thought of Leo seeing me doing Doc like that was exciting as well, especially when he didn’t seem the least bit disgusted.

“So that’s what brings me here now,” Leo said, and as he spoke, the hand that had been by my hip suddenly came up and landed on the pale smooth skin of my stomach, just inches from the elastic waistband of my pajamas.

“You see, I’ve got what you might call an exceptionally high sex drive,” he explained. “Your Mom, she’s not used to anything like the amount of sex I need, but I’ll work on that. In the meantime…”

I gasped as Leo’s hand rubbed my stomach gently, and my breathing was loud and ragged as it slid up to my equally hairless chest.

“I can feel your heart beating,” Leo said as his hand rubbed my nipples, the rough skin making the little nubs stiffen immediately. “If you want me to stop, just say so.”

I shook my head no quickly, as the combination of fear and desire made me freeze in place, and I lay there helpless as Leo’s hand went down toward where it had started.

“You and your friend. Is he the bottom all the time or so you do each other?”

“He,” I choked out, my voice sounding distorted and strained. “He likes me to do him that way, so most of the time…”

“What do you do to him? Give him head?” Leo asked, and when I nodded, his hand went over the waistband and down to where my dick was making a very obvious tent in the crotch of the pyjamas.

When Leo’s hand grabbed my dick through the fabric, I thought I would faint. Even the chuckle he let out and the amused expression on his fact when his fingers grabbed my penis did not take away the pleasure from me.

“Let’s see what you’ve been drilling Doc’s plump ass with, shall we?” Leo asked, and with a flick of the wrist, he opened the snap of my pyjamas and opened them up.

He chuckled again when he saw my dick, but it wasn’t a mean laugh, and I had experienced similar reactions in the past. After looking at my erection which was curled back against my stomach, he reached down and grabbed the head of my dick with his thumb and index finger, pulling it to an upright position.

“Guess if I was ever going to get fucked in the ass, I’d want it to be with a cock like yours,” Leo said.

My cock was pretty normal length-wise, but was very thin. Embarrassingly thin, like a very anemic hot dog, and I guess that was why Doc and a couple others had enjoyed it so much, and no one had even need to use lube.

“Guess you can really check your pal’s oil with this probe,” Leo said, his thumb caressing the gumdrop-sized crown.

My hips began to move in concert with Leo’s stroking, and when he noticed my reaction, he smiled again.

“Would you like to stick your cock in my ass?” Leo asked, and I nodded eagerly, but he shook his head no.

“I don’t do that,” Leo said, shaking his head slowly. “Someday – who knows? After all, I might be your stepfather someday, so we might have plenty of time to get to know each other better.”

Leo coaxed my legs apart, and after letting my dick slap back down on my belly, his hand began to play with my balls. I squirmed as he kneaded the wrinkled sac, gently at first and then progressively rougher until I was writhing on the sheets. I thought I was going to cum just from that exquisite manipulation of my nuts when he suddenly stopped.

“Now that we understand each other, let’s get more comfortable.”


Chapter Five: Getting comfortable.

Leo stood up and walked over to the bedroom door and flicked the lock before turning around and coming over toward the bed. He motioned me to get up, and as I did, I noticed stuff on my dresser that certainly wasn’t mine. A tube of lubricant, a couple strands of rope and a bandanna were there, and I almost fell on my face when I saw them while stepping out of my pajamas.

Leo seemed amused at the way my boner was springing up and down wildly as I regained my balance, and when I did he motioned me closer. I was standing a foot away from him, looking straight into his collarbone, while I tried to figure out what he wanted me to do.

He nodded down, indicating he wanted me to take his shirt off of him. I grabbed the bottom of the grey tank top that sported his company’s kaçak casino name, and with hands that were visibly shaking, I managed to get it off over his head.

He smelled so good to me that I wanted to swoon. An aromatic mixture of oils and sweat that sent shivers down my spine as I leaned toward him a little. My dick brushed against his thigh as I got the shirt off, and I tossed the garment over on a chair before facing Leo again.

He stood there patiently, leaving it up to me as to what I wanted to do. Part of me wanted to yank down those boxer shorts, but I remembered how much better it had been for me when Doc had taken his time with me that first night, so I tried to calm myself down.

My hands went to Leo’s chest, and when my fingers began raking their way into the crinkly mat of hair, he made a purring noise that I took as a good sign. I leaned forward and tried to find his nipple through the dense growth, and when I finally managed to get the plump stub between my teeth, I nibbled on it enthusiastically.

“Oh!” Leo groaned, grabbing the back of my head with his meaty paw and grinding me into him.

With his arm partially upraised, my nose was filled with the woodsy and musky scent coming up under his arm. Remembering what Doc liked me to do to him, I impulsively grabbed Leo’s wrist and pulled it behind his head before moving my face into his armpit.

Leo had more hair under his arm than I had on my entire body, and when I buried my mouth in the warm moist jungle of jet black hair, I felt Leo’s body jerk in surprise. As I licked and chewed up and down his armpit, his shock turned to moans of pleasure, and during that I let my hand slide down Leo’s body to his boxer shorts.

My fingers quickly found the base of his cock through the cotton, and I slid my hand down to follow the bulge. Down, and down and further down, almost to the end of the fabric on the inside of his thigh.

“Your mother had the same expression on her face the first time she touched me there too,” Leo said with a big grin covering his face when our eyes met as I pulled myself out from under his arm and stared at him in shock.

With a hand placed on my shoulder, Leo helped move me down to my knees in front of him, precisely the position I had fantasized about being in less than an hour ago. This, however, was no dream. This was quite real.


Chapter Six: On my knees.

As I found myself kneeling in front of Leo, I was feeling light-headed. I steadied myself by holding onto Leo’s muscular thighs, which were as hairy as the rest of him. He was like a gigantic teddy bear, only with muscles instead of stuffing, and an obscenely erotic bulge that snaked down the leg of his boxers.

Tentatively, I let my hand go down the bulge, and my fingers were trembling so badly that I felt embarrassed. Why was I so scared? This was what I had wanted to happen ever since I had met Leo. Now that my fantasy was actually right in front of me, I was frightened half to death.

I felt Leo’s hand running through my hair as I kept rubbing him through the fabric, killing time until I could get my head to stop spinning. Leo seemed to sense my fear, and instead of making me feel more uncomfortable, he tried to calm me with gentle encouragement.

“Mm-mm… you’re quite a teaser, and I like it,” Leo said. “You’ve got me so turned on already that I’m going crazy.”

I looked up and smiled as best I could, and after taking a deep breath, I reached up and unsnapped the clasp on his ivory colored boxer shorts and slowly brought them down while my eyes took everything in.

His pubic hair was as dense and abundant as the hair almost everywhere else on his body, and when the boxers went down past the base of his cock, I was stunned at the thickness of the bronze-hued organ that emerged from the jungle of hair. Down the boxers came, and as more of Leo’s huge cock came into view, I made an involuntary choking sound.

The ridge of his glans finally appeared, and after the bulbous knob of his circumcised cock was finally exposed, I had to lean back as it began to rise up. Freed from its binding clothing, it swayed upward majestically until it was pointing straight at me. After it rose, I got a very intimate view of an equally over-sized pair of balls that hung low and loose in their furry sac.

I had only been intimate with three other men up to this point, and all of them had been somewhat larger than I was, so this was not a new situation to me. However, Leo was in another category altogether, and as I looked at how exceptionally well-endowed he was, especially in comparison to me, that it didn’t seem possible we were even of the same species.

“That’s it, Gary,” Leo whispered as my right hand came up and grasped his cock down by the base of the shaft. My fingers barely reached halfway around, and the contrast of my pale fingers around the brown skin of his tool emphasized that fact. My left hand came up next to my right, and even with both hands gripping it, there was still plenty of exposed cock for me to suck, which was what Leo was expecting as he pulled my face toward him.

“That’s it,” Leo moaned after I opened wide and let my lips slide down the fat knob. “Suck that cock.”

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